Pavlok Shark Tank: What Happened After Their Pitch

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Shark Tank is a dream opportunity for any startup founder. Pavlok, a company that created a wearable device that helps users change their habits through electrical shocks, had that opportunity in 2016. 

Since startups and entrepreneurship are my interests, finding out what came of Pavlok following their Shark Tank pitch was necessary.

Pavlok before Shark Tank

Maneesh Sethi established Pavlok in 2014 to aid in habit-breaking through conditioning

Pavlok before Shark Tank

The company's flagship product, the Pavlok wearable device, uses mild electric shocks to condition the user's behavior

The Pavlok device uses operant conditioning, a method of learning where behavior is modified through positive or negative reinforcement.

Pavlok's media attention and sales were significant even before Shark Tank appearance. 

The Pavlok device's unique approach to behavior change has generated a lot of interest, as evidenced by the loyal customer following who have successfully quit smoking, stopped biting their nails, and improved their productivity.

  • Pavlok device uses electric shock to discourage negative behavior
  • Designed to help users quit smoking, nail-biting, procrastination and other negative habits
  • Shocks induce negative association to deter future negative behavior
  • Also includes a vibration alarm to aid in habit formation
  • Has a tracking system to monitor progress and show improvement over time
  • Provides constant feedback to help users stay motivated
  • Has a loyal customer following who have successfully quit negative habits using the device.

Pavlok's unique approach to behavior change had already proven successful before their appearance on Shark Tank

Their innovative product generated plenty of media attention and interest, and the company already had a loyal customer base. 

The show Shark Tank can bring more exposure to their product and increase their success among a wider audience.

Pavlok on Shark Tank

His contagious passion and conviction for Pavlok shone through during Maneesh Sethi's Shark Tank appearance. 

While the sharks were initially skeptical, they were ultimately won over by Sethi's pitch and the unique features of the Pavlok device.

Mark Cuban's substantial investment in Pavlok included specific stipulations. 

The requirement of a $1 million crowdfunding campaign within 60 days by Cuban placed significant pressure on Pavlok to fulfill their commitments and pique interest in their product.

The challenge was conquered by Pavlok, gaining them $1.7 million from their crowdfunding campaign - more than they had anticipated. 

Pavlok's ability to exceed its goal of $1.7 million through crowdfunding highlights the potential of the Shark Tank platform to attract interest and funding for startups.

The deal with Mark Cuban also provided Pavlok with a valuable partner who could help them navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship and business. 

Pavlok could benefit significantly from Mark Cuban's recognized and respected status within the investment community.

The show opened doors for Pavlok's continued progress

The partnership and investment with Mark Cuban have presented invaluable assets for Pavlok, and its strong and dedicated customer base is evident in its successful crowdfunding campaign.

Pavlok after Shark Tank

The company experienced significant growth and success after Pavlok's appearance on Shark Tank. 

Pavlok on Shark Tank

Thanks to the show's attention and exposure, the company reached a broader audience and garnered more interest in its product.

One of the biggest benefits of appearing on Shark Tank was the boost in sales and website traffic that Pavlok experienced.

The company saw a surge in demand for their product, as viewers were intrigued by the unique approach to behavior change that the Pavlok device offered

This surge in demand allowed Pavlok to reinvest in the company and continue developing its product.

By achieving its crowdfunding goal, Pavlok passed a significant milestone. They went beyond their initial goal with their crowdfunding campaign, which allowed for funding to meet the Mark Cuban agreement. 

The crowdfunding campaign's success enabled Pavlok's development and marketing expansion and new hires.

Pavlok expanded by introducing new products, like the Pavlok 2. The improved device boasted advanced features and a sleeker design, broadening Pavlok's customer base and enhancing its status as a behavior modification provider.

The Shark Tank appearance was a significant milestone for Pavlok, kickstarting a period of sustained growth

Pavlok's success has continued through ongoing product development and marketing efforts, which have helped them keep customers satisfied and positively impacted.

Analysis of Pavlok’s Shark Tank experience

Appearing on Shark Tank can be a game-changer for a startup, offering an opportunity to pitch their product to millions of viewers and potentially secure a deal with a wealthy investor. 

However, it can also come with risks and challenges that should be considered before deciding to take the plunge. 

Here's a closer look at Pavlok's Shark Tank experience and what it reveals about the pros and cons of this popular TV show.

Benefits of appearing on Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs showcasing their businesses on Shark Tank can experience both favorable and adverse impacts on their startups. The advantages of being on the show will be our main focus in this section, especially for Pavlok.

Increased exposure

One of the most significant advantages of being on Shark Tank is the opportunity to get your product in front of millions of viewers

Pavlok saw a significant increase in sales and website traffic after their appearance on the show, which can be a game-changer for a startup struggling to get noticed.

Access to funding

Another significant benefit of Shark Tank is the chance to secure funding from investors who have deep pockets and extensive networks

Pavlok's deal with Mark Cuban brought in $1 million in exchange for 8% equity, which allowed the company to continue developing their product and expanding their marketing efforts.

Well-connected investors

In addition to providing funding, investors on Shark Tank often bring a wealth of experience and industry connections to the table. 

