ShortlyAI Review: Pricing And Alternatives

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In this ShortlyAI review I’m going to tell you all about ShortlyAI – its features, what you can do with the tool, pricing options and alternatives to the platform. I’ll also give you some advice on what I think are the better alternatives to ShortlyAI.

Sooner or later, everyone wants to know how much they should be spending on tools like ShortlyAI and what alternatives they can take instead. To help you make an informed decision, I’m going to explain the pricing of this tool and present you with some alternatives that might suit your needs better.

Let's get right to it.

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What is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is an artificial intelligence content writing tool that helps you write both blog posts and stories . Moreover, having a strong education background about technology can help you make more suitable amendments as per required within the blog posts. One of the things I like most about it is that you don't have to worry about installing or downloading anything to use it.

ShortlyAI Review

Also, if you've heard of Jarvis, then you should know that ShortlyAI is owned by the same company. What's cool about it is that you're able to write long form content efficiently and all it takes is filling out a bit of information and hitting the "write for me" button repeatedly. 

How does it work?

ShortlyAI is a web-based software, which means you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Since the tool's interface is web-based, it doesn't require you to install anything or download programs.

When you start using it, you just need to tell the tool what kind of content you're considering creating and it will do the rest of the work for you. It will take all of your data, match it up with the results from its database (which is constantly updated) and spit out a draft for you to edit. Then, just hit "write for me" and let it do its thing.

The software uses advanced AI technology to write human-like content for you. This means that the AI can read any text you provide, comprehend it and then convert it into readable and grammatically correct content.  

What can you write with it? 

The tool supports both long-form content (blog posts) as well as short-form content (visual stories). You can also use the app to write book or screenplay synopsis.

What can you write with Shortlyai

ShortlyAI uses two types of algorithms to create content: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and conversational AI.

These algorithms do a great job of understanding what your keywords mean and then writing content accordingly. The tool also analyzes the emotions behind your copy and can produce more suitable results when you're writing an article that’s to be published on social media, for example. 

Who is it for?

Being a web-based tool, the application is perfect for anyone (like me) who wants to provide quality content on the go. It's also a great tool for marketers and authors, who want to write proper content for their social media profiles or posts.

Another thing I like about ShortlyAI is that it doesn't require you to be an expert writer in order for the software to produce quality results. The interface is simple enough that even beginners can use it without any hiccups. The best thing is that it'll produce quality content that's well-optimized for SEO and social media.

Lastly, I'd say the tool is perfect for students who are already pressed for time. Your grades might also improve after using the app, since you'll be able to get more writing done. 

ShortlyAI pricing plans

ShortlyAI's pricing plans are quite straightforward. You can choose from a monthly and annual plan. However, it doesn't offer a free trial period. Let's take a closer look at its pricing options along with some commentary on who each of the plans are for.

ShortlyAI pricing plans

Annual plan

At $650 a year, the price for the Annually plan is pretty steep. The primary benefit of this plan is that you get two free months. If you want to cancel anytime before your two months are up, then you'll lose access to the app.

If you're planning to use the tool to make money from your blog or other content, then it's not that bad. However, if you want it for personal use then the annual plan will come off as a bit too expensive.

That said, you might want to consider thinking about the Annual plan if you're running a blog or website that gets a lot of traffic. This is because your readers will most likely appreciate you putting out quality content on a regular basis.

It comes with the following benefits:

  • Powerful commands for quick and easy professional writing
  • Continuous updates

Monthly plan

The Monthly plan is the cheapest option, but it's still not the most affordable plan. The price is at $79 per month, which breaks down to $948 per year. If you're not someone who produces content very often, then the monthly plan makes for a good choice.

Offering a lower upfront price than the annual plan, this option is ideal for those who run blogs or websites and want to produce quality posts on a regular basis. It also makes sense if you have never used the app before and want to try it out first.

By buying the monthly plan, you don't have to worry about paying more than you should if your use of ShortlyAI doesn't pan out well.

I like how the monthly plan has basically all the functionalities of the annual plan - except it costs more in the long run.

Is it worth the price?

I'm not sure whether it's worth the price. Don't get me wrong - I think it's a very smart tool that could help you write blog posts and stories faster and better. However, is it worth the price tag?

I think that depends a lot on your current position in the content community. If you have a big audience and are looking to grow your number of subscribers and customers, then I'd say you might want to consider the annual plan. After all, the annual plan is more of a long-term investment.

In contrast, if you're just into writing mostly for fun, then I can recommend trying out the monthly version of ShortlyAI first. This way, you'll get a feel on whether or not you'll use it on a regular basis. If you find that you're not using it much at all, then there's no point in paying for it after the initial month. 

ShortlyAI alternatives

ShortlyAI is a very good tool that can help you produce quality content without burning a hole in your pocket. Hopefully, I've convinced you to try it out. However, there are other products like it available and each of them has its own unique features.


jarvis ai

Jarvis uses AI to write articles for you and it's capable of creating high-quality results. Unlike Shortly, it also handles a ton of short-form content options as well. What's even more interesting is that it's owned by the same company that owns ShortlyAI.

Right off the bat, you know that you're getting access to some really good content generation given the fact that it's the same company that's behind the ShortlyAI tool.

I would recommend Jarvis to anyone who is looking to take complete control of their company or business's content. This way, you don't have to worry about hiring a content writer for triple the price, or trying to wrack your mind thinking of the right words to say.

Pricing for Jarvis starts at $29 a month, which may seem much more affordable compared to ShortlyAI. That said, you may have to think twice once you see their actual pricing page.

The starter plan ranges from $29 to around $499 a month. The main reason why it fluctuates is that pricing varies according to the number of words you want the tool to generate each month. So for example, you need it to create around 225,000 words - it would cost you around $169 on a monthly basis.

