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Whether the goal is to educate, motivate or persuade the audience, a presentation marks the first stage of the meeting and sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. A presentation not only reflects your business' identity but also helps you define your brand's personality & style. 

With the advent of cutting-edge technologies and ever-increasing competition in the market, it has become imperative for brands to stand out from the crowd and be at their apex level. 

Let's explore how?

Why are presentations important for business?

Gone are the days when a presentation was restricted to merely a board meeting. Today, PowerPoint presentations have become a critical tool for companies across the world. Brands are actively devising interactive PowerPoint presentations to present to new customers, potential investors & partners. Be it sales or marketing endeavors, companies are continuously reinforcing their corporate image in in-person one-to-one meetings & webinars with the help of well-crafted presentations.

However, often presenters fail to deliver big with their presentations due to an array of reasons. You can bring out the true essence of your message only if your slides are clean, crisp & engaging to the audience. Extraordinary presentations revolve around a narrative while encompassing impactful text & imagery. 

In this post, we will explore ready-to-use templates from SlideModel such that you can create captivating presentations and woo your audience.

Now that we know why presentations are imperative for businesses. Let's move ahead and explore few tips to make charming professional presentations: 

Build your slides last

There is no denying that as a presenter, we all are tempted to jump on to a presentation software and start creating our visionary presentation. However, this can do more harm than good! Presenters should ponder the fundamental message and then focus on devising the presentation structure.

The idea here is to do the dry run of the presentation layout such that the main points are captured & the presentation stands on its own.

Knowing the audience plays a key role in presentation success. Often presentation creators miss out on researching their audience and create generic-looking slides. This directly leads to the presentation phenomenon 'Death by PowerPoint' and makes the audience lose interest in your slides. Hence, when you understand your audience better, you can introduce a higher degree of customization and reflect the same while creating the slides.

Presenters must recognize that the goal of a presentation is to support your speech and not the other way around. 

Leverage ready-to-use templates

Ready to use, professional templates enable you to use slide layout to your advantage. The templates feature a superior range of designs that dominates stock templates in many ways. Presenters can transform raw, analytical data into creative chunks of information through interactive charts, diagrams, graphs, and infographics.

Not just that, you don't have to be a graphic design expert to create captivating-looking slides. You can seamlessly download ppt templates that resonate with your subject matter, populate content placeholder, and you're good to go!

Apart from out-of-the-box slide design, readymade PowerPoint templates boost the branding of your presentation. Presenters can easily modify the slide elements such as backgrounds, icons, or fonts to align slides closer to the company's branding guidelines. You can leverage 100% customization to bring the real value out of your slide content.

Lastly, templates help you avoid a hodgepodge slide layout, jarring transitions and ensure design consistency throughout the slides. 

Apply 10 20 30 rule

Today, with the shortened attention spans of the audience, it has become difficult for presenters to deliver a lasting & effective presentation experience. The 10 20 30 is one of the most popular and widely practiced rules of presentation making. The rule asserts that a presentation should have no more than ten slides at a time. Further, it shouldn't take more than twenty minutes to deliver the entire presentation & the slides shouldn't feature a font size smaller than thirty points. 

The idea behind this rule is to make the presentation easy on the audience and ensure engagement. With the help of this rule, presenters can do more with less. Be it- business proposals, investor pitches, or sales communications, having around ten informative and content-rich slides can do more good than a non-exhaustive slide deck. Plus, when you've fewer slides in hand to deliver, it consumes less time too. Thus, you don't throw the audience off the track in the presentation journey.

Kickstart your presentation endeavors with the below, state-of-the-art templates and craft astounding presentations in no time: 

Professional business slide deck PowerPoint template

The all-in-one Professional Business Slide Deck Template is a go-to destination for your business meetings. As a presenter, you can leverage this slide deck, get access to out-of-the-box slides, present information through lush visuals and data-driven charts.

The 27-slide template helps you encapsulate Agenda, Product Analysis, Value Proposition, Roadmap, Plans & Pricing, and project other vital information about your business with added ease. 

slidemodel professional-business-slide-deck-powerpoint-template

Presenters can make use of Pyramid diagrams, SWOT slides, Maps, Timeline & Planning slides to cover lengths and breadths of their business. In a nutshell, the Professional Business Slide Deck covers all perspectives of a business presentation and enables you to project information while engaging the audience to the core.

