Omnisend Review: Top Choice For eCommerce Email Marketing?

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Ecommerce email marketing is an aspect of your business that you do not want to overlook. Not only does it give you great results for your business, but when done correctly, you’ll see a major ROI that can’t be rivalled by any other marketing scheme.

One of the platforms that is gaining popularity in today’s marketing climate is Omnisend. 

But is it worth the price, and does it deliver results? In this Omnisend review, we'll discuss everything you need to know about this growing platform.

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What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is a highly specialized eCommerce email marketing service that targets clothing, health and beauty, and other retail industries. 

Omnisend Review_

What makes Omnisend stand out is its comprehensive suite of custom templates, landing pages, and reports that make email marketing campaigns a breeze for busy eCommerce businesses. The platform was designed specifically to help online retailers grow their sales, and it delivers on this promise.

It's also one of the hottest new integrations on Shopify, which gives it an even bigger boost. It's the perfect complement to Shopify or Magento, and it can help you build profitable, high-converting email lists. 

Who is it for?

Omnisend is a best choice for eCommerce businesses that want to improve sales performance and build profitable email marketing lists.

The platform is ideal for companies of all sizes, from mom-and-pop shops to large retailers. It's a great choice for businesses that desire white label email marketing campaigns without the hassle of creating their own.

The price seems quite reasonable, especially when you consider how much money you can save on affiliate marketing efforts

Why use it?

The main reason to use Omnisend is because it's completely customizable for your specific business, so you can use it to reach and keep in touch with your ideal customer base.

With white label email marketing campaigns, you get to keep all the revenue and handle all the customer support. That's an awesome win-win situation.

why use Omnisend

With Omnisend, you get a client engagement engine that helps you manage all your email marketing campaigns and keep them in the black. You can also add custom landing pages to increase conversion rates, and Omnisend makes it easy to create a complete email marketing campaign with just a few clicks.

The platform also has an impressive list of integrations with major retail platforms like Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce. 

Omnisend features

The platform is growing in popularity because of how customizable and flexible it is.

There are literally hundreds of different email templates to choose from, including sales, promotion and product pages. You can also add custom landing pages that drive more conversions, while the tracking tools provide detailed reports on the performance of each campaign.

Tracking tools make it simple to keep tabs on your email marketing campaigns, as well as for measuring engagement levels. The platform also has a comprehensive suite of analytics tools that let you track customer retention and conversion.

Let's take a closer look at its key features:

User interface

Omnisend is a powerful and user-friendly platform that makes it easy for you to manage all your emails.

The interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to create, edit and monitor your campaigns and landing pages. The interface looks similar to the MailChimp familiar popup window.

If you've ever used MailChimp or another email marketing platform, you'll find the Omnisend interface much like it. It has the same approach, even down to the scroll bar on the left side of each page.

You'll find that the emails look like the ones you'd expect, from sales to promotions. There are also beautiful, ready-to-go templates for every type of landing page you might need.

The one thing I don't like about the design is that it's not mobile-friendly. Your emails will probably come through as images on most mobile devices. This means you should add a responsive email template so your customers can view your content without trouble on any type of device.

Email templates

I love the fact that there are so many ready-made templates that you can use to create your email marketing campaigns.

Omnisend User interface

The platform has a large selection of sales copy, which you can edit to target different audiences. It also has professional templates for promotion and product launch. There are also beautiful, customizable landing pages that help drive conversions.

Depending on your eCommerce platform, you can either create a new template or use one that is already live. There are also templates that you can install on your own site or host with the Omnisend app.

Analytics reports

The Omnisend analytics dashboard is definitely the part of the tool that I love most. With it, you get an in-depth look at all your campaigns to measure conversion and engagement levels.

You can view campaign performance, measuring leads, opens and click-through rates. The tool also provides conversion tracking settings and funnels so you can figure out which campaigns work best for your business.


Omnisend is one of the best email marketing platforms because it has a very extensive list of integrations. This means that you get a lot more flexibility out of the box, which is always a good thing. The company even offers an API for working with other email marketing providers or automation tools.

Omnisend Integrations

It has integrations with all of the major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce. You can also add Zapier to automate all of your email campaigns.

Drag and drop editor

Omnisend makes it very easy to create amazing-looking email marketing campaigns. You can choose from any of the hundreds of templates that will automatically install onto your site.

You can also add custom CSS to match your eCommerce theme. It's simple for you to drag and drop text boxes, images, tables and more.

