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Pejman Ghadimi built his own business from scratch. As a child, he spent most of his time in France before immigrating to the United States in 1997 while a  single mother with minimal finances raised him. Because of this, he petitioned McDonald's to clean the restaurant's toilets, washed cars in their area, and did telemarketing to help supplement their income when he was 14.

While working his way up the corporate ladder, Ghadimi later abandoned his job to uncover his entrepreneur side. To achieve his goals, he put his financial and personal resources to use and now owns three companies that together generate over $40 million annually in sales.

Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Who is Pejman Ghadimi?

An entrepreneur, philosopher, author, and the founder of wealth transfer methodology, Pejman Ghadimi is self-made.

Who is Pejman Ghadimi

Pejman has founded numerous businesses over the last two decades that vary in size and scope, ranging from 1 off Investments, a small hedge fund specializing in alternative asset management, to Secret Entourage, Exotic Car Hacks, and Watch Trading Academy, three popular online educational businesses.

People have had to reconsider their thinking around business, luxury possessions, and money management because of these platforms. Pejman's firms have grossed nearly $420 million USD in combined sales since they were born.

Because of his own philosophies, Pejman is a good example of the idea that self-education and resourcefulness are critical to success. He currently has more than 76,000 students throughout the world as mentees, and his teachings have enabled more than 1,000 six- and seven-figure Entrepreneurs to build billion-dollar businesses, which has earned him the nickname “iCreatemillionaires”.

In 1997, when he was 12 years old, Pejman Ghadimi moved from France to the U.S. with his mother.

In 1982, Pejman Ghadimi was born in Tehran, Iran. He is 39 years old now.

His single mother helped his entrepreneurial journey greatly by providing him with multiple supports. When he was a teen, he asked McDonald's to clean the restrooms just to earn a few extra bucks.

Additionally, he was also telemarketing at the age of 14 to help pay the bills.

He graduated from high school, got a job at a bank and was a manager by the time he was 18. He was promoted to executive president in a Fortune 500 business while he was only 23 years old.

He was sacked after working for two years, though, at age 25.

The twist of faith didn't impede his drive for success, as he created the world's first investment fund for exotic vehicles known as VIP motoring, he never faltered and persisted on creating VIP motoring, which subsequently became the world's first investment fund in exotic cars.

It turned people's liabilities into investment assets, like expensive vehicles and exotic watches.

He developed his reputation in the internet marketing arena after establishing the aforementioned books: Secret Entourage, Watch Conspiracy, and Exotic Cars Hacks.

Ghadimi presently resides in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Pejman Ghadimi net worth

Pejman Ghadimi is a serial entrepreneur who has built up a net worth of approximately $50 million through his various business endeavors.

Pejman Ghadimi net worth

Pejman is an entrepreneur and CEO who has been involved in the business world for more than two decades. His companies include VIP Motoring (a luxury concierge service), myPosterity (a family storytelling app), and online courses like Watch Trading Academy (which teaches you how to flip watches for money), Exotic Car Hacks (which demonstrates how to drive any car you want for next to nothing), and Secret Entourage (where you can learn from billionaires).

Ghadimi estimates that his enterprises earned a combined $87 million in sales last year alone. Impressive!

Pejman is an advertisement for what he teaches, endlessly demonstrating that the only things standing in the way of your future success are an abundance of imagination, self-education, and ambition.

Currently, PJ's main goal is to serve as a mentor to tomorrow's multi-millionaires. I believe the amount of students he has will only increase over time.

Books, courses and ventures

Pejman is the founder of Secret Entourage, a platform dedicated to helping Generation Y entrepreneurs find the motivation, support, and inspiration they need. In addition to writing his books on leadership and business, he also authored the Third Circle System, a series of books that use the concepts of leadership and entrepreneurship to train people.

Based on Pejman's decade of observing business and networking with other entrepreneurs, the concept was formed.

Below are some of his ventures that we should have a look at.

