Penji Review: Is This The Best Graphic Design Service?

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I’m no graphic design extraordinaire, but I know that graphics and visual elements play an important role in how well a business does online. After all, humans are simply visual creatures.

This Is where graphic design services come in handy. 

And in today’s Penji review, we’re going to find out if it’s the best graphic design service in the market. 

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What is Penji?

Hiring a graphic artist or graphics team can get extremely pricey. I mean, I’m not opposed to paying a fair price for quality work, but not everyone can afford it. And I bet the reason why you’re reading this is because you feel the same way.

This is where unlimited graphic design services like Penji come in. The team behind it claims that you’re able to request unlimited graphic design work each month without overspending on your budget.

Penji Review

I get that this sounds sketchy, so that’s most likely why you’re looking at this Penji review today.

But before I get into my personal opinion, let me just talk to you about what the service really is.

Penji is comprised of a team of what they claim to be the “world’s best graphic artists”. I have absolutely nothing against this claim. In fact, I can’t say that it isn’t true. For the most part, the service provider has an extensive list of positive reviews.

The service caters to several design requests including print, digital, advertising work, and UX/UI styles. What makes it unique and attractive is that you only need to pay a set monthly fee. Now, whether or not you make the most of it is entirely up to you. After all, you can request an unlimited number of designs each month.

The company has gotten featured on major publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and HuffPost.

I also feel like it’s important to note that the company website looks sleek and attractive. This could set a precedent for how well they deliver your requests. After all, it serves as their storefront, and so far, it does look quite impressive.  

How does it work?

There are four basic steps that the company highlights when you’re on the platform. It’s basically: request, connect, revise/approve, and download. It sounds easy and uncomplicated enough.

To give you a rough idea of what you should expect, I detailed the entire process for you below.

How Penji works

Let’s take a look.

Step one: Creating your project

I know, it sounds like you might be doing more work than you signed up for. But the first step is really just you setting up a few things to give the developers an idea of what you need. This is where you’ll create a project and fill out a simple form to detail what you require.

Basically, you’ll fill out the form, add any attachments you want the artists to refer to or use, and choose what kind of file you’ll need them for.

The platform has an extensive list of the type of content you can request. But basically, they cover nearly all the bases you’ll need for your business.

The great thing is you can submit as many projects as you want at a time so you don’t have to wait long to create a project especially if you need multiple graphics designed.

However, you should note that the number of designs that the team will work on at a time will vary according to the plan you’re on.

Step two: Connecting with your artist

After you’ve completed step one, the team will assign you the best designer to fulfill your requirements. You’ll be able to directly contact the designer assigned to you so that you can keep all lines of communication open in case you need to discuss the project further.

I know you might be worried about the actual skill level Penji artists have. But the team assures its members that every designer undergoes a rigorous testing process, and that they only hire the top 2%.

Once everything’s sorted, you’ll receive your first draft within 48 hours.

Step three: Approval and revisions

Congratulations on receiving your first draft! Now’s the time for you to take a thorough look at the submission and raise any concerns you may have. This is where you usually ask for revisions or let the artist know if you’re satisfied with their work.

One thing I really like about it is that you can request as many revisions as you’d like.

However, try to keep in mind that each change request will take another 24-48 hours to complete before you receive an updated version.

Furthermore, there’s also a handy feature where you can leave comments directly on the file so that you can more easily tag which areas need improvement.

This is also a good time for you to gauge whether or not the designer you were assigned is a good fit for you. In any case, if you feel like their particular art style isn’t what you need, you can request to get reassigned.

Step four: Download your files!

Remember in the first step you specified what file types you’d need? Well, this is where you’ll find them. Once you’ve approved the graphic submitted by your artist, you’ll be able to download it instantly in the file types you requested.

Here’s the kicker: you’ll have complete ownership rights over the graphics.

Lost a file that you downloaded? No worries!

You can access them anytime on your Penji dashboard which I think is a good bonus since I tend to lose files left and right. Plus, that just makes them much more accessible when I’m using other devices. 

Penji benefits

The moment you make the commitment to subscribe to the platform’s services, you’ll gain access to a plethora of graphic possibilities - that you don’t need to stress over. And I just have to say that the first time I gave it a whirl, I was able to take a deep breath.

Penji features

The reason why I say this is because it just streamlined my entire content creation process. I could request any number of graphics I needed in a single sitting. I didn’t need to supervise, I didn’t need to check in, all I needed to do was wait for a draft.

So aside from obviously making your life easier, here are a few other benefits of the service:

Unlimited graphic design

There is literally no limit to the number of projects you can create, request, and queue at a time. So if you’re someone who likes to get everything done in one sitting, you can just dedicate an hour or less into submitting your design requests.

