Remyxx Sneakers: Shark Tank Update

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Imagine sneakers that are stylish and good for the planet. Gary Gagnon, who was frustrated by the footwear industry's wasteful ways, decided to change the game with Remyxx Sneakers, sneakers made from recycled materials, which even caught the eye of the Sharks on Shark Tank!

But ever wondered about Remyxx Sneakers: Shark Tank Update? Where are they now, and how are they faring post-Shark Tank?

Key takeaways

  • Gary Gagnon pitched Remyxx Sneakers on Shark Tank, showcasing the brand's sustainability message and innovative approach.
  • While Remyxx Sneakers initially received an offer from Daymond John, the deal ultimately fell through.
  • Remyxx Sneakers (and its successor, ReKixx) closed in 2019 due to challenges in finding sustainable marketing strategies.
  • Remyxx's story highlights the difficulties faced by eco-conscious companies, including higher costs, market competition, and reaching a wide enough customer base.
  • Finding effective ways to market a sustainable product is crucial for long-term success. Authenticity and clear messaging are key.
  • Despite the closure, Remyxx's Shark Tank appearance started a conversation about sustainable footwear and helped pave the way for the growing demand for eco-friendly fashion options.

Remyxx Sneakers’ eco-friendly mission

Forget those old, wasteful sneakers! Remyxx Sneakers are changing the game with shoes made from recycled plastic bottles and other materials you'd usually find in the trash. But don't think they're flimsy – these sneakers are surprisingly tough and comfy, ready for whatever your day throws at them. 

Remyxx Sneakers isn't just about looking good, they're about doing good.  Their whole mission centers on giving those old materials a new life, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

It's not just about preventing waste, though – it takes way less energy and creates far less pollution than making sneakers the traditional way. 

To make their mission a reality, Remyxx Sneakers is determined to work with partners who share their vision. They prioritize manufacturers who care about using less energy, minimizing waste, and ensuring their shoes have a smaller impact on the environment. 

Remyxx Sneakers doesn't just talk the talk – they're committed to making a real difference for the planet, one pair of recycled sneakers at a time.

Remyxx Sneakers: Shark Tank Update

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Swimming with the Sharks: Pitching for green

Gary Gagnon, fueled by his passion for sustainability, entered the Shark Tank with his Remyxx Sneakers. These weren't just shoes; they were a defiant statement against the wasteful practices of the footwear industry.

His mission was simple yet ambitious – create stylish sneakers entirely from recycled materials. He made a bold ask, seeking major investment to help him scale up his eco-friendly footwear revolution. 

The Sharks were captivated by the idea of fully recyclable sneakers, an innovative solution in a world of disposable fashion. They peppered him with questions about production costs, the challenges of sourcing recycled materials, and the potential market for such a unique product.

Some Sharks were immediately drawn to the environmental angle, recognizing the growing consumer demand for sustainable options. Others were more cautious, questioning the durability and profitability of sneakers made from recycled plastics.

Deal or no deal? Unveiling the negotiation

Things took an exciting turn on Shark Tank when Daymond John, known for his fashion expertise, stepped up with an offer for Remyxx Sneakers.

Initially, he proposed investing $50,000 for a whopping 80% equity stake in the company. This offer highlighted the interest in the concept but also reflected the Sharks' perception of the risks involved.

However, the deal ultimately fell through. After further consideration, Daymond decided to withdraw his offer. While the exact reasons haven't been disclosed, we can speculate on a few potential factors:

  • Valuation: Daymond's high equity demand likely signaled that he felt Remyxx Sneakers was still at an early stage, making the investment riskier. There may have been disagreements over the company's valuation.  

  • Long-term strategy: It's possible that upon deeper analysis, Daymond didn't see a clear alignment between Remyxx Sneakers’ focus on sustainability and his own business portfolio or expertise.

  • The uphill battle: Even with a Shark's backing, Remyxx Sneakers faced significant hurdles in the competitive footwear industry –  from scaling production to reaching a wider customer base.

Despite the setback, Gary Gagnon's appearance on Shark Tank undeniably generated buzz for Remyxx Sneakers (later rebranded as ReKixx). Sometimes, the exposure and valuable feedback gained from the show can be as beneficial as securing a deal.