This can be invaluable for a startup looking to scale quickly and make strategic partnerships.

Risks of appearing on Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs who dream of pitching their product to high-profile investors and gaining significant exposure could see their dream come true by appearing on Shark Tank. 

Before taking the leap, potential risks should be carefully considered.


The greatest peril when appearing on Shark Tank is the sharks opting out.

A startup that is rejected by the sharks may suffer a hit to its reputation and confidence and may have trouble finding future investors.

Negative publicity

The risk of negative publicity always exists for startups, even after securing a deal on Shark Tank. 

A company's reputation can suffer, and it can become harder to attract customers and investors due to this.

Giving up equity

Another potential downside of appearing on Shark Tank is the requirement to give up equity in exchange for funding. 

While it's necessary for startups seeking capital, relinquishing equity can constrain future options and control over destiny.

Pavlok's Shark Tank experience was beneficial with minimal risks.

The company's sales and funding experienced a significant increase alongside the arrival of a well-connected investor to their team.

Before deciding, startups need to thoughtfully assess the risks and rewards of being featured on Shark Tank and be prepared to leverage any opportunities.

Success stories: Pavlok users share their experiences

The Pavlok device has garnered a loyal customer following, with many users sharing their success stories of breaking negative habits and improving their lives. 

Here are some examples:

Quitting smoking

Many Pavlok users have successfully quit smoking with the help of the device's small electric shocks. 

Pavlok Shark Tank What Happened After Their Pitch

By associating the harmful habit with a physical sensation, users report that they were able to break their addiction and improve their overall health.

Breaking nail-biting habits

Nail-biting is a common habit that can be hard to break, but Pavlok users have reported success in doing so with the device. 

The electric shocks serve as a reminder to stop the habit, and over time, users have found that their nails have grown longer and healthier.

Improving productivity

The Pavlok device can also be used to improve productivity by breaking the habit of procrastination. 

By using the device to hold themselves accountable, users have reported being more focused and productive throughout the day.

Better sleep

The Pavlok Rise, a wearable device that wakes users up with vibration and light, has helped users improve their sleep habits. 

By waking up naturally and gently, users report feeling more rested and energized throughout the day.

These success stories show the effectiveness of the Pavlok device in helping users break negative habits and improve their lives. 

The company's unique approach to behavior change has clearly resonated with many people, and its continued success is a testament to the value of its product.

Pavlok's continued growth and success

Pavlok's journey towards success commenced when they appeared on Shark Tank. 

The company has expanded and revolutionized through the years, progressing into new markets and being acknowledged for its distinctive behavior change techniques. 

You shouldn't overlook these significant aspects.

Launch of new products

Since their Shark Tank appearance, Pavlok has launched new products like the Pavlok Rise. Say goodbye to jarring alarm clocks and hello to Pavlok Rise - a wearable device that wakes you up gently with vibration and light

Positive customer feedback for the Pavlok Rise has contributed to Pavlok's continued leadership in wearable technology.

Expansion into corporate wellness

Pavlok has also expanded into the corporate wellness market, partnering with companies to help employees improve their habits and productivity. 

Through diversification, new doors have opened for growth and revenue.

Recognition and awards

Pavlok's innovative approach to behavior change has not gone unnoticed.

CIO Applications named the company one of the Top 25 Wellness Tech Startups in 2019. This recognition stresses the impact of Pavlok on the wellness industry and the technology's potential to bring positive change. 

The Best Wearable Technology Award at the Wearable Technology Show in 2020 was earned by Pavlok, further cementing its reputation as a leader in this industry.

Pavlok's growth and success are a result of its effective technology and visionary founders. Pavlok's commitment to innovation and assisting users with positive habit-forming guarantees continued to triumph.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a Pavlok?

Both their website and major retailers, such as Target and Bed Bath & Beyond offer Pavlok for purchase online.

What is the cost of Pavlok?

Looking for a smartwatch or wristband? Pavlok has three models ranging from $149 to $219. Moreover, for $29 monthly, a membership program can be obtained to enjoy extra advantages.

Is Pavlok safe to use?

There is no harm to the skin or nerves from using Pavlok. Individuals suffering from heart conditions or pregnancy should not use Pavlok. 

Is Pavlok safe to use

Starting at a low-intensity level and gradually increasing the shock level is recommended to avoid discomfort, as shocks may be unpleasant.

How effective is Pavlok in breaking bad habits?

Pavlok implements pattern interrupts, and disruptive stimuli, to help users create or change new habits. These can range from vibrations and beeps to electric shocks.

However, note that Pavlok alone is insufficient for behavior change and breaking bad habits; additional methods like therapy or support groups are recommended. Individual results may vary.

Conclusion: Pavlok’s success story on Shark Tank

In conclusion, Pavlok's appearance on Shark Tank was a significant milestone that brought them increased sales, funding, and exposure. 

The company's unique approach to behavior change, combining technology and psychology, captured the attention of sharks and consumers alike

Despite the potential risks associated with appearing on Shark Tank, Pavlok's success story showcases the benefits that can come with taking the leap. 

Pavlok's rise in the wellness tech industry is reinforced by its continued growth and expansion into new markets.

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