SEO For Weebly: Can You Rank Your Site On Google?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way of making your website as visible and user-friendly to search engines as possible. Websites that are search engine optimized are more likely to display prominently in search results pages based on relevant keywords. 

Fortunately, Weebly's built-in SEO tools allow you to develop pages that are already optimized for search engines – allowing you to gradually develop your audience and enhance interaction with your site's content. With Weebly SEO tools, you may start with developing your custom navigation, create rich snippets, and customizable themes.

This article is about how to use Weebly’s simple yet powerful SEO features to optimize your website for search engines such as Google.

What is Weebly?

Weebly, which is partnered with Square, is a multiservice providing platform that focuses mainly on eCommerce and website building. This website provides lots of tools for their customers to build their brand by providing an online store feature where you can have your own personal space to brand and sell your products.

SEO For Weebly

This platform provides powerful, easy-to-use tools to build a professional mobile-friendly website and to buy services or products.

Weebly came into existence in 2007 and now has more than 50 million happy users. It partnered with Square in May 2018.

Weebly is a platform that provides multiple services including Domain search and purchase, building the website from scratch, providing multiple website sample themes, building an online eCommerce store, and other cool features. 

Features by Weebly website builder

Dragand drop

You can build your brand website simply with the dragging and dropping functionality. You can move elements as per your choice.

Fonts of your choice

You can showcase your brand products to your valuable customers in unique and customized fonts. Some cool fonts are provided by Weebly itself. You can use them or upload your own.

Awesome animations

With the help of this website builder, you can use animation like Parallax and Revel features.

Multimedia editor

You can upload, and edit images of your products. Also, you can add a video background to your website as well as a video and audio introduction instead of just image and text. This feature will help you to get ahead of your competition.

Inbuilt analytics

Weebly also provides inbuilt website traffic analytics just like google analytics to keep track of your website visitors, product purchases, sales, product views, and revenue generated throughout the process.

Free hosting

Weebly provides free hosting for your website. The storage will increase your website loading speed which also matters in your search engine ranking process.

Features by Weebly website builder

Inbuilt marketing tools

Weebly has an inbuilt Marketing tool that is specifically designed for each customer. It provides different marketing tools that can be used for email marketing, social media marketing, AdWord credit, etc.

Personal blogging platform

Weebly provides a great blogging function for your brand website where you can write and generate content for your website which will showcase your brand to readers and drive more traffic. The great part about this feature is that this tool supports drag and drop functionality with easy comment managing and scheduling features.

Along with all these cool features listed above, there are some other services provided by Weebly which can help you to rank your site higher on Google. 

  • Weebly allows you to add meta descriptions for each page separately
  • You can generate and use a custom URL for each product or service page on your website
  • A website built on the Weebly platform supports quick loading and is responsive to each device screen
  • It provides a custom SEO checklist for every customer that lets website owners know about updated SEO rules and tips to rank higher.

Why is Weebly SEO important in marketing?

Google records approx. 5.6 billion searches per day out of which over 3.5 billion are for eCommerce products. Yes, the number is huge and all of it is organic traffic. Having a business and not having a website will result in missed opportunities for your business, and just having a website that is not optimized well will result in a lack of customers. 

Weebly SEO increases your brand’s visibility and makes it more viable to your potential target audience. The majority of customers who search for any service or product are more likely to check the first 5 results of the search page. 

So, the best Weebly SEO practice will help you to take the advantage of this and help you to gain more customers for the business. It will give your business a boost. Here are some points that will explain the importance of Weebly SEO and key elements which will guide you for the best results.

# Visibility

This is one of the most important elements of SEO. You can use this element to increase your brand visibility. When a user searches for any product or service online, it is likely that the user will make a choice from the first 5-6 search results. A well SEO optimized website will get ranked in that position, which eventually results in more customer reach and more organic traffic. The higher your brand rank on SERP the more customers you get for the business. So the Visibility element helps you to gain more organic visitors and increase your web traffic.

# Customer Reach

It is a simple rule. If your optimization is not working well, customers will not reach your business website, which results in less customer reach and less organic traffic. To overcome the poor performance on SERP and increase your customer reach this is the main goal behind best SEO optimization. The more you set up SEO accurately, the more your brand will get visibility and rank in a higher position on SERP the more your brand reaches the customer's eyesight.

