Sender Review – Is It Really An Affordable Email Marketing Solution?

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If a staggering 4.1 billion email users worldwide have not made a compelling use case for email marketing, worldwide revenue collections of close to $8.5 billion have.

Unsurprisingly, the eCommerce industry catering to over 2 billion customers and a worldwide annual turnover of $4.2 Trillion doesn’t want to be left behind.

If you are an ecommerce startup or company (or any small to medium business) looking for an effective email marketing tool that could help you make more money out of your existing marketing investments while costing far less, read on.

For, in this Sender review, I will be leaving no stone unturned to see if this promising all-in-one email marketing platform lives up to its hype! 

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Introduction to Sender

Sender is an easy-to-operate, feature-rich, GDPR-compliant, yet affordable all-in-one email marketing tool that helps businesses attract, nurture and convert leads through the power of email marketing.


Also, while it is safe for me to say that their core focus appears to be centered around providing an ultra-reliable, high deliverability email marketing service, their use cases surrounding text messaging and marketing automation are too promising to be ignored.

Also, what’s most interesting about Sender for me is that it is one of the few GDPR-compliant solutions that offers an array of premium features even as a part of their free plan. 

These include but are not limited to automation sequences, segmentation, and easy integrations to major platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, and PrestaShop, to name a few.

Is Sender a good fit for you?

Sender’s solution is an excellent fit for small to medium-sized businesses looking to get more bang for their limited marketing bucks by leveraging the power of email and SMS marketing automation.

Many of its features, including its powerful automation sequence builder and ready-to-send built-in email newsletters templates, are optimized for ecommerce businesses.

But given the amount of time you could end up saving with email and SMS communication automation, I see businesses of all types and sizes benefiting from it.

Sender features

It is futile to discuss every email marketing feature under the sun. Most users don’t care about the so-called features unless it directly concerns them or their problem.

Therefore I will expand on the most important ones that I feel Sender got right and could be crucial for businesses looking to squeeze maximum juice out of this joy of an email marketing tool.

Popups and forms

Having an attractive and highly responsive popup or embeddable form solution is a must when trying to collect visitor information while attracting new email signups or subscribers to your business.

sender popup

Sender’s built-in popup and embeddable form module does not disappoint in this regard.

While pop-up forms are designed to pop up over your website dynamically, most situations call for the ability to collect information using static embedded forms on your most visited landing pages.

Sender simplifies the form design process by offering highly responsive, premade templates and layouts that you can choose from and then edit in just a few clicks

While their collection of readymade templates is limited, their powerful drag and drop editor is not. 

You can easily customize everything from the brand colors to the text, so the popup or form truly represents your business or brand.

Therefore, if you don’t end up liking the preexisting templates, feel free to use their editor to build a high converting form from scratch in no time.

Interestingly, this is not positioned as a premium feature and is offered to the FREE plan subscribers as well.

Newsletter Sender

Every business wants to look good whenever they communicate. Email newsletters are no exception.

sender news

Whether you are looking to send a simple text email (recommended for better deliverability into inboxes), or custom HTML code, Sender lets this happen with an easy user interface. 

Want to build out your own branded newsletters without wanting to learn how to code? Sender’s simple yet robust drag-and-drop editor helps you create your own custom email newsletters faster and better.

You can use their built-in responsive email newsletter templates or start from scratch and unleash your creative best.

Either way, you are only minutes away from making your very own branded email newsletter LIVE.

Advanced segmentation

Segmentation is a core personalization tactic that allows you to group related subscribers together and then address them with relevant content that’d make the most sense to them.

Being highly relevant with your email communications often directly co-relates to better conversions and increased sales! 

Sender offers you the ability to segment your contacts list based on various conditions, including:

  • Basic information (such as preexisting groups or email IDs)
  • Subscriber activity (for instance, you could group your most active and engaged subscribers and make them more offers), and 
  • Custom fields (collecting any custom information from the subscriber that makes sense for your business and interaction with them).

Overall, list segmentation allows you to send more relevant content. The more relevant your email communication is, the more likely your audience will continue to engage with it.