Secret Entourage

To work anywhere in the globe, find a job that is financially passive while you sleep following your passion, and eventually start a profitable business, you should join Secret Entourage.

Pejman Ghadimi Secret Entourage

Secret Entourage Academy is an online, on-demand resource where students may listen to interviews, get advice from successful entrepreneurs, and participate in podcasts and live events.

What makes this so incredible? Thanks to the increasingly available mentorship, you can experience a major learning curve reduction and a major rise in your success odds.

The Secret Academy has provided us with training we wouldn't find in any literature. Information such as that from Grant Cardone, Tim Sykes, Kevin Harrington, Neil Patel, and other world-class business thinkers cannot be bought on Amazon.

If you're telling yourself you don't need a mentor, you're fooling yourself. Eighty percent of CEOs have mentors, according to a 2013 executive coaching survey. 93% of startup owners said that they value mentorship.

But what about you and me? If the CEOs and startups in our lives rely on mentors for success, then what?

Access to people who have been successful, delivered on demand, will improve your odds of success.

Secret Academy provides three opportunities to engage with the like-minded entrepreneurs of over 30,000 others. 

  • their Facebook group, which is only for members
  • their members-only internet forum
  • private gatherings all over the United States

I haven't seen any of their live shows, and I spend only a little time on their website's community, but I really enjoy the private Facebook group.

I've been in many Facebook groups but I can say with certainty that the Secret Academy Facebook group is among the most involved and most useful groups I've ever joined. I would be lying to you if I claimed that every single one of my posts is exactly on point, but since there are many different industries, it would be improbable.

Even so, it's nonetheless exciting to witness folks querying about matters such as affiliate marketing, real estate, and consulting. Speaking frankly, this information has broader application to whatever enterprise you're involved with. For example, would you refuse to have lunch with Bill Gates?

My queries in the Facebook group are frequently met with solid answers, and many members are eager to engage in a private messaging conversation in order to provide me with more detailed explanations.

Third Circle Theory

The Third Circle Theory explains the many phases of an entrepreneur's journey from start to finish. There are words of wisdom for those who are beginning off and for those who are somewhere in the middle. I concur with the arguments in this essay about how to observe the world, how to grasp what other people's motives are, and how to know the difference between confidence and arrogance.

It closes by providing an explanation of what to do after you are successful, and that portion really resonated with me. This book is a guide to a successful life; you can use it as a blueprint, template, or road map.

The Third Circle Theory is a contemporary, elegant, and thoughtfully organized response to life's greatest question. There's never been anything quite like this company growth story: it blends lofty ideas with detailed, methodical instruction. We know we'll be able to look back decades from now and grin at how we had created a new generation of people who knew they were exploring new levels of consciousness in themselves.

My greatest recommendation is for the Third Circle Theory, and I am certain that every entrepreneur should read it.

While most business and entrepreneurship books provide instruction on "new" ways to become successful, they do not educate why just 2 percent of people in the field succeed while the other 98 percent fail.

Third Circle Theory was intended to assist you grasp the significance of your observations in terms of your achievement and can allow you to relive your life, reassessing the important attributes, abilities, and observations that were essential to your successes. What's more, this book will assist you in discovering how to adjust your belief and habit system instantly, increasing your odds of success in all of your endeavors.

You can find guidance in the circles to maintain your emotional stability as you begin your entrepreneurial path. No matter what we're born into, we can all shape our own reality by controlling the situation.

Even if we start off poor or affluent, we can make the 8 components in Circle 1 work for us, and we can successfully tackle the societal difficulties we face. We learn to adapt and gain from daily activities by using 6 elements from Circle 2. We can only achieve a certain level of riches and freedom, but our drive to establish our purpose in life drives us to persevere. Using Circle 3, we can learn how to provide our own happiness and how to establish our legacy through entrepreneurship.

Know how your outlook is influenced by your beliefs, and how to regulate your outlook to help you attain the results you want.

