SoapSox Net Worth: Shark Tank Update After The Show

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SoapSox is the company that entered the popular TV show Shark Tank and introduced the development of their brand through the interaction with experts.

The current post is a reflection on the company’s performance in Shark Tank, which pays attention to the brand’s TV promotion, the process of making a deal, and the outcomes for their business.

An analysis of the show is expected to include the company’s pitch and negotiation reports, as well as analyses of the company’s success after Shark Tank experience and the plans for the future.

Key takeaways

  • SoapSox changes bath time by presenting their playful line of toys as sponge, making bath time a joy.
  • The peak when SoapSox experienced their Shark Tank botched experience, received 2 offers of their sponges and hang up on all the sharks fully clothed.
  • Prior to the show, the product already made $ 300,000 in sales, showcasing the company’s traction .
  • After Shark Tank, SoapSox made massive sales and raised serious earned revenue.
  • SoapSox’s brand and loyal customer count have risen because of Shark Tank.
  • SoapSox plans to expand their product line and distribution channels.
  • The founders learned the importance of being prepared and confident during a pitch.
  • SoapSox's future outlook is positive, with potential for continued growth in the children's bath product market.

What is SoapSox and how did it get on Shark Tank?

SoapSox is a company that manufactures plush toys to make bath time more fun for children. Their toys are formulated with patented technology that enables them to carry soap or liquid soap, making them both enjoyable and functional. 

The concept for making SoapSox was to develop a product that would assist in producing excitement for kids while also providing solutions for moms. SoapSox, like all other entrepreneurs, went through the process of applying for Shark Tank.

SoapSox Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs submitted an online application and underwent two auditions before being approved and invited to be on the television exhibition. SoapSox made it past several thousand rivals who submitted their business case to appear on the show.

Since SoapSox had an excellent commercial and merchantability pitch, the manufacturers caught the producers’ attention, leading them to join the TV program.

SoapSox's net worth before appearing on Shark Tank

When SoapSox walked in to make a pitch in the Shark Tank, they were already an established business. Their products had generated a lot of revenue from online sales. They were also on the shelves of the biggest retailers in the United States. 

However, their financial statement then was still on the low compared to how much they would be worth a day or two after presenting to the Sharks . Their financial statement then affected the pitch the team brought to the Sharks.

They were looking for an investment to assist in the expansion. The Sharks would have put that into consideration in deciding whether to invest in the business.

The pitch: How SoapSox presented their product to the Sharks

SoapSox founders pitched the core concept of the product and demonstrated how the product works in practice. Founders mention that SoapSox was specifically targeted at making the use of soap more fun for kids.

As the sharks try the product for themselves, they understand how SoapSox is superior. SoapSox founders also address any practical concerns by mentioning that the soap can go in the toy.

The founders were well and used creative props and visuals to explain SoapSox’s features and benefits. The founders also open up by telling the story of how they came up with the product. The backstory was excellent because the shark tank participants can relate to the sharks. 

The Sharks' reactions to SoapSox's pitch

Upon presenting their innovative concept on Shark Tank, SoapSox captivated the panel, but it was Daymond John and Lori Greiner who were particularly enthused, each extending a unique offer to the entrepreneurs. 

This selective interest from only two Sharks underscored the specialized appeal of SoapSox, highlighting the product's unique position in the marketplace and its potential for growth and expansion.


With the endorsement of both Daymond and Lori, SoapSox gained not just financial support but also invaluable mentorship and guidance. This strategic partnership catapulted SoapSox into a new realm of opportunity, paving the way for exponential growth and market dominance.

The Sharks' reactions affirmed SoapSox's place as a rising star in the competitive world of consumer goods, setting the stage for their continued journey to success.

Negotiations and deals: What happened behind the scenes on Shark Tank

At the very start, they pitched a lofty ask of $260,000 for a humble 10% stake. This was too much for Daymond, so he hit them back with an offer for the same sum of money but with 33% ownership. Finally, Lori raised the stakes and put a $1,000,000 offer on the plate to purchase the entire company.

Amidst the flurry of figures and offers, SoapSox found themselves in deep waters, carefully weighing the financial terms against the Sharks' invaluable expertise and expansive networks. They also pondered the potential for exponential growth under the guidance of these seasoned investors.

After much deliberation and soul-searching, SoapSox made a bold decision to decline both offers. With confidence in their product and vision, they gracefully exited the tank, ready to chart their own course to success.