There are even buttons for adding social sharing to all emails or adding a Buy Now button that allows your customers to purchase something right from the email inbox.

You'll have everything ready to go in no time, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

Dynamic discount codes

This feature allows you to create unique discounts that will appear only in your emails. This way, you'll know how well each of your campaigns is doing and whether or not it's worth creating more like it.

You can also change these codes at any time using the platform. This way, you can optimize your campaign and run different ones day to day, week to week or month to month.

Pre-built eCommerce workflows

Omnisend has pre-built workflows for creating automated campaigns. They are very easy to install and you can even edit the steps to meet your exact needs.

Pre-built eCommerce workflows for Omnisend

There's even an option for advanced workflows that are designed for the experienced eCommerce marketer. You can set up email notifications when someone adds something to their cart, when they make a purchase or if they drop off during the checkout process.

All of this can be set up in a single workflow so that you can keep your customers coming back again and again.

Automation splits

This feature makes it easy to send different emails to customers based on their purchases. You can send them more emails as they continue to shop on your site and create a positive experience for them.

You can even send out specific emails based on the items that they purchase, which will help you to increase sales further.

This is an excellent tool that's not available in many other platforms.

Segmentation filters

You can create lists of customers based on their behavior on your site or on the actions they have taken when browsing for products. This means that you can send highly relevant emails to each specific group that you have created.

This is great for giving people a more personal experience while shopping on your site.

It'll also help to boost your sales and send you more profits.

Omnisend Segmentation filters

Automation timers

You can set up your email campaigns to send out at specific times of day or on certain days of the week. This means that you can send out automated emails at times when customers are more likely to open them.

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to increase your sales further by sending your emails out during times when people are browsing and shopping on your site.

Customer lifecycle stages

This method of sending out automated email is tied to the lifecycle stage of your leads. There are 3 main stages to this process:

Awareness – Most of your leads will fall into this stage and will only have a slight interest in your products or services. They will likely not be ready to buy anything just yet, but they’re not totally unaware of what you do either.

Interest – Many of your leads will be in this stage, as they are starting to research a bit more about what you do and what you can offer them. At this stage, they are more likely to buy your products or services and become a paying customer.

Purchase – Once customers have made a purchase from you, they will be placed into this category. They might even be ready to make another purchase soon, which is why you should keep in touch with them regularly.

Each of these stages has its own list of emails that are sent out automatically when the lead reaches the next stage.

Channel metrics

These metrics are all about measuring engagement through different channels. This helps you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and measure their performance.

You can choose different versions of channels to use for your loyalty metrics, including email, direct mail and social media. You can also view which channels receive the most clicks overall in addition to which ones drive the most sales.


A popup is a special form of email that appears in a window on the side of the screen. It's a great way for you to offer up an incentive or an incentive to take action. You can use popups to double down on your offers or ask for something extra in order to close more sales.

Omnisend Popups

Omnisend has a whole section dedicated to popups that includes templates, images and actions that you can use when creating your own popups.

Tracking tools

The tracking tools also make it easy to track your marketing campaigns and sales. This is a huge benefit because it helps you analyze the performance of your email campaigns and evaluate which ones are performing best.

You can use them to monitor the performance of each campaign, track how and when people are interacting with them, as well as see which landing pages are working best. You can also use the separate report specifically for email marketing to get your information organized. 

Omnisend pros and cons

Omnisend has been one of the best email marketing platforms for a long time, which is why there are so many people who swear by it.


  • Easy to use & high level of customization
  • High availability & high reliability
  • Dynamically created email templates
  • A fairly large list of integrations
  • Beautiful, high quality email templates
  • A powerful suite of analytics tools
  • Lifetime free plan

Although there are plenty of pros on this platform, there are also a few cons that I need to address. 


  • No mobile-friendly emails. The emails won't look right for mobile devices unless you change the email template to a responsive one.
  • One-size-fits all campaigns will not easily work for every business. You may need more in terms of customization and personalization to properly market your products and services.
  • While it is easy to use, the interface could be more intuitive and easier to navigate. 

Omnisend pricing plans

Omnisend offers you 4 different pricing tiers based on your business needs; free, standard, pro, and enterprise. You'll also be able to choose between monthly or annual billing cycles. But what truly makes the platform unique is the fact that the plan pricing changes depending on the number of contacts you have.

Omnisend pricing plans

Let's take a closer look at these plans below:


Like the name suggests, this plan covers a select few features at no cost. There are several limitations of course, But I’m fairly certain you’ll like giving it a try at the very least before you choose a plan for your business. I highly recommend giving it a whirl first.

