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Spin Rewriter Review 2020: Pros and Cons, Pricing

While there are many ways to do – and succeed in – online marketing, content remains one of its foundations. The problem is, it takes some time to create one. 

I can attest to that. Usually, I need a few days and sometimes a week to create articles, guides, and reviews like this. On other days, I look for help. Although that frees my time, it also costs me something. 

That’s why I sometimes rely on tools like spinning platforms. I already talked about some of them on my website, but it seems more options are available over the past few years. Today, I will cover one of the interesting ones: Spin Rewriter. 

What can you expect from my Spin Rewriter review? You will know:

  • Who should use consider using it
  • Its top features (and I have a couple of favorites)
  • Pricing plans (pay attention to this as it can get confusing)
  • Why I love it
  • The factors that I wish it could improve on

If you've already decided to try Spin Rewriter, just click the button below to get it for free.

What is Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter is a spinning platform. In case you haven’t read any of my reviews about these programs yet, let me reintroduce the idea. 

Spin Rewriter Review

Spinning is a process that involves creating unique and readable versions of a copy by providing synonyms for every paragraph, sentence, phrase, or word. It depends on how deep you want the spun articles to be. 

Spin Rewriter is actually no different from other options out there, although it has a few excellent features that make it stand out. Moreover, it seems to be more keyword focused, so the spun articles may be friendlier to search engines, especially Google.

As for its history and company profile, Spin Rewriter is owned by Infinet LLC based in Slovenia. It began in 2011, which makes it one of the oldest in the market, and the brainchild of Aaron Sustar. He’s a programmer and entrepreneur who started running an online business in 2007.

Since then, the business claims to have over 150,000 accounts and millions of spun articles. It also moved from being hosted in Sustar’s personal site to its own domain. The company also said that 75% of industry professionals are already using the platform.

Who should use it?

The following can benefit from using Spin Rewriter:

Small businesses

Small businesses, whether they are fully online or not, can benefit from Spin Rewriter in a lot of ways:

  • They can start as a one-man team even in marketing.
  • They can maximize the different digital marketing tools, such as blogs.
  • Small businesses can save money on labor.
  • They can also save plenty of time.
Who should use Spin Rewriter

Digital marketers

As mentioned, creating content takes time. It could be even longer when you want your articles to be keyword driven. Spin Rewriter won’t do the keyword research for you, but it has features that allow you to make multiple versions without ever changing your keywords in the process. 

In other words, let’s say your keyword is “make money online,” and you want to create 50 articles about it. With Spin Rewriter, you can write one original article, rewrite it up to 1,000 times, and ensure each of these has the keyword intact and in the right places. 

Under Gold membership, Spin Rewriter can provide businesses and digital marketers with SEO specialists to help you cut more time in keyword research and article writing.

Spin Rewriter may also provide these digital marketing providers another add-on service to their clients, making them more competitive.

Serial entrepreneurs

Who are serial entrepreneurs? These are business people who may run companies or brands simultaneously. They may also move from one business idea to another. 

Serial entrepreneurs often have teams, but because they’re handling multiple things at the same time, productivity and efficiency could suffer if they don’t have the right tools.

This is where Spin Rewriter can come in. 

Bloggers and other content creators

Can you make money in blogging or social media? The answer is yes, but it rewards only those who are committed and dedicated.

What does this mean? 

Your audience will likely lose their interest if you cannot produce articles on a regular basis. Moreover, to earn good money, you may have to run multiple blogs or social media accounts.

Spin Rewriter has a cool feature called WordPress plugin, which I believe is awesome for all sorts of content creators. I will discuss more of this later.

Spin Rewriter features

What can you expect when you subscribe to Spin Rewriter?

Spin Rewriter features

Here are some of its features:

1. ENL technology

ENL stands for emulated natural language. It’s a lot of jargon, but what it means is Spin Rewriter can already “understand” the context of the original words. In the process, the system can recommend the best synonyms for them. 

