Savy: What Happened After Shark Tank?

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Savy Sales or Savy is an online shopping platform that aims to help connect consumers with affordable products

It’s a comparative pricing app that allows consumers to save money on their purchases through cash back. It appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank on season 9, episode 18.

But what happened to Savy after appearing on Shark Tank? In this article, we’ll go through the origins, the founder, the pitch, and the aftermath.

What is Savy? 

Looking to save money the easy way while shopping online? Savy has got you covered.

Savy What Happened After Shark Tank

Savy is a free-to-use business-to-consumer app that allows consumers to barter with shop owners online regarding their products. 

Its concept is to help consumers save money by comparing prices and giving cash back through the consumer’s linked bank card. 

It’s an app for anyone who loves to budget wisely and bargain for the best deals online.

A brief history

Disha Shidham is the founder and developer of Savy. She was inspired to create the app when she realized that teenage girls never got the opportunity to negotiate the prices of their prom dresses. 

As a millennial herself, Disha was aware that her generation made up a quarter of the United States population but did not have the same purchasing power as others do.

So in 2014, she turned her inspiration into a business while she was participating in a Quarter Zero Catapult Incubator Program. 

Disha created Savy when she was still in high school, calling it TacBoard back then. She involved herself in start-up incubators like Draper University Entrepreneurial Studies and Rev1Concept Academy. Having confidence in herself and her business.

So much so that she turned down a scholarship from the University of Michigan where she would have pursued an electrical engineering degree. 

Disha believed she needed more to properly launch her business. Fortunately, she was given the chance to pitch her business to Shark Tank.

Savy Shark Tank pitch

Disha Shidham appeared in season 9, episode 18 to pitch Savy to the sharks, asking them for $100,000 for 10% equity in her company.

Savy Shark Tank pitch

In her pitch to the sharks, Disha said that she had partnerships with up to 1,000 businesses and only managed to get 2,000 people using her app. 

The sharks were disappointed to hear about the low number of users on her app, but Disha explained that her company was a startup.

She also mentioned to the sharks that she wasn't really interested in going back to school because she wanted to focus on her business. 

Mark Cuban dropped out without making an offer. 

Kevin O'Leary thought that Disha and her company were too early in their development to make the risk of investing in them. So he decided not to make a deal with Savy as well.

Although Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John remained as potential investors for Disha to negotiate with, they all quickly dropped out because of the fact that her business was only in the startup phase—and had a long way to go.

Sadly, Disha failed to secure a deal from any of the sharks—meaning that she would have to leave Shark Tank without one.

Pros and Cons of Savy

Just like any other app, Savy has its pros and cons. Let’s go over what they are and how they play into the app’s functions.


  • Savy helps consumers save money when making everyday purchases.
  • It offers cash-back rewards on certain purchases.
  • It compares prices of other shops and allows consumers to barter with sellers over product pricing.


  • The Savy app is not available on all devices.
  • It’s a subscription-based app. Consumers had to pay for a monthly subscription in order to keep using the app.
  • The user interface is difficult to use.

Value of Savy

Savy’s value was around $1,000,000 around the airing of the episode. However, this did not increase in the following years after the episode aired. Disha was determined and hardworking, however, she was unable to make any sales with Savy.

After Shark Tank

After leaving Shark Tank without a deal from any of the sharks, Disha was unable to launch her business despite having around 2,500 small businesses signed up for her offer

After Shark Tank

The prominent commercial brands that she tried to close a deal with were not interested in the app’s concept. 

Despite her demonstration of hard work with partnerships and increased user numbers, this did not result in an actual business. Disha was unable to show even a single sale on the app. 

As a result of this, Savy had gone out of business in 2018 and no active social media accounts could be found under the company.

The fall

What happened? Why is Savy out of business? What happened to Disha?

The fall

Simply put, Disha was overconfident in herself. She was unable to launch Savy from the ground thus resulting in the company, and Disha, going out of business.

She had around 1,000 partnered stores in the app before going on Shark Tank, but nothing much came up with the partnerships.

Another factor in Savy’s downfall is the features of the online platform itself already exist as extra features in already existing online shopping platforms.

This made it hard for Savy to garner many users due to this reason. Not to mention the interface design of the app made it difficult for consumers to use.

The negative light of the episode on Disha’s pitch might have also contributed to Savy’s downfall.

Viewers that watched the episode when it aired might have been discouraged from trying out the app due to the comments the sharks made about Savy.

As for Disha, nothing is known about her at the time of writing. It is unclear whether she continued her studies or is working on another business that could hopefully be successful someday. 


What really happened to Savy after appearing on Shark Tank?

Savy was an online comparative pricing platform that aimed to help consumers find the best prices on purchases.

It had great potential, however, it needed something more to help it launch. It went out of business around 2018 and not much is known nowadays about its founder, Disha Shidham

Disha was determined and confident when she first created Savy back in high school but she needed to learn a lot more when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.

The sharks gave her a learning opportunity and, though she was bitter after it, hopefully, she took it to heart and learned her lesson.

Hopefully, wherever she is now, she’s doing her best and learning what she needs in order to be a part of the world of business.

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