7 Personal Trainer Marketing Strategies To Get More Clients

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Being a personal trainer can truly be an exciting job. You get to work with different types of people, share your advice and tips, help them achieve their fitness goals and many other things. But on the other hand, just like in any other line of work, you'll be dealing with losing clients.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing something wrong. At times, people simply decide to quit, or they’ve achieved their goals, so they no longer want to go to the gym, or maybe they’ve found someone who is more suitable for them.

Whatever the reason may be behind this decision, the truth is, losing clients can be pretty stressful. But you just gotta move on and do everything that’s in your power to attract new ones. 

So how are you going to do that? Below, we put together some simple tips that will help you gain new clients easily.

Practical ways to attract new clients 

Social media is an amazing tool!

Although print media is still very popular among people who are experts in advertising and marketing, the truth is, there’s something about social media that’s even more tempting and alluring.

7 Personal Trainer Marketing Strategies To Get More Clients.edited

It seems like now, more than ever, they are insanely popular, so why not make use of them? It doesn’t really take a lot. If you haven’t already created a profile on some of these platforms, then make sure to do so.

Once you're done with it, do anything you can to be active.

Now, this doesn't mean that you should like other people's pictures, posts, videos, and others (you can, but it's not going to benefit your business), but instead, find those who are into fitness and leave smart, meaningful comments that showcase your skills and knowledge regarding this industry. 

Additionally, you can always talk about your previous experiences, what you've done in the past, etc. Another thing that can greatly benefit you is to share your tips, methods, and advice in terms of training. This way you will demonstrate how knowledgeable you are.

Do not exaggerate with discounts!

Even though at first glance this may seem like a great idea, if you thoroughly think about it, you’ll quickly realize that it actually isn’t that much. Now, imagine you are booking a room in a hotel, or motel.

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You see that it offers rooms with perfect views, wonderful furniture, everything is clean, spectacular room service, yet the price is too low. So what are you going to think? That these hotel owners do not want to charge too much because they are deep down very generous?

We seriously doubt that! You will most likely think that it's probably false advertising. Well, it is highly likely that others will perceive you the same way if you decide to offer your services at an extremely discounted price. 

Giving a discount from time to time is completely okay, but even then, it shouldn’t be a huge discount. These things normally work only with people who are not looking for quality, but rather something that’s cheap, so they do not need to spend a bunch of cash on something that’s not that important to them.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is related to FREE trials. These shouldn’t be handed out for free, just like that. The only way this is acceptable is if you decide to offer them in the form of gift certificates. 

Other strategies and methods that you can implement

Are new clients always the best solution?

Not necessarily. Now, a majority of people think that for starting a PT business they are, but the truth is, sometimes it’s much better to focus on getting the old ones back. How come? Well, simply because it's much easier than attracting new ones.

Of course, this definitely doesn't mean that you shouldn't try, but don't forget that the ones you've trained before already know all your methods, your expertise, and skills, plus you will not be forced to spend a substantial amount of money on marketing since old clients already know what they can expect from you. 

So how can you reach them? First and foremost, you have to emphasize the fact that you are here to help them feel and look great again, that you didn't contact them because you need a favor or something like that.

In these types of situations, it's of huge importance to first build a relationship with these people, remind them of how things used to be before. If you notice that they are in the mood to start working out with you again, then you can indirectly talk about your new business, personal programs, and other things.

Define the types of services you’ll be offering

People love to see the ads like “two in one” or “three in one” thinking they’ll be able to get so much more at the price of one. Now, sometimes, these things can truly be inviting, however, not in this case.

After all, what would you think if you stumble upon an ad where a personal trainer stated that he or she is an expert in weight loss, powerlifting, bodybuilding, helping older folks get in shape, marathon training, etc.

Would that sound professional and reliable? We highly doubt that. Bear in mind that no one is an expert in everything. If a person wants to have a variety of different choices in one place, they will go to Burger King or McDonald's.

Therefore, instead of advertising yourself as an omnipotent being, it would be better to simply identify a particular type of service that you want to provide and stick with it.

A great attitude comes a long way!

Now, this may sound too obvious, and potentially cheesy, but you wouldn’t believe how many people overlook this, perceiving it as something that’s rather irrelevant. In fact, this is extremely important now when you’re starting your own personal training business.


You are yearning to attract more clients, and you’re not going to be able to do so without the right attitude. Just imagine going to the store, wanting to purchase a certain item. Then you come across a salesperson who seems pretty indifferent, or God forbid rudely. 

So what are you going to do? Will you stay in the store, or simply go to a different one where people are much more pleasant and knowledgeable? Well, the same goes for you too.

People aren't purchasing your services only, they will also spend some time with you (due to training sessions) and they want to be around someone who is nice, polite, caring, professional, and inspirational.

This means that if your attitude is bad, you won’t be able to keep the existing clients, let alone attract new ones. Bear in mind that in this fitness industry, the competition is very high, hence, you need to do everything you can to be on top of the game!

So what is the best approach? A majority of people will agree that being approachable, natural, confident, and friendly are the best possible traits. Of course, sometimes it's going to be difficult to be all happy and cheerful, but always give your maximum, even in situations when you're feeling down.

Create a Facebook group for your clients

This paragraph refers to those who already have some clients, doesn’t matter whether they are old or new ones. So, whenever you gain a new client, make sure to immediately add him or her to your Facebook group.

This is supposed to be the place where you will create your own “tribe” consisting of people who like what you do, who want to succeed, and many other things. Out there, you can post pictures of your clients to show their progress. 

For instance, if Matthew has managed to lose twenty pounds in two months, then you should definitely put up images of “Before” and “After” to showcase how devoted your clients are, plus it will also show how dedicated you are as well!

Furthermore, this is a perfect opportunity for your clients to participate too. They can add some fitness-related suggestions, share their experiences, even post some healthy recipes and why not, even organize some events for all of you from the group.

Another great thing that you can do that would greatly benefit your business is to expand further your group. This way, family members and friends of your clients are going to see all your accomplishments and skills, and who knows, maybe they decide to come to you as well!

An efficient, yet free marketing strategy to potentially attract new people.

Contact high schools

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of high schools out there that do not have enough means to hire a conditioning and full-time strength coach. But that's why you are here. You can reach them and give them more information about the services you could offer to young athletes. 


This way, you will help these young people and at the same time, perfectly market your services.

Final word: 7 personal trainer marketing strategies to get more clients

If you want to succeed when it comes to personal training, it's of huge importance to figure out how you can get more clients. 

Without them, your business cannot thrive, hence, to achieve this goal, make sure to follow every single step that was mentioned here.

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