Shark Tank Cast: Who Are The Sharks And Guest Sharks?

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Have you ever aspired to establish your own business but didn't know where to start? Shark Tank is a great source of inspiration!

In the reality television program Shark Tank, aspiring entrepreneurs are pitching their proposals to a panel of experienced investors or “sharks”.

And If pitched successfully, the shark will serve as a business partner and provide funding for the company. 

Introducing the Shark Tank cast, and my favorite sharks, are Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John. 

To learn more about the sharks on Shark Tanks and Shark Tank guest sharks, keep reading this article!

What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a show about inventive business ventures in which aspiring entrepreneurs present their ideas to a panel of six rich investors known as "sharks”, namely;

Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John. 

Aside from them, sharks are also inviting shark tank guest sharks to be part of the program. 

The show is modeled on the Australian format "Dragons' Den," which featured aspiring entrepreneurs pitching business ideas to a panel of investors in exchange for shares or a portion of earnings. 

Sony Pictures Television adapted the U.S. version after acquiring the international rights to the format from creator Andrew Proctor in 2008; it was created in collaboration with Australian pay television provider Foxtel when it first aired.

The premiere

In 2009, American Broadcasting Company (ABC) broadcasted the premiere episode of Shark Tank.

This program was an instant smash, and millions of viewers tuned in to see budding entrepreneurs pitch their products to the sharks and shark tank guest sharks. 

In the show, aspirants hope that at least one of the sharks will invest in their business, product, or invention.

Because of it, since its debut in 2009, the show has been a hit. In 2017 it received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program.

Since its premiere on August 9, 2009, Shark Tank has aired every Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC. In March 2010, TVtropolis began airing the show in Canada and other countries.

The series has been renewed for multiple seasons, and as of September 23, 2022, it is now airing its fourteenth season.

The goal of Shark Tank is to help entrepreneurs, who have a high-potential business idea, realize their dreams by acquiring funding from one or more investors. 

The flow and how it goes

Each week, aspiring entrepreneurs pitch ideas to five wealthy investors, or the shark tank casts Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. 

If the shark tank judges like an entrepreneur's business plan, and are impressed with their presentation style, they're eager to invest in that company.

According to the show's official site, "Over the past seasons, nine companies have received investments from all five Sharks and gone on to raise over $68 million in combined venture capital funding." 

The show is a hit with viewers and has inspired many people to pursue their dreams. In fact, there are several websites dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to pitch their business ideas.

Daymond John

Daymond John, or "The Black Steve Jobs", is an entrepreneur, mentor, and investor famous for his role as the founder of the clothing company For Us By Us (FUBU) and one of the sharks of ABC's "Shark Tank".

Daymond John


Daymond was born in New York, United States, on February 23, 1969, to Margot and Garfield John. He was raised as an only child in Queens, New York. Their family was not wealthy, so he was taught the value of hard work at a very young age. 

Unfortunately, his parents got divorced when he was 10 years old, leaving him alone with his mother causing him to take on the responsibility of being a breadwinner and begin working. 

After a few years, he discovered that he is suffering from Dyslexia and he decided to stop his studies and wanted to start his own business.  

But to fulfill this, he needs financing. Therefore, he started working as a waiter to save enough money for his business endeavor.

Daymond founded his first company using a talent he learned from his mother. He purchased cheap cloth and stitched 80 wool caps, selling each for $10. This first venture in business earned him $800, which boosted his confidence.


In 1992, he launched his company "For Us By Us" with his mother's investment of $100,000. Additionally, he expanded his company to include the production and sale of screen-printed T-shirts. 

The breakthrough for FUBU occurred in 1993 when he convinced his childhood friend and rapper LL Cool J to wear a 'FUBU' T-shirt to a public event. 

Later, when shooting an advertisement for 'GAP,' Cool J wore a 'FUBU' cap and included the line "for us, by us" in one of his rap songs.

In 1994, he received $300,000 in orders. To produce the products, he needed to increase their workload, which needed additional funds. He requested loans from numerous banks, but 27 of them denied his requests. 

His mother raised funds and placed an advertisement in The New York Times.  The move was successful, as 'Samsung Textiles' joined the team and assisted 'FUBU' in fulfilling the orders.

Net worth

Currently, 'FUBU' is a global brand that has earned more than $6 billion in revenue, while Daymond's estimated net worth is $350 million

As the company's founder and CEO, he has become an inspiration for the young black American population, who has been excluded and deprived of equality.

Daymond John on Shark Tank

In 2009, a reality business show 'Shark Tank, offered Daymond John to be one of the "sharks" of the program. 

In this program,  participants pitched their entrepreneurial ideas to investors in the hopes of gaining investment. Daymond had invested over $8 million of his own money in various "Shark Tank" companies by 2017

Biggest Deals

Daymond John was known to be one of the best investors of Shark Tank. With over $8 million in investments and 61 deals across 12 seasons. 

His biggest deal was Hell’s Bells Helmets wherein he invested $500,000, this happened during the first season of the show.

Here are some of the biggest deals he had:

  • Mo’s Bows
  • One Sole
  • 180 Cups

Seasons on Air

Daymond John was one of the shark tank casts from season 1 until its current season, season 14. 

Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran owned four successful real estate firms in Manhattan and became a renowned entrepreneur before transitioning to television.

Barbara Corcoran


Barbara Corcoran was born on March 10, 1949 in Edgewater, New Jersey.  She is the second child out of her ten siblings.  She was a hardworking and in her entire life she worked 22 jobs to support her and her family’s life. 

As Corcoran got older, her entrepreneurial spirit evolved into a full-blown obsession with real estate; however, she is still working as a waiter during this time.

At the age of 23, she met her first husband. In 1973, he lent her $1,000 and she started a real estate business, Corcoran-Simone, giving him an equity stake.

In 1978, he dump her and got divorced. From that time on, she strived and worked hard to establish her own company.