SoapSox's post-Shark Tank success: Sales and revenue growth

By declining to accept the offers put forth by the Sharks, SoapSox made the choice to use their appearance on Shark Tank to take their brand to the next level in terms of market recognition, in turn leading to a substantial increase in online sales.

The television exposure allowed SoapSox to greatly expand its customer base and establish partnerships with important retail stakeholders, thus representing a crucial turning point in their growth. 

SoapSox pitch

This strategic decision validates that SoapSox was able to become successful even in the absence of direct investment provided by a Shark, demonstrating evidence of resilience and an established presence within the market.

Their continued success post-Shark Tank exemplifies the immense value of drive and a strategic mindset in a competitive world.

The impact of Shark Tank on SoapSox's brand recognition and customer base

By turning down multiple offers from the Sharks, SoapSox was not deterred but rather propelled into the green limelight of Shark Tank. Emerging with brand new recognition and a boost in online sales after swimming solo, their acquisition of new exposure led to expanding their customer base. 

Ultimately, it also led to lucrative options for multiple retail partners. The daring decisions such as foregoing Shark investment showcased SoapSox’s resilience and credibility on the market.

Now, even without a Shark, they could still surf their way to success with courage and innovation. Standing tall with their feet firm on the ground, SoapSox’s post-Shark Tank journey once again proves that determination makes the merchant and can make a splash in a sea of competitors.

SoapSox's expansion plans after Shark Tank

After their Shark Tank experience, SoapSox had grand plans for what came next. They had momentum in their favor and were eager to take full advantage of it. This meant a significant expansion in terms of the number of offerings they made available.

They planned to launch several new characters and designs and tap into the international markets. Furthermore, they needed to boost their footprint in physical stores and up their partnership with brick-and-mortar outlets.

SoapSox also intended to increase its focus on business-to-business partnerships to enhance their product branding and distribution networks.

Lessons learned from the Shark Tank experience

SoapSox’s experience on Shark Tank was eye-opening for them, and they believe other entrepreneurs can gain several invaluable lessons from it. Their first lesson was to always be prepared for the pitch. They had thoroughly rehearsed the pitch and could succinctly communicate their product’s selling points. 

The second lesson is that entrepreneurs should know their numbers, they should be able to respond to any question that required their business’s details. SoapSox was able to impress the Sharks in this regard by stating instantaneous accurate figures and stories . 

SoapSox products

Thirdly, the value is a lesson that as an entrepreneur, you should have a perception of what you want your company to be in the future. This way entrepreneurs effectively showed the Sharks how SoapSox wanted them to take that journey with them simply via having faith in the product.

SoapSox's future outlook and potential for continued growth

The story of SoapSox post their transformational experience on Shark Tank is one of a journey defined by strategic growth and fortitude. By refusing almost all offers made by the Sharks, which included a well-publicized bid from Lori Greiner, SoapSox committed themselves to a different approach to growth. 

Rather than direct assistance, they doubled down on the potential of their appearance to serve as a pedestal to boost their online sales, a support strategy that has proven successful in light of the surging reliance on e-commerce. SoapSox revenue has soared in conjunction with their online sales. 

The company’s visibility online has skyrocketed and transformed viewers’ curiosity into committed consumers. Their brand is now more well-known and visible than ever before, largely due to online sales. SoapSox’s strategic, enhanced online visibility, and sales have enabled their expansion. 

SoapSox further excels over competition due to their constant innovation and creativity. They continue to adapt to changing taste and market trends giving them an upper hand over competition.

These strategies help them grow further without being under the Shark’s wing. SoapSox’s future looks good because of their creativity and online sales that seem to be doing well.


What is SoapSox?

SoapSox is an amazing line of children’s bath toys that cleverly encapsulate soap and turn ordinary bath time into a thrilling experience. They combine playfulness and utility to spark young imaginations and maintain an excellent level of cleanliness .

What is SoapSox's net worth?

As of 2024, SoapSox boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $8 million, reflecting its remarkable growth and market appeal.

What is the price range of SoapSox products?

SoapSox come in a variety of options ranging in price from $9.99 to $14.99 . It presents inexpensive fun for the roller that we need. 

What are some of the features of SoapSox products?

These toys are made from plush, supple fabric, and they are built to hold soap and bathing water, making bath time a lot more convenient. Additionally, they are available in various adorable creatures and colors, making them pleasant to use and aiding in maintaining a clean atmosphere.

What is the history of SoapSox?

In 2013, Ray Phillips established SoapSox to provide bath time enjoyment to his kid, and today it is a successful household. Quality values and innovation are the foundation of the business and make bath time entertaining.

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