Spin Rewriter banks on artificial intelligence and machine learning to do that. It “learns” as more people use the software and it spins hundreds of articles a day. 

2. Spin Rewriter WordPress plugin

Probably one of the best features I’ve seen for a spinner is this Spin Rewriter plugin. The company offers a WordPress license of the software, which already includes a plugin and integration into your Spin Rewriter account. 

Spin Rewriter WordPress plugin

To be more specific:

  • The WordPress plugin can automatically publish and spin old posts. Depending on the age of posts you wish to republish, as soon as this time expires, the plugin will immediately get the old post and create a new version of it. This way, your blogs have new relevant content without you having to write anything. 
  • It fetches new posts. What if you don’t have enough old posts? If your blog is new but you wish to have fresh content regularly, the Spin Rewriter WordPress plugin will fetch unique posts online, spin them, and then publish the content immediately. 
  • It lets you spin posts right on WordPress. You don’t need to open Spin Rewriter and then copy-paste the article to have spun copies. You can already do that on your WordPress account.
  • It allows you to connect your sites to your Spin Rewriter account. Conversely, if you’re having trouble accessing your WordPress plugin or for whatever reason, you can spin articles for your specific websites. This is because you can integrate these sites to your WordPress account.
Create new post with Spin Rewriter

3. Spinning settings and options

Spin Rewriter has the following spinning options and settings:

  • Up to 1,000 versions or spun articles
  • My Archive, which allows you to save already spun articles in case you want to spin them again
  • Fetch a new article, which lets you search available articles from its database for spinning
  • Manual rewriting of sentences and paragraphs
  • One-click rewrite
  • Protected keywords to retain your chosen words or phrases, as well as brand names
  • Settings for readability or uniqueness
  • One-level or multilevel nested spinning where the platform creates synonyms for already spun phrases
  • Rewrite multiple articles, which is batch spinning (saves you a lot of time!)
  • Fix grammar via Perfect Tense
  • Copyscape to check plagiarism
Spin Rewriter fetch a new article

4. SEO services

Besides being able to identify your keywords and retain them (meaning Spin Rewriter won’t create synonyms for them), you can tap on their in-house search engine optimization (SEO) team for keyword research and even the actual spinning. 

In other words, you do nothing but wait for the spun copies. 

5. Other integrations (videos and images)

Spin Rewriter also lets you integrate media files such as videos and images into your articles. The platform already has stock photos and videos, and all you have to do is to search for them.

Spin Rewriter fetch relevant images

6. Affiliate program

Spin Rewriter runs a simple affiliate program. It gives you 50% commission (which is a lot) and lets you give away bonuses to incentivize customers or engage leads to sign up. 

Spin Rewriter pricing plans

In general, Spin Rewriter has three primary plans:

1. Monthly ($47 a month)

  • Unlimited articles
  • ENL spinning algorithm
  • Mass export
  • Bulk spinning

2. Yearly ($197 a year)

  • All features of the monthly plan
  • Bonus 1: video module
  • Bonus 2: 10 free seed articles

3. Lifetime ($497 single payment)

  • All features of the monthly plan 
  • Single payment

Interestingly, only one of these plans has a free trial, and that’s the yearly plan. You can use it for five days without financial obligation and get full access to its features while you’re at it. 

Spin Rewriter pricing plans

The yearly plan is also the only one to have a special deal. Currently, if you subscribe to the plan ASAP, you pay only $77 a year. That’s a deep discount of 60%. 

I also receive free access to Site Guardian Pro under the yearly plan. This program detects problems of your sites to minimize downtime and other issues that can harm your sales and traffic. Separately, this costs $17 a month or $197 a year (currently offered at $97 at the time of this review). 

