Planning to Open an Online Store With Magento? Here Are Some Tips

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After two years’ worth of lockdowns, massive unemployment, and soaring inflation, millions of people are leaving their jobs and starting their own businesses. A very popular business model is the eCommerce store, which allows independent retailers to set up shop online and sell their products directly to customers, without physical stores or locations.

Magento is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms, which allows its users to set up their own online stores. 

If you want to begin using Magento, we’ve got you covered. This article will explain exactly how you can open your own store with Magento.

Magento development agency

If you want to start your own store on Magento but don’t have the technical knowledge that is required to do so, then you will benefit from hiring a development agency. An experienced Magento agency will be able to build your store for you, perfecting your store’s theme, layout, data management system, extensions, and customisations. 

Online Store With Magento

While they do this, you can focus on accumulating stock, making industry connections, or marketing your new business. Some of the advantages of hiring a Magento development agency include:  

  • Time-saving – Hiring professionals allows you to save time. Running a business can be very difficult. Trying to run your new business while navigating complex code and developing your eCommerce store will be borderline impossible.
  • Tech support Web developers also provide tech assistance, should you have any problems with your store further down the road. If you manage to build your own store, you won’t have anyone to ask for help when things get confusing. Tech support is available around the clock, ensuring that if you ever run into difficulty, your problems can be resolved immediately.
  • Unique store – By having a web development company create your store for you, you are guaranteed to have a completely unique, one-of-a-kind design. There’s absolutely zero chance that any other Magento stores will have the same web design or template as yours. A unique store appeals to customers.
  • Fantastic performance – Performance is guaranteed when you deal with a Magento development agency. A professional developer will painstakingly design and create your store so that it performs perfectly. Magento is a very complex platform to work with, so by hiring a developer you ensure that no shortcuts will be taken and that your store’s code will be meticulously created.

Setting up your store

If you decide that you do not want to use a Magento development agency, then here’s how you can set your store up alone.

Setting up your store

Domain name

The first step in setting up your store is selecting a domain name. Your website’s domain name is very important because it is an important marketing tool and your brand’s homepage. If you have already decided upon a name for your store, then you can use that as your domain name. 

Business experts recommend using a “.com” domain name. This is because .com domain names give one’s business a lot of authority in the eyes of consumers. Additionally, a good domain name supports SEO.

Magento installation

Once you have bought or leased your website’s domain name, you can go ahead and install Magento’s installation package and host Magento’s files on your website’s server. It is strongly advised that you enlist the aid of a Magento development service to do this. This is so that your website can be made available to customers sooner, and so that you don’t make any mistakes. If you aren’t a professional web developer, this is where you are likely to make a mistake.

Magento templates

Once Magento’s files are installed and hosted on your server, you can go ahead and select a Magento template. If you have hired a web development agency, then they will be able to create an entirely unique, custom design for your website. If not, then you will have to use a default template that many other businesses are likely already using.

Customizing design

Although you will have to use a template that many other people are using, you are still able to customise it. This gives you a degree of control over your store’s image. Ideally, you should make your store’s design as simple and minimalistic as possible. 

Stores that overdo it seldom attract customers. In fact, they do quite the opposite. A store that’s too bright, colourful, and has too much going on will put consumers off. Try to avoid using an extravagant colour scheme, use a simple font, and make your store’s design as clear as possible.

Store migration

This is another step that is much more simple when you have a professional Magento development agency helping you. If you are going at it alone, then this is the stage where you migrate your store’s inventory onto your website. Make sure to include the name, characteristics, quantity, type, and price of all products that you include

This information must be very accurate, otherwise, you may lose out on business. Customers like to know exactly what they are buying. If they cannot find information about your products, then they will not buy them. Nobody wants to take a shot in the dark with their money, especially now.

Additionally, properly labelling your products makes it much easier for customers to track down the products that they want. It also aids in the SEO process, making it easier for your store’s pages to appear in major search listings.

Payment options

Once you have imported your store’s inventory, you can add payment options. The shipping and payment options that your store offers have a huge influence over whether or not customers do business with you. You can find these settings by going to Stores > Settings > Configuration. 

Payment methods are listed under Sales in the menu on the left-hand sidebar. In this section, you can configure your store’s payment methods.

You can also add extensions to this section, to give your customers more payment options. Most recommend using PayPal. Make sure that you have an option for debit cards.

Search engine optimisation

SEO (search engine optimisation) is essential for any website's success, no matter its type. If you want your store’s pages to be findable by major search engines, you need to enable search engine-friendly URLs. You can do this by: 

  • Navigate to Magento’s admin panel, then to System > Configuration.
  • Switch to Web.
  • Click on Search Engine Optimisation tab and turn on Use Web Server Rewrites.
  • Click save.

When you have done all of this, your Magento site’s URLs will be SEO friendly. Additionally, it might be worth employing a professional SEO agency to manage other aspects of your store’s SEO. 


While on the subject of marketing, let’s address some of the marketing world’s most effective and popular solutions. Unless you already have a substantial online following, then it is unlikely that your store will receive business right away. 


For this reason, you need to invest a lot of time into marketing. If you do hire a web development agency, then while they are working on your website’s design, you can begin advertising, marketing, and networking. The way that you market your business depends largely upon what you sell. 

Here are a few ways you can market your business:

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the marketing world’s most current trend. It involves the use of online personalities – social media celebrities – who have a huge social media presence. They are called influencers because they are able to influence their audience’s buying decisions. If you sell clothes, beauty products, or health products, then influencers could definitely be worthwhile. 

The downside to influencers is that, because of how effective they are, they are very expensive to hire. You can approach influencers directly. Most of them have their agent’s email address listed on their social media profile.

SEO marketing

SEO marketing is a form of marketing that involves the manipulation of major search engines’ algorithms, in order to rank your store higher in search listings than your competition, or other businesses in your niche. SEO marketing, when done properly, can be very effective. 

seo ranking

Most experts recommend hiring an SEO manager to plan and implement your website’s SEO strategy, rather than doing it yourself. There is a lot of complex stuff that goes into optimising one’s website, from making one’s website mobile-friendly to writing engaging content on one’s website. It is possible to do it yourself, however. It is just very difficult.

Content marketing

Finally, we arrive at content marketing. Content marketing is a type of marketing whereby one markets one’s business or product in articles or videos. A very effective way of content marketing is by posting answers to questions on websites like Quora. 

By posting answers, you establish yourself as an authority in your niche and give customers confidence that when they shop with you, they shop with a professional. You can also pay a content writer to write on your website, in addition to paying for backlinks and guest posts. 

Conclusion: planning to open an online store with Magento? Here are some tips

In conclusion, Magento gives small businesses the opportunity to set up reliable online stores. If you are considering starting an online store then Magento is worth some consideration. 

Additionally, web development services are strongly advised, because they simplify website creation. If you decide to create a store without the help of a web developer, then make sure that you design your website in a way that makes it distinct from others using the same theme as you. 

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