Rob Dyrdek Net Worth: Bio, Salary, Lifestyle

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Let's be honest: The world of skateboarding is a strange one. It's not like it was in the '90s when kids had to lug around clunky boards and hope that no one would roll over their feet.

Now we have hoverboards and people with pink hair and tattoos who look straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.

And at the center of that world? Rob Dyrdek. In this blog, I'll be talking about Rob Dyrdek, his biography, his net worth, how he makes and spends his money, his lifestyle, and more.

Who is Rob Dyrdek?

Rob Dyrdek is a name that is best known for skateboarding in the United States. In addition, Rob Dyrdek is a businessman, producer, and actor from the United States.


Most known for his appearance on the TV program "Rob & Big," Dyrdek's involvement in the program is his most remarkable career feature. 

He has been in programs such as "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" in addition to "Ridiculousness." In addition, he supplies the voice for Lil Rob, the main character in the popular cartoon series Wild Grinders

FoxWeekly named him one of the top ten "Most Influential Skateboarders" of 2014, and he was featured on their list.

Rob Dyrdek's net worth

Rob Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder turned entrepreneur and reality TV star with a net worth of $100 million

He started as a professional skateboarder in the late 1990s. Still, he didn't start making money from it until he started competing in competitions.

Rob Dyrdek's bio

The life of Rob Dyrdek is like a roller coaster. He was filled with many challenges, unsure if he'll even make it to the end.

But perhaps most interesting about Dyrdek's life is how he's managed to navigate those ups and downs with a sense of humor—and much resilience.

Rob's early life

Rob Dyrdek was born on June 28, 1974, in the city of Kettering, Ohio, to Gene and Patty Dyrdek. As a child, Rob's interest in athletics was incredible, making him participate in several tournaments. 

Rob was already on his way to establishing a lucrative skateboarding career at 12, having acquired sponsorship from the same firm that had previously funded Neil Blender.

However, after a few years, Dyrdek and Blender severed ties with their skateboard sponsors and founded his workshop, Alien Workshop. 

Rob Dyrdek's rise to the ladder

Dyrdek relocated to Southern California at 16 to seek a career as a professional skateboarder. Droors Clothing became Dyrdek's sponsor after relocating to California in 1995 and continued to support him until 2016. 

Danny Way, a professional skateboarder, was one of the founders of Drawers, which would later change its name to DC Shoes. In addition to Silver Trucks and Monster Energy, Dyrdek's other corporate sponsors are EA Skate and Monster Energy. 

Dyrdek started in the entertainment industry with the reality program Rob & Big, which ran on MTV and was his first exposure in the industry

Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory premiered in 2009, including Drydek and Plaff and other members of Dyrdek's business team.

The "Fantasy Factory," a restored warehouse that Dydek employed as a business location, was mentioned throughout the episode.

Staying in the limelight

Due to his performance's success, he established his businesses with the required financial resources. 

During the same year, he directed a film called "Street Dreams." Later in his career, he worked with well-known video game firms and appeared in several skateboarding video games. 

Before recovering his footing in the spotlight of the entertainment world, Rob experimented in several professions, including managing his own company and the real estate market.

During this period, he was also an investor in the entertainment sector.

Personal Life

Dyrdek admits to having experienced a considerable transition from his previous way of life. Furthermore, the places he visits and how he lives are intricately intertwined. 

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth Bio, Salary, Lifestyle

He can maintain a high degree of physical fitness and health because of his family. Rob Dyrdek cherishes the time he spends with his wife and children. 

Kodah Dash Dyrdek and Nala Ryan Dyrdek will be in their twenties when they have their first child, which is anticipated in 2021.

Charity works

For many years, Dyrdek has generously provided clothes to California's needy individuals, including the state's homeless population. 

In addition, he is the founder of Street Legal Skating, an organization that advocates for the legalization of street skating and gives out free skateboards to economically disadvantaged countries. 

A program similar to this was started by the Dyrdek DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation, which gives young people a place to skateboard that is both authorized and secure.

In addition, he initiated a charity initiative known as SK8 4 Life, through which he collected a total of $550,000 for disadvantaged children in the Los Angeles area.

Rob Dyrdek's sources of income

He's an entrepreneur, professional skateboarder, and an actor—that's just the tip of the iceberg.


But you might not know that Rob also makes serious money from his various projects. In this blog segment, we'll look at some of Rob's sources of income and how much they earn him per year!

Film, and television 

Rob Dyrdek is a man on a mission. In addition to being one of the most recognizable skateboarders in the world, he is also a professional reality television star. He is best known for his MTV show Rob & Big which earned him $60,000 per episode

Business Investments

Rob Dyrdek has succeeded in various commercial enterprises in addition to his acting and television production triumphs.

His first foray into business was with Orion Trucks. In the years afterward, he has run a skate store, an indie hip-hop record label, and a shoe design firm. 

In addition, he appears in the Nickelodeon cartoon series Wild Grinders and the computer game Street League Skateboarding (SLS)

Dyrdek, for his part, founded Dyrdek Machine before acquiring DNA Distribution and returning it to the folks who founded it. 

Rob has not only done what's stated above, but he also invested in these:

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Investor and part of the advisory board of Beach Whiskey 
  • Beatbox Beverages
  • Co-founder of Ultracast
  • Co-founder of Black Feather Whiskey

Rob has also signed lucrative endorsement relationships with various companies, including Rogue Status.

Real estate investments

He didn't settle with his business ventures; Rob also has a pretty sweet real estate portfolio. Rob Dyrdek's real estate holdings are so impressive that they could fill an entire notebook.

Rob Dyrdek's Salary

Dyrdek has achieved $60,000 income from Rob & Big and $100,000 per episode of Fantasy Factory.


His other sources of income do not disclose his salary for personal reasons, but that's not bad for a guy who used to be another skater!

The takeaway

Rob Dyrdek is a man who's done it all. He's progressed from skateboarding to television, and he's managed to stay true to himself the whole way through. He's even managed to make millions doing it.

This guy is proof that you only get what you put into it out of life. Instead of letting your failures stop you from becoming the person you want to be, try learning from the failures and start applying them to your personal and professional goals.

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