Proofread Anywhere Review: Online Proofreading Course

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So you want to be a proofreader? Well, it takes more than just an impeccable eye for detail and near-insane grammar policing. There’s actually a lot that goes into proofreading text. 

And if you want to pursue this career, the internet says that this course is what will give you a head start. 

 So, without further ado, let’s dive right into this Proofread Anywhere review

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What is Proofread Anywhere?

This self-paced online course is one of the most convenient ways you can kick start your proofreading career. It was created by Caitlyn Pyle alongside her husband Ben. The course launched in 2015 following the success of Cait’s proofreading eBook.

Proofread Anywhere review

But her ebook wasn’t the first step she took towards nurturing a community of proofreaders. She had been assisting proofreading professionals since 2007.

After the success of her book - and noticing that she was constantly bombarded with very similar questions, she realized that she could save herself some time and make herself more effective if she were to create an online course.

And so PA was born and has been helping aspiring proofreaders ever since.

Don’t believe me? There are hundreds of Proofread Anywhere testimonials.

But what’s the catch?

That’s what we’re here to find out. 

Why should I choose the course?

There are a number of reasons why you would find Cait’s lessons helpful. But if you don’t want to start your freelancing career on the wrong foot - as I and many of the people I know did, it’s one of the best places to start.

What is Proofread Anywhere

You see, you might benefit from my mistakes. When I was just starting out, I knew nothing about what I was getting myself into. I just decided to leap.

And although there’s nothing particularly wrong with taking a leap, it can leave you flailing around for a very long time. And if you don’t want that, then the Proofread Anywhere General Proofreading: Theory and Practice course might just be the answer to starting your freelance proofreading career on the right foot.

There are a number of things that are great about the course, including walking you through a very detailed description of what is a proofreader and how to become a proofreader to how to get an online proofreading job.

But other than that, you should look into the course if you don’t have a lot of free time to hop on to your computer to meet live sessions.

It means you’re not pressured to learn at any speed but your own. And that you’ll be able to manage your time as you see fit. 

Summary: you should choose the course if you want an in-depth understanding of how you can become an effective and successful proofreader. Think of it as a way to launch your career while making sure it heads in the right direction right off the bat. I know I wish I had something like this when I was first starting out.

Proofread Anywhere courses

There’s more than just one option for you if you choose to pursue PA. You can choose between General proofreading and Transcript proofreading.

That said, Caitlyn does recognize that the career isn’t something that everyone can get into - or actually enjoy. So to save you from wasting your time, effort, and resources, you can tap into the 76-minute free workshop as well as the 7-day free course that walks you through making that final decision.

76-minute free workshop for PA

The seven-day program includes video material, case studies, and printable templates and content.

If you do decide to pursue the course, then you should be aware that it isn’t something you can finish in a day. And that’s even if you decide to binge all of the material and lessons.

At the very least, you’ll spend a month going through various activities and pre-recorded sessions.

Of course, this all depends on the speed at which you decide to pursue your courses and how fast you’re able to learn.

My tip? Don’t rush it. Make sure you get the most out of the material. Yes, you want to see a quick return of investment, but how will you truly do that if you’re just skimming through your material?

Having said that, let’s take a quick look at the different modules included in each course to give you a rough idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice

This option is less technical compared to transcription proofreading. But that doesn’t mean it’s any easier.

It’s an ideal option for you if you would like to earn money from reading books and blog contentThe course is - admittedly, slightly easier compared to the other. But it all really depends on how much you like the job you’re about to pursue.

general proofreading

Module one - Introduction to general proofreading

For the most part, it all starts with the fundamentals. The lessons will answer questions like:

Why do we need to proofread?

What are the skills I need to become an excellent proofreader?

Who are my target clients as a proofreader?

What does a General Proofreader do?

Among many other important topics. You should expect to touch upon the rates you need to charge and other important things you need to know before you pursue the career.

Module two: Getting into the proofreading mindset

So let’s say your friends call you the grammar police. It’s much more than correcting grammatical errors and checking for periods and commas.

In this phase, you’ll learn to find your specialty in the venture. Just because it’s a general course doesn’t mean you need to be a jack of all trades.

You’ll need to figure out which niche to specialize in and how you can “talk the talk”.

Module three: Proofreading basics

Now that you’re ready to head into a general direction, it’s time to learn the basics. In this section, you’ll learn about the usual proofreading tasks/writing mistakes you need to keep an eye on.

For each new skill you learn, you’ll get worksheets so you can practice until you’ve refined them.

