Personalization And The Human Touch: What ChatGPT Can’t Offer

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The variety of essay help writing services is truly amazing. There is an assignment writing service for every need: college, university, coursework, a thesis, a short essay, etc. A student may check a Essaypro review and get all the needed help. Yet, there is another competitor on the market. 

Gpt chat and similar language models can offer quicker and cheaper services than old-fashioned platforms. Why, then, do students still stick with professional assignment writing platforms? The answer is personalization. 

This article compares AI language models and professional assignment help services to define an unmistakable edge that human-based resources have over AI-powered technologies.

GPT chat: A blessing in disguise or an expensive toy?

GPT chat has taken many news resources by storm. The AI revolution is nigh, and chatbots are ready to replace humans in regular content-making positions. But what is chat gpt exactly? 


It is an AI-language model developed by OpenAi. It uses natural language processing principles. These intelligent words mean that Chat GPT is a highly intricate chatbot that can answer your questions almost like a human. These answers imply custom assignment writing, too. 

Unlike communication with an assignment writing service, there is direct communication between you and the chatbot. When you make a request, you get an immediate response. 

Besides, there are a few more advantages: 

  • Free cost. It is free to use the standard version of Chat GPT. If you want, you can upgrade to a premium model. Yet, the essential functions are more than enough for academic help. 
  • Variety of topics. Chat GPT can answer almost any topic, from physics to philosophy. Whatever your task is, Chat GPT can help. 
  • Availability. You can reach Chat GPT around the clock and get your desired answer. 

These advantages may seem like a miracle. Partially, it is true. ChatGPT, as a technological advancement, is impressive. 

Yet, there are several grave downsides regarding academic assistance that should be considered: 

  • High plagiarism score. Chat GPT uses pre-existing information and can’t analyze given data. As a result, its replies are often heavily plagiarized. 
  • Technical limitations. Chat GPT cannot go beyond a specific number of characters. Therefore, it will try to cram a complex reply into a shorter message or lose the line in multiple responses. 
  • Inability to fact-check. Chat GPT often provides faulty information. It tends to say, “As an AI language model…” but it does not always happen. Therefore, you must double-check all the claims it makes regarding academic facts. 
  • Glitches and servers overload. The ChatGPT’s availability is both a boon and a disadvantage. It may be overloaded and unavailable when you need it. Therefore, you should still plan your work with the language model in advance. 

Assignment writing services: Proven solution for academic challenges 

Chat GPT is not the only source to get assignment writing help. Custom writing services have been around for years. When you turn to an assignment writing service, you can expect a high-quality essay within the deadline. 

Assignment writing services

Professional writing platforms have the following benefits when it comes to assignment help: 

  • High quality. Professional writers are competent in the given subject as well as in writing. As a result, you get top-notch custom writing help that meets all the academic standards. 
  • Zero plagiarism. Writing experts conduct genuine research and analysis before delivering assignment help. Therefore, you get an authentic assignment. 
  • Confidentiality and safety. Assignment writing services do not require any personal data of their customers except an email for contacting. You can be sure of anonymity and privacy. 

Such platforms are a great way to improve grades and close academic debts. Yet, there are limitations to consider: 

  • Сost. Custom assignment help is not free. The price depends on the assignment requirements, complexity, and deadline. Yet, it is never a free aid. 
  • Deadlines. Professional assignment help platforms cannot deliver a task instantly. You’ll have to wait at least three hours before completing the assignment. 

The sum of advantages and disadvantages even out assignment services and AI language models. Yet, there is one last factor that makes human touch superior. 


When you make more than three prompts to the OpenAI product, you’ll start to see the pattern. ChatGPT always uses the same generic, polite manner of delivering information. While convenient for academic tasks, it shows a lack of personal involvement. 


Your physics, philosophy, and history assignments will all look the same. As a result, it may damage your reputation and academic integrity. 

Assignment help services, on the other hand, approach each task individually. You may expect that professional writing experts will consider all the instructions and wishes. They can emphasize particular arguments and provide relevant quotes to all of the primary thoughts of the assignment. 

As a result, you get a genuine help instead of hasty solution. Professional help is more beneficial in the long run, as you receive well-crafted assignments that can aid you in overcoming academic challenges and not creating new ones. 

Bottom line 

Ultimately, any assignment writing service is superior to an AI language model and AI writing. Whether you turn to EssayPro or any other platform - you will get actual results. A professionally written assignment will reach its goal - help you with academic challenges. 

On the other hand, a chatbot will only provide you a half-baked, plagiarised text. Personalization is a strong point of custom assignment writing platforms. They consider all of the wishes and instructions and provide a consistent, high-quality, and original assignment in the end.

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