In 1978, she founded The Corcoran Group, a Manhattan-based real estate firm that earned $350 million on its first year. This company was also recognized to be one of the largest real estate firm in New York City. 

The Corcoran Group was established by the division of Corcora-Simone group, the first company she established with the investment of her previous husband, and was the first real estate company ran by a female. 

In 2001, she sold her company to NRT for $68 million, as she wanted to exit the real estate market.

She focused on her family, and eventually co-authoring a book and having television appearances. But in 2000, Corcoran bought the company back due to some legal issues

Net worth

From the initial $1,000 of her previous husband, Barbara Corcoran has now a net worth of $80 million with 60 investments throughout the market

Aside from her company and being one of the shark tank casts, she is also a motivational speaker which helps small entrepreneurs from thriving. 

Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank

Barbara Corcoran became one of the original investors on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and also a shark tank judge which has helped launched over 130 companies into business. 

In addition to The Corcoran Group and Shark Tank, Barbara has appeared on several other television shows including The Apprentice, The View and Good Morning America.

Biggest Deals

Barbara Corcoran invested more than $5 million with 53 deals from season 1 until season 12 of Shark Tanks. Her biggest deal was Coverplay in which she invested $350,000, this was during the first season of the show.

Some of her big deals are:

  • Tom + Chee
  • Villy Customs
  • Pipsnack
  • KaZAM Bikes

Seasons on Air

Barbara Corcoran was one of the shark tank casts since season 1 until its current season, season 14. 

Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec is a CEO of a Canadian-based information technology company, The Herjavec Group, and also known as one of the “sharks” in Shark Tank.

Robert Herjavec


He was born in Varadin, Croatia, on September 14, 1962.  His family migrated to Canada when he was eight years old. When they relocated to Toronto, where they spent 18 months living in the basement apartment of a family friend's house. 

He earned a political science and English literature degree from New College at the University of Toronto.

The Canadian businessman initially started taking minimum-wage jobs, such as delivering newspapers and waiting tables, in order to financially support the family.

His first regular job was as a third assistant film director, but he did not like the irregular schedule.

Then he started promoting the Logiques company's Computers. Because of his performance, he received a quick promotion to general manager of the company.

By 1990, he left Logiques and started to build his own company. 


Robert Herjavec launched his first company at his basement, which was called BRAK Systems, that specialized in internet systems. 

It was a success, but after a decade, he decided to sell it to AT&T for $30.2 million. Soon after, he sold another technology company for $225 million to Nokia, which is named RAMP Networks. 

In 2003, he established The Herjavec Group, the company that became the fastest-growing technology company in Canada since its founding up to now. 

Net worth

Robert Herjavec has the net worth of $200 million. He is also the founder of The Herjavec Group, one of Canada’s largest information technology and computer security companies with an annual revenue is $200 million.

He also ranked as the fourth shark with the highest net worth. 

Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank

Aside from being shark tank judge, he was also a previous cast of the Canadian series, Dragon’s Den, which are both reality television show for entrepreneurs.

He is part of this program since the first season and he was able to invest in 11% of the 511 investment proposals in the entire show

Biggest Deals

Robert Herjavec, a shark that invested in 57 deals with an investment of more than $16 million, has his biggest deal with Zero Pollution Motors. He invested $5 million for this company on the sixth season of the show. 

Some of his deals are:

  • Red Dress Boutique
  • Hamboards
  • Revolights
  • Pittmoss

Seasons on Air

Robert Herjavec was one of the shark tank casts since season 1 until its current season, season 14. 

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and Shark on Shark Tank, is known for his sharp business sense.

Mark Cuban

He's best known for his role at tech investment firm, in which he created a $2 billion company.


Mark Cuban was born on July 31, 1958 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States to parents Norton and Shirley Cuban. 

Even at an early age, he was able to make money through part-time employment.After completing his formal education, Mark Cuban enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh. 

However, he transferred after a year to Indiana University in Bloomington, while studying. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1981. 

Mark Cuban demonstrated an early competence for business. Even while attending 'Indiana University,' he was involved in a variety of businesses such as managing a pub, chain letters, and so on. 

After graduating, worked as a salesperson for the Dallas-based personal computer software retailer chain 'Your Business Software.'

Within a year, Mark Cuban was sacked from his job which was became his turning point to establish his own business. 


He established 'Micro Solutions,' a computer software consulting firm. His prior expertise in this industry provided him with the information and abilities needed to launch the business

He began by selling computer software. In 1990, he sold the company to 'CompuServe Information Service' for a multimillion dollar sum. 

He and Todd Wagner, an alumnus of 'Indiana University,' founded 'Audionet,' an internet radio startup, in 1995. Their shared love in listening to 'Indiana Hoosier' college basketball games online sparked the concept for this firm.

In 1998, 'Audionet' was renamed '' '' aided in the introduction of Victoria's Secret's first live-stream fashion show in 1999. The following year, 'Yahoo!' purchased the company.

Currently, Mark Cuban is the owner of Landmark Theatres, co-founder of AXS TV, Owner of Magnolia Pictures, majority owner of Dallas Mavericks, and founder of Fallen Patriot Fund. 

Net worth

Mark Cuban ranked first on the shark that has the most net worth as his net worth is estimated to be around $5 billion

Aside from being known as a shark on the shark tank, Mark Cuban is a well-known American businessman, investor, author, television personality, and philanthropist.

Mark Cuban on Shark Tank

Mark Cuban had 85 deals in total, which is 19% of the total business proposals pitched to the sharks of shark tank. His total amount of investment reached $19,850,000

Biggest Deals

The $2,000,000 investment in Ten Thirty One Productions was Mark Cuban's biggest deal. The entertainment company Ten Thirty One Productions develops, owns, and produces live horror attractions.

Some of his deals are:

  • Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race
  • Red Dress Boutique
  • Plated
  • Breathometer

Seasons on Air

Mark Cuban became a shark tank judge and investor from the show's second season until the current one, its fourteenth.

Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O'Leary is a prominent Canadian businessman, venture capitalist and television personality.

Kevin O'Leary


Kevin O'Leary was born on July 9, 1954 in Montreal to a businesswoman mother and a stepfather. Kevin earned his bachelor's degree from 'Stanstead College.' 

He eventually went to the 'University of Waterloo,' where he majored in environmental studies and psychology. Despite his desire to be a photographer, his mother's influence convinced him to seek a career in business.

He earned an MBA from the 'Ivey Business School' of the 'University of Western Ontario' in 1980.

While he was in college, his mother died. He learned of his mother's great investment abilities only after they presented him with her will. He researched the strategies his mother had utilized and structured his future around them.


In 1986, he founded his own software product company called SoftKey. Alongside John Freeman and Gary Babcock, he started the corporation. 

It was the first Canadian firm to apply the consumer goods business model to the computer software industry.

In the next years, as computers grew less expensive, more and more households purchased them, increasing the demand for software. SoftKey developed and sold educational and leisure software. By the late 1980s, the corporation had grown. 

In 2008, he established "O'Leary Funds," a mutual fund company

While his brother Shane serves as the company's director, Kevin serves as its chairman and principal investor. Kevin amassed a vast fortune by investing in several other businesses and funds.

Net worth

Kevin O'Leary is a Canadian entrepreneur who rose to fame as an investor on CBC's Dragons' Den and ABC's Shark Tank.

He has also co-hosted the Canadian version of Success Academy and is currently listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the world's wealthiest people with a net worth of $400 million.

Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary had 40 deals in total, which is 8% of the total business proposals pitched to the sharks of shark tank. His total amount of investment reached $8,543,000.

Biggest Deals

Kevin O'Leary's largest investment was in Zips for $2,500,000. It is a company that creates single-serve wines in recyclable, high-quality plastic stemware that has the appearance and feel of glass.

Some of his deals are:

  • Honeyfund
  • PittMoss
  • Talbott Tea

Worst Deals

According an article in CNBC  (2022), Kevin stated that one of his investment on Shark Tanks was his worst ever.

It was a startup in the telecommunications industry, and he ultimately lost $500,000 on the sale, but he refused to disclose the name of the company, claiming ongoing litigation.

Seasons on Air

Kevin O’Leary is a shark on shark tank since its first season until its on-going season, season 14. 

Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner built a multimillion dollar business at the age of 18 with a door-to-door sale of cosmetics, which eventually led to inventing and selling her own creations.

Lori Greiner


Lori Greiner was born on December 9, 1969 at Illonois, Chicago. Lori grew up in Chicago, and during her time at Loyola University, she worked for the Chicago Tribune. She was also a writer and jewelry designer for a little period. 

This may have influenced her 1996 invention and patenting of a plastic earring organizer. JCPenney chose to stock the product shortly before the holidays, helping her to pay off her loans much faster than expected.


Greiner initially pursued a profession in journalism, specifically as a playwright. However, she began creating and selling costume jewelry and jewelry organizers.

Within three years, one of the earring organizers she invented in the mid-1990s generated $10 million in sales.

As a result of this accomplishment, Lori wanted to grow her business. Thus, her earring organizer was sold on the Home Shopping Network, and afterwards, at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Then, in 2000, she took another massive step by moving to QVC and launched one of the network's longest-running shows, Clever & Unique Creations. Currently, she has over 600 products developed and sold.

Net worth

Lori Greiner is a businesswoman and retail executive. She has been named among the Forbes list of top 100 most powerful women and her net worth is estimated to be $100 million

Lori Greiner on Shark Tank

Lori Greiner had 61 deals in total, which is 20% of the total business proposals pitched to her as the shark of shark tank. Her total amount of investment reached $9,542,500.

Biggest Deals

Lori Greiner's largest investment was RuffleButts and RuggedButts for $600,000. RuffleButts and RuggedButts are collections of adorably styled and super soft children's apparel and accessories.

This was inspired by the founders’ parenthood and their desire for affordable, stylish and well made clothing and accessories for toddlers.

Some of Lori's deals include::

  • Biaggi
  • Better Life
  • Squatty Potty
  • Drop Stop

Seasons on Air

Lori Greiner is a shark on shark tank since the season 3 until its on-going season, season 14.

Guest Sharks

Along with the six sharks of Shark Tank, there are also guest sharks who get to be invited from time-to-time to judge and possibly invest on the company and services pitched by the aspiring entrepreneurs who joined the program. 

Daniel Lubetzky

Daniel Lubetzky moved to Texas at the age of 16 after being born and raised in Mexico City.

Daniel Lubetzky

When he was in high school, he began reselling watches at flea markets and promoting magic performances. People feel he is a natural entrepreneur because of this.

Daniel earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Relations from Trinity University in Texas, then continued his education in Israel, where he voiced his conviction that regional tensions may be resolved through collaborative commercial operations. 

In 1993, he received his Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School, where he conducted a feasibility analysis of collaborative enterprises between Arabs and Israelis.

Daniel co-founded the PeaceWorks Foundation's OneVoice Movement in the early 2000s. It is a grassroots international initiative that bolsters and promotes the voices of moderate Israelis and Palestinians who wish to stop region problems.

Along with the completion of PeaceWorks, Daniel introduced the catalyst for KIND Healthy Snacks and become the fastest-growing US snack company.

This was founded by Daniel , which promotes random acts of kindness by people and companies. 

This foundation is supporting Empatico, a $20 million program that unites students from around the globe so that they can celebrate their similarities, respect their differences, and broaden their worldviews.

In addition to these business and foundations, Daniel appeared as a shark tank guest on season 12 of Shark Tank.

On the season finale of Shark Tank, Joe Denim and Rachel Connors sought a $400,000 investment for their company Yellow Leaf, which creates life-changing work for Thai women weavers.