# Increased Revenue

SEO is the golden key to growing your business and brand. The more SEO optimization you perform on your website, the higher the chance you will rank better on search engines. All the above-mentioned key elements are interdependent on each other. The more accurately optimized SEO increases your brand visibility. The more your brand gets visibility and ranks higher on SERP, get more customer reach. 

Key elements of Weebly SEO 

So till now, we assume that you have understood the importance of Weebly SEO and how it will affect your business growth and all other things. Now move to the next part. Here we are going to understand the key elements of best practice SEO. Following are the major elements that are used to optimize your business for SERP:

1. Keyword research

Keyword research is the first step in a Weebly SEO project, just like any other SEO project. The most important thing to keep in mind while doing keyword research is to keep in mind your target audience. The more accurate keywords you use for optimization, the higher are the chances to rank on SERP.

keyword research

It plays the role of mediator between your business content and the customers who search for the same. They are divided into two major parts. The first part is short tail keywords (contains max 2-3 words) and another part is long-tail keywords (contains max 6-7 words). Always choose the keywords that are low in competition and can get high traffic.

2. On-page SEO

On-Page SEO is optimizing your product page using specific keywords so that it will get featured when that keyword is searched by the user. It is the process of optimizing your webpage content for search engines as well as for users. In general, on-page SEO practice includes using keywords in content title, in content, internal links, and URLs.

3. Description

Description or product description is detailed information about your product or service. This is also called a meta-description. This is a short paragraph that gets shown on SERP, under your content title. This is an introduction to your product or service. It also works as content for your business website.

It is more like off-page SEO, Local SEO, and social media marketing, which can be used to drive more organic and authentic traffic to your website. 

SEO features in Weebly

Following are some steps you can take with Weebly to rank your site on google. 

SEO features in Weebly

Update page title & description

As mentioned before Weebly provides a feature for adding and updating meta titles and meta descriptions for every page of your website, so you can keep page titles and meta descriptions up to date. You can optimize the page title with highly-ranking keywords and by using updated page description which is showcased on google SERP.

Update page title & description weebly

You can simply do this by following the below steps:

1. In Your Dashboard, select the Pages section and you will get a sidebar along with the all pages you have on your website. Select any of these pages and you will get a sub-menu inside that page where you can change and update the page settings.

2. In this submenu, there is a tab with the title “SEO Settings” where you can set up this selected page for SEO ranking.=

3. When you select the SEO Settings, there you get lots of options like 

  • Page title
  • Page Description
  • Meta Keywords and list goes on

Here, in the Page Title and Description input field, you can enter your desired page title which will be showcased on the google ranking page when a user searches for the similar content your page provides.

Customize URL structure

As we discussed before, Weebly provides a cool custom URL structure for your business. You can use this feature to create a user-friendly and easy-to-remember URL for your brand product. You can also use high-ranking keywords in your URL to affect your website’s ranking.

This is one of the very cool features provided by Weebly. In this section, you can create your custom URL for any page of your website.

Note: Please note that you cannot change/create a custom URL for your website’s Home Page.

The recipe to create a custom URL is 

Just follow the first three steps mentioned in the Update Page Title & Description section and here as you can see you have the Page PERMALINK option. Here in the input box, you can add your custom page name or SEO keyword as a web page URL which can help you rank higher on SERP when the user searches for a similar or exact keyword you have entered in the URL

For example, the page is about your brand description the URL will be:

Where your-custom-keyword will replace with the actual keyword you are going to provide while creating the webpage.

Create a sitemap

Every time you make changes to your product URL, make sure you add the updated URL to the website sitemap and submit that sitemap to the Google Search console where google crawler will visit and record your website page for higher customer reach.

Create a sitemap in weebly

Luckily, Weebly creates a sitemap automatically for your website. You don’t have to do anything extra. Just open your website URL and add sitemap.xml at the end of the URL.

For example,

You can submit this URL to Google webmaster crawl so google will keep track of your website and will help your business to rank on SERP. you can also submit this URL to any other search engine’s webmaster than google’s webmaster.

Change URL redirection

Once you have made URL changes make sure you make URL redirection from your old URL to the updated URL so your website does not show a 404 error page and your customer does not get confused.

You can also use the URL redirection feature if you have moved your domain from Weebly to another website hosting platform. All you have to do is to set up 301 Redirection.  Generally, 301 redirection is one of the HTTP status codes that indicates that this page is moved permanently to another web address or this page’s URL is changed to the new one. You can set up 301 redirects for any or all web pages by following the below steps.