Module four: proofreading methods and practices

Now, you get to learn about four different proofreading methods. You’ll also learn how you can use them to your advantage and apply them to your practice.

Module five: turning proofreading into a business

Now that you know how to become a highly sought-after proofreader, it’s time to learn how to build your freelancing business from scratch. This phase teaches you all about how you can create a website, write a kick-ass resumé, set your rates, and more.

Think of it as an all-in-one onboarding call to figure out how you can successfully get started as an online proofreader and freelancer.

If you had been searching for resume writing services online you can read this Zip Job review.

Module six: looking for gigs

It’s time for you to learn how to get leads and how you can land clients. There are several ways taught, but some of the ones you should expect to be covered are social media, online marketplaces, and freelance sites.

Module seven: once you get the job

This module is pretty much straightforward. It walks you through everything you need to do when you get hired. You’ll hone your listening skills and learn how you can build relationships with your clients, as well as how you can bill them.

You will be working very closely with editors, so you’ll learn how to manage a relationship with them as well.

Module eight: getting the most out of freelancing

Many people tend to turn their backs on freelancing after several years of giving it a try. One of the most popular reasons for this is burnout.

So to help you manage your freelancing career, this module tackles very important daily life skills you need to master.

Module nine: ignite Plus exam (for ignite Plus students only)

This exam is hand-graded and evaluates all of the skills you’ve learned. Think of it as your all-encompassing competence test. This will tell you whether you’re ready to become a high-ticket proofreader or not.

Bonus module: the money mindset transformation

Last but not the least, this additional lesson teaches you about the seven life-changing concepts in the Money Mindset Transformation workshop and workbook.

This will help you reach your financial goals and ethically scale your business without running yourself to the ground.

Transcript proofreading: theory and practice

Proofreading transcripts is a bit more extensive work compared to the general option. However, it does have better pay. You’ll also have a better chance at gaining returning clients and you’ll have better earning potential the more technical skills you develop.

transcript proofreading

It’s a great path for anyone who is interested in higher-paying gigs in the proofreading industry, and if you want something a bit more challenging.

And as is to be expected, it’s divided into different sections with multiple modules. This means the lessons are a bit more extensive.

Section one walks you through the theory of transcript proofreading. You’ll learn about the production of transcripts, the roles of a court reporter, and gather in-depth training on punctuation that relates to transcription.

Module one: Introduction to transcript proofreading

This is where you’ll learn everything you need to know about who you’ll be working with. This includes court reporters, scopists, and proofreading professionals like you will become. You’ll also be introduced to how steno works which are vital to your ability to perform your job.

Basically, you’ll learn all the foundational knowledge and skills you need to become an effective asset to your clients.

Module 2: The nuts and bolts of transcripts

Now things will start to get a little bit more technical. You’ll learn how to identify and prepare for errors that could occur in transcripts. You’ll also familiarize yourself with legal jargon and vocabulary so as to not make any mistakes moving forward.

Think of this as where you’ll learn the basics about performing your duties as a proofreader.

Section two focuses on the four methods to markup transcripts. Of course, you won’t be expected to perform them all. But you will be expected to select one and then practice your skills through a series of drills.

Modules three and four: Marking up transcripts (the four methods)

As I mentioned, you’ll be expected to choose one of four methods of marking up transcripts. The course walks you through the pros and cons of marking up using the hard copy, errata, computer, and digital methods.

You’ll also be taught how to get comfortable with using an iPad equipped with the annotation tool iAnnotate.

Module five: simulation transcripts

You’ll be tasked to go over a total of around 3,109 pages of simulated transcripts. This translates to roughly 50 simulated transcripts.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be going in blind. These worksheets come with an exhaustive proofreading checklist which you will need to follow and use as your guide to making sure you’ve covered everything.

And, you need to score a 100% mark on the punctuation and short transcript quiz to move onto the next lesson.

transcript proofreading pricing plans

Module six: corresponding within the court reporting profession

In this module, you’ll learn how you can communicate properly and efficiently with court reporters. This includes discussions about turnaround time, compensation, vacation leave, and even organizing a customized preference sheet.

This will help you understand how you can become more efficient and how you can meet your client’s needs.

Module seven: billing and accounting process, final exams

It’s just as important for you to understand how financial matters are handled in this profession as it is to know how to proofread efficiently.

You’ll learn about the final touches of sustaining a career in proofreading as well as get evaluated for your competence and efficiency in the theoretical and practical applications of transcript proofreading.

Module eight: marketing

If you’re thinking about skipping to the good stuff, then you’re in no luck. You can only access this lesson if you pass the exams and quizzes with at least a 90% mark.

