Simvoly Review 2022 – Pros & Cons, Features, Alternatives

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Are you looking for a cheap website builder and marketing solution for your online business? If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this Simvoly review 2022, I will tour you around its core features, its pros and cons, and their alternatives you can use.

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What is Simvoly?

Founded in 2016, Simvoly is a digital marketing solution created by a team of professionals based in Varna and Plovdiv. It is new in the scene of website building yet despite that fact, it has been making noise since its official launch.

Simvoly is a software that seeks to help individuals who wish to venture in e-commerce and online selling. It is also marketed as an all-in-one marketing platform for business owners who want to drive high-quality leads as well as sales.

simvoly home page

The platform has beginner-friendly accessibility and functions as a drag and drop too. It includes handy features such as:

  • Website builder
  • Store builder
  • Responsive web themes
  • Funnel and landing page creator
  • Blogging tools

Simvoly comes in four affordable pricing plans as well. Each of it renders a different set of features and restrictions (which I will discuss in the next sections) and prices vary depending on it. As such, it is a good choice if you are a starter with a low operational budget. 

The only drawback I noticed is that there are a few basic marketing apps - email automation tool, for instance - missing. Hence, it is not after all complete. 

Who are its target users?

Simvoly is great to kickstart a startup or a project. The catch is, not all starters share the same niche, goals, and budget. And these factors can significantly affect how efficient the software will be to you.

simvoly funnel builder

That said, take a look at Simvoly’s target users below to help you further determine whether it is the right software for your online venture or not.

1. Online sellers. As mentioned, Simvoly is geared towards people who wish to venture into e-commerce. The software does not only let users build and design online stores. It also provides features like funnel and page builder to aid you in creating a sales journey that will push your customers to take action. 

2. Startups and freelancers. The software’s intuitive user interface and beginner-oriented features make it perfect for starters as well as freelancers working project after project. I honestly find it more beneficial to people with project-based work setup as its business plan (which includes unlimited and full access to all apps) costs for about $24 per month only.

3. Aspiring digital sellers and marketers. Simvoly is created with beginners in mind. It is why its interface has entry-level accessibility, its editor works as a drag a drop, and most applications are straightforward to use. Hence, you need not worry in case you are an inexperienced marketer or solopreneur.

What are the pros and cons?

simvoly website builder

To further weigh Simvoly’s effectiveness, let’s take a closer look at each of its benefits and disadvantages.

The benefits

  • It has an intuitive user interfaceFor tech noobs, Simvoly’s user interface provides intuitive and entry-level accessibility.
  • It comes with aesthetically-pleasing and responsive web themes. The platform prides its large collection of web designs too. The library is consisting of different professional-looking themes that you can use for your store, webpage, landing page, and sales funnel. They are all responsive both on desktop and mobile.
  • Users can set up a blogIf you want to start blogging, Simvoly enables its users to set up a page specifically for blog posts only. You can write as many as you want and integrate other basic visual aid including videos and images.
  • Very affordable pricesAs I have mentioned earlier, it offers its tools for a very affordable price. Its business plan, for instance, costs $24 per month only. And that includes full access and unlimited usage of all features included in the platform.
  • It offers a free trial. Aside from its four affordable plans, Simvoly gives access to interested users for free. Perfect for those who wish to try and test the software first.
  • The builder is easy to use. The funnel, as well as the page builder, works as a drag and drop. Hence, no need to do manual coding if you want to, say, modify a template or build from scratch.
  • It is reliable and functions quickly. Unlike WordPress, you don’t need to worry about your site’s maintenance, security, and even backups. Simvoly will rather take care of it by automatically running tools needed for the said conditions.

The disadvantages

  • It does not include an email marketing tool. If you are looking to run email campaigns, Simvoly, unfortunately, does not render an email automation app. And it is quite confusing as it is marketed as an all-in-one marketing platform.
  • It is new in the scene of web buildingAs the most recent website builder in the market, Simvoly has not yet earned quite the credibility (although it has been making a buzz). I noticed that the platform still needs a lot of updates - especially new features other companies offer - and fixes for some of its tools.
  • The builder includes basic functionalities only. For comprehensive marketing software, Simvoly is slightly outdated when it comes to its features. It comprises basic functions only compared to other solutions like WordPress with premium themes and plugins.

