Top 6 Recommended Online Resources to Scale Smart Your Amazon Business

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Amazon is (and has been for a very long time) the internet’s most popular e-commerce platform. When you consider the huge range of products available there, from toiletries to home entertainment systems, it’s not hard to see why.

Because of the platform’s immense size and popularity, it is one of the first places that people interested in starting their own businesses turn. However, starting an Amazon business is by no means easy. Due to the platform’s huge size, it is very competitive, and almost every niche is heavily oversaturated with sellers.

Carving a place for yourself on Amazon is going to take time, effort, and a lot of money. No matter what online resources you use, achieving success on Amazon won’t come overnight. However, the use of online resources can give your business a boost and help you to scale it. 

If you are interested in learning about what resources you should be using, this post has you covered. In it, you will learn about the most effective online Amazon scaling resources you can use to transform your store into a commercial success. Use these tools if success is what you are after.

1. Taking online courses

Of the five other resources that will follow in this post, online courses are by far the best. The reason that online courses are effective is because they allow you to learn from people who have lots of experience which they have gained through their own hard work.

Amazon Business

Learning from people who know how to sell on Amazon in theory is nowhere near as good as learning from real Amazon sellers. When searching for the best course it is important to make sure you find a course led by the latter category. You also need to read the best Amazon FBA training review you can find. A course’s reviews can tell you a lot about it and its curriculum.

In terms of curriculum, reviews aren’t the only way of learning about what a course has to offer. Some people find that by getting in touch with the company offering courses, they can find out what the courses themselves are like.

You can definitely find out what the curriculum of a course is going to be like by doing this. Most course providers will tell you everything that their course involves from the outset so that you know what to expect.

If the course provider with whom you plan on taking a course does not provide this information, find another. Online courses on Amazon are not cheap. Some cost thousands of dollars. If the provider you plan on working with does not want to share important information like what their course is going to teach you, having any kind of continued relationship with them is unwise.

Make sure that you also check out your chosen provider’s star rating on Google or Trust Pilot. A company’s star rating can tell you as much about it as its reviews can.

2. Using seller forums

Seller forums are ideal for people who’re new to selling on Amazon. There are lots of these forums out there so finding one that feels right for you should not be difficult to do. In fact, there are actually forums created specifically for particular niches and industries.

If you know what niche you want to specialise in, try and find a forum created for that before you begin using general forums. General forums can be just as good but when you use them, you lose the added bonus of getting to meet your competitors which you get when using special forums.

All you have to do to find a forum is to conduct a simple Internet search. You do need to take into consideration the fact that forums are not as popular as they used to be. Because of how unpopular they have become it can be difficult finding specialist forums.

There are official Amazon forums you can news, though they tend to be strictly moderated and do not allow for as much free conversation as independent ones do.

Make sure that when you are signing up for an independent forum you do not submit too much of your own personal information. You also need to make sure that you do not use the same password for your forum account as you do your Amazon sellers account. If you use the same password then there is a chance that the forums administration could use it to hack your account.

While such an event is incredibly unlikely, it cannot be ruled out. Fraud is more common than ever on the Internet and if you do not take steps to protect yourself then you could become a victim of it. Becoming a victim of fraud could mean you lose access to your Amazon account until the breach has been tracked and resolved and could also lead to money being stolen from you.

3. Marketing your store

Marketing is something that you need to invest a lot of time and money into. A lot of new business owners make the mistake of overlooking marketing. You could say that marketing is the single most important thing that a new entrepreneur can do.

Marketing Your Store

Overlooking or ignoring marketing means that you are missing out on expanding your audience. There is a chance that if you overlook marketing, your store could fly under the radar.

Your competitors (as they have probably been in business longer than you) probably already have established an online presence on social media and of course on Amazon. Because of this, they will possess a larger market share.

If they possess a larger share then it means that customers will likely prioritise shopping with them over you. If you want to build a larger presence and get more customers, begin marketing. There are many different ways of marketing. Some forms of marketing are better than others.

One of the best ways to market now is through SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation and involves manipulating the algorithms of major search engines in order to rank one’s website higher than the website of one’s competition.