Automatic email and SMS Sender

Designing the perfect newsletter is one thing, but being able to send it at the right time on a schedule to thousands of interested subscribers is an entirely different problem.

sender workflow

Sender helps you automate your entire email and SMS communication, so everything happens when you want it, with clockwork precision, for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

sender workflow2

The built-in step by step automation builder helps you design automation workflows that can work on a predefined schedule (specific date and time) or fire based on extremely powerful conditional triggers such as: 

  • New signups to your list
  • A subscriber’s birthday or anniversary with your business
  • Your product being purchased
  • Someone abandoning their cart or 
  • An API call is made from another software application to your Sender account.

Imagine any reason you want to be able to communicate with your prospect or subscriber, and Sender automates it for you entirely, saving time and effort.

What we ended up liking most about the automation module was the simplicity of configuration, which meant that anyone without any understanding of automation could build and operate an automation workflow in minutes.

Text message sender

When you consider that over 8 billion people worldwide have access to mobile phones and that over 98% of texts are read and responded to within 15 minutes, the hidden potential of SMS marketing becomes apparent.

sender campaigns

Sender allows you to strategize, compose, and schedule your business texts from one convenient dashboard.

You can compose your promotional business text in advance and schedule it to go out whenever you want.

Alternatively, you could set it all up as a triggered sequence that responds to specific trigger events such as cart abandonment, new signups, product purchases, etc.

Since SMS marketing is a consent-first, privacy-sensitive activity, you must use easy-to-use signup forms and pop-ups to gain subscriber consent before sending your first business text out to them.

Sender claims to be able to help you send text messages as long as 306 characters while also automatically shortening any URLs or links you include so you can say more with less.

We personally believe even shorter messages are fine if highly targeted (achievable through segmentation) and personalized. Sender supports both to an advanced degree, so we are covered here.

The SMS design module gives you the impression of being no-frills and basic, but more importantly, it gets the job done.

SMS prices start as low as $0.015 (for the United States) if bought as credits, while the top plan includes generous FREE credits.

So depending on the size of your list and frequency of messaging, you may spend very little to promote your business and offers using this channel. 

Easy integrations

You can integrate Sender with your website or online store, and any subscriber data will be synced automatically.

Sender has ready compatibility with a host of CMS, CRM, and ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento, and more. 

So if your existing marketing technology stack involves any of these, know that you will not have to struggle to get your favorite applications to communicate with Sender.

Sender pricing

FREE forever plan

A generous (we mean it) plan that includes access to all features, including segmentation and automation. It also allows you to send a maximum of 15,000 emails every month at no cost to up to 2,500 subscribers.

Sender Review

What’s more, signing up is transparent, with no need to input your credit card details. Nothing to lose. Do you still need better reasons to jump in right now?

Standard plan pricing

It starts as low as $12.50 per month for the ability to send a max of 60,000 emails per month to a maximum of 5,000 contacts

Additional benefits over the FREE Forever plan, besides the improved limits, include no Sender branding and access by up to 3 users.

Professional plan pricing

It starts as low as $58.25 per month for the ability to send a max of 120,000 emails per month to a maximum of 5,000 contacts

We recommend this plan for those looking to get maximum value from their marketing spending.

Over and above the Standard plan, this includes Inbox preview, complete SMS automation capabilities, and elements like the feedback block and timer!

But that’s not why you should take this plan. It comes with two other compelling yet less understood features. 

First up, your PRO plan includes FREE SMS credits equal to your monthly plan amount. Which we think is a really cool deal!

Secondly, your PRO plan enables you access to a dedicated IP address which can significantly help improve your IP address reputation and help you deliver messages to more inboxes instead of promotion and spam folders.


As the name suggests, this is for those with corporate-level requirements. It includes unlimited emails, ready access to a dedicated success manager, Service level agreements, and on-demand phone support.

If you are still sitting on the fence about Sender, we suggest first jumping in with a FREE account to test everything out.

Then, if Sender lives up to your expectations and business requirements, take a look at the above quick pricing plans summary and take your call.

Migration from other online email marketing systems

Email marketing platform migrations can be absolute horror stories; however, Sender tries to save the day by making it easier than others.