Pricing plans

Simvoly is divided into four cheap bundles: the personal, business, growth, and pro plans. Here’s an overview of each package:

simvoly pricing plan

1. Personal. As its name suggests, the personal plan is the basic and most affordable pricing plan Simvoly offers. For $12 a month, you will receive full access to all features included in Simvoly. 

The catch here is that it is very limited. For instance, you can create funnels just once only. The pages are limited up to twenty and your bandwidth is capped at 10GB as well.

On a good note, you get to use the software’s A/B split testing tool, one custom domain, and at least five products to sell. The plan is perfect for freelancers working on small or personal projects. 

2. Business. If you are working on small projects, yet the personal plan is slightly lacking, I suggest you purchase the business plan instead.

For $24 a month, you get access to all tools included in Simvoly. You are granted unlimited pages to create as well. The funnels and bandwidth, on the one hand, are limited. Still, they are better in number compared to the basic bundle.

3. Growth. Simvoly’s growth package is slightly pricey for $59 per month. But the good thing is if you feel like working on medium-sized campaigns, you will receive unlimited pages, more funnels and products, and domain connections.

The funnels, for example, are capped at thirty. The same goes for domain connections.  

4. Pro. If you are running a mid-size to a huge company, I find the pro plan’s $149 a month worthy of investment. You get full access to all the features including an unlimited number of pages, funnels, and domain connections.

Aside from that, your bandwidth is capped at 400GB. You can support up to ten websites too. The only downside I noticed is that for new software, the cost is slightly high. And there are a lot of established website builders that offer lower prices yet have better features.

Simvoly review 2022: what are its core features?

Funnel builder

A business without efficient marketing funnels is like a car without fuel. It would be impossible to reach your destination (which is to earn sales) if you don’t have a fuel to drive leads.

Simvoly prides its suite of features as a competitive solution for lead generation and sales. And as an entrepreneur and a marketer, you know very well how significant sales funnels are to drive potential customers and convert them into sales. 

And this is where Simvoly’s funnel builder can help you.

Essentially, the funnel builder is a tool wherein users can create and design funnels from scratch. It also comes with a massive library of premade funnels. You can then utilize the templates as-is, or modify it too.

simvoly funnel templates

The app is also very accessible for beginners. In fact, it includes a short video that explains how to use the editor and its ins and outs. Using the builder will also benefit you by:

  • Create one-step checkout pages.
  • Increase sales via one-click upsells.
  • Check its performance via A/B split testing.

As mentioned, the builder comes with a feature where you can offer upsells and let the buyer add the product into the shopping cart without re-entering the billing information and address. And if you want to further improve your funnels, the application has an A/B testing feature that allows users to make two versions of the same page and see which one performs better. 

But what’s impressive about the builder is that you can share your own-made funnels to your customers and earn a commission. If, on the one hand, one of your referrals purchases any Simvoly plan, you get 35% recurring commission. 

Moreover, it lets users integrate a few external tools such as:

  • MailChimp
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Zapier
  • GetResponse
  • Google analytics

White label builder

The white label builder is a program where users can create their own brand of web templates, sales funnels, landing pages and themes. You can offer the whole platform with your own logo and design. And just like a typical seller, you get to set your own pricing plans, restrictions, and offer freebies as well.

Simvoly review 2020: white label builder

The only downside is that you need to subscribe to another Simvoly plan to have full access to all its tools. And it is divided into three bundles: 

  • WL basic (29$ per month)
  • WL growth (59$ per month)
  • WL pro ($149 per month)

Simvoly store builder

Building not just a store but a reliable and secured digital shop is vital for online selling. For instance, it gives assurance to your customers that all transactions - particularly their billing information - are safe in your hands.

As such, Simvoly made sure that you will get everything you need to set up a secured shop using its store builder.

simvoly online store builder

The builder is easy to use. You only have to access the “store” section to pick one template that will suit your niche. Say, you choose a theme for selling online courses, you will automatically receive three products to sell, dummy content, and prices. 

When it comes to products, you get to add the following categories:

  • Physical products
  • Digital products
  • Memberships
  • Service

From there, you can then modify and improve your product page. The editor is intuitive and works like the funnel and site creator. You can upload visual elements such as images and videos. Or if you prefer, you can also embed Youtube videos within the product page. 

