Ultimate Guide To SMS Tracking Without Access To The Target Phone In 2024

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Staying in touch with loved ones is an undeniable advantage of living in a digitalized world. However, placing a gadget in children's hands sometimes implies the need for an extra layer of care and safety.

A handy tool such as a mobile phone tracker can have a sweeping impact on your offspring's well-being by providing access to their online texting and SMS, among other things.

SMS tracker: Brief definition & features

Think of it as any other software or app you install on the device to access more information and data. Having installed an SMS mobile tracker, you won't miss a single message sent or received while being far away from the gadget. 

SMS tracker: Brief definition & features

SMS is still a useful source of information that not only shows who a person is actually communicating with but also provides insights into what they are interested in – their online orders, use of services, login confirmation, missed calls, and much more. 

How it works and what it does

You don't need to have a knack for technology to use a phone tracker for SMS. To successfully configure and further operate this type of application, you may need to access the device at least once – as is the case with Android setup. However, those who need to monitor SMS without access to the target gadget can do this with iOS devices if they have iCloud login data at hand.

Being installed on Android or monitoring activity via iCloud, the SMS tracker app periodically retrieves SMS messages as they are, saving their content, contact name, time stamps, etc., and transfers this information to the user's account. Of course, an Internet connection is required for this type of program to work.

Using an SMS tracker has many advantages, namely:

  • Timely information about who your child communicates with and what they are interested in
  • Information about contacts and phone numbers they often interact with
  • Access to text content of messages, as well as embedded media
  • Ability to block messages and contacts from further communication
  • Tracking the activities of other close people or employees

If you are pursuing the best mobile phone tracker, you should also pay attention to the fact that some applications even offer monitoring of deleted SMS and other functions to boot.

Top working ways to read SMS without access to the device

While both Android and iOS devices have a built-in message backup function, the catch is that the cloud service simply serves to store this data, and you need to upload this backup to the device or resort to using third-party applications in order to read the content of messages.

As mentioned above, remote tracking of messages on an Android device is only possible if the software is installed directly on the target gadget. This has both its pros and cons since by configuring the program once, you will not have to return to this issue anymore and continue monitoring SMS without accessing the device.

Top working ways to read SMS without access to the device

In addition, choosing a high-quality mobile tracker like uMobix, which many consider the best phone tracker app due to the number of tracking features it encompasses, will allow you to look not only into their SMS but also get deep insight into almost all activities on the gadget. 

This program is designed to run unnoticed and also has a version for iOS, allowing you to obtain information without touching the device, interacting exclusively with its backups. 

Numerous users praise its helpful functionality, including:

  • Incoming and outgoing call tracking
  • GPS location tracking, including the history of places 
  • Access to photos and videos stored locally on the device
  • Total access to Instagram and Facebook accounts on iOS gadgets
  • Full coverage of instant messengers texting, media, and files
  • Keylogger functionality to know everything they type, saving even deleted entries
  • Remote phone controls, allowing you to disable or control the use of certain apps and services
  • Browser activity logs

Alternatively, you can use the automatic message forwarding feature, which is available as a native feature on iOS devices. This means that a message received, say, on an iPhone, will also be displayed on another iOS device such as a tablet or laptop or another Apple smartphone.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in with the same Apple ID on all devices that should receive SMS.
  2. Open Settings on the gadget from which you want to forward messages, then click Messages and Text Message Forwarding.
  3. Available devices will be displayed in a list. Activate the toggle next to the ones you need.
  4. Enter the confirmation code that appears on the screen, and you are ready to go.
Text Message Forwarding

As for Android, this function is not available in the settings of the phone itself, but it can be configured using third-party programs that you can find on Google Store.

Wrapping it up

The possibility of remote SMS tracking, together with other smartphone activity, has made waves among those who strive to ensure the safety of those dearest to them, for example, parents and those who cherish the discreetness of monitoring and minimal interference with the current operation of the device.

While remote SMS tracking without access to a device may be impossible for objective technical reasons, just a single setup can open a window into the world of your loved ones and provide a lot of useful additional data that you can view on the go.

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