If you are an existing MailChimp or GetResponse customer, celebrate because your existing subscriber lists and data can be directly imported inside your Sender account in just a few clicks using API tokens.

Any other platform can be moved by simply exporting the subscriber database and importing it into Sender as a .txt, .csv, or .xlsx file.

You might also want to ask them about their FREE migration assistance, where their expert team will help you move over without losing any data.

Sender pros & cons summary

Here are some of the reasons why we love Sender:


  • Robust UI and UX with emphasis on ease of daily use
  • The All-in-one dashboard includes one-click access to popups and forms, emails, SMS, and marketing automation features.
  • Ready to send email newsletter templates or snap-easy email editor to build your own
  • Easy to use automation builder to build automated workflow sequences
  • Strong focus on inbox deliverability, with a strict zero-spam tolerance policy
  • Highly affordable pricing plans with FREE SMS credits included in the top tier plan! 


  • Limited email newsletter templates, although the built-in email editor does allow you to make your own.
  • Simple, no-frills user interface (although we suspect this is intentional, by design)
  • While good enough for most standard requirements, the reporting module may be found wanting by businesses looking for extensive reporting capabilities.

Alternatives to Sender

Every business is different. And so just because we think it’s great, you don’t have to fall in love with Sender yet. 

If you are looking to try out other capable contenders before deciding on something for good, here are our top picks.


SendInBlue markets itself as an all-in-one marketing automation platform that enables businesses to engage with prospects and customers from a single dashboard.


Aside from email and SMS marketing, SendInBlue offers webchat and an enviable shared inbox. Moreover, its CRM functionality makes all your customer data easily accessible and manageable from one central location.

Also, you can create custom landing pages and signup forms using SendInBlue's landing page builder, which is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool.

SendInBlue, additionally, does something the other email marketing platforms don’t—the ability to connect to your Facebook ads account and launch Facebook ads from the same dashboard that you just emailed your list from minutes back.

SendInBlue’s pricing plans allow you to store an unlimited number of contacts but limit you by the number of emails you are allowed to send daily. 

For instance, the SendInBlue FREE plan allows you to store an unlimited number of contacts, but you can send only a maximum of 300 emails daily

sendinblue pricing

SendInBlue’s Premium and Enterprise plans do better with up to 10,000 and 20,000 emails monthly (no daily sending limits), A/B testing, removal of the SendInBlue logo, and more, but we leave it up for you to decide.


Few email marketing tools execute deep automation as well as ActiveCampaign does.


In addition to comprehensive email marketing tools and automation recipes, Active Campaign features robust CRM functionality

You can also customize pop-ups and signup forms, create your own landing pages, score leads, segment clients and customers, personalize all your communications, and much more with ActiveCampaign!

The pricing plans tend to rest on the expensive side, though. What starts off as a very affordable $15 per month plan for up to 500 contacts quickly climbs to almost $300 per month for a maximum of 25,000 contacts.

active pricing

Also, if it’s any relief, all of ActiveCampaign’s plans support unlimited email sending for a limited number of contacts. In addition, there are no daily or monthly sending limits.

This can become expensive for fast-growing businesses as they are required to switch plans when their subscriber base increases.

So while businesses dealing with capped business growth are likely to be thrilled at the value they are likely to receive.

Also, there is no FREE tier. No getting your feet wet; take the leap with a full trial of their platform.

All in all, a great choice—over 150,000 users across 170+ countries using it to automate their email marketing campaigns cannot be wrong.

Conclusion: Sender email marketing review

Email marketing tools come in all shapes and sizes. However, a one size fits all approach can prove wrong and counterproductive to the requirements and challenges of your business that you alone understand best.

Sender is good for startups and businesses from all niches, who are more comfortable working with affordable solutions that will not speak down to them or overwhelm them quickly with bucket loads of features, most of which they likely will never read about or use.

Many businesses are looking for a solution that has a minimal learning curve, is easy to start with, and is comfortable to keep going back to daily. 

Besides excellent functionality (it does what it says very well), Sender additionally has decent documentation, and if you ever get stuck, their support team is quick to respond and get you out.

If their affordable pricing plans don’t get you, the generous FREE Forever plan with nearly all premium features, will!

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