QuillBot Review: Is It the Best Paraphrasing And Summarizer Tool?

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Summarizing and paraphrasing are critical skills in many fields. Yet several less than spectacular tools on the market charge ridiculous prices and offer mediocre results. 

Finding a good tool to help you with your work, especially when it comes to paraphrasing and summarizing long texts, can be tricky. 

Its paraphraser is an online tool that's been around for some time, and it's specifically designed to create comprehensive and accurate summaries of large content quickly.

It offers many features like parallel text brackets, styling commands for easy customization, and formatting shortcuts so you don't have to type in a thousand commas every day.

In this Quillbot review, I'm going to take a closer look at QuillBot and see whether it is really capable of helping its users improve their content writing skills.

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What is QuillBot?

QuillBot is a writing tool that enables users to combine multiple editing features to compose accurate and brief words with multi-featured AI


The parser, which can rewrite any text in many ways, is its most notable feature. It functions as a full-sentence thesaurus. 

QuillBot is a web browser plugin that may be used to rewrite, paraphrase, summarize, and modify information structure in Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

It may condense and paraphrase articles, blogs, papers, and other publications into a single paragraph or rewritten sentence. 

It will extract the most meaningful information while keeping the content's original context.

QuillBot's primary goal is to eliminate plagiarism from the duplicated text. QuillBot, on the other hand, discourages this behavior. It may summarize paragraphs and modify the structure of sentences, among other things. 

A tool like QuillBot is essential for writers. For writers who don't want to spend time, it's a one-stop-shop.

If you don't like a rewritten statement, you may use the "Rephrase" option to create another version of the same phrase that differs slightly from the original and redone text. Not only that, but you may keep doing it until you get the desired effect.

How does QuillBot work?

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that can rewrite any text. It works as a synopsis that makes sure every paragraph of your content is represented in the same manner

Paraphrasing is the process of writing several sentences connected to each other by a common topic. 

These sentences should help the original sentence, but they shouldn't be identical. In other words, you should say what you need to say, and something else should reflect this idea.

If you want to be sure that the paraphrasing tool is doing a good job, you can always see your paraphrased text in another window. 

It is a 100% human-readable article spinner. It creates new sentences with the words and flows you already use

If you've ever wanted to take content or write content and make it look like it has been spun by a human writer, but with your own words and phrases, this tool is for you. 

Who can use QuillBot?

QuillBot is a tool that can be used by everyone. No matter how skilled of an editor you are, you can use this one to make your documents look even better. In fact, I would say that anyone is going to benefit from this tool.

Different people use QuillBot for different purposes. Some people want to use the tool while they are writing their articles, while others may just want to use it for creating comparison reports. 

You can also use it to rephrase your content and create new pieces that can be used as a reference source. Apart from that, it's also used by SEO experts because they only need to take care of the keywords in order to rank their sites on Google.

QuillBot key features

QuillBot is an excellent alternative to The Best Spinner and other rephrasing tools.

It's a fast paraphrase tool, instant article rewriter, or duplicates content checker that allows you to rewrite the given article with great flexibility. Below, I've compiled some of QuillBot's key features that show why it's such a powerful tool:

Automatic article rewriter and spinner

Unfortunately, only a few of the best paraphrasing tools today provide this handy feature. With it, you may modify the word count, sentence length, text structure, writing style, and even voice "volume" before proceeding to rewrite your article.

quillbot paraphrase

 I personally like this feature because being able to modify the lengths of my sentences is one thing I look for in a summarizing tool, so it’s good to know that QuillBot is utilizing this feature. 

Plagiarism-free articles

Every article you spin is completely unique, and it has no connection to the original. Therefore, you don't have to worry that some sentences or even whole sections of your content may appear in the articles you create. 

quillbot plagiarism

The paraphrasing tool can check your content for plagiarism easily. If it detects even a single pattern of repeated words, you won't need to fix the content.

Multiple paraphrasing methods

The most notable difference among the various paraphrasing tools is the text generation process they use.

For example, BufferSpinner works by building words at random, while FanWriter and QuillBot use a selection of intelligent approaches to re-write your content at a faster rate than other paraphrasing tools.


QuillBot's integration of a Co-Writer function is fantastic; it creates a seamless writing and research experience. 

It blends online research, note-taking, and AI-assisted autocomplete to provide users with a seamless writing and research experience without ever leaving the current page.

QuillBot Co-Writer is a standalone application. It can produce sentences based on what you've written and submitted, enabling you to work together on your writing

You may also utilize the Co-Writer tool to conduct an internet search for content from the comfort of your own home. Inside Co-Writer, you may utilize the paraphraser and other features.