Moreover, presenters can spend less time worrying about the presentation design and focus more on churning out quality content for the slides.

PESTEL analysis template

PESTEL is one of the most popular analysis frameworks used by organizations around the world. PESTEL analysis lets companies discover an array of factors that have a direct & indirect impact on an organization. Acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental & Legal, PESTEL enables a company to delve deep into the above factors and conduct situation analysis.

The PESTEL analysis template helps presenters conduct a lively analysis during the presentation.


The 15-slide template comes pre-packed with corporate-grade design aesthetics and layout. Presenters can seamlessly capture PESTEL factors in respective PowerPoint backgrounds slides and conduct an effective compare-contrast between factors. You can also leverage data-driven charts, diagrams, and infographics to transform raw, analytical data into intuitive visualizations.

Hence, the PESTEL analysis template allows you to provide an overview of critical external factors to the audience in the most engaging manner. 

Open Startup dashboard PowerPoint template

It has been rightly said that those who tell stories rule society! When it comes to transforming raw data into impactful illustrations for strategic decision-making, dashboards lead the arena.

Presenters can easily list down critical KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in the form of charts, graphs and present them on the dashboard. This aids the viewer to make sense out of the data without delving deep. Be it financial, operational, or any data, you can transform it into engaging visualizations through Open Startup Dashboard PowerPoint template.


Presenters can use four different slides that come with this template and leverage intuitive and pixel-perfect graphs. Simply put in the numbers and other content to create dynamic graphs. Presenters can report the data effectively and accomplish business goals with the help of this template. 

You can highlight the actual value of your data via appealing dashboards. Analyze trends, spot red flags, make powerful comparisons all off your slides & further improvise the decision-making of your business. 

SWOT Process PowerPoint template

When it comes to assessing your company's current, as well as future prospects, SWOT is a go-to analysis practice. Organizations of all scales conduct a SWOT analysis to list out their present strengths, weaknesses & discover opportunities, and threats posed at them.

The intuitive-looking SWOT Process template allows you to create captivating PowerPoint presentations and provide a clear picture to the company where it stands. Thus, you can create slides that can engage executives and help the top brass make important decisions about the company. 


Not just that, the template allows you to validate theoretical information with real-time data and facts. The template comes in both- light and dark themes. You can seamlessly list out Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and further project the company's growth trajectory & success targets.

Presenters can use an array of design layouts and design trims available with the template to capture the audiences' attention like never before. 

Big Idea PowerPoint template

What draws the line between a closed deal and a missed opportunity? It's your presentation! It doesn't matter how phenomenal your next big idea is if you can't woo your audience while presenting it.

The 20-slide Big Idea PowerPoint template comes to your rescue and helps you raise the engagement in your corporate meetings manifolds. Startups can leverage the template to showcase their revolutionary product and services to investors, evangelists & venture capitalists. 


The Big Idea template comes with a state-of-the-art design layout. You can talk about your idea and emphasize important keywords in the beginning slides. The template features a Pyramid Diagram where you can talk about features pertaining to your idea. If you're targeting the international market, you can leverage the in-house World Map vector diagram and provide a birds-eye view of data to the audience.

The template helps you deliver a strong overall view of your next big idea and initiate a call-to-action amid the audience. 

3-step spotlight slides for PowerPoint

The 3-Step Spotlight Slides for PowerPoint template is a popular choice when it comes to emphasizing content. Businesses of all scales can use the template to put their new products or services into the spotlight. Presenters can effectively feature their content and boost its engagement through dark and light color themes. Whether the goal is to present a new product to customers or pitching an innovative idea to a group of venture capitalists, the 3-Step Spotlight template boosts your presentation, just right!


The template encapsulates superior design and provides captivating spotlight-like diagrams. You can put your content below the spotlight content placeholders with added ease. Thus, reinforcing important keywords and phrases has become easy as it is only then you can encourage a call-to-action in your audience.

Also, every slide element of this template is 100% customizable. Be it typography, background, or color, the template is fully editable. Hence, you can further customize the template design and match your company's branding guidelines without any hassle. 

The end line

Gorgeous yet minimalistic design, quality content & actionable takeaways make up an impactful presentation. While presenting to a group of audience, you must remember that the goal is to get to the core of your message without setting them off. 

The templates that we explored above are highly effective and help you boil down a plethora of information into engaging, comprehensive & digestible pieces of information. It is only then you can wow your audience and take your presentation towards perfection!

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