We'll show you why dreaming will take you straight to failure.

Learn how skills and confidence give rise to passion and vision.

Figure out how the majority of individuals, even entrepreneurs, are locked in the rat race and are completely unaware of the fact. Learn to get out of the ordinary.

Rather than being a victim of your surroundings, you should learn to manage your environment to achieve prosperity.

Be aware of the latest rules for business owners in today's modern global economy.

This book is for everyone who feels their present state of affairs is inadequate and that they deserve better than what they have, but who have yet to achieve their ambitions.

Exotic car hacks

There is one important difference that needs to be considered when dealing with exotic cars: their depreciation rate is dissimilar to the norm. Normal cars, such as the Honda Civic or Toyota Camry, are sold at their original price and then fall in value until they're worthless. Buying a brand new Honda Civic for $20,000 will result in a considerable loss of funds after exiting the dealership. The value of Civics will fall further as demand for new models grows, causing the price of the older Civics to collapse.

Pejman Ghadimi Exotic car hacks

When it comes to exotic cars, their depreciation curve is a bit unique. (You have to purchase the course to get that information.) They have lost value but have not reached zero. They usually top out at roughly 30% of their total worth. A brand new Lamborghini LP550 would have been roughly $230,000, for example. If that car is held for one year, it will be valued roughly $145,000.

Had you not done something about the depreciation, you would have lost approximately $100,000 in the next year. I think that's a dumb move. Though depreciation on luxury cars finally reaches a point of no return. The strategy is that the price of the Lamborghini should plateau at some point during years four or five, and that is when you should strike.


Radius is sure to assist you in improving each of your business components, but the negative part of it is that you may have a hard time reaching your business goals.

RADIUS is a go-to source for readers in all walks of life who are curious about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, with resources available for everything from the initial conception of a product or service to the best ways to get investors and set a company's financial strategy.

The resource is concerned with getting you to a place where you understand how much work and preparation is needed for your next business project to get to the next level.

I really like how it tackles the nitty gritty side of running a business and how it doesn’t make everything seem like rainbows and butterflies for anyone who’s just starting out. You get hit by a dose of reality from the get go so you’re toughened up and ready to plow through every hurdle standing in your way.

Pejman Ghadimi’s top tip for success

“What should I do to be successful?” is a question Ghadimi is frequently asked.

Pejman Ghadimi top tip for success

When he speaks to young entrepreneurs, he usually advises them to listen. This is the worst question you can ask since it's not about what you do in life, but rather about how well you do it and how much you're prepared to commit to doing it. Often, people wonder if they are in the correct line of work. “Am I making good business decisions?”

Why do business if you are not willing to make a firm commitment?

Furthermore, he asks them, “Do you want to still be in this industry in 10 years?” The response is often a firm no. And he asks, "Why are you taking part today if you are not willing to improve your skills?" The answer is usually, “There's a lot of money to be made.”

However, you will not succeed until you are truly skilled at it. Why would you even bother having a business if you're not going to devote yourself to it?

First, Ghadimi would say to avoid obsessing over what it takes to be successful. You need to be concerned about how much effort you're willing to put in and how committed you are to doing it successfully. Also, if you want to spend the next 10 years on this commitment, if you want to make yourself the best at it, then he thinks you'll become quite successful. 

The takeaway

There are many online courses, gigs and scams on the internet today that all claim to help you reach your dreams and make your first; of many, million. That said, I really like how Ghadimi tackles the everyday struggles of business while focusing on the sustainability of your ventures.

Often, people think that getting started is the hardest part. And that everything will fall into place once you get the ball rolling and when you start making money.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Many entrepreneurs have failed because they aren’t fully prepared for the physical, mental and emotional requirements of running and sustaining their business.

There’s more to starting your venture than making money. And I really like how Pejman Ghadimi gives you direction, while preparing you for the worst.

After all, an entrepreneur who’s only in it for the money will never succeed.

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