However, Daniel countered with a $1 million investment.

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington was one of the initial sharks on shark tank in 2009, when he was invited to appear on the show. He was also the founder of twenty companies with a total annual revenue of one hundred million dollars each company. 

Kevin Harrington

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, he was named one of the 100 Best Entrepreneurs in the world as a result.

Kevin had been investing in various real estate and businesses, including Quantum International, for thirty years. This is his company, which generates $500 million in annual revenue.

In addition, he developed the term "Infomercial." This resulted in the development of various products, including Ginsu Knives, The Food Saver, and The Flying Lure.

Kevin's estimated net worth has hit $450 million. In this field, he is well-known for the firms he started, his investments, and his appearances on several American television programs.

Kevin has been on the first and second seasons of Shark Tank, with a total of thirteen deals in 18 episodes.

In one episode of Shark Tank,  Susan Knapp want to develop A Perfect Pear, a company that specializes in pear gourmet food items such as jams, jellies, spreads, tapenades, vinegars, marinades, and sauces, as well as other products that contain pears. 

He invested a total of $250,000 in the company. Next of his biggest deal in the show  was his $200,000 investment in Caffeindicator, followed by his $150,000 investment in Element Bars.

Kevin Hart

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kevin Hart is a well-known comedian, actor, producer, author, and entrepreneur. He came to New York to study but ended up selling shoes in Massachusetts. 

Kevin Hart

He then returned to his hometown to pursue his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian but encountered several obstacles along the way. 

Eventually, he returned to Massachusetts and succeeded as an amateur comedian.

Over time, he was able to garner dedicated adherents throughout New England. A famous director and producer, Judd Apatow, gave him his big break by casting him in a television series. 

Afterwards, he starred in over 50 films, one of which grossed $4.23 billion at the box office. His career has continued to grow, and he has emerged as an in-demand master of ceremonies and host.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Kevin was able to assist and donate to a variety of charities that helped the people in need.

Kevin's Help From the Hart Charity, Feeding America, and United Negro College Fund are among the organizations he founded and collaborated with.

Kevin Hart appears as a shark tank guest on the thirteenth season of Shark Tank.

Kevin made a recent investment in The Transformation Factory, a firm that produces edible sea moss gel to aid with weight loss. Alexiou Gibson founded this company, in which Kevin invested $600,000.

Kendra Scott

According to PitchBook study (2018), Kendra Scott is one of the 16 women in the United States that founded a company which has a value of $1 billion.

Kendra Scott

She is the designer, and CEO of the  company, Kentra Scott, LLC that she established on 2002 with only five hundred dollars. This business venture expanded by having door-to-door operations. 

Since 2010, her company has given back over $30 million to local, national, and international causes. She supports organizations and program that helps women and children to live their brightest, healiest, and most empowered lives.

Kendra was awarded with:

  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 National Award,
  • Breakthrough Award from the Accessories Council Excellence Awards,
  • Outstanding Mother of the Year by the Mother’s Council,
  • Texas Businesswoman of the Year by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce,
  • one of America’s Richest Self-Made Women,
  • Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Year by Upstart Business Journal,
  • and Best CEO by Austin Business Journal

Some of her latest accomplishments are Texas Business Hall of Fame, and member of the board of directors for the BReast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Aside from all her awards and business, Kendra was also known as a shark tank guest as she appeared on the 12th and 14th season of Shark Tank. 

Her latest deal on Shark Tank was ithrough the Create A Castle company, founded by Kevin and Laurie Lane, who pitched their sand-and-snow castle-building, with the total investment of $350,000

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is an intelligent, hard-working person whose eyes were awakened to the reality of life at a young age.

Ashton Kutcher

As his father passed away at age 10, thus d uring his high school years, he worked as a janitor, butcher, and factory worker, among other jobs. 

However, despite these obstacles, he completed his studies and continued on his path.

After he won a modeling competition and had a chance in New York, he dropped out of college. This happened when he was ready to enroll in Biochemical Engineering at the University of Iowa. 

Due to the opportunity that presented itself, he ended up in Los Angeles, where he received his big break in 1998 and joined Michael Kelso.

Aside from his career in the media industry, his career in the business industry also flourished as he started in investments and established foundations

He established DNA Foundation (THORN) which aims to build software to combat human trafficking in the United States. 

In 2011, he teamed up with a music manager and a billionair to invest on companies suchaas Uber, Airbnb, Skype, Spotify, and Pinterest. 

Ashton appeared in the 7th season of Shark Tank as a shark tank guest. His investment amounted to $100,000 in a company called The Beebo.

It is a company that produces a free-hand bottle holder that makes it easier to bottle-feed your baby. Pediatrician-approved and loved by all kids of parents, but especially those with twins.

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel experienced a difficult childhood. She stated in an interview with CNBC Make It that she grew up at the horse racetrack and that it was her daily hustle. 

Bethenny Frankel

Because her life is a horserace, she grew up in one. After conquering all of life's difficulties, she is now a celebrity and entrepreneur.

In 2005, she was one of the two finalists on the reality competition series titled "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart." 

In 2008, she was chosen to be on "The Real Housewives of New York" reality television series. 

However, after her television appearances, she continued to work as a bartender, production assistant, and Kathy Hilton's personal assistant, as well as sell pashminas at house parties;

Until she came up with the concept of a low-calorie cocktail which she eventually developed to a company

Her startup, Skinnygirl Cocktail Company, provides low-calorie cocktails, and this business flourished rapidly. In April 2011, she sold the business to Beam Suntory for $100 million. 

Fortunately, she retained the right to use the term "skinnygirl" for other products, and so she proceeded to expand her business. In 2018, Skinnygirl Jeans, her most recent endeavor, launched on the market.

Bethenny was also featured as a shark tank guest on the ninth season of Shark Tank. Bethenny's investment in Yumble was $500,000. She is also their celebrity spokesperson. 