Apart from that, it also comes with a feature where you can track and record offers, discounts, and orders. The integration of payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe is straightforward too. 

Website builder

Simvoly’s website builder is not much of a head-turner compared to other site builders. It comprises basic elements one requires to create at least a well-functioning webpage. As such, I find it more suitable for starters as the apps are not too complicated to use. 

Here are a few remarkable features of the site builder:

1. Blogging. If you are planning to leverage marketing efforts through blogging, Simvoly could be of help too. The software renders a content management system wherein users can set up a blog page. And just like other CMS, it is pretty simple to add posts, create drafts, as well as schedule and manage blog posts.

simvoly blog

You can add the following visual elements into each content:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Galleries, etc

I find it fitting for beginners as well as it is easy to navigate. In fact, the feature comes with an intuitive interface and entry-level accessibility. You get to modify the appearance of your blog page as well. For instance, you can edit the sidebar and the header. 

Apart from that, the tool allows you to find and attract the right market via optimizing all your articles and make it SEO-oriented. In the ‘settings’ section, you will see a link where you can edit the page’s metadata of a particular post. The app lets you modify the sitemap as well. 

The only drawback is it offers basic features only unlike other website builders. However, if you want a builder with complete and advanced tools, I suggest you try WordPress instead.

2. Analytics integration. To further improve your performance, Simvoly added an analytics tool to help you gather key metrics concerning your webpage. It lets users track key metrics including the number of page views, keywords used to find your content, and the number of web traffic they get. You can also set the meta title and meta description. 

3. SSL certificates. No need to fret about your website’s security. Simvoly provided SSL certificates making your pages safe from harmful digital attacks. 

Membership and subscriptions

Putting your audience in a private digital space is a great and popular opportunity to earn passive income. So, if you want to leverage your sales further, Simvoly provides a membership tool builder where you can create a management system dedicated to your subscribers only.

simvoly membership

Simvoly’s membership management system provides you with your own CRM where you can store, find, and manage each of your subscribers’ contact information as well as profile data. Using it, your members will receive individual dashboards where they can oversee and track their subscriptions and downloadables.

It also includes the following features:

  • One-click upsells and downsells
  • Subscriptions
  • Bump offers
  • One-step checkouts

The membership site builder does not only give you a chance to monetize your audience, but it also gives you a private and reliable virtual space to put your digital products too. Whether it is ebooks or web themes, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of them being shared illegally.

Responsive and professional-looking web themes

As mentioned above, the all-in-one web builder comes with a massive collection of reliable, modern, and aesthetically-pleasing templates. They are all customizable and you can utilize all these premade web themes for your webpage, online store, sales funnel, and landing page.

simvoly website templates

You will also find templates for various niches such as:

  • Business
  • Consulting
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Membership
  • Real estate
  • Personal
  • Services

To give you an overview, here’s what to expect from this feature:

1. Huge collection of website templates. Determining which template to use using Simvoly’s gallery of web themes has made it easier. With over 50 modern and professional-looking themes, you would not have a tough time picking what will suit your site best. It has several categories that you can choose from as well such as art and design, fashion, business, consulting, etc. 

2. Responsive both on desktop and mobile. One of the impressive perks of Simvoly’s web themes which I vouch for is that all designs are responsive. The templates are all optimized for all devices like desktops, tablets, and mobile use. Aside from that, it has a feature wherein users can preview how their page looks on all devices. 

3. Customizable. Sure, you can use all templates as-is. However, if you feel like you can enhance, Simvoly integrated an editor as well. The editor is intuitive and straightforward to use.

In fact, it functions as a drag and drop which is perfect for beginners as well as individuals with poor technical skills. All you have to do is drag any element you wish to add into the canvas -  whether it is an image, text box, maps, or widgets. 

Customer support

For those who are worried their technical skills won't pair with Simvoly’s accessibility level, no need to fret now. The platform offers customer support where users can ask questions especially when they encounter issues that require assistance or troubleshooting.

simvoly support

Its on-page chat box, for instance, can help you get in contact with Simvoly’s developers. The only downside is that the response time is not real-time nor quick. Typically, it depends on the time you sent a message. 

Another thing to add: Simvoly does not have an online community. Online communities and forums are pretty helpful when it comes to technical problems that need an immediate fix. As such, if you encounter such instances, a quick response is unworkable.

