Rytr Review: Pricing, Features, Alternatives

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AI copywriting tools are nothing new to the industry. However, you may find yourself hard-pressed looking for platforms that provide quality content.

This Rytr review proves this false and will allow you to fill out your team’s content strategy with the ease of a QWERTY keyboard. 

Whether you need to add content that scales to millions of impressions, comes in real-time, or builds off other platforms like blogs, Rytr will give you an easy way to see your efforts come alive - without any writing expertise or skills.

If you've already decided to get Rytr, just click the button below to try it for free.

What is Rytr?

Rytr is a powerful, yet easy to use platform that allows you to write content for any of your marketing needs. Through the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Rytr is able to create content that can generate shares, attract links, and even be used for blogging.

rytr review

Its main goal is to help anyone who wants better copy, but does not possess the necessary skills or writing expertise to create content. Rytr takes the work out of writing and lets you focus on providing better marketing for your business. 

How does it work?

Rytr creates content by using a combination of algorithms and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to analyze your data and create a seamless piece of content. All you have to do is add the information that suits your needs, add a few keywords, and let Rytr produce the rest. 

When you begin working with Rytr, you will immediately notice how easy it is to use the platform. It comes with a wide range of features that will allow you, regardless of your business or marketing goals, to create a piece of content that will be sure to engage your audience and help you reach new goals. 

Who is it for?

Rytr is especially useful for all beginners and hobbyists, but its benefits go way beyond. In fact, Rytr really has no boundaries. 

It’s a powerful tool for anyone who regularly writes articles without a huge investment of time and effort. It’s also perfect for those who have been writing regularly but just want to increase their output or those who have been stuck writing mindlessly on the same topic.

This writing tool is not for people who are only looking to write short articles that are blog-posts or easily consumable by other sites/apps. We are looking for well researched, thoughtfully crafted content that can help you connect with your audience and drive your business forward.

It is intended to be used by serious authors who want to create content for their blog, website, e-book, product pages and more. 

What does it do?

Currently, Rytr uses a proprietary algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence that can calculate what content would be best for a specific niche or certain keywords. You can then edit the piece of content to make it fit the needs of your business. The platform is extremely easy to use, with settings that are meant to be adjusted by anyone. 

What does Rytr do

You simply provide Rytr AI with what you want the content to be used for, along with your chosen language, keywords, tone, and use cases. It will then generate content that can all be edited using its easy-to-use interface. 

How does it help?

Rytr AI allows you to create content that will appeal to your audience, as well as generate engagement with your target audience. This means that you’re now able to create content that is simply engaging and from a user’s perspective.

This platform makes the cost of producing any form of PPC or content marketing  significantly lower. Rytr is the only AI writing assistant in the business today which produces complete, but simple copy rather than phrases - it can handle all forms of content creation.

Rytr AI's methods are highly effective. One of our methods has been so effective at boosting email subscriptions, for example, that analysts have suggested that it surpasses Google page rank page optimization by a significant distance.

It is also designed to create branded content that holds relevance for your target audience. If you're looking to improve the effectiveness of your PPC ads, this is the tool you want.

The writing tool will not only improve the quality of your content, but also help you to keep track of everything you’ve written. This has been one of Rytr's most requested features. It can be used on all websites, even those with no writing experience.

This is because the platform uses AI technology to help you write your content. 

Why should I use it?

Rytr's aim is simple: to give these users the ability to expand their content output by finally having something that will let them write without effort. Rytr does all this without compromising quality, which has meant that it has become extremely popular in its niche; particularly with people who are new to the writing game. 

Why should you use Rytr

Why is it different?

Rytr uses a combination of AI and NLP technology to create content that will help you reach your marketing goals. It's able to do this because it offers the perfect balance between quality and efficiency.

Rytr doesn't waste time trying to approach creative writing like a human would; instead, it uses insights from consumer behavior and data analysis to create the perfect copy for any situation. 

Rytr AI features: what can it do?

Rytr Ai gives you the ability to create content, blog posts or even landing pages without having to worry about writing.

Rytr ai features

Rytr Ai has designed their content generation platform so you can create the content necessary for increasing your business. The 2 main features include:

Story engine

Rytr Ai is designed for content creation and distribution across multiple channels. This feature allows you to upload any information and create a story around it. The story or text that is created will be in an easy-to-read format and can be used in many different ways, such as blog posts and lots more. 

Content engine

Just like the name suggests, this feature is used for creating original posts with the information provided by you. This feature allows you to create the content you desire to help promote your brand. This feature is great for creating blogs, landing pages, white papers, eBooks and more.

