14 Reasons Why Twitter Is So Popular

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Twitter is without a doubt the most popular social media platform in the world. It is used by literally everybody.

Teenagers, adults, and even the elderly use it. There are many other contemporary platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but they are not as popular.

If you are wondering why Twitter is as popular as it is (and why Instagram and Facebook have not been able to keep up, despite being popular in their own right) then this is the post for you.

Here are 14 reasons why Twitter is as popular as it is:

Active users

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms there, meaning it has more active users than Instagram and Facebook.

14 Reasons Why Twitter Is So Popular

At this time, the current amounts of users on Twitter exceeds 320 million. The huge amount of users means the platform’s always got something new and exciting going on, on it. 

No matter what you are interested in, you can find something right for you. It’s also possible to make friends on Twitter, so because of how many people there are, you’ll always be able to find somebody who’s interested in the same things as you.

Broad content

One of the greatest things about Twitter is all of the different types of content that are posted there.

Whatever you are interested in, you will find something that’s right for you. Twitter has everything, from politics to trending memes. In addition to having a broad range of content, the content also swings many different ways. 

If you want political content, then you can find content that’s geared toward people on the left, center, or right, for example.


Twitter is a very easy platform to use. The same cannot be said for other major social media platforms.

With Twitter, all you have to do is register an account, set everything up, and you’re ready to go. You can begin posting immediately. Usually, people post to specific hashtags on Twitter. 

By posting to specific hashtags, you can make your content visible. It is worth doing a little bit of research into hashtags before you start posting with them, however.

Using the wrong hashtag could lead to you posting to a community that’s not suitable for your content, which could annoy people.

Tight restrictions

The platform has extremely tight restrictions, making it safe for everybody. No matter what offends you, Twitter’s got you covered.

If you report content to the platform’s administrative staff, then as long as it’s genuinely offensive, they will remove it.

If the content you are reporting is not deemed offensive, then you can always hide it from your feed. It’s very easy blocking people on Twitter, too. If somebody is harassing you or bothering you, you can block them.

Blocking people stops them from being able to access or view the content that you’re posting.

Safe platform

Twitter is, all in all, a pretty safe platform. While there are of course some issues with it, it is, for the most part, a very safe platform to use.

The platform’s administrators are very careful and selective over who they let use it, ensuring that inflammatory individuals are kept away, and helping to make it a safe space for everybody

Also, it is very safe for children to use. This is because the platform gives children’s parents the opportunity to monitor the content that they are viewing, which helps to stop them from viewing things unsuitable for them or people in their age group.

Latest news

Very few people actually read newspapers anymore. Instead, people tend to get their news online.

However, there are so many different online media journals that it can be extremely difficult to find one that’s genuine and reliable. If you use Twitter, you do not need to find an online news provider.

Instead, you can just check out trending news on the platform. Twitter makes it easier than ever to find out what’s going on in the world. All you need to do is to navigate to the platform’s news section

The news posted on Twitter is verified by the platform’s safety team, so no fake news is distributed.

Trending content

Twitter has over 320 million active users, as already mentioned. Because of the huge amount of people that are using the platform, lots of different types of content are posted there.

Trending Content

Some of this content becomes very popular and begins trending. The term ‘trending’ refers to content that has become so popular, that it is being shared and reposted by millions of people, all at once.

Trending content can be found on Twitter’s trending section. Trending content is a great way of keeping ahead of social trends and finding out what’s going on in the world with celebrities and media personalities.

Different communities

There are lots of different communities on Twitter. If there is a specific community you want to learn more about, then you can follow the hashtags that they use

Following hashtags will help you to find people who’re interested in the same things as you. Again, do your research and find hashtags relevant to the content that you’re interested in.

If you do not find the right hashtag, then you could end up following communities that have nothing to do with your interests. Make sure to be respectful when joining online communities.

Making friends

Making friends is easier than ever, thanks to Twitter. All you need to make friends on Twitter is a good attitude.

As long as you are friendly, people will be happy to talk to you. Making friends on Twitter is very straightforward. The good thing about Twitter is that you can reach out to people directly, using the app’s DM function

DM stands for direct message. You can DM people, start friendships, build relationships, and even find romance. Many relationships have been started on Twitter.

If you’re going to try and make friends on Twitter, it’s a good idea to post pictures of yourself, and add content to your page on a regular basis (so that it looks genuine).

Viral memes

Sometimes, people use Twitter to cheer themselves up. If you are one such individual, then you’ll love the fact that the web’s latest and funniest memes are posted there.

Viral memes

Often, the best way to find memes is to check out the platform’s trending content. Funny memes are usually posted there

You can also find memes relevant to your interests, like cats for example, to hashtags and communities focused on that type of content. You can then share, repost, or save the memes you find.

Age groups

Twitter is used by a range of different age groups. It’s used by the very young, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly

The different age groups that use Twitter have their own special communities. If you are a parent and your child is going to be using the platform, then you need to make sure that you take steps to protect them from content that’s not suitable.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for young people to be exposed to unsafe content online. As mentioned earlier though, Twitter does make it easier for parents to protect their children.

New cultures

Twitter isn’t something that’s used exclusively by Europeans or Americans.

It’s a platform that is used by people all over the world, from Morocco to Micronesia. If you are interested in learning about new cultures, then Twitter’s the place to go

One interesting thing about the platform is that you can translate content that’s posted in another language.

Therefore, you can look at content that’s posted in foreign languages and increase your knowledge about certain cultures, without having to learn to speak the same language as the people who posted the content in the first place. 

Learning about new cultures is a great way of becoming more knowledgeable and intelligent.

Learn skills

You can learn new skills on Twitter, too. Many of the web’s most advanced traders, developers, coders, and businesspeople use Twitter to communicate and share content relevant to their interests.

Learn skills

If you want to learn about these things then you can follow pages that specialize in them.

In addition to being able to learn technical skills, it’s very common for content to be posted that teaches people basic things, like how to fix the hinges on a door, for example. 

Learning new skills will make you a more intelligent, knowledgeable, and well-rounded person.

Showcase talents

Finally, Twitter gives you an opportunity to showcase your talents. If there are specific things that you are interested in and excel at, then you can post content showcasing your talent on your page.

This can be a very effective way of finding work online, especially if you’re good at something like writing or coding. Hiring companies sometimes turn to Twitter to find potential new hires.

Additionally, you can send people your Twitter page when you are applying for jobs, so that you can show them all of your skills.

Final words: 14 reasons why Twitter is so popular

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms around. It is also the most active. If you plan on using it, then be sure to conduct extensive searches and find the content that’s right for you

Make sure to use genuine information when signing up, so you can get back into your account if it gets disabled or hacked.

A lot of people use fake information when signing up for social media platforms. You will need to provide proof of identity in order to recover your account if it’s ever lost.

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