But that’s not all. Spin Rewriter offers a lot of add-ons: 

  • WordPress plugin and license for $97 a year (currently offered at $47 single payment at the time of this review)
  • Gold membership for existing customers at $97 a year (currently offered at $47 single payment at the time of this review)
  • Rankings done right package, the price of which varies depending on the size of the site (includes link-building campaigns per month)
  • Perfect Tense to check your grammar at $17 a month or $97 a year – this also comes with an API access and 5-day trial

The Gold Membership is actually its VIP program and comes with five exclusive benefits:

  • Content on-demand SEO service – Spin Rewriter has an in-house SEO department who can already do the keyword research and article spinning on your behalf. You can ask up to 50 articles a month.
  • One more account for your assistants 
  • Access to the mobile version of the program
  • Priority servers
  • Priority VIP customer support, which includes in-depth SEO consulting

All plans, however, including the add-ons, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked – if you’re not happy or satisfied with its performance. 

Spin Rewriter review: pros and cons


It’s so easy to use

Of the many spinning platforms I tried, Spin Rewriter has one of the cleanest interfaces and easiest processes. Here’s the look of the dashboard:

Spin Rewriter Pros and Cons

Everything the system considers as essential or something you’ll likely use is already accessible and properly categorized. Now, let’s click “Rewrite a single article.”

It lists down the THREE steps to produce your spun article. When you click on Settings, you can then easily control or manage your preferences. 

Why is it important to have a clean interface?

Spin Rewriter settings

Because not everyone is familiar with how spinning works. I’ve also come across platforms that can be a headache that navigating is not really worth the time or even the money. 

It creates a cleaner spun copy

Another thing I like about Spin Rewriter is a clean spun copy. For illustration, I am using a published post about autoresponders. Here’s a snippet of the finished product: 

Spin Rewriter clean spun copy

The system failed to stick to the format, which includes bulleted lists, but it doesn’t look so distorted either. It is also easier to see or read the synonyms, so in case you want to manually insert words, it’s easier for you to do so.

Customer support is good

Spin Rewriter doesn’t have a phone number you can call, but it has a knowledge base or a comprehensive FAQ section. It answers pretty much all of the most common questions people have about the software. You can also send your e-mail if you can’t find your query or answer on the list. 

If you opted for the Gold Membership, regardless of whether you’re paying monthly or lifetime, you will receive VIP priority support.

Discounts are abundant

It’s not uncommon for platforms to give you discounts for plans and add-ons. What I like about Spin Rewriter’s is they’re plenty and huge. Offers can change from time to time, but you can guarantee to enjoy excellent discounts that will surely entice you to purchase, upgrade, or consider an add-on.

Spin Rewriter bonuses

It offers less complicated SEO

Learning SEO or search engine optimization is not easy, so if you’re a beginner, you will find this overwhelming and even frustrating. However, you cannot have a chance to dominate the search results and eventually achieve your goals such as making a sale or boosting your traffic unless you know how to do it. 

One of the reasons for Spin Rewriter’s uniqueness is its SEO service. Besides the fact that you can prevent the platform from spinning your keywords regardless of how many copies you make, you can take advantage of its SEO team

I have yet to encounter a spinning software that can do that. It just takes a big chunk of load from digital marketers and business owners, not to mention helps them save time and money. 

It is accessible anywhere, anytime

Most of the spinning programs are online, but not all are accessible anytime, anywhere. Because Spin Rewriter has a mobile app and in the cloud, you can work on your content even when you’re on vacation. This is great since a growing number of people doing online marketing are actually digital nomads. 

The WordPress plugin is awesome

It’s true to its word. It’s easy to integrate this to your content management system and vice versa. 


It can get expensive

This isn’t the priciest article spinner out there. I probably have to give that to Spinner Chief, which could cost a whopping $547 one-time payment or $244 per year. However, this is already the price for the team version. With Spin Rewriter, you can add one more account under Gold Membership, but that’s for a single team member. 

Overall, while it is not the cheapest, it can still get expensive, especially if you factor in the add-ons. Although you can get a Spin Rewriter free trial, it’s only for 5 days. Some can give you 2 weeks. The consolation is it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

It also tries to attract you with bonuses, but other article spinners have better free add-ons than Spin Rewriter.

