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Can you guess what’s the highest converting piece of content that exists? (I’ll give you some clues)  

There are a lot of things that attribute to this content being one of the best digital assets you can own. There is the presentation, live interaction, resourcefulness, confidence, timing etc. 

You’ve guessed it – I am talking about webinars.  

Running a webinar can be tricky, intimidating and for some, a total nightmare. There is a study that has been done in the US that says that more people are afraid of public speaking than the death itself. Unbelievable, right?  

But if you manage to master this piece of content, it can truly be the best type of content you can produce and the most converting.  

In this post, I’ll cover: 

And also some tips and tricks along the way. I’ll show you what the masters of selling like Russell Brunson teach about webinars so let’s go! 

Running a Webinar on Clickfunnels

Why run a webinar

Webinars are live educational events that are executed online and include video and audio communication between the speaker and the audience. Running a webinar can be tricky but here are a few reasons for motivating you to do it.  

First of all, webinars can generate the conversion rate of up to %20.  

Over 50% of people that view your webinar landing page will actually opt in to attend and almost 40% of those people will attend.  

Compared to standard websites, these numbers are great. Did I mention that the average webinar view time is almost 1 full hour?  

That gives you plenty of time to have your attendees do whatever you want them to do, whether that’s subscribing to your email list or checking out another piece of content, website or product.  

This is why over 60% of marketers use webinars as a part of their content marketing strategy.  

Not looking at numbers, benefits of running a webinar are numerous, whatever business you’re running. Whether that’s eCommerce or an agency, it doesn’t matter. Webinars are applicable to any business. Why?  

With a webinar, you can deliver tremendous amounts of value. With a webinar that’s an hour or two hours long, you can talk about your story, your business, what you can do for the prospects etc.  

By running a webinar, you are instantly positioning yourself as an expert. You can also invite guests that boost your credibility even more.  

With a webinar, you can engage with thousands of people and build great business relationships.  

And because webinars usually result in high conversions, affiliates are attracted to them. Affiliates avoid promoting businesses that don’t have some kind of a sales funnel set up. Sending traffic just to your home page results in horrible conversions. 

However, if you send traffic to a webinar, that results in very high conversions. This is the type of business affiliates are attracted to promote.  

Is running a webinar complicated? 

It can be tricky in the beginning, as for everything else and there definitely is a learning curve. But if you follow the right process and use the right software, it won’t be an issue. 

The most complicated part to many is actually setting everything up and I’ll show you how to do that later in the post. But outside of the computer, there really isn’t that much work. What you need is a clean room with a computer, web cam, microphone, headphones and internet connection. 

You will also need to take in consideration translation, whether you will need to use video remote interpretation for your webinar and what platforms to use. 

Gear should be professional because you’re speaking with a lot of people. This is why you want your video, sound and voice to be in the highest possible quality. Check out this webinar equipment guide for more information on the best webinar gear. 

What is Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a software for building sales funnels. In order to get people to attend your webinar, you’ll need to give them the reason for doing so.  

You have to make them an offer that they can’t resist. And the way you make an offer to someone online is through a sales funnel. That way, you’re funneling down to only having interested prospects attending your webinar which is what you want.  

Clickfunnels webinar integration

And the way you set up a sales funnel is with Clickfunnels. They offer you a bunch of tools to help you set up a sales funnel completely, from landing pages and sales pages to grabbing emails and automating emails to your subscribers.  

If you want to learn more about Clickfunnels and what it exactly does, check out my Clickfunnels review.  

In that post, besides learning more about the software, you’ll also find out how to create a sales funnel without hiring a single programmer or a designer.  

Is Clickfunnels the only tool I need for running my webinar?  

Yes and no. While you can stream your webinar on your Clickfunnels page using Youtube, it’s a great choice to use a 3rd party software for streaming your webinars.  

The one I like is called WebinarJam. It’s not only more professional but it also comes with a bunch of great features like live chat, polls, etc.  

WebinarJam is a reputable tool used by many marketers and it’s the one I recommend to you if you’re serious about doing webinars.  

And although it comes at a price of $479 per year, you can get a special 60 day $1 trial by clicking on this link. That way you can test the tool, have enough time to learn it inside and out and if you are happy with it, you can pay the price.  

I don’t want to let the price stop you from getting the best bang for your buck and launching a webinar marketing campaign that could potentially scale your brand and business through the roof.  

Both Clickfunnels and WebinarJam are surely worth their prices and both also have great support and training videos to help you learn their features and also how to create sales funnels and webinars that actually sell. Yes, free training!  

These two can also integrate with each other. Anyway, time for the fun stuff. Let’s now cover how to launch a webinar and some tips on how to do it effectively. 