It is not designed to replace them, but rather to make the whole process more streamlined and user-friendly.

Automatic sentence and paragraph structure

This is another feature that I personally like about QuillBot, the program rewrites sentences and words automatically based on the original sentence and paragraph structure

Finding a suitable synonym or word that matches the word range you're working on is something you don't have to worry about. 

Grammar checker

QuillBot is an all-in-one writing tool. It contains a Grammar check that improves the structure of your sentences even more. It makes sense of your phrases and paragraphs using natural language processing (NLP).

quillbot grammar

This feature is helpful for people like me who sometimes don’t double-check the sentences they write. You can use QuillBot's Grammar check instead of manually checking each word for spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical issues. 

After you've completed your draft, use the Grammar Checker to polish it up and make it stand out. It examines your work with a single click and notifies you of any errors so you can see what's wrong and fix it right away. 

Plagiarism checker

QuillBot rewrites the content using various techniques, such as changing the word order and sentence structure automatically or applying synonyms.

It also checks the originality of your content to ensure that it's unique, so there will be no more cases of plagiarism when you use our paraphrasing tool. 

The tool also provides accurate plagiarism reports, which is one of the crucial features of any text rewrite or paraphrase tool. 

This feature ensures that you receive the best results for your content without having to worry about copyright infringement issues.

Rewrites quoted sentences

This feature automatically rewrites the sentences with similar meaning to the original sentence, making it perfect for content writers. 

The synonym dictionary is updated frequently to cover the most popular English words. I like that this paraphrasing tool can be used for SEO, blog writing, and article spinning with 100% unique content.

Keyword-based rewriting

The paraphrasing tool can automatically rewrite the sentences into one that is synonym-rich and suitable for SEO and blog writing, so you don't have to worry about repeating the same word or phrase over and over again. 

It will even eliminate any SEO-related mistakes which is very helpful for people who are aiming for their content to be viewed by a lot of people. 

Customizable text/paragraph structure

I sometimes don’t like the first output that QuillBot provides, so with this feature, you can use as many versions of rewriting or paraphrasing as you want, even in a text that contains multiple paragraphs or pages of text until it fits to your liking

The program allows you to customize the accessibility to the program as you want by giving you an access code for each device.

Thesaurus powered by AI

QuillBot allows you the freedom to pick the synonym you choose while you attempt to rewrite your phrases

Every altered word in the phrase is accompanied by a list of AI-powered thesaurus. This, I feel, will be the most distinctive and enjoyable aspect of refining your work.

Word flipper

Another fantastic function of the QuillBot is Word Flipper, which is responsible for the number of words in the paraphrased material that are replaced by synonyms

Furthermore, you may use the slider to change the word flipper's settings to replace more or fewer words in your text. A higher word flipper setting may have an impact on text accuracy.

Citation generator

QuillBot helps you to create citations for essays, presentations, and documents fast and effortlessly. This function is likewise absolutely free and accessible to everybody.

quillbot citation

You may cite a book or a website using one of three formats: APA Citation, MLA Format, or Chicago Style Citation. 

Paste a website's URL or search for a book you wish to cite to create citations. Then choose a citation style, and QuillBot will swiftly produce citations for you.

Synonym tool

I like this feature of QuillBot because it gives users the opportunity to change the number of words they wish to replace with synonyms using the Synonym Tool. The slider at the top of the input and output boxes may be used to change this value. 

The more terms you replace with synonyms, the more likely the meaning will shift. There are four synonym options available: the first replaces the fewest words, while the fourth replaces the most words. 

The only ones to have access to the maximum synonym setting are the premium users. To put it differently, this feature can serve as a subtle way of giving your content an edge over others. 


Compare is another function I like when using QuillBot's paraphrase tool. It has a tiny window that displays both the original and paraphrased text at the same time, allowing you to compare the two

Then, on a sidebar, you'll be able to examine the several versions of that statement in each mode. There, you may choose whether to replace the sentence modification or preserve the original. You may also alter the number of synonyms from there.


The summary writer is maybe one of the most crucial elements you can employ for your material.

quillbot summarizer

 This accentuates the most important aspects in your material and incorporates them into your work, which is a terrific way to make your content sound more professional.

Quillbot's Summarizer is another useful function that is entirely free to use. This tool enables you to reduce lengthy articles or amounts of data into a single paragraph or a list of the text's most important bullet points.

QuillBot modes

QuillBot has seven different settings. All of these variables are most important for the paraphrasing and quality of created material.

If you're on the free plan, you'll only be able to use three modes: Standard, Fluency, and Creative. The premium version is required to access Creative+, Formal, Shorten, and Expand modes.