Yumble is a company that produces nutritious and enjoyable frozen foods. Antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken is used to create the chicken pops, which are healthier than traditional frozen foods.

Sara Blakley

Time magazine named Sara Blakley one of the 100 Most Influential People.

Sara Blakley

After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in communications, but scoring poorly on the Law School Admissions Test, she chose to change her career path. 

She worked at Disney World and performed occasional stand-up comedy engagements.

In 1998, Danka, an office supply firm, appointed her to the position of National Sales Trainer due to her success in selling fax machines door-to-door.

During her two-year career at Danka, she saved $5,000 to develop her prototype. However, after pitching the idea to other manufacturers, she was consistently rejected.

She kept trying until she received a call from a mill operator in North Carolina who decided to cooperate with her after his kids convinced him that her design was excellent. This gave way to her Spanx-branded product on the market.

In the year 2000, Spanx revenue skyrocketed after she gave a sample of her product to Oprah, who declared it one of her favorite items. Because of this, Sara Blakely quit Danka to focus solely on her business. 

It generated $4 million in sales in its first year and $10 million in its second. From then, Spanx expanded its line of products. 

In 2006, the Sara Blakely Foundation was established, and she supported a variety of organizations and charities that encourage women to feel wonderful about themselves and their potential. 

In relation with this, Sara invested $350,000 in Whitney Lundeen's company, Sonnet James, as she became a shark tank guest on its 9th season.

Whitney is a single mother of two boys, and she founded Sonnet James in order to provide women's dresses for every occasion.

Jamie Siminoff

James Siminoff had his first appearance on Shark Tank as an entrepreneur (2013).

Jamie Siminoff

He was not able to get an investment from the shark tank casts, but his appearance on the show soared his DoorBot sales, a Wi-Fi video doorbell. Hereafter, it was renamed as Ring to Amazon for a billion dollars. 

After selling Ring to Amazon, he remained as its CEO but he became focused on inventing.

The Ring became a top of the home security market that produces home monitoring system which is helpful to everyone. His inventions were also backed up by Amazon as it aims to create safer neighborhoods. 

Jamie donated a million dollars' worth of home security equipment to Inner City residents and personally installed them with the assistance of Shaquille O'Neal in order to fulfill his objective of providing and creating safe neighborhoods.

Jamie as one of the shark tank judge invested $400,000 for a meat company, Moink, founded by Lucinda Cramsey. Lucinda initially asked for an investment of $250,000 but Jamie gave on a higher offer for her company.

After the airing of its episode, Moink has reached three million dollars gross sales , and is now generating six million dollars in sales.

Now, after being one of the aspiring successful entrepreneurs, he has returned to the Shark Tank for its tenth season to give other aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to achieve their dreams by investing in their business ventures and believing in them.

Katrina Lake

Katrina Lake is the founder and chief executive officer of Stitch Fix Inc., a personal online shopping service for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Her company offers its clients expert guidance and hand-picked products. 

Katrina Lake

The $57 million raised from Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) in 2015, according to Katrina Lake, would be used to build a new paradigm for e-commerce and fast fashion that "does not require full-price markups."

She believes that making it easy for clients to find the proper garments will help them feel more confident and fashionable.

Since she wants consumers to feel good about their purchases and like wearing the things they purchase, she tries to assist them. 

She claims that many individuals are interested in purchasing clothes that are of higher quality, more appealing, and less expensive than what is available at traditional retail stores.

From a humble start, Stitch Fix now has more than three million customers with a billion dollars revenue. Their company provides clothing at ay size, gender, and brand. 

As the company’s CEO, Katrina also makes sure that she has a first-hand experience of her stylists, thus, she is styling at least five clients a week. She also spends time at their warehouses. She surely is a hands-on CEO! 

On the other hand, aside from being a successful businesswoman and role model for women, she also became one of shark tank judges on its 11th season.

Her best investment in the show was with the company Scrub Daddy, where she invested $200,000 and it returned into two million dollars

Blake Mycoskie

TOMS Shoes was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. The company's aim is to change lives via commerce, thus for every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS donates a pair to children who live in poverty in Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru.

Blake Mycoskie

The idea was inspired by Blake's trip to Argentina, where he witnessed extreme poverty and a lack of shoes.

Since then, TOMS has become a global brand with over 50 retail locations in 18 countries and more than $100 million raised for projects in impoverished nations.

TOMS has become a model for socially responsible companies. Several magazines and television shows, including ABC's Shark Tank, have profiled the company.

TOMS Shoes is not only a brand of footwear, but also a movement that has encouraged millions to engage in social entrepreneurship.

Thus, on the 12th season of Shark Tank, he was invited to be one of shark tank guest judge.

Blake’s deal in this program amounted to $200,000 for Touch Up Cup, a patented product of the father and son, Jason and Carson Grill. This product was developed to help consumers store paints in their homes easier and effectively. 

Aside from these achievements, Blake if also the founder of Social Entrepreneurship Fund and Madefor.

He was also a receiver of various awards such as Secretary of State’s 2009 Award of Corporate Excellence, 2015 Next Generation Award from Harvard’s School of Public Health, and 2016 Cannes Lion Heart Award. 

His companies focus more on helping people to learn and sustain their positive habits and practices which can greatly affect them. 

Maria Sharapova

SugarPova was founded by Maria Sharapova in her hometown, Castoria, Russia. The company is focused on producing healthy foods using natural ingredients.

Maria Sharapova

Her objective is to help as many people as possible in maintaining healthy lives by guiding them step-by-step towards healthy alternatives and making food preparation easier.

As a child, Maria suffered with an eating disorder. Through the creation of SugarPova, she wanted to help others who were experiencing this condition.

Several of the company's products are low in sugar and high in fiber, making them ideal for anyone attempting to lose weight or eat better.