Individuals interested in utilising SEO should first take advantage of the endless courses available for free online that help people to get started using it to promote their businesses online. Once you have taken a course and researched how SEO works, you can begin doing it. Alternatively, you can hire a marketing agency to manage your store’s SEO efforts for you.

4. Watch industry trends

If you want to achieve success in business then you need to know what is going on in your industry. It is impossible to know what is going on inside one's industry if one is not following the latest blog posts and articles written by experts. You need to make sure that you watch industry trends.

If you do not watch out for industry trends then they could pass you by, and you could end up missing your opportunity to achieve success with them. If you are unsure where to look then all you need to do is conduct a simple Internet search, keying in your industry followed by ‘blog’.

Watch Industry Trends

In addition to following blogs and subscribing to magazines and journals that regularly feature articles by people who’re experts in your niche, consider using social media too. Social media is a great place to find out about the latest trends in an industry.

It should be noted though, locating good posters on social media can be hard. One trick for finding people who’re in the know is to get a list of names of experts from a professional magazine or blog and then follow their social media page.

By following the social media pages of people who are experts in your industry, you can track their daily lives and posts, and see what they have to say about your niche. Additionally, you can go through their followers and find other people who’re just as knowledgeable as them.

If a writer you follow has a presence on social media then the chances are that they are trying to make money as an influencer. If this is the case, then they will probably collaborate with other influencers who’re established in your niche. In short, follow the social media pages of experts so that you can learn about the latest trends and find out about influencers you have never heard of before.

5. Know your customers

You need to take some time prior to starting your store to learn about your target audience. Not learning about your target audience means that you won’t know who you’re looking for when you start your store and begin marketing.

A lot of Amazon sellers make the mistake of focusing more on their products than they do on their clients. It should be the other way around though, sellers should focus on clients first and products second.

Until you know who your target audience is you cannot and should not sell anything. The good thing about social media is that you can quickly find your target audience. On social media, all you have to do is type in a search term followed by hashtag and you should be able to find the people that you were looking for.

On Amazon, it is a little more difficult to find one’s target audience but as long as you have keywords in your listings you should not have too much trouble doing so.

The use of keywords in your listings is essential. If you are not using keywords, you won’t be able to find the people to whom your products are being sold (and they won’t be able to find you). There are lots of tools you can use to optimise your Amazon listings. You should download one (or at least take a course, as mentioned earlier).

Going back to courses, when you take a course you get to learn from somebody who has already started their own Amazon store, which means they know everything there is to know. If you plan on starting a store, bear this in mind. An expert’s help is always useful.

6. Utilizing social media

Social media has been referenced a few times already in this post. In truth, in an article discussing how to achieve success as an Amazon seller, it would be impossible not to mention it. Social media gives people somewhere to congregate in order to give consumers a chance to learn more about the businesses that they buy products from.

Utilizing Social Media

If you do plan on using social media to market your new business then you need to do your research and find the best platform you can. Some platforms are better than others when it comes to marketing and selling products.

Instagram is probably the best place to go if you are interested in marketing products to people. You do need to make sure that on your Amazon sellers page you clarify that you have a social media account connected to it. You can even put links to your Instagram account on your Amazon seller’s page.

The reason that you need to clarify this is so that users of social media know that the page that has been made in your business's name is authentic and is indeed connected with you. No matter what your businesses name is there is a good chance that there is another one with a similar name somewhere else in the world.

If you do not connect your Instagram or social media account to your Amazon sellers page then buyers may not know that they are anything to do with you.

In terms of brand recognition, you need to make sure that your branding is consistent across all of your pages on social media, websites, and e-commerce stores. If your branding is not consistent then consumers might again mistake you for somebody else or just might not buy products from you because they think your page is not authentic.

Final words

In conclusion, Starting an Amazon store can be a fantastic way of making money if you know what you are doing. If you are interested in starting your own page, make sure you use the tools that have been mentioned here. Using these tools will help you to achieve success and make a name for yourself on Amazon Business.

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