Simvoly alternatives

If you think Simvoly is not the right software for you, here are a few alternatives to consider:

An established, professional, and reliable website builder is every digital entrepreneurs’ preference. If you have the same characteristics in mind, WordPress is a great Simvoly alternative.  

As I have mentioned, WordPress is a site builder just like Simvoly’s. The only difference is that the latter is new in the industry while the former has been operating for more than a decade. Simply put, WordPress is more experienced when it comes to giving the right marketing solution for online business owners.

simvoly wordpress

The platform is also an open-source tool available for anyone to utilize. But what’s remarkable about it is that it has a feature called “data portability”.

What it does is that it separates the platform’s main factors - which are the content, design, and plug-ins - into three individual databases. In layman’s terms, you can add content, alter the design, or integrate addons without affecting the other aspects.

Here are the other perks you can benefit from WordPress:

  • Have access to its 1,000+ web templates (free and paid)
  • Choose from its handy 55, 000+ plugins
  • Let’s you integrate a wide array of third-party tools
  • Allows you to make your site and content SEO-friendly
  • It renders advanced tools designed to maximize your blogging experience
  • It comes with super easy to use online store builder

Simvoly’s blogging feature, on the other hand, is nothing compared to its WordPress’ blogging apps. In fact, more than 33% of websites on the internet today are hosted by the platform.

It comes with basic and advanced tools that let you produce stunning and well-organized content. Its Gutenberg block editor, for instance, enables you to create aesthetically-pleasing layouts for your blog posts. 

When it comes to its design tools, the software comes with a visual editor where you can structure and design your content. The only downside I notice is that it does not have a built-in drag and drop page builder. But don’t fret yet. You can use an external page creator such as Divi, ThriveThemes, or Elementor. 

All in all, I find WordPress suitable for professional marketers and entrepreneurs. This does not mean that beginners cannot opt and try it out.

However, say a newbie requires basic and essential tools only, Simvoly is better than WordPress. On the one hand, I recommend it to individuals who wish to earn passive income through blogging. 

Another excellent alternative for Simvoly is Wix. The platform became well-known in the last few years - thanks to its star-studded marketing campaigns spread across the internet. 

Wix is a comprehensive website builder that can be utilized for things such as blogging, selling services, hosting online forums, and selling digital products. It also has a huge collection of web templates with more than 500 themes.

best tools for digital marketing - wix

The software offers a basic plan for free that comes with ads on the website’s top and bottom parts. You don’t have to get a custom domain name, which means your URL looks like

On a good note, there are a lot of perks to enjoy using Wix. It includes:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Customizable web themes
  • Better blogging experience
  • Intuitive and powerful applications to create websites
  • It has 200+ plugins ranging from contact forms to social media buttons

On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks that I find slightly off for a web builder. For instance, its blogging features are incomplete (although I think it is still better than Simvoly’s).

It lacks numerous content management applications such as private posting and featured images. The blog post section’s interface seems outdated as well. In fact, it has fewer formatting options compared to WordPress.

Furthermore, Wix’s standard plan does not come with essential plugins like Google Analytics and eCommerce, which are essential to improve the overall functionality of your page.

All in all, when it comes to stability and features, I think Wix is better. However, if the main goal is to build sales funnels, I'd prefer Simvoly. 

Putting it all together

While numerous website builders in the market are beginner-oriented, Simvoly’s features seem enough considering that it is new in the industry. It looks great for aspiring biz owners and marketers who wish to:

  • Create stunning websites, pages and online stores
  • Establish efficient marketing campaigns
  • Building marketing funnels
  • Produce high-converting landing pages

The all-in-one marketing solution is a great way to kickstart your online business, particularly if your niche is online selling. Its membership tool builder, for instance, offers handy features that you can apply to leverage your sales.

However, I would not say it is the best platform for beginners.

I think it needs more features that will, at least, add more value to the software. It will need a lot of updates as well since some of the apps are incomplete. It lacks deep customization that other builders like Wix and WordPress offer.

It does not even have a community support or online forum which is very helpful in case of users encounter unwanted software issues.

In conclusion, I think it will still depend on the users’ business requirements and demands whether Simvoly would be of great benefit for them or not. So, ask yourself this question: what kind of tools does your business need?

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