On the other hand, Boss Mode - which is better suited for anyone who wants to create long form content more efficiently, starts at $59 a month. Again, it sounds much more affordable compared to Shortly. However, it also ranges from $59 to $3,600 a month depending on your word count requirement.

Ridiculous, right? I'd have to say that while the pricing is certainly outrageous, Jarvis still has its own audience. It's definitely worth the price if you want access to quality, human-like content generation which includes short form and long-form template options.



If you're looking for a tool with a smaller price tag that's capable of delivering quality content, then take a closer look at CopyAI. It'll be slightly more affordable than ShortlyAI, but it'll still be able to deliver the goods.

CopyAI is an AI-based platform that can help you compose text, images and videos very quickly. One of its best features is that it can work in 12 languages - which include English, French, Spanish, German and more.

It has a neat and clean interface that can help you take your business to the next level. It's also capable of creating content that scales in terms of length, providing you with more options when it comes to creating content.

CopyAI is designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their communities or make better use of their social media platforms. It's very easy to use and takes less than 5 minutes to get started with.

One of its most prominent selling points is that it provides you with amazing content ideas you can alter or use as is. The only con I can think of is that it's not really good for long-form content. In fact, you can't generate blogs or articles on it at all.

However, you can use it to generate blog ideas and blog outlines - which I think is very helpful. It's a good option for you if you're just looking to practice your social media skills and content writing without having to spend a lot of money.

Price-wise, plans start at $35 which is much more affordable compared to Shortly. However, you also have to take into account its lack of a long-form content generator. So you might need to use it in conjunction with said app instead - which might cost you more in the long run.

That said, I can't blame you for wanting to give CopyAI a whirl - it's one of the best out there no matter how limited you think its feature set is. The good news is, you can take advantage of its 7-day free trial if you really want to see how it works. Plus, it's a great way to test the tool out without actually making a commitment. 

ShortlyAI features

Before we proceed to the FAQ section, I also want to highlight some of the best features of Shortly AI. I've mentioned most of them already in my review. However, it should never hurt to give out more information about a product before you decide if it's worth trying out or not.

Getting started is easy as pie - all you have to do is sign up via their website and create your first campaign.

User interface

ShortlyAI's interface is very intuitive; making it easy to use and micro-manage. You can check out the dashboard whenever you want, change or set up your campaign as you want or even go back for edits or to simply check on your content.

ShortlyAI User interface

I'm not a big fan of lengthy and intimidating dashboards that make you scratch your head before getting started with it. Fortunately, that's not a problem with Shortly AI - the dashboard is fairly simple but still contains all the information you need to know about your content campaign.

All you need to do to get started is a bit of information on what you want to write. Basically, you can get started by inputting a title along with an article or story brief.

What is the article and story brief?

This section is where you tell the AI exactly what you want it to write. I suggest being as thorough as possible while still keeping the same tone and voice that you want it to write in.

The more details you add here, the better your content is going to be. Plus, it'll take very little time for the AI to generate your content. If you want it to generate a long-form blog post or article, then I suggest adding a good amount of detail in this section as well.

However, the app will only generate results that are of the same quality as the details you've added or specified in this section.


One of the best things about the platform is that it can create coherent and highly readable text by keeping the same voice throughout the content it generates.

It's able to predict what you want to say and then compose coherent text with minimal (if any) grammatical error.

Keep in mind that it won't always be perfect. There will still be some errors you need to correct manually - but it's still a helpful feature nonetheless.

The best thing is that the content it generates is usually really good and coherent.

I don't think I ever had to tweak any of the generated content or proofread it myself - which means less headaches for me.

User experience

The tool has a pleasant user interface, so using it should never be a problem for you. From the handy write for me button to the fact that you can select how much text you want the AI to write at a time, it's pretty straightforward to use.

It doesn't take too long to generate your content, though you'll have to wait for the platform to do its thing and then edit it manually - which will take some time.

Story writer

One thing I find impressive and unique about the platform is that you can write entire novels with the AI tool. No, really. I know it sounds impossible, but the AI generates some impressive story lines according to your instructions.

The best part of all is that you can write an entire novel without having to deal with the nitty-gritty of the story - things like character or plot development.

The only con I have with this feature is that it generates most unoriginal content. Plus, it may read as something a more immature or new writer would write so you shouldn't expect anything that's Edgar Allan Poe level. 

Shortly AI pros and cons


  • Easy to use
  • Great for generating long-form content
  • Excellent human-like content generation
  • Generates non-plagiarized content
  • Can be used to write stories and essays


  • May provide you with inaccurate statements and information
  • Not all text is grammatical error-free
  • May need to proofread the content extensively

ShortlyAI FAQs

Now, let's answer some questions you may have running around in your mind.

How do you use ShortlyAI?

You use it by creating a content campaign. All you need to do is input a title, brief and article.

Once you click on the "Write for me!" button, ShortlyAI will go generate out your content with minimal effort on your part.

Can you use it for free?

Yes, for a set number of words. You can also purchase the subscription which will provide you with unlimited access to ShortlyAI.

What payment methods does it accept?

You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, and even a debit card.

What languages is it available in?

Shortly AI supports English, German and Spanish. Other languages can be added by the platform's developers. 


At the end of the day, I think that Shortly AI is a great tool for content generation for people who are just getting started in generating content. It's very easy to use and the generated content is pretty good as well. However, there are some limitations with it that you'll need to keep in mind.

I'm not sure if the app will be able to generate some of the more advanced and technical content that's usually found in a business's blog or site. The AI will probably have a hard time generating something like a white paper because it depends on specific information and facts - which the AI probably won't be able to provide.

Still, it's an impressive tool that you should definitely look into.

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