Here’s what you get with the free plan: 

  • Send 15,000 emails a month
  • Email campaigns
  • Email signups
  • Sales and performance reporting
  • Segmentation and customer analytics


Next up, this option gives you a bit more room. It’s perfect for startups since it isn’t too expensive just yet. It has quite a few advantages over the free plan too, but of course, that’s generally expected.

This plan starts at $16 a month. And if you want to give it a try first, you will be offered a free trial (same as with the other plan options). You will be getting everything in the free plan plus a few other distinctions. Take a look at the other key features you’ll get with this option: 

  • Marketing automation
  • Pre-built workflows
  • International SMS
  • A/B testing
  • 24/7 email and chat support


Dubbed as their best value plan, this is your second to the last option. This plan allows you to unlock the power of Omnichannel marketing. I personally think it’s perfect for medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs who utilize multiple channels

Pricing starts at $99 a month. It includes everything in the previous plans plus a few new benefits. Take a look at what else you’re getting with this option: 

  • Free credits for SMS
  • Web push notifications
  • Facebook audience syncing
  • Google audience sync
  • Advanced reporting
  • Customer success manager for accounts with over 15k contacts


With this price tier, you’re going to be able to ask for a custom quote. It all depends on the number of subscribers you have. To do this, you’ll need to contact their sales team. It’s a quick and easy process. Plus, the sales support is quick to cater to all your needs.

Here are some of the additional features you can get from this pricing option: 

  • Email account migration
  • Customer success manager
  • Deliverability support
  • Custom IP address 


If you're not too keen on the platform just yet, there are a couple you may want to consider. While I think it's a good option overall, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind since every business and entrepreneur has very specific needs. So don't feel bad if you decide that it isn't the right choice for you. Here are my top picks:



All in all, ConvertKit is an excellent alternative to Omnisend in my opinion. It has a lot of great features that make it competitively priced. It also has its fair share of loyal fans who swear by its capabilities and their results.

It’s especially great if you’re just starting out with your email marketing endeavors. It's a good option for those of you who are looking for something that has a relatively low monthly cost.

One thing to keep in mind is that it's not exclusively designed for marketers. It's essentially your all-in-one solution for everything from email marketing to email design and branding, contact forms and even landing page creation. You can also easily create multiple campaign flows with one account which is pretty cool.

In my opinion, you should go with GetResponse if you can afford to pay for the services you need up front. It's a great tool that has a number of benefits over Omnisend such as automated email campaign creation and segmentation. You can easily set up different campaigns and invite specific people into your lists.

Ecommerce is growing more popular every day, but one key thing to keep in mind is that it's not always easy to track customer purchase behaviors and see what they're doing during the checkout process. You can also utilise shopify email review for your ecommerce email management.



GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing platforms around and for good reason. It has everything you need all in one place.

It has a lot of different plans depending on how large your business is (I recommend checking it out first though, just make sure you are getting what you need). It also has a great reputation for delivering high-quality email results. You can check them out directly here.

It's a good option for you if you're looking for a platform that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Plus, it’s pretty easy to manage so if you’re used to using similar platforms this is a good option too. 

Omnisend review: the bottomline

When you're choosing which email marketing platform or service to use, it's important to know exactly what you want from it.

I've shown you some of the best features of Omnisend so that you can make an informed decision.

Before I wrap up, I want to mention that if you decide to choose Omnisend, there are a few things that we think are particularly important: 

  • Active subscribers – You want to have a lot of subscribers who actually open your emails. There are a few ways to do this such as adding social media sharing buttons and encouraging engagement.
  • Frequency – You can choose how often you want specific customers to hear from you. Once is good, but why not try twice in a week?
  • High conversion rates – The better your email campaigns are, the more people you’ll have visiting your website.

In terms of cost, it's hard to beat Omnisend for the features you get. It starts at $16 per month and you get a free plan to boot. Plus, you get lifetime access and no other monthly payments or subscriptions. And best of all, they have a money-back guarantee so if it's not exactly what you're looking for, you can always ask for your money back.

That said, if you're looking for more customizable email marketing tools, you may want to check out ConvertKit. It's a great alternative to Omnisend that will give you all of the features that you need and more. You can check it out here.

Ecommerce is growing more popular every day, but one key thing to keep in mind is that it's not always easy to track customer purchase behaviors and see what they're doing during the checkout process.

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