Streamyard Review: Pricing, Features, Pros&Cons

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This live streaming studio operates directly on your browser. There are no plugins or downloads necessary, just a simple link to their website. 

They offer unlimited packages with different levels of access to live streams of your choice. From sports lovers who need the best quality broadcasting, to individuals wanting a subscription just for themselves and their family members, the platform has it all. 

In this Streamyard review, we'll talk about everything this live broadcasting platform has to offer.

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What is Streamyard?

Streamyard is a live streaming platform. It allows anyone to broadcast live from their computer directly to the world. This means that you, the viewer, will be able to interact with Streamyard's own dashboard and see everything that's going on inside your personal broadcasting studio.

Streamyard Review

The platform has two main sections. You have your Dashboard which is where you can choose which station you'll be streaming from and what the quality of your broadcasting will be like. The other section features your list of live streams. You will be able to see a stream's thumbnail and the title of the event being broadcasted. Everything is neatly categorized on the dashboard so that you won't have an issue finding anything on the website. 

Who is it for?

Streamyard is a great platform for just anyone who wants to broadcast live. It allows anyone with a computer and an internet connection to start broadcasting their own video without any fees or restrictions. Whether it's a school assignment, preparation for work, or just something you want to share with your family and friends – chances are Streamyard can get it done. This is helpful for those who want to share their hobby or passion with the world, whether it's building a model car, showing off their favorite sports equipment, or playing a video game.

Who is Streamyard for

Streamyard also offers different packages, from basic to premium, so you can easily choose which one best suits your needs. If you're a sports blogger or someone who wants to become a professional broadcaster, this live streaming platform is for you. You will be able to make money while doing what you love and sharing it with the world through Streamyard's monetization tools. 

How does it work?

Streamyard is a live streaming platform, so all you need is an internet connection. When you are ready to start broadcasting, simply log in with your Streamyard account. You will then be able to access your dashboard where you can choose which stream to broadcast with its different packages and levels of recordings. When complete all you need to do is start the live video stream that's able to be watched on both mobile devices and computers.

All data will be saved to your Dashboard so that you can easily access your recordings at any time. You will also be able to view all of the comments that viewers post in order to communicate with other broadcasters and viewers. This is a great way for you, the broadcaster, to receive feedback from viewers about what you're doing right or where you can improve. 

Streamyard features

Streamyard features a lot of things that will help you get started right away. Here are some of the most prominent features that their live stream service offers:

Screen sharing

Screen sharing allows your viewers to see what you can see, literally. This is great for when you're showing people how to do something on their screens or giving a tutorial on your favorite game. As a broadcaster, you will be able to invite your viewers as guests and you can switch between the viewpoints of the different guests at any time. You can also allow non-registered viewers to your live stream.

Streamyard screen sharing

I like how it allows easy interaction between streamers and viewers. On top of that, it features multiple screen sharing options, so your audience won't have to worry about you not being able to connect with their device or platform.

On-screen comments

On-screen comments are similar to chatrooms. You can interact with viewers by liking, sharing, and replying to their comments. It also has a list of "hot" broadcasts so that you can easily find them by using a search feature. Comments don't require registration or having an account on Streamyard just for the comments section.

This is great because people don't have to worry about being able to comment in one place and being restricted from visiting other pages like purchases or email addresses. Comments are located on the page where the live stream is being viewed from.

On-screen participants

You can see a list of all the viewers who are participating in your live stream directly on your screen. This allows viewers to see exactly who is broadcasting their video, whether it's a complete stranger or someone you've never heard of before. The feature also allows viewers to invite other people directly from this screen as well as share your live stream on their social media accounts.

Custom RTMP destinations

This is where you can stream to your live stream destination. You have the option of choosing from a list of popular destinations or creating your own. RTMP stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol. It's used for video live streaming and is compatible with most devices and platforms. You can also create a push-to-publish live stream, which allows you to start your broadcast from the timeline of any RTMP server, even if it's full, or not allowing any new users to broadcast. This is great for those who are already using a live stream service or do not want to wait for a space to become available.

Individual audio recordings

You can also upload your own custom audio recordings to accompany your live stream. Streamyard will store all of the files from your recordings and share them with you on request. Depending on how much storage space you have, you may not be able to store all of the files but Streamyard will save at least one file per minute for each broadcast. Audio recordings can be used for any part of a broadcast. For example, you could have background music playing in the background for a livestream instead of playing music from your desktop or laptop speakers.

User interface

Streamyard's user interface is easy and user-friendly. The site has a simple design, so anyone can learn how it works in no time. There are no complicated terms to understand or confusing settings to look up. You will be able to get started right away with most functions without having to read through lots of pages of different features and options.

Streamyard User interface

This is great because you don't have to stop your movie or video