How to Start an IV Hydration Business: Step By Step Guide

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The IV hydration business is on the rise. It's not hard, and it will provide you with a lucrative income. 

This is mainly because hospitals need access to water that won't cause any harm to their patients and some people who are seeking alternative methods for self-care.

Hospitals and doctors are more than willing to use IV hydration to treat many illnesses. IV hydration can also be used for other medical purposes, especially for those in need of intravenous nutrition.

There are many reasons an IV therapy business can be profitable. Still, before determining if it's right for you, we need to discuss the vital information that must be known before starting an intravenous therapy practice.

This step-by-step guide is designed to help you determine if starting an IV hydration business is right for you and what necessary steps are involved.

What is an IV Hydration business?

An IV hydration business is a business where a person promotes and helps people with intravenous nutrition and hydration, providing plant-based nutrients intravenously.

How to Start an IV Hydration Business Step By Step Guide

IV hydration is an industry that has been growing rapidly in recent years. It has become a highly sought-after service at clinics, hospitals, spas, and in-home care. 

You can set up an IV hydration business that treats patients, provides in-home care to seniors and athletes alike, and offers spa treatments for those who want to look younger and thinner through detoxification treatment.

How does the IV Hydration business work?

To prevent or treat dehydration, IV fluids are specifically prepared liquids injected into a vein. All ages and conditions can benefit from these fluid replacements. 

They can be given to those who are ill, injured, dehydrated due to physical exertion or heat, or who are undergoing surgery.

It is easy, safe, and common to administer intravenous rehydration because of its low risk of complications, low cost, and highly positive outcomes.

IV hydration therapy is used to treat the cause of dehydration by replacing fluids. When the saline solution is injected into a vein, the body absorbs it faster than you would via mouth or stomach.  

As a result, rapid IV solutions are so efficient in treating dehydration, especially after surgeries that drain a lot of fluid from your system.

Learning how to administer IV fluid therapy requires a bit of study and practice because it's not as simple as injecting a drug into your veins. The human body is highly complex, and not every IV fluid solution is the same.

The amount of fluid that must be replaced is determined by the amount of fluid lost, the rate of loss, and the type of replacement fluids used. Some of the conditions that necessitate intravenous hydration therapy are as follows:

  • Dehydration (with or without vomiting) from diarrhea or vomiting
  • Electrolyte imbalance from vomiting and diarrhea; some need to be replaced more often than others.
  • Infections, such as an infected IV in the hospital
  • Blood loss, such as in a surgical procedure

IV hydration therapy was developed in military operations where there is no access to water or food.

Unlike oral liquids and food that can be ingested or dissolved in water, intravenous solutions have specific delivery points, which is why they are often given through catheters attached to the veins.

On the battlefield, IV hydration therapy is performed by medical teams, which are usually composed of nurses and physicians

Soldiers who are wounded and need immediate transport to a hospital have to have IV fluids administered to prevent dehydration from blood loss.

In prolonged military operations where soldiers cannot access food or water for a few days, IV hydration keeps them well-hydrated. Without it, they could die because their immune system could deplete in just a few days.

IV hydration in the military keeps soldiers well-hydrated for extended periods. IV hydration has been used to prevent dehydration after many surgeries and procedures.

In addition to its use in emergencies, IV hydration therapy has other advantages compared with other methods. 

It can be given via a vein, which makes it very convenient because it's easy to access, and doesn't need access to food and water like oral liquids or pills.

How to Start an IV Hydration Business

Intravenous (IV) hydration may be a good fit for you if you enjoy dealing with people, appreciate the health and wellness business, and have a medical background.


If you're looking for a way to make money while helping others reach their health and wellness objectives, an IV hydration (also known as IV treatment) business is for you!

Is your curiosity stimulated? Step-by-step instruction on how to start an IV hydration business is provided below.

Having the opportunity to interact with customers and assist their wellness journey while owning a company with significant income potential is a beautiful prospect.

Also, you can take a good deal of time to get started with your search for clients. If you have friends or family members who could benefit from intravenous hydration therapy, you should ask them if they would be interested in trying it.

Begin on a small scale, and then consider the various strategies available to you for bringing in new customers. So let's start with step 1 below!

Step 1: Research

First of all, you need to do a bit of research. Find out what different companies offer about IV lines. Some may provide other equipment such as tubing, catheters, and pumps. 

You also need to find out how much the supplies cost if you will be buying them from a local supplier. Then you will know how much profit you will be getting from each client.

Step 2: Contact your local Health Department about getting a business permit for an intravenous solution (water) product.

The next step is to get the proper licensing for your business if needed in your area. Also, if required, make sure to apply for a medical permit for your business.

You will need to contact your local health department, and they will let you know what documents you will need to provide to get a business permit.

Your state may require that you get a license separate from your business permit, so check with them before making any plans.

This is usually not a complicated process, and there will be plenty of information provided in your local government office.

Step 3: Get referrals

Get referrals from family, friends, and people you meet on social media. I can personally tell you that getting your IV hydration business off the ground is extremely easy and profitable.