Template options

Templates are like blueprints. They give you a finished work and in another project, you can use it as a basic layout to start with. You can edit the text  right away. There are several templates to choose from ranging from product descriptions to quick blog outlines.

Ease of use

The platform is very easy and intuitive to use. However, if you have no previous experience with AI tools, you may need a few minutes to understand it completely.

However, everything is fairly easy to get a hang of - except for the commands on its suggestions which may take some getting used to.

Grammar accuracy

It leverages the power of natural language processing to deliver perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Rytr Ai takes care of all word choice and sentence structure. You can also control vocabulary like you would with any other word processor.

Blog and product description

Rytr Ai is great for blogs, product descriptions, landing pages and even ads . After the AI writer has written your content, you can review it later and correct any errors. The program will automatically save the new version. If Rytr Ai reads the content and detects an error, it will try to figure out what you meant and generate an alternate version of the text to replace the original content.

Rtyr AI Blog and product description

This means that it will offer suggestions and corrections as you go so that your writing is more precise and perfect. 

Rytr AI’s editorial guidelines are based on your industry, what your business needs are and the words you want to associate with your business. These guidelines or skeletons can be customized to fit almost any type of business or industry.

It also allows you to input data fields that will automatically populate the content for you once it is ready for publishing. 

Is Rytr AI user friendly?

Rytr AI is simple to use. It is a simple, easy to navigate platform that allows users to generate content on their own in 4 easy steps

Rtyr AI Add input

Select language

The AI writing tool provides at least 10 different languages to choose from the dropdown box. 

Select tone

From casual to convincing, around 20 tones are provided by the platform for the clients to use. 

Choose your use case 

Around 20 and more use cases are provided by Ryter AI in at least 25 different languages to use for the content. 

Add input

Provide keywords, titles, and phrases for the AI to utilize and create the desired content you want and click ryte me. 

Rtyr AI pricing plans: how much does it cost?

There are 3 plans to choose from, ranging from $0 to $290. Here is a more in depth look at it

Rtyr AI pricing plans

Free plan

The AI writing tool offers upto 5 thousand free word characters per month on a free plan. After consuming the 5 thousand free characters, it resets the following month. 

Monthly plan 

At $29 per month, monthly subscribers can have access to unlimited character usage, obtain 20+ use cases, dedicated account manager, priority email & chat support, access to premium community, and be able  to write in 25+ languages.

Yearly plan

Priced at $250, it comes with the same features with the previous one, plus 2 months free trial. 

Rytr AI alternatives: which one should I choose?

If Rytr AI doesn't sound like the perfect solution for you just yet, you can take a look at these Rytr alternatives:



Copysmith is built for marketers, content creators, and e-commerce platforms to generate, collaborate and deliver highly effective and accurate content at exponential speed and scale. The platform leverages the power of AI technology to optimize how marketing campaigns are run by engaging with consumers across multiple channels. 

The AI engine is scalable and flexible which means that the more content marketers create, the more insights they get on their business. Unlike Rytr AI where it has 2 paid subscriptions, Copysmith has 3 and all of those have different benefits.

It has a 7 - day free trial with no credit card needed, and will provide unlimited plagiarism checks and credits for teams, they only need to contact Copysmith. 



Jarvis is an AI platform that helps marketers and content creators to get more out of their content by creating and optimizing it for optimal performance across channels. Jarvis combines machine learning and natural language recognition to write better content in less time, while training its writers with real-world data from the web.

Through the power of machine translation, it also allows writers to write in a number of languages. 

One of the platform's main highlights is that it allows you to create content quickly and effectively with no need for writing experience. Jarvis simplifies the writing process using 2 different features: 

Boss mode  

Jarvis AI writes your copy in real-time by recognizing your keywords and finding relevant, high-quality content on the web. It’s like having someone else do the writing for you. Jarvis’ AI gathers all relevant information around your brand, preferences, target audiences and more to create perfect content every time.

You can also add your own input in this mode so you have the power to decide what is being written. 

Guided mode 

Jarvis’ AI is trained to write text in a simple and effective way. In this mode you will be able to provide your keywords and topics that you want covered, and it will automatically write the content using the topics you have provided. This one may require some human oversight and editing if it isn’t exactly right for your business and brand. 

Final thoughts

It will be hard to get over the fact that Rytr AI's team is only small. However, they have been working hard and we can see that their product works pretty well so far. It has some important features and we believe it will become more popular in the coming years

The AI writing tool is easy to use and it manages to offer content that is high quality. It allows you to create content in 4 easy steps, and can generate content for your website, blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters and more. 

It is perfect for businesses, agencies, bloggers, content marketers, and e-commerce platforms that need to create content for their website or blog. 

If you are interested in learning more about this AI writing tool, head over to Rytr AI official website. 

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