Standard mode entails that QuillBot uses basic language and syntax. It sounds like a robot and doesn't really sound natural.

This mode is mostly useful for content that requires an informal tone. I tend to use this mode when I want to create an interactive script for small events that do not require me to talk formally. 


The Fluency mode is the second option. It's also great for informal stuff, although QuillBot can employ more nuanced synonyms and sentence structure.

It's still a little stiff, but it's a vast improvement over Standard mode. Furthermore, the Word Flipper setting will be kept as low as feasible in this Fluency option.


The third paraphrasing setting is the Creative mode. It's a bit softer and more human-like than Standard and Fluency modes, but it still sounds unnatural. 

This mode focuses on making as many alterations to the text as possible in order to generate a text that is distinct from the original. It's the most appropriate setting for complex writing.


This is the improved version of Creative Mode AI, which will make more natural adjustments and better comprehend things like frequent phrases and sayings. 

I find it extremely useful for more complicated pieces of writing and creating creative stories.


QuillBot is best for any type of writing that requires a formal tone. It uses complex sentences, can be modified with punctuation and capitalization, and is perfect for academic papers, business reports, and more

This mode changes your writing to make it more suited for a formal audience. I recommend this mode for students who are writing essays or speeches since the accuracy of the Formal mode is top-notch. 


If you think your text is too much, this feature is something you will love. Because this "Shorten Mode" will reduce the length of your content without compromising its meaning.


This is the opposite of the Shorten mode. The expand mode inserts more content into your written piece while maintaining its meaning. It will not add fluff; instead, it will only include more words than are necessary to express your message. 

QuillBot pricing plans

Investing in paraphrasing software can be worthwhile because it will save you a lot of time and effort.

quillbot pricing

QuillBot offers a paid plan, in addition to their free-to-use plan with limited features. Below is a descriptive overview of its pricing plans:

Free plan

The free plan is only limited to these features: Only 125 words on the paraphraser, Standard and Fluency modes, 3 synonym possibilities, 1 Freeze Word or phrase, and 1,200 words on the Summarizer are available on the free plan.

I personally think the features accessible by the free plan users are not bad, and would personally recommend this to people who are on a tight budget.


For only $9.95 billed monthly, QuillBot's paid plan includes Unlimited words on the paraphraser, Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten modes, 4 synonym options, Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases.

Furthermore,  6,000 words on the Summarizer, Faster processing speed, Advanced grammar rewrites, Compare Modes (only on Desktop), Plagiarism Checker, and the ability to scan up to 20 pages.

QuillBot pros and cons


  • Advanced paraphrasing tools
  • Provides a developer API
  • Free Plan
  • Web-based
  • All-In-One
  • Has hotkeys
  • Has an Affiliate Program


  • No mobile app
  • Creative Quill-mode can cause errors
  • Not good for paraphrasing stories
  • No Copyscape integration
  • Limited paraphrase features

QuillBot benefits

Here is a detailed overview of the things I liked about the paraphrasing and summarizing tool, QuillBot:

Advanced paraphrasing tools

QuillBot offers great tools for paraphrasing your articles including synonyms and sentence structure transformations that make your content more readable.

The program is compatible with all major internet browsers, so you can easily access it from anywhere.

Provides a developer API

Although QuillBot isn't the most advanced paraphrasing tool available in the market, the platform allows developers to create their own custom extensions and services that users can access through its API. 

You can use QuillBot to check your written content over and over again. 

Its statistics display allows you to easily check how often a certain piece of text is used and how many times it is quoted.

You can also locate unscrupulous quotes by highlighting them in yellow or green and decide whether you want to include them in your article or not, which is a feature that’s useful for me.

Free plan

There is absolutely no cost involved with the QuillBot free plan. Try out all the features first, and after that, you can evaluate whether using an online paraphrasing service is desirable or not.

If it helps you create better content, then go for a paid plan. However, if it's not useful for your needs you don't have to pay anything.


QuillBot is a web-based program that makes it easy for anyone to access its services from any compatible internet browser. You can use a paraphrasing tool even when you're offline so you won't miss out on anything


I find it wonderful that Quillbot has a lot of tools and possibilities, but it can't be used as an all-in-one platform for your work.

For students, bloggers, writers, and other professionals, the platform provide an all-in-one writing solution. QuillBot has everything you need to create a great piece of content.

Has hot keys

I liked that QuillBot has Hot Keys. This feature is great for writers like me, and the typing shortcuts are useful. In addition, all changes are color-coded in the output field to make them simpler to see. 