Talk with your family, friends, and close relatives and make them aware of your opportunity.

The best way is to give a presentation about it and ask for some support from them concerning referrals, getting the permit, and other important stuff for your business. 

Tell them about what IV hydration is, how it impacts human health, the benefits of the product you will deliver to your clients, etc.

Step 4: Set up an IV storage room at home

You can use an old cupboard, bathroom, or spare bedroom available in your house. You can also rent a temporary classroom to set up an IV therapy room in your local community. Next, you will need the following equipment:

  • 1: 1 1/2-liter bottle of sterile saline solution; this is the most common type of IV fluid solution. According to data provided by the government, the typical selling price charged by manufacturers in recent years has ranged anywhere from 44 cents to one dollar.
  • 2: IV tubing (commonly referred to as catheters) comes in different sizes.
  • 3: Sterile gloves and sterile disposable bags: the best option for this step is to buy the gloves and bags separately, for less than $20 apiece. The bags are used to keep the solution inside after you have finished administering the fluid.
  • 4: Alcohol wipes (you will use this to disinfect your hand and the solution bottle after using it with a client); you can purchase these for as low as $3 from Amazon.
  • 5: Spare needles and syringes if you intend to use those instead of IV catheters in your bag. Syringes are usually required for children, older people, and those who have not used IVs before. You can get a box of syringes and needles for about $20 at Walmart or Amazon.

Step 5: Set up client paperwork

The paperwork is relatively simple and easy to complete. You can either work with the client one-on-one or have a database that outlines all of your clients.

The only information you will require them to fill out is their name, e-mail address, and phone number.

Step 6: Create a website for your business

A website will allow you to market your services more efficiently, and it will appeal to more clients in your community.

Remember that a website can help increase the value of your business; it is crucial if you want to run an online IV hydration business.

Step 7: Get clients

There are so many things you can do to promote your business. All you need to do is to brainstorm and come up with ideas.


And then execute them. This is the most challenging step in the process, as you will need to find clients. You can advertise your company through a variety of tactics, including the following:

  • 1: Setting up a free consultation with your clients; during this meeting, you can address any concerns they may have about their health or lifestyle before starting a therapy session. Also, now that you have all of their health information, you can start looking into their medical conditions or recommend solutions to preventative measures.
  • 2: Through social media, online marketing via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. You could also consider placing advertisements in local community newspapers as an additional option.
  • 3: Conduct seminars: Another great way to promote your business is to have a free conference. Many people are very interested in benefiting from IV hydration, but they are not aware of these treatments' benefits. This is the perfect opportunity to educate them on the different uses of IV hydration and how this treatment can benefit their health. You can also promote your company by holding online seminars and uploading case studies that detail how the services provided by your company aided clients of your IV hydration service.
  • 4: Online job searches; you can search job sites such as Craigslist or CareerBuilder for freelance therapists and massage therapists. Take note, however, that most people looking for a therapist are only seeking pain relief or sports injuries. People who seek IVs for reasons related to their general health or athletic performance should be the target audience for your advertisements.
  • 5: Referrals; You will get referrals from your clients. In addition, you can also get referrals from trainers, doctors, and other therapists. You may also promote referrals from your clients by offering incentives for referring their friends and family to you.

Step 8: Take note of cash flow in your business

The money you make during your IV sessions will vary depending on the kind of client you get. You can earn a certain amount per hour or a certain amount per day and the number of sessions you administer during a week.

Step 9: Get to know certain aspects of IV therapy and train yourself on them

Like anything, you will want to get experience in the IV therapy field. The more you train yourself, the better your skills will be. There are different ways to prepare yourself for IV therapy.

  • 1: Have a mentor; this is a teacher who would be willing to teach you about IV therapy and its knowledge. They can be someone who has already been in the business for some time and has gained a lot of experience. The mentor can be a doctor, physical therapist, or nurse practitioner. Alternatively, you could also learn from books and websites that successful practitioners have already created.
  • 2: Attend on-site training sessions; you will be given a list of topics to study in an intensive course for this method. At the end of the session, you will be given a certificate proving that you have gained knowledge in the topic or topic areas.
  • 3: Certification programs; after you have successfully completed a training program, you will be given a certification to practice IV therapy. You can choose from among the various certificates available such as the IV Therapy Skills Certification or the Infusion Therapy Certification Examination from IHA. You will want to register for these pieces of training in your local area or via online courses if it is available for you.

Step 10: Generate an online presence

When you have been in the IV therapy business for a while, you will want to create an online presence that reflects your business. There are various blogs available online, and you can use a blog as a platform for your services. 

Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be used to market your business to customers. If you wish to give IV demos or conduct live IVs, you can even set up a YouTube account.

After gathering all of the useful information, it is time to start constructing your company. If you are still reading, I believe that you are prepared to begin an IV therapy career and start making money in the field.

Why IV hydration works for you?

As an IV hydration provider, you can perform IV sessions in the comfort of your own home. You will have control over your schedule since you are running the business from home. 