The offer pages can be annoying

This one is frustrating. It will take you probably three or more clicks after you’ve signed up before you can access the dashboard. Each page is an offer. I understand the logic behind it, but I believe it’s annoying since usually you just want to get to the features right away.

The idea of semantics is not new

Spin Rewriter claims to have a unique semantics technology it calls ENL, but unless this is a totally different idea, this is more of a hype than anything else. Some of the best article spinners already run on something similar. They use artificial intelligence or machine learning, and they try to understand the original article first so they can give more suitable synonyms. 

The quality sometimes suffers

Spin Rewriter isn’t immune to the universal pitfall of article rewriters: it can still produce shoddy work. Using the same example above, here’s one spun article I had generated:

quality suffers

I admit that I’ve seen far worse from other article spinners than this, but it still means that you may still have to review the work of Spin Rewriter, especially if you opt to automatically upload the content into your WordPress account. 

I wish it could work in other content management systems

WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS today, but it’s not the only one. Medium is gaining traction, and Blogger is still around. I think Spin Rewriter may want to consider making their plugin available for other CMS options too. 

WordAi vs. Spin Rewriter: which one is better?

Today, there are already a lot of article rewriters or spinners vying for your attention, so you may be wondering how Spin Rewriter fares. While I cannot compare this to all, I can share my insights on how this measures up with another crowd favorite: WordAi. 

I already published an in-depth WordAi review, where I also match it with Best Spinner 4, which is also a great article spinner. But let’s have a refresher. 

WordAi vs. Spin Rewriter

WordAi is an article rewriter that uses Turing technology. It may sound proprietary, but it works similarly as the ENL technology of Spin Rewriter. Perhaps what makes it interesting is that the spinner can provide the most suitable synonyms based on the context of the entire article. 

Take, for instance, the word “suspect,” which may refer to a person accused of a crime or suspicion. This, I believe, is an amazing edge of the platform against Spin Rewriter. 

They also differ in the following ways:

1. Foreign language support

WordAi allows you to spin foreign-language articles, although it can translate fewer than five non-English languages. I really don’t consider this an essential feature unless you know how to speak the language. If you don’t understand other languages, I highly suggest you opt for a professional writer to help you. 

2. Title spinning

WordAi also lets you spin titles – Spin Rewriter does not. Now, this one is a huge deal since you are likely to produce up to a thousand articles. Imagine having to think of unique titles for each. 

3. Custom synonyms

With WordAi, you can add custom synonyms, and that’s great for branding. However, you can do something similar with Spin Rewriter when you manually add synonyms to your spun articles. You can also lock in your keyword, which means the platform won’t spin it. 

4. Pricing

WordAi has a way simpler plan – there are only two. But their prices are more expensive than those of Spin Rewriter. For instance, the yearly plan of WordAi costs over $325. Spin Rewriter is more affordable at $197 annually, and you can already receive bonuses. 

wordai free trial

Both have really short free trials, but WordAi lasts for only three days compared to five days of Spin Rewriter. The former also doesn’t offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

5. Spinning settings and options

Both WordAi and Spin Rewriter allow you to add media files into your articles, although the latter already has a database for videos and images. 

WordAi Turing spinner_

You can do a side-by-side comparison with Spin Rewriter but not with WordAi. The latter also pales in comparison with CMS integration or support. 

Both article rewriters can spin in bulk. When it comes to plagiarism checks, Spin Rewriter uses Copyscape while WordAi says it uses one that has a similar algorithm to Copyscape. 


As an article spinner, the strengths of Spin Rewriter lie on its simplicity, good use of semantics or artificial intelligence, and excellent integration to WordPress. It can also go the extra mile by providing in-house SEO service. Although I won’t call this the best rewriter in the market, these gems make it a standout and worth considering

Its price point may be higher than the others, but Spin Rewriter offers plenty of add-ons for a more personal user experience. 


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