This makes detecting and correcting typographical problems in the text a breeze. This feature, however, may be disabled in the options box. 

Freeze words

QuillBot's implementation is fantastic, I am in love with this feature. If you don't want the AI program to change particular phrases, you can freeze them

This setting prevents QuillBot from changing nouns, quotes, and other non-replaceable parts of your text. Free accounts may have one word frozen, even if it is a subscription service.

Has an affiliate program

All that is necessary to utilize the function is for the user to activate the interface by clicking on the snow icon.

Then just put in the word or phrase you'd want to freeze and hit the enter key. This is particularly beneficial when the same words keep appearing.

QuillBot drawbacks

Here are the things I disliked about the paraphrasing and summarizing tool:

No mobile app

Although QuillBot offers a range of options for the users to choose from, there is no mobile app for the program. Its website is compatible with iOS and Android devices, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not optimized for smartphones or tablets.

Creative qill-mode can cause errors

Creative mode is rather useful when it comes to paraphrasing content, but you have to be cautious when using it because the software uses synonyms and rephrasing algorithms to create new sentences. 

Sometimes, this ends up in creating overly complex sentences with a lot of fragmented words

This can lead to grammar mistakes and errors that could have been avoided if you had written the content yourself.

Not good for paraphrasing stories

What’s saddening for me is that it is definitely not good for paraphrasing stories

QuillBot doesn't offer a direct translation, but you have to be aware that the software is not meant to do that; instead, it will analyze the characters and their personality and try to make them into more interesting and dynamic personas. 

Therefore, it can lead to problems with the plot of a story.

No copyscape integration

Another downside of Quillbot that I must mention is that it does not integrate with Copyscape. Copyscape is a plagiarism detector that ensures your writing is free of plagiarism accusations. 

It would be good if the platform had Copyscape integrated, and displayed the unique score of each written piece. It is handy for bloggers creating blog articles, or students writing essays. Unfortunately, Quillbot does not integrate with Copyscape.

Limited pharaphraser features

Despite paying for the premium subscription, I observed certain gaps in QuillBot's functionality. It serves as an all-in-one writing tool that isn't only for paraphrasing. 

QuillBot lacks key crucial capabilities, such as Bulk Rewriting, Copyscape Integration, Article Fetching, Image & Video Fetching, List Reordering, API Integrations, and many more, when compared to comparable rewriting and paraphrasing programs.

QuillBot alternative: Jasper AI

The Jasper AI solution is an excellent alternative to QuillBot for those looking to outsource their content and save time and money.

jasper ai

 This service will assist you in producing high-quality material with minimal typos while also lowering your chance of making mistakes while writing.

Jasper AI has over 50 content templates to pick from, making it ideal for any blogger or company owner who needs assistance with SEO-friendly blog articles, social media copywriting, ad campaigns, email subject lines, and more. 

jasper ai paraphrase

The AI-generated material created by Jasper is 99.99 percent unique and plagiarism-free. This will help you to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

Key Features

  • Write content up to 5x Faster
  • Grammarly built into the editor
  • Jasper Plagiarism Checker
  • Unlocked “Compose” button
  • Ease of use
  • Long-Form Assistant

Jasper AI pros and cons


  • Supports 25+ Languages
  • Top-notch Customer Service
  • 7-Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • Accuracy and Quality of Paraphrasing
  • Versatility
  • Great for short copy


  • Bad editorial support
  • Long Term Assistant Inaccuracy
  • Limited summarization options
  • Need to fact check JasperAI output
  • No sources provided


QuillBot offers different pricing plans, but it is limited to only 20 pages per month. Jasper AI, on the other hand, provides a free trial for all its users and offers an unlimited number of pages per month. 

jasper ai pricing

A 5-day free trial period with a 100% moneyback guarantee in case you do not want to continue working with it Jasper AI is provided by the platform. 

Jasper Ai’s Starter plan offers users 50+ AI Templates, up to 5 users, and 20+ language support for $79 for 60,000 words every month. 

While the Boss plan offers everything in the starter, priority chat support, and maximum content lookback for $59 a month for 50,000 words every month.

Conclusion: is QuillBot worth it?

QuillBot is a better choice than Jasper AI if you need to write content for your website and don't worry about spending a lot. It's also great for people who want more freedom when writing. 

However, if you are looking for more features and customization, Jasper AI is the best option to go with because it has everything that you need to create content for your website.

Overall, I am happy with my experience. This tool is powerful and it provides me with every feature I need to create content for my business.

I have been using it since a few months ago and I really like the fact that it can work in pairs with a solution like Excel. 

It also has great customer service and provides you with great support if you are working on problems that you're having while using the tool.

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