Again just follow the first three steps mentioned in the Update Page Title & Description section. Hereunder the SEO settings if you scroll down you will find a section titled 301 Redirects. 

  • Here you can add your URL by simply clicking on the + Add redirect button.
  • Once you click on that Add redirect button, two input fields will get shown where the first input field is asking you for the old URL of your page while in the second input field you can add your new URL for the same page.
  • After entering both URLs simply click on the Save button and the new URL will be saved in your website’s sitemap.xml file.

Add more URLs

You can also add a new service page, or optimize the existing one. You can get creative and give your audience a blend of the services and products you provide. There is an option on Weebly to add a child page to the parent pages.

Customized HTML for header & footer

There is a feature to add custom tags to the header and footer of your website pages. Custom tags bring life to the structured data as well as to the integrated analytics tools.

Customized HTML for header & footer weebly

Here you can add your custom code too. Weebly supports and recommends you add your custom code to both the header and footer section. This code can contain your custom HTML, CSS, or js code for the website’s better performance. You can also add Google’s analytics tracking code in either header or footer section.

Here at Weebly, you can add mainly at three different levels of the website’s header or footer section. 

  • The code you add in the Site Footer section will impact the website and can be added under SEO -> Footer code block.
  • The code you add in the Page Footer section will impact the particular page you are adding on and not on the complete website. The code can be added under Pages->your-desired-page->Advanced->Footer code.
  • The code you add in the Blog Footer section will impact all the blog pages and will not impact any other website section. The code can be added under Blog-> Footer code.

How to interpret your Weebly website's SEO report?

If you want to see your website in the top search results, then you need a comprehensive scan to check the website’s health. It evaluates the friendliness of your SEO with search engines. A website audit is the first step in getting an idea about the visibility of your website. You can always turn to SE Ranking for a thorough inspection of the overall health of your website.

On the other hand, if you choose to run an SEO scan on the Weebly site, then speed, mobile-friendliness, broken links, duplicate content, titles, descriptions, and current keyword rankings are typically included in the research. 

Many reports assign a grade to your site and, in addition to highlighting errors, identify what is done right. 

After reviewing your site audit, you should have a better understanding of what is keeping you from getting the traffic you require, as well as why your competitors show first in search results. 

What are the SEO basics to cover on Weebly?

Weebly is a user-friendly tool that helps you to handle the fundamentals of SEO. You can learn about traffic statistics, which differs from the analytics found on the tools offered by Google. A Weebly site will have clear instructions about the SSL certificate, and tips to start a blog on your website from scratch. Weebly certainly makes titles, H1 tags, and meta descriptions quite easy to understand. 

What are the different SEO resources by Weebly?

1. SEO Guide: SEO might seem like a lake, but in reality, it is as vast as a deep blue sea. It is necessary to read about SEO for it to make sense to you. You can find every detail related to SEO on Weebly’s own SEO guide.

2. Ask For Help: Weebly features a forum where users can obtain instant assistance. You can ask any question, regardless of your level of experience, and the community, moderators, and actual Weebly Support representatives will respond. Post your SEO query in the provided field by clicking "Start a Topic."

3. Weebly Videos On YouTube: Check out Weebly's How'd They Do That? video series on YouTube. Observing someone change their Weebly site and do tasks you thought were difficult is extremely beneficial when you want to improve your own site.

4. SEO Newsletter: If you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the SEO world, then it is a good idea to subscribe to the Weebly SEO newsletter. It will keep you informed about what is changing in the SEO world. 

Conclusion: SEO for Weebly

Having your business online and working on its Weebly SEO will help you to rank your business website on Google and attract customers who are looking for a product or service that your business provides.

Among the fundamentals are: 

  • Take the time to grasp your target audience's wants and needs.
  • Conduct the necessary research to uncover the long-tail keywords they are utilizing to find your site.
  • With this information, you can produce killer content that meets their requirements, solves their problems, and keeps them coming back for more.
  • Continue to create amazing material and promote it as much as you can.

Along with general SEO optimization, the platform Weebly is an easy-to-use site builder. it is a service that merely needs a domain to get started. No complicated programming codes are required to design your brand website. 

So, you can quickly get your website up and running on Weebly while deciding on your SEO. Weebly's SEO tools can be more than enough to give your site the boost it needs to rank higher in search engine results.

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