At this stage, you’ll be taught ways to create a personalized marketing technique that works for you specifically. You’ll also be taught how you can develop and practice over-delivery to wow your clients, among other things.

Module nine: concluding lesson

Finally, as the course comes to a close, you’ll be left with a few tips to help you become more successful in the field. For example, you’ll learn to identify with the profession in order for you to gain more confidence.

You’ll also be walked through the fundamentals of running a successful freelance business. 

Proofread Anywhere pricing plans

There are two plan options for you to choose from with the General Course: Ignite and Ignite Plus. That said, you’ll also have the option to pay using a payment plan for the Plus option - either 3 or 6 months.

Proofread Anywhere pricing plans

Take note that you won’t be able to complete your course until you’ve settled your balance.


  • $397 one-time fee

Ignite Plus

  • $497 one-time fee
  • $182.3 per month for three months
  • $91.12 per month for six months

On the other hand, the Transcript Proofreading course has a different payment plan set up. You’ll be making segmented payments - one to unlock each of the four levels.

Level 1 for $77

Level 2 for $197

Level 3 for $400

Level 4 for $500

All in all, you’ll be paying a total of $1174 to complete the course.

As you can see, it does get quite expensive. So I suggest that you either don’t quit your day job just yet, or you wait until you have enough saved up to tide you over for the next two to six months just until you start seeing some profitability from your freelancing career. 

Proofread Anywhere pros and cons

I always say that there are two sides to every program. And the same can be said of this seemingly successful and effective online course. Now, if you’re not yet sure whether you’re leaning towards taking the course or not, here are a few things that might help you make your decision.

I’ll say it upfront, the course is successful. It’s thriving, and I can only assume that’s because it works. But that’s not all that it’s got going for it. Take a look at its pros below: 


  • You can learn at your own pace which makes it ideal for anyone who needs a flexible schedule
  • It’s highly detailed and teaches you everything there is to know about finding success as a proofreading freelancer
  • It’s a great kick starter for your career. It saves you from years of tedious back and forth as well as learning how to handle clients correctly
  • The course creator is very hands-on and involved, this includes answering any concerns and queries
  • There are payment plans if you don’t want to pay a large sum upfront

Obviously, you need to account for the “negatives” of the course before you make your decision. After all, if you choose to proceed, you should be prepared.


  • It’s quite expensive, and even with a payment plan set in place, you need to pay a minimum of $77 a month to gain access
  • On that note, if you choose the payment plan, you’re restricted to learning at a certain speed. The courses are only available for a limited time when you’re on a payment plan which means it will be less flexible
  • Your payment is also non-refundable, so make sure you really love and want to pursue proofreading

Summary: all in all, it’s a great course. You’ll learn a lot of things in it that you can use to get ahead as a proofreader. That said, it is quite expensive and you might not see a return of investment for while yet.

Why I think it's the best proofreading course?

I quite enjoy a thoroughly detailed course. It just means you’re getting exactly what you paid for by the end of it. The great thing about Proofread Anywhere is it teaches you more than the basics of completing the tasks.

Why I think its the best proofreading course

You’ll learn how to run a successful business. Whereas other courses only give you enough information to execute your job correctly. You’ll also be walked through how you can succeed as a proofreader.

It’s thoroughly detailed. From the fundamentals to the more hard-hitting skills required, you’ll learn everything there is to know about performing your duties more efficiently than your competition.

You’ll learn how to sustain your business. One of the biggest challenges as a freelancer is learning how much you should ask for and having the confidence to back it up. In this course, you’ll learn everything there is to know about paying your bills and creating well-oiled relationships with repeat clients.  

Proofread Anywhere review: is it worth it?

You should consider taking a look at the free workshop before making a huge commitment to the program. That said, it isn’t your only choice. There are a lot of free resources online so if you want to do most of the work when it comes to looking for resources that would help you on your journey.

I’m not going to lie, the course can get very expensive. And it takes a while for you to get through it all, which means it isn’t an overnight solution to earning money as a freelance proofreader.

That said, even though your ROI can take months to rear its head, you will learn more than just a handful of valuable skills required to become successful in the proofreading industry.

While I can’t tell you what is and isn’t worth it for you personally, I can assure you that you will learn a lot from this course. But you should probably think about joining the free 76-minute workshop just so you’re 100% sure that it’s the right career for you.

All in all, it’s a great resource. But it is expensive. So make sure you think about it thoroughly before you go ahead and spend hundreds of dollars you’ll never get back. 

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