The sky’s the limit, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting something. Now, the only catch is that your plan choice will determine exactly how many of your requests will be worked on at a time.

Trusted and vetted designers

I know you’re probably worried about how reliable the artists behind the screen are. But there really is no need to worry. Penji has an incredibly thorough hiring process in which only the top 2% of applicants are hired.

This basically means you’re getting the best of the best. And based on my own personal experience, I haven’t run into any issues with those assigned to me just yet, which is a good sign.

Quick turnaround times

Barring any extensive revision requests, your graphics should be finished within 48 hours. Each designer is handed one client at a time so you know you’re getting prioritized and not just knocked around.

Penji designers

This makes the service great if you need something quick, but not too urgent. To be on the safe side though, I suggest you put in at least a one-week margin from when you need the designs in case you run into any issues.

Great customer support

One thing I like the most about the service is that you’re always connected to humans. I know, it can be difficult for businesses to maintain a 24/7 customer service team. But I appreciate that each time I needed help, I was connected with a real agent.

Plus, the artists are approachable and very accommodating. You won’t have a hard time connecting and discussing your preferences and requirements with them.

Monthly fees

There’s no surprise bill at the end of each month even if you do request a hundred designs. It’s an unlimited design service and it stays that way. So if you’re expecting to feel ripped off on your next billing cycle, it simply won’t happen.

You’ll only pay for exactly what you signed up for. And I know that this is an issue a lot of us face with working on designers on a per-project basis. And I’m not saying that they’re not entitled to charge exactly what they feel is worth their time, because they are.

And I’m personally happy to part with my money for a great graphic. But not everyone can afford that. And I’ll be honest, I can’t afford it all the time either.  

Penji pricing plans

Its pricing structure is quite straightforward. And like I said, there are no hidden fees so what you’re seeing here, is exactly what you’ll be paying for. There are three billing options: monthly, quarterly (which saves 10% off the monthly fees), and annually (which knocks off 15% of the monthly membership).

Penji pricing plans

There are three plans to choose from - each of them with their own unique use. This means they’re structured according to your needs as a user. All plans equip you with the ability to request unlimited design projects that can be used for any number of brands and clients.

Let’s take a quick look at them below.


This option covers only graphic design work. It costs $399 a month, $1077 quarterly, or $4069.8 annually. You will be given one designer which means your projects will get worked on one at a time. You can also share access to the account with one other person if needed.


Dubbed as their most popular option, you’ll be able to request graphic design work as well as illustration and UX/UI designs. It costs $499 a month, $1347 quarterly, or $5088 annually.

You’ll get access to everything in the previous plan as well as website and application design, custom illustration requests, and infographics. You’ll also be able to share access with up to five users.


Considered the team plan, this is the option you want to go for if you need an extra set of hands to work on your most urgent requests. It costs $899 a month, $2427 quarterly, or $9168 annually.

It’s the double-output option which means you get two designers at a time. It also means two of your projects will be designed at a time which will make it faster to run through your design queue.

You’ll get all the features from previous plans with the addition of priority support and shared access to up to 10 users. 

Here you can see some work examples:

unlimited graphic design examples

Penji pros and cons


  • You get to request an unlimited number of graphics each month
  • The turnaround time is reasonable
  • It’s easy to connect and speak with your assigned designer or request a new one when things don’t work out
  • Their customer support is stellar and easy to reach
  • The artists are top tier and highly vetted
  • You’ll end up saving money if you need bulk work done each month


  • It’s quite expensive, especially if you’re a startup
  • Only one design will get worked on at a time unless you opt for the Agency plan which is quite expensive
  • Turnaround times can stretch on especially if you’re not satisfied with the first few drafts

Penji review: final thoughts

Penji is a great service to look into if you need to have a lot of design work done consistently, The platform is equipped with professional graphic designers that are assigned to focus on your work one at a time.

I like how if you do the calculations, you’ll end up saving a lot of money if you tend to have plenty of graphic work done. There are lots of options for the type of designs to request, and you can request as many as you want each month.

That said, it is still quite expensive. So it may not be a good option for you if you only need one or two graphics created each month. Furthermore, depending on the plan you’re on, you may be limited to the kind of design work you can request.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that not all the projects you submit may be finished within the month. At the very best, you might get a maximum of 60 designs finished each month on the Agency plan with two designers working at a time.

All in all, it’s a pretty nifty service, and it’s quite reliable. The designers I’ve encountered are so far great and highly skilled so I can confidently say that it was definitely worth the money.

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