Real Estate Marketing Tips For Small Business In 2023

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The real estate market comes with its pros and cons. The future of real estate is unpredictable. However, we are here to help you skyrocket your real estate business in 2023. The observation of the experts shows that customers and young groups are turning towards social media

TechCrunch shows that people are turning towards Instagram, Google, and TikTok when looking for business-related information.

Now the question arises, what is real estate marketing?

Defining real estate marketing

In today's world, real estate marketing is no longer restricted to your capability to assist someone in buying or selling new property or house. The marketing lets you help to distinguish your services from the competition and define your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Point). The way you approach and finalize the deal with your target customers. 

Real Estate Marketing Tips For Small Business

You are keeping your customers one step ahead in services and helping people know you as a person, not just a real estate agent. Personalizing your relationship with the customer and letting them know what is distinguished in you will help you reach your marketing goals.

Tips to market real estate for small businesses in 2023

Tip 1: Insert organic keywords in your profile

Suppose you develop your website to sell your real estate services. Now, it's time to optimize your website using organic keywords, inserting internal links, and supporting it with backlinks provided by some high authority forms. 

Internal and external backlinking help your business website gain some authority. For example, the use of organic keywords, Hence, the website start ranking, and your customer will reach it and get services online.

Tip 2: Create a Facebook group for your locality

Facebook is one of the best mediums to reach your target audience. You can develop a Facebook page describing your business services and enhance your visibility by creating a Facebook group for your locality. It will help you build a business resource and relationship with your customer.

Tip 3: Set SMART goals

The goals you set for your marketing campaign should be S.M.A.R.T.

Set SMART goals for real estate

S: Specific. You must be able to identify your target market and make the campaign specific to them.

M: Measurable. The campaign should be able to tell you how much reach it got and how many leads the business received

A: Attainable, make the targets attainable. For example, you may reach 1M customers this week, but that may not be attainable.

R: realistic: The campaign's objectives must be realistic. For example, attaining a figure of 1M may be unrealistic for 1 week.

T: Timebound:  Each marketing campaign must be timebound.

Tip 4: Grab traffic from social media

The most effective way to reach your real estate customer is to embed organic keywords in your social media page profiles. For example,  your customer uses your business name when leaving a review of your service on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Tip 5: Become a thought leader

Providing free advice and opinion on real estate to engage your customer will help your customer.

It will help your customer to identify you as an authority in your field. When people approach you as an authority in your area, this is the time that your customer approaches you as an authority, and you will enjoy the benefits of strategic P.R.

Tip 6: Create high-quality content

Create and share your brand story and tell why real estate is your passion. The real estate businesses are restricted to advertisements and providing catalogs. It would be interesting to know how you got started and describe the company's management.

Also, share your clients' success stories, describe the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them. This will help generate real estate leads for agents.

Share a list of locations, the services you offer, and the facilities you provide to different geographic areas. Develop an F.A.Q.s page.

Tip 7: Go live

The era of digitization requires you to use every platform for marketing your business. Once you have developed your identity on all digital media or social platforms, now utilize it. Do live sessions hosting a live stream showing an open house. 

You may use Facebook or Instagram live to show the substantial features of the home you are going to sell. You may invite your followers to be part of the live stream.

Tip 8: Choose your target audience smartly and advertise

Suppose your target audience needs to reach your website as per your expectations. Here comes the need to advertise your real estate service. Advertise your services using meta that includes Facebook and Instagram. 

Social media marketing helps you reach an audience that could not come to your website or pages. Display your ad at peak times. It will be helpful to show your testimonials and reviews while advertising, as it dramatically impacts your potential customers.

Tip 9: Create high-quality visual content

The majority of real estate agents stick to listings and advertisements. However, this method needs to be fixed today. Today, you need to portray your brand story and image in a way that resonates with your customer. The customer should be able to relate your brand personality with their image. 

Create high-quality visual content

Additionally, take professional and real-life photos of the properties and houses you want to sell. Also, share staff photos of multiple events and capitalize upon your brand value.

You can also develop PPTs and upload them for your customers showing how to see content and market information and allowing a buyer to use them as a guide.

Another exciting option is to make videos of the property you want to sell, creating engaging videos. It will help potential buyers reach the property they are interested in. Finally, it will help them to get your real estate business.

Tip 10: Set KPIs

You have wisely developed all the social media campaigns and resources. However, the result remained average. So, here comes the role of checking analytics and data backup. In this case, it is primary to gauge the progress of your campaigns and then change the strategy of social media advertisement for better results. 

Develop some key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of social media strategy.

One of the KPIs may be enhanced traffic on your service pages.

Second, KPI may be an increased number of followers on your social media fan page

Third, KPI may generate contact info through a call to action button on your website.

Fourth may be an improved engagement rate of your prospective customer with your content.

Tip 11: Youtube channel and LinkedIn for real estate marketing

Develop a youtube channel for your real estate marketing agency. Make engaging videos and documentaries for your potential customers. 

Youtube channel and LinkedIn for real estate marketing

Also, create a LinkedIn page for your real estate company. As you become visible and the buzzword of new real estate increases, the number of people that know your business will increase. In addition, that internship generates a lot of questions in the mind of your customers.

Therefore, you need to add a F.A.Q. The section on your website and service pages. 

Tip 12: Benefits of using social media tools

Using social media tools for your real estate business help you understand and look after your business.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of using social media tools for the real estate business. If you have an SSM tool it will help you to manage multiple social accounts.  It will help you to ensure not to miss something important. SMM tools help you organize the conversation and schedule the posts ahead. 

It also provides you assistance in monitoring keywords for receiving valuable information and new customers. The SSM tools help you analyze the results. Using online tools and techniques brings you, several customers. However, engage your customer in real-time.


The key takeaways that you could utilize while starting marketing with your website and social media platforms for real estate business are given below:

  • First, the benefit of using your website for marketing is making yourself the best approachable to your target customer with the techniques mentioned above.
  • Create a social media presence in a way that is for both buyer and seller.
  • Taking customer persona before working on social media content is essential. Develop content that resonates with your customer. 
  • Setting SMART goals are essential for your real estate business.
  • Use Facebook to grow your business.
  • Use visual content using short reels on Instagram, and TikTok is on of the best way to get your content popular.
  • Make engaging videos and documentaries for your potential customers on YouTube.
  • Use analytics to measure the effects of your campaigns.
  • S.M.M. tools help you organize the conversation and schedule the posts ahead.
  • Developing some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of social media strategy is essential.

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