How to launch a webinar

Before you worry about marketing, setting up your sales funnel and all the techy stuff, you need to structure your webinar. All the other stuff can be done right but if your webinar is bad, all that time and money invested goes to waste. 

With webinar software, you can have company representatives answer questions at your convenience. This is perfect for when people are on-the-go and looking to learn more about what's going on in their industry or field of expertise but can't always make it into an office meeting.

After taking a bunch of courses from business gurus on how to sell on a live event, Russell Brunson has discovered the concept of stack which you might have come across as well when buying a product.  

the stack slide

When pitching a product in your webinar, don’t just say: “Hey, buy this!”. Instead, use this concept to mention what you’re exactly going to give them.  

After using the stack to sell his products and figuring out what works and what doesn’t, Russell eventually developed the perfect webinar script.  

You don’t need to be a talented speaker to do this, you can just simply follow the script and structure your webinars based on that script.  

The script that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars and it looks like this:  

perfect webinar

And yes, this is the actual script of his. Russell has covered this script and how it works in his book Expert Secrets which is free. All you have to do is enter your shipping information and you will get your copy sent to you.  

Using just the image above is useless since there is no explanation behind it. It’s the best to learn from the best and in this case, you can do it for free.  

Note that most of your hard work will go into actually creating your webinar so don’t skip this step. 

How to create a webinar funnel

Now it’s time to market your webinar. It’s time to build a funnel for it. Don’t worry, this is actually pretty simple to do. No coding or any complicated tech work is required.  

First of all, log into your Clickfunnels account. Navigate to the header and select Clickfunnels > Build Funnel.  

how to create a webinar funnel

After you do that, select your funnel’s goal. In this case, that would be Host Webinar. 

how to create a webinar funnel2

Now, you’ll be asked about the type of webinar you want to run. Do you want it to be live or do you want to upload a pre-recorded video?  

As I’ve said, it’s better to go live because you can interact with your audience and answer their questions and really give value. However, both work. Select your preferred type to proceed.  

webinar replay

After that, all you have to do is name your funnel and you’re done! 

webinar replay2

Don’t forget to watch the explainer video if you get stuck.  

Congrats! You’ve created your first webinar sales funnel. It’s now time to pick a template. These templates have over 90% of the work done for you. All you have to do is edit the content.  

webinar replay3

Now it’s time to schedule your webinar. After that, all you have to do is just get people to sign up for the webinar and you’re ready to go. 

After you’ve picked your template, click on the settings button.  

webinar replay4

Now pick the time you want to run your event. After you do that, click on the Update Page button.  

webinar replay5

That’s it! Now, what you can also do is add another page where you will broadcast your webinar or do it on an already ready page, your choice. Although I recommend following what they say because, I mean, they know the best.  

There is no reason to get lost. Clickfunnels is made in a way so that complete beginners can follow their steps. If you just do what they say, you will be good to go. 

Optional – Clickfunnels and WebinarJam integration

If you want to use the tool I’ve recommended, WebinarJam, for streaming your webinars, here is how. First, you have to integrate them together. 

Check out the article from Clickfunnels on how to integrate these two tools together, it takes no more than a minute.  

After you do that, it’s time to create your first webinar. You may have noticed that once you log into your WebinarJam account, you’ll get a video from them on how to get started. They also have other training videos which are a good watch as well.  

Clickfunnels and WebinarJam integration

To start off, you can simply click on New Webinar. You’ll be asked to select the type of configuration you want to do. Choose the preferred type. For the sake of keeping this post as simple and beginner friendly as possible, I’ll go with Express Configuration.  

Clickfunnels and WebinarJam integration2

Enter the information they ask you for and then click Confirm.  

Clickfunnels and WebinarJam integration3

From here, you can schedule the date you want to run your webinar on. Enter the same date you’ve entered in your Clickfunnels funnel.  

Clickfunnels and WebinarJam integration4

Now, you will be asked for the registration page. You already have one with Clickfunnels so select Your Own Website.  

Clickfunnels and WebinarJam integration5

WebinarJam has it’s own autoresponder which you can use for sending reminders for your webinar. You can use the system they’ve already set up for you or add more emails or change the time they’ll be sent.  

Clickfunnels and WebinarJam integration6

Boom! Your webinar is now ready, congrats! See, it wasn’t that hard. Sure, there is a learning curve but you definitely have the right tools and resources to get started.  

All that’s left to do is just hitting the GO LIVE button. From personal experience, I know that running whatever type of presentation is intimidating, the amount of people watching doesn’t matter. But once you actually hit that button, all of your fears disappear. They’re only there before you actually go live.  

For actually going live, you’ll find some more detailed instructions on how to test things out inside the WebinarJam area itself.  

That’s it! Hope that this post has helped you out. If you have any questions, make sure to reach out or comment down below. Have a great day!

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