You'll also enjoy flexible hours, as you don't have to work as a nurse or doctor during their business hours. You'll have the freedom to work when you want, where you want. In addition, you can work alone or with a team.

If you want to get started as soon as possible, enroll in an IV certification course.

This will give you all of the necessary information you need to know about how IVs are delivered and how to make sure that your customers receive treatment that is both safe and effective. 

An IV certification course cost: $240 (includes online didactic, skills lab, and testing).

Useful tips to start an IV Hydration business

I think you are interested in the products of IV hydration but don't know where to start.

Are you interested in beginning a business but are unsure what kind to launch? Don't be concerned. I will give you some excellent tips (and how-to's) so that you can get started quickly.

  • You'll need your website and an E-shop. Setting up an e-commerce site and a payment processing system are the first steps you should take. You'll need both of these in order to start selling your products online because that's the best place to start an online business.
  • You can do this by using Shopify or Squarespace or using some other e-commerce software. You can also start your website using WordPress (which is what I did). But you will probably need a dedicated web designer to help you if you want your site to look professional.
  • The great thing is that many people and companies offer affordable web design services
  • You can also provide your web design and maybe get some help from your friends or family members.
  • You have a wide variety of choices available to you in terms of processing payments. PayPal is the most popular one, but also Stripe and Square are very reputable companies that offer payment processing solutions. The process of checking out on websites can now be finished in a significantly shorter amount of time due to the work that these three different companies did.
  • The best course of action for you would be to begin marketing your products and website via the internet. This can be done by using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other social media platforms like Pinterest and Reddit.
  • You also need to promote it offline as well. This is best accomplished by using flyers, flyers in local coffee shops, or even handing out some fliers on the streets of your city or town. It's a great idea to organize a giveaway as well.


This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make extra money.

You can improve the health of the people you care about while spending quality time with them by providing them with natural treatments that make use of specialized IV hydration solutions.

You'll have a great time working for yourself and making a difference in people's lives.

You and your client both come out ahead in this scenario. Win-win. You will be able to make enough money so you won't have to work that hard ever again and live an extraordinary life.

With the right approach, it's not hard to become a successful IV hydration business owner. The key is to prioritize quality over a number, and you'll find that clients will come to you of their own accord.

IV hydration is becoming more common these days. If you can provide this service, then you have a great opportunity to make money from home. Follow the easy steps listed below, and you will be on your way to success and prosperity.

Frequently asked questions

The following are some of the inquiries that are asked the most commonly concerning the IV Hydration business.

What are the benefits of IV hydration?

IV hydration can provide your body with plenty of benefits.


It can treat many types of diseases and conditions, such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, and obesity.

What is the cost of IV hydration?

The cost of IV hydration services depends on many factors, such as the size, quality, and brand of supplies used in this treatment and where you purchase them from. 

There are no extra costs in your treatment apart from those that providers charge you at the time of your visit.

Is it safe to use IV hydration?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use IV hydration. Of course, this is done with the correct supplies and equipment. Your health care provider will inform you how you can get the proper treatment for your illness. 

If you have a severe injury or require a quick boost of energy or nutrients, IV hydration may be able to help you with these conditions.

Can IV hydration be used as a medical treatment?

Yes, it can. This is also referred to as intravenous nutrition or IV tube feeding. When using IV hydration, you may need to take medications from your healthcare provider. 

You will also need to find out how the substances you are given can affect your body in the long run.

Thus, you will have to be very careful when using this treatment apart from those who already have conditions that prohibit them from taking other medications or supplements.

What is the purpose of IV hydration?

Hydration through intravenous infusion is a method that is both safe and effective for delivering vital nutrients and water to the body. This treatment can be used as a supplement or alternative to other treatments. 

It can also be used for recovery from an illness or injury. In some cases, when a hypodermic needle is used, this is also known as intravenous (IV) therapy or IV therapy.

Can I use IV hydration on myself and others?

This is also possible. However, you may want to do this as part of a team. When using IV hydration on yourself and other people, you should always ensure that the person you are treating is consenting to this treatment

Also, it is a good idea to work together with your health care provider for this. This way, you will make sure you use this safe and effective treatment.

Can anyone administer IV hydration?

Most people use IV hydration as a form of medical treatment. Those who administer this treatment include nurses and other health care providers

Only when illness prevents them from taking other medications or supplements should they decide to use IV hydration on others. 

Losing the ability to provide IV hydration can still leave your patients in good hands because there is always the availability of another provider who can help them with their treatments.

Can I still use IV hydration if I have a medical condition that prevents me from taking other medications or supplements?

Yes, you can. You will still have to work with your doctor or health care provider to get the best treatment for you

However, you may decide to use IV hydration as an alternative for some of your medication or supplement needs. You can continue to obtain the benefits of this treatment and the appropriate treatment for your disease by doing it.

Is this a safe line of work?

Yes, that's the short answer! IV Nutrition franchises have medical professionals on staff who are fully qualified and licensed to give IV drips safely. 

In addition to this, it is their responsibility to examine each of our patients to determine whether or not they would benefit from receiving IV treatment.

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