Ninja Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

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In the world of online gaming, one name reigns supreme: Ninja. Being one of the world's best players, and his net worth reflects that. But how much does he earn? 

This blog post will look at Ninja's net worth and earnings over the years. We will also discuss how he became one of the wealthiest gamers in the world!

Who is Ninja?

When you think of gaming superstars that have contributed to the industry's rise to mainstream popularity, the moniker Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is almost certainly the first one that comes to mind

Ninja Net Worth How Much Does He Earn

So it's reasonable to say that his career shot off like a rocket after he hung up his gaming gloves and retired from competitive gaming.

Since his time in esports helped him position himself well in Fortnite when it first became a mainstream phenomenon in 2016, his stream and videos grew in popularity along with the game's success. "

As opposed to his earlier grinds in H1Z1 and PUBG, his subsequent success can be credited to Epic Games' ground-breaking title. This is the case because his past grinds involved both games.

How much is Ninja's net worth?

Even though it is impossible to tell how much money creators make, some provide rough figures to the public to highlight the strength of social media and the game industry.

Because Ninja's career in gaming and esports has spanned several years, it is impossible to calculate precisely how much money he has made; nonetheless, some figures can be inferred from Ninja's various acts that are public online.

According to a statement, he earned "a lot more" than $500,000 every month in 2018, for around $10 million for the year.

However, he has been successful in business dealings since that time, resulting in a massive increase in his wealth. Regardless of the source, Ninja is expected to have a net worth of $40 million in 2022

Ninja's biography

Richard Tyler "Ninja" Belvins is a YouTube star and professional gamer. He's been in the spotlight since 2017 and has become one of the best-known gamers in the world.


But how did he get there? And what does it take to be the best?

Early life

Richard Tyler Blevins was born in Greyscale, Illinois, in the United States of America, on June 5, 1991.

His older brothers are John and Chris Blevins, both of whom are in their forties. Silver Lake College in Wisconsin provided him with his higher education. 

Chuck Blevins, the boys' father, was the one who first exposed them to the world of gaming. Unfortunately, he did not spend time obtaining the most recent items as a sports lover.

Tyler recalls his father staying up late playing video games till the early morning hours, even though all three of his siblings and he were in bed by 8 p.m.

The gaming consoles in the house were compatible with a wide range of games, including those made by Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox.

Young Blevins requested that his brothers play Halo, a massively multiplayer science-fiction combat game, as soon as it became available on Xbox. Halo takes place in the future.

Unfortunately, his older siblings prevented him from participating in the game, claiming he was too young. After much probing, Blevins ultimately got his hands on the remote control and came perilously close to destroying them.

It was during this time that his gaming prowess became clear. The learning curve was significantly steeper.

So, Blevins had a choice: play games as much as he wanted, or work hard to get his merits recognized.

He was a kid with a dream. He knew he could not play if he performed neither of these things.

But despite all his hard work and dedication, his parents refused to let him play more than one game a day—even if those games were for 4 hours each day.

Blevins would stay up late nearly every night after work to sustain his forward momentum.

What made him successful in his case was an inner desire to achieve the highest level of accomplishment in anything he undertook. His desire to win first place was the driving force behind his accomplishment.

Soon after discovering his talent, he shared his ambitions with his family. They were eager to assist him in turning his hobby into a career. He notified his family about his goals as soon as he realized he had a skill.

Gaming career

Tyler Blevins' transformation from "leisure" player to professional gamer piques my interest and inspires admiration.


Not a lot can say they've done a job doing something they enjoy for enjoyment or as a hobby. Blevins competed in a Halo 3 competition in Orlando in 2009, his first time playing in a competitive setting.

Soon after the game began, he saw that the path to victory would be difficult to walk. He had to vanquish tens of thousands of other contestants to walk away with prize money from the event.

He had no trouble overcoming the difficulty offered by the uphill labor because he appreciates a good challenge and aspires to be the best at all he does. He breezed right through it.

After having previously played for prominent teams such as Cloud9, Renegades, and Team Liquid, when Blevins originally started broadcasting in 2011, he did so on; however, he soon transitioned to

Blevins' effort in the championship match aided his team's victory in the Halo 4 2012 MGL Fall Championships. Blevins had the highest point total of any player in the game.

Blevins had joined Luminosity Gaming the previous year to play Halo. He won the Third Person Squad Invitational competition hosted during the PUBG Gamescom Invitational in Battlegrounds. 

Streaming career

When he began regularly streaming Fortnite, the game's popularity rose, and so did the number of people watching him play. In the span of 6 months back in 2017, the number of people who followed him on social media more than doubled.

His record-breaking Twitch stream while playing Fortnite with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster also established a new record.

At his Ninja Vegas 2018 event, 667,000 people witnessed him perform, setting a new record for live viewership.

Ninja's sources of income

Ninja's got a lot of money, and he's not afraid to show it.

That's right: Ninja is loaded. He has more money than you can imagine, and he loves spending it on himself.

But how does Ninja get his money? What are some of his sources of income?

Let's take a look at the ways that Ninja makes his money!

Twitch streaming

Blevins' most significant source of income comes from playing Fortnite. He is currently one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with over 18.3 million followers

In addition, Blevins makes a large chunk of his money through donations and subscriptions from his fans.

Halo was his first love, but he quickly grew to love Fortnite just as much. As a result, he's now considered one of the best Fortnite players in the world. Blevins has won several tournaments, and his skills have earned him a large following.

Youtube channel

In addition to his Twitch channel, Blevins also has a successful Youtube channel. He started uploading Fortnite content to his channel in September of 2017. His channel has since grown to over 24 million subscribers.

Blevins' youtube videos consist primarily of him playing Fortnite and other video games. He also uploads vlogs and instructional videos. Blevins' youtube channel is another source of income for him.

Social media influencer earnings

Ninja is a social media powerhouse. With over 13 million Instagram followers and over 18.3 million Twitter followers, he's the perfect person to advertise your product or game too.

In exchange for his endorsement of their products and games, he is frequently approached by gaming businesses with offers of paid marketing.

I’m not talking about small change here—he's been known to make upwards of $500,000 per sponsored tweet!

How much is Ninja's earnings?

It is safe to conclude that Ninja earns much money from various sources, each of which brings in much money.


According to previous remarks he made during television interviews, the money he makes from Twitch members alone might be more than $500,000, without including donations he receives during his shows

Furthermore, Microsoft offered Ninja a substantial offer in the hopes of pulling him away from Twitch and onto exclusively streaming on their platform, Mixer, which has since been canceled. Mixer is also no longer available. 

The amount of money involved in the multi-year contract is unknown; however, the following estimates place the figure anywhere between $20 million and $30 million

According to his wife, Jessica, one of the reasons Ninja quit Twitch for Mixer was a long-running contract dispute. As a result, Ninja is now streaming his games on Mixer.

When EA was still distributing Apex Legends, there were reports that the developer paid Ninja a million dollars to broadcast the game. Consequently, the game's appearance on Ninja's well-liked show didn't take long to generate interest.

The takeaway

In the realm of Fortnite, Ninja is undoubtedly one of the best. He's earned millions of dollars through streaming, competition winnings, and several side hustles.

Ninja is a very successful gamer who has parlayed his skills into various revenue streams. He's made millions of dollars from playing video games and is one of the most popular gamers in the world. 

If you're looking to make money playing video games, Ninja is a great example to follow. His net worth of $40 million is proof that you can make money playing video games.

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