The company's products use natural components such as cinnamon, ginger, and apple cider vinegar. In addition to helping consumers in achieving their health goals, it aims to minimize waste by including reusable containers with every purchase.

Within six years, Sugarpova grew into a $20 million dollar business. She is surely a successful entrepreneur, and now, she is supporting women-owned business by provinding network resources, lending out her team, and mentoring them. 

She also partnered with various United Nations programs to help with their advocacies.

She was also seen as one of the shark tank guest shark on its 11th season wherein she invested $400,000 for Bala Bangles, a stylish modern updated of the wrist and ankle weighs during the 1980s. 

Bala Bangles was created by the couple Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz. 

Rohan Oza

Rohan Oza began his career at M&Ms as a manufacturing manager, but he quit after telling his boss that he would be a better marketing manager, but said no. 

Rohan Oza

He also stopped his MBA studies at the University of Michigan and began working as a marketing manager for Coca-Cola. Since that day, Sprite and Powerade sales have skyrocketed.

This was the result of his ideas to modernize the packaging and hire Kobe Bryant as a famous ambassador. However, he left Coca-Cola to join a $25 million Glaceau subsidiary that adds vitamins to soft drinks. 

His former colleagues at Coca-Cola laughed at him when he left the company, but after five years, Coke purchased Glaceau for $4 billion.

Afterwards, he established Idea Merchants Capital to invest in healthier items on store shelves and turn them into iconic brands. Vita Coco, Health-Ade Kombucha, Pop Chips, Bai, and Chef's Cut Real Jerky are a few of his most successful items.

Being a successful entrepreneur, Rohan Oza became one of the shark tank guest sharks on its ninth season. He decided to invest $1.25 million to Jackson’s Honest, a company that offers all-natural potato and tortilla chips. 

This company was created by Megan and Scott Reamer to provide digestive comfort to their late son who was suffering from Aicardi-Goutières syndrome.

And “to provide simple products with as much of these nutrient-dense fats as we can in a great tasting and convenient form while spreading the word that ancestral fats are a critically important part of a balanced diet” (Jackson’s Honest). 

Anne Wojcicki

Anne Wojcicki is named as “The Most Daring CEO” in 2013. She is the CEO and a co-founder of 23andMe.

Anne Wojcicki

Anne founded the company in 2006, together with Linda Avey (a biotech executive), and Paul Cusenza (a management expert) and it's now one of the leading companies to provide genetic testing and information services. 

This is the only FDA-approved direct-to-consumer genetics testing company with more than ten million customers across 50 countries. 

Annie Wojcicki is also a well-known voice in the discussion around health, genetics and research.

She graduated from Yale Univeristy with a degree in Biology, and conducted her research at the Molecular Biology Research at the National Institutes of Health. 

After graduating, she was frustrated on how wealthy countries neglect the basic medical needs of the people. This drove her to enroll in a medical school where she met Linda and Paul, and gave birth to 23AndMe. 

Aside from their company, she also started The Brin Wojcicki Foundation which was co-founded by her husband, Sergrey.

They also focused and funded advocacies and campaigns related to education, poverty, environmental issues, women issues, and human rights.

On the 11th season of Shark Tank, Anne became one of the guest sharks. On her guesting in the program, she made a $250,000 investment in a product named Gallant

Gallant is a regenerative medicine for pets and aims to provide pet owners access to the best regenerative medicine and therapies for their furry companions.

Alli Webb

Alli Webb began as an employee and managed to become the founder and Chief Executive Officer of DryBar, after offering blowouts costing $12. DryBar is a network of blowout bars giving ladies haircuts and blowouts. 

Alli Webb

Now, she became one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry, and her company DryBar has helped millions of women in achieving their desires.

Alli started her business through mobile service five years after moving to California with her husband and became a housewife.

She had a small business named Straight-at-Home: A Mobile Service, this provided affordable blowouts at the comfort of her client’s homes. 

As her business grew, they had to open a shop so clients can go to her. 

From that beginning, Alli now has more than 100 salons across the country and eyeing for international branches. Now, her hair products and tools are sold in Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ultra. 

Due to her success, she was recognized and named by different award giving bodies and organization, such as Marie Claire, Fortune Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and New York Magazine’s. 

In line of her success, she became one of the sharks on Shark Tank on its 10th season.

She made an investment amounting to $50,000 for Zookies Cookies. Zookies Cookies is founded by Justin Miller and Tom Simon, a company that specializes in baking tastly dog treats. 

On the recent update, the company is now generating more than $4 million gross annual sales which is surely a great deal for Anne.

Chris Sacca

According to Alex Konrad of Forbes (2017), Chris Sacca was one of the best portfolios of any investor in technology. He served as Head of Special Initiatives for Google and received The Founders Award, which is their highest award. 

Chris Sacca

He graduated in 2000 at Georgetown Univeristy as Cum Laude and has always been interested in businesses and enterprises. 

Chris started to trade on stock market as his loans to establish an enterprise were not approved.

However, due to a software flaw he discovered on online trading brokers, he was able to earn $12 million within a year and a half from 10 to 20 dollars capital. 

Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn and his miscalculations, he was in debt for $4 million. Thus, he moved and worked to Silicon Valley to pay off his debt. 

After a few years, he was laid off and this was when he started to build his own company, The Salinger Group. By 2007, He was able to pay off all his debts and was able to invest on companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter. 

With the success of his investments and having net worth of a billion, he became a shark tank guest judge during the 7th and 8th season of the program.

He invested $100,000 on Rent Like A Champion, which best describes as AirBnB for collegiate sports fans. This consumer service provider was founded by Drew Mitchell an Mike Doyle. 

Steve Tisch

Steve Tisch is the co-owner of the New York Giants, as his father Preston Robert Tisch bought 50% of New York Giants.

Steve Tisch

Steve became the organization’s Executive Vice President, but later on assumed the position of Chairmanship and co-owner because of the death of his father. 