Remyxx Sneakers: Shark Tank Update

Remyxx Sneakers: Shark Tank Update

While Remyxx Sneakers (and its successor, ReKixx) gained attention for its innovative approach, the business ultimately closed in 2019. Gary Gagnon attributed the closure to difficulties in finding a sustainable way to market his product.

Let's dive deeper into how this challenge might have impacted the company's trajectory:

The marketing conundrum

Marketing is a crucial component of any business, but it presents a unique set of obstacles for brands with an eco-conscious focus:

  • Cost of awareness: Educating consumers about the complexities of sustainable production and the long-term benefits of eco-friendly products often requires significant investment. This puts an additional financial strain on smaller, mission-driven businesses like ReKixx.

  • Greenwashing vs. authenticity: In today's market, consumers are increasingly wary of "greenwashing" – companies that exaggerate or mislead about their environmental practices. This skepticism makes it harder for genuinely sustainable brands to differentiate themselves and build a relationship of trust with their potential customers.

  • The ethical dilemma: Some traditional marketing tactics can feel at odds with a message of sustainability and conscious consumption. Finding that balance between promoting the product's desirability and maintaining ethical practices can be a tricky tightrope to walk.

  • Market niche: While the demand for sustainable products is growing, it's still a smaller market segment. Reaching a broad enough audience to achieve profitability can be especially challenging for these brands. 

Beyond the product

While the marketing challenge undoubtedly played a significant role in Remyxx Sneakers’ closure, the other factors we discussed earlier likely contributed as well. 

These include higher production costs, intense market competition, and the struggle to balance financial sustainability with the company's environmental mission.

Gary Gagnon's experience brings a crucial lesson to light: creating a groundbreaking sustainable product is a massive step, but it's not the finish line. 

To achieve long-term success, businesses need to find marketing strategies that are as innovative and thoughtful as their products – strategies that align with their values, resonate with a conscious customer base, and drive enough sales to keep the mission alive. 

The Remyxx shoes partnership with Soles4Souls

Remyxx Sneakers’ impact and legacy

While Remyxx Sneakers didn't secure a Shark Tank deal and the company ultimately closed, their appearance on the show left a lasting impression. 

The exposure sparked important conversations about innovation in the footwear industry, drawing much-needed attention to the environmental impact of our fashion choices.

Here's how Shark Tank likely elevated Remyxx Sneakers and the cause of sustainable fashion:

Increased awareness

Remyxx Sneakers’ pitch brought the concept of fully recyclable sneakers to a mainstream audience. This helped raise public awareness of the vast amount of waste generated by the industry and inspired people to consider eco-friendly alternatives.

Valuable feedback

Even without a deal, Gary Gagnon undoubtedly received valuable insights from the Sharks. This critical feedback could help refine business strategies, product development, and contribute to more successful ventures within the eco-conscious sector.  

Potential connections

Shark Tank isn't just about securing an immediate investment. The exposure can lead to connections with like-minded investors, suppliers, or strategic partners committed to sustainability. These relationships may have fostered further innovation and collaboration long after the episode aired.

The fight goes on

While Remyxx Sneakers is no longer operational, their efforts contributed to a much larger movement. Their passion for sustainability helped pave the way for others to follow. 

More established footwear brands are taking notice, incorporating recycled elements, and consumers are increasingly demanding transparency from the fashion industry.

As the demand for eco-friendly fashion grows, the groundwork laid by companies like Remyxx Sneakers becomes increasingly relevant, proving that innovation and a commitment to the planet can leave a lasting legacy.


What are Remyxx Sneakers?

Remyxx Sneakers were an eco-friendly sneaker brand focused on creating shoes made from recycled materials such as rubber, foam, and plastic.

What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a popular American television show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors, known as "Sharks," in hopes of securing funding and mentorship.

Did Remyxx Sneakers appear on Shark Tank?

Yes, Remyxx Sneakers appeared on Shark Tank during Season 3.

What happened during Remyxx Sneakers' Shark Tank appearance?

During their Shark Tank appearance, Remyxx Sneakers founder Gary Gagnon pitched his eco-friendly sneaker brand. He initially received an offer of $50,000 from investor Daymond John, but the deal ultimately fell through.

What is the Shark Tank update on Remyxx Sneakers?

Unfortunately, Remyxx Sneakers closed its doors in 2019. However, their appearance on Shark Tank helped raise awareness about sustainable footwear options and sparked a conversation about eco-conscious fashion. 

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