Aside from being a co-owner of a company, he was a well-known and prominent personality in the media industry. He was awarded an Academy Award, and a Super Bowl ring on 2008 and 2012. 

Steve was awarded Best Picture Oscar and a Golden Globe for his one of the highest grossing films, Forrest Gump.

This industry is something that he wanted to deal with since he was a student, as while he was still attending school, he became an apprentice for Otto Preminger. 

After graduating from Tufts University, he became an executive at Columbia Pictures. After a few years, he produces a mega-hit Ricky Business under Tisch/Avnet Productions which he co-owns

Steven also contributes his wealth and resources to various organizations, such as Sports and Fitness Center, scholarship and job giving bodies to Tufts students.

Aside from it, his family also supports Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center located at Duke Univeristy.

Steve Tisch also appeared on the reality show Shark Tank, and became one of the shark thank guest judge on its fifth season.

He made an investment amounting to $50,000 to The Cookie Dough Cafe. This cafe sells gourmet cookie dough that can be eaten without the need to bake it. 

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a British business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He has amassed a personal fortune of $5 billion through various business deals and investments.

Richard Branson

 In 1988, he founded the Virgin Group, which grew over time to include a diverse range of businesses, including record label Virgin Records, publishing house Virgin Publishing, travel agency Virgin Holidays and other branches such as Virgin Money.

Richard Branson has always been generous with the things that he has. As a teenager, he used to gave his resources to homeless people. 

Now that he has more than he has before, he helps in solving some major issues in our society, namely: Glocal conflict, climate change, diseases, and economic inequity. He is also funding different organizations for philanthropic causes.

Richard Branson is also a popular television personality, appearing in the British version of The Apprentice and on the American version of The Rebel Billionaire. He was a guest shark on season two of Shark Tank, where he invested in Skywire Live.

On the show, Richard Branson was a guest shark alongside fellow investors Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner. He made an offer to Skywire Live that was accepted by the company’s founder, Jake Zien

As part of their deal, he agreed to coach Skywire Live on how to market their product and expand into new areas of business.

Troy Carter

Troy Carter is a well-known entrepreneur in the media industry. He is the CEO of Atom Factory, an entertainment company.

Troy Carter

With his company, he has been able to obtain clients such as Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar, who are both names that stand out in the pop culture industry. 

His company also represents some well-known YouTube stars, along with numerous other figures within the entertainment industry.

Troy Carter started his company in 2005 after leaving Dreamworks Records where he was an executive.

He took part in many successful endeavors around Los Angeles before starting his own business, including managing several prominent artists. 

The company has been responsible for helping several artists find success, including well-known performers like TLC, John Legend, and Meghan Trainor.

Carter has also managed artists who have gone on to become prominent in the industry, such as Ne-Yo and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

However, just like any other careers, there has been downturns on Troy Carter’s collaboration with an artist broke apart.

It was then he started in investing to different companies such as Uber and Dropbox. It was a challenging time but he learned how to survive and get back to his feet. Currently, he has an estimated net worth of $30 million.  

Troy also appeared to be one of the sharks on the 7th episode of Shark Tank wherein he had a $125,000 investment to a company called, Foot Cardigan.

This company is founded by Matt McClard and Bryan DeLuca, which provides a subscription service that delivers a pair of original new socks monthly for all ages and genders. 

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is one of the prominent athletes in the world and was able to accumulate these recognitions; Most Grand Slams in History, Member of the 3,000-hit Club, 1993 MLB Draft’s first pick, and Three-time American League MVP.

Alex Rodriguez

He even won an Emmy Award as a baseball commentator for Fox Sports.

Aside from his career in sports, he is also a founder of A-Rod Corp Investment Firm

This firm and his hand-picked team accomplished investments which helped the firm to grow into a fully integrated real estate investment and entertainment ventures. 

With that, they expanded their venture inyo sports, wellness, media, and entertainment ventures. 

It was also Alex Rodriguez who was able to secure and sign the largest sports contract during that time, with an amount of $275,000,000 for ten years

Along with his sucess, he continually supports the people and organizations that helped him thrive in his career. 

He donates to Girls and Boys Club, Miami-Dade chapter, scholarship bodies, and renovation of the baseball station of UM, and UM School of Business Administration.

On the 9th season of Shark Tank, Alex also appeared to be one of the guest judge and has an investment amounting to $150,000 for IceShaker. It is a stainless steel tumbler pitched by the Gronkowski brothers. 

Nick Woodman

Nick Woodman, also known as the creator of GoPro, is currently worth $3.6 billion. Nick has appeared on Forbes' list of billionaires and Time magazine's top 100 most influential people in the world.

Nick Woodman

His company started in 2004 with a $35 million investment from ThinkTank Digital who was looking to fund a futuristic helmet cam that could be used to stream live video from extreme sports and other sports events. As of 2019, Woodman owns 93% of GoPro.

Nick Woodman is known for his philanthropy and has given millions of dollars to organizations that protect the environment and ocean life

He is also a founding member of The Oceanic Preservation Society, an organization that promotes awareness about the effects of plastic pollution on marine life.

On the 6th season of Shark Tank, Nick Woodman appeared as its guest judge and had two deals across the two episodes he’s at. The largest deal he had was a 75 thousand dollar investment for Shark wheel

This aims to reinvent the wheel and be innovative with its Q-shaped design. This product was invented by David Patrick and Zack Fleishman. 

The next investment he made amounting to $50,000 was with The Kitchen Safe. It is a smart container that helps people form good habits when eating. This product is developed by David Krippendorf and Ryan Tseng.

Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian and actor, as well as the star of his own TV show. The comic is known for his current job hosting the game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? 

Jeff Foxworthy

What most people don't know about Foxworthy, is that he grew up with an unusual childhood during which he first learned to make people laugh.

When he was a child he loved to make up funny jokes, especially on his classmates. In fact, one time when he was in fifth grade, he even wrote up a joke and sold it to another boy in exchange for free lunches at school! 

Foxworthy's love for making people laugh continued into high school, where he joined the drama club and acted in plays. He also learned to play guitar and became quite good at it, which helped him earn money as a musician.

Jeff worked in Information Technology for IBM after he dropped out of college. And his coworkers in IBM dared him to join a comedy contest, which he tried and won.

Jeff Foxworthy has been a stand-up comedian for more than 30 years. He has produced 19 comedy specials and five CDs.

Thereafter, he created a multi-million dollar merchandise franchise out of his personal branding, his redneck schtick. He has books, recordings, slot machines, calendars, apparel, and even barbeque sauce and beef jerky! 

On the second season of Shark Tank, he also appeared as one of the guest sharks and had two deals.

The largest deal that he made was a $50,000 investment for Hydromax, an impact-resistant hydration system that attaches to shoulder pads, aimed at football players in training. This was developed by Chris Spencer. 

John Paul Dejoria

John Paul DeJoria is a philanthropist and founder of the hair product company John Paul Mitchell Systems.

John Paul Dejoria

He also co-founded The Patrón Spirits Company, owner of Patrón Spirits Company and Patrón Tequila (originally made from blue agave), which is the world's top-selling ultra-premium tequila.

Known for being an entrepreneur, he started his first business during his teenage years selling Avon products door-to-door in his neighborhood.

From there he went on to become an investor, an inventor, and a creator at Johns Hopkins University where he created an early version of breath mint strips.

He has contributed to many charitable organizations, including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research and the National Kidney Foundation. 

John Paul’s net worth is now to be estimated at $4 billion. His rags-to-riches success story is surely inspiring to a lot of people, especially to those who are trying to get into the business venture.

He has also become one of the sharks in Shark Tank on its fifth season. John made an investment worth $150,000 for Tree T Pee, an agricultural water conservation and frost protection device. 

This product is developed by John Georges and still successfully operates until this time.

Matt Higgins

Matthew Higgins is the Chief Executive Officer of RSE Ventures. Matthew has been involved in creating and executing strategies for over 20 years.

Matt Higgins

He is a seasoned senior management executive with a deep understanding of the sports, entertainment, and media industries.

RSE Ventures works to connect early-stage consumer technology companies with investors, acquirers, and other corporate partners.

He helped create an investment vehicle for former pro athletes called the Athlete Venture Fund and currently serves on the Boards of Dispatch Communications and Global Technologies.

Prior to RSE, Matt was Executive Vice President at New York Giants. Matthew has a wealth of experience in the media and entertainment industries. He has worked with leading studios, networks and major sports leagues.

Mark Higgins also became a guest shark on the tenth season of Shark Tank and made a deal amounting to $1,500,000 in Beyond Sushi.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is a British tycoon, successful entrepreneur, and reality television star, having appeared on the United Kingdom's version of Shark Tank for 19 seasons. He launched his first business, a tennis academy, at the age of 16.

Peter Jones

He created personal computers under his own name four years later. However, this is short-lived because he failed to read the contract with a major firm carefully and hence missed the fine. 

As a result, he lost everything and returned to live with his parents. Because of what happened, he went to a large corporation to work there to gather business experience and save money. 

Within 36 months, he earned $44 million from having nothing at all. This was due to his Phones International Group company which became one of the fastest0groging businesses in Europe. 

During the 2000s, he was able to be named the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by The Times, a British newspaper

He was also able to invest $8,142,521 in the Dragons’ Den. From that day on, he became a successful entrepreneur and was appointed and recognized in various organizations and companies.

Peter Jones appeared as a guest shark on the 13th season of Shark Tank wherein he invested $500,000 in Songlorious. This is a service that creates personalized songs for any occasion. This was developed by Omayya Atout and Ellen Hodges. 

Emma Grede

Emma Grade was raised in London’s East End, which is infamous for poverty and crime. She has always been a hard-working student, and she has a keen eye for fashion

Emma Grede

Thus, she attended The London College of Fashion but eventually dropped out for the leading fashion show and event producer in Europe, Inca. 

At the age of 24, she was able to build her own marketing agency named ITB Worldwide

This represents various brands known in the industry such as Calvin Klein and H&M. Soon after, Emma launched a denim brand name, Good American, with Khloe Kardashian. 

This brand caters people of all sizes. On their first day, they reached a million dollars. 

In addition, Emma joined Kim Kardashian as a founding partner for the lingerie, loungewear, and shapewear brand SKIMS. Similar to Good American, the company tries to offer underwear for all body types and sizes.

Emma promotes women's empowerment through the things she develops and sells

She is an active member of Women for Women International, an organization that supports women who have survived war and conflict by assisting and educating them in changing social norms, building businesses, and rebuilding their families and communities.

Emma also appeared as one of the guest sharks on season 13th of Shark Tank and made an investment amounting to $150,000 for Mika Bertholdo’s company. The company sells Ooakshell headbands. 

Sharks in a Tank

The biggest lesson you can take away is that Shark Tank, and I’m sure this applies to all side hustles or business in general, it takes a lot of time. Time is the most valuable thing we have as humans. 

The problem with most side hustles is that they can take up so much time that you don’t have to give up anything because you won’t have quality time in your daily schedule to do other things.

No matter what business you’re involved in getting started will take some time but if you are passionate about it and take action daily then sooner or later success will come as long as you put in the hard work needed to achieve it!

What we can learn from the shark tank casts, may it be the main sharks or the guest sharks, nothing comes in an instant.

Most of them started from nothing, and most of them started as nobody. But after a long time of hustling with their dreams and aspirations, they got to the peak of their success.

Just always remember that to reach our goals, we have to set our priorities straight, be persistent, and work hard. Success comes after our patience, discipline, and courage! 

Aside from it, I hope that you learned some tips, techniques, and even business ideas that were discussed in this article that might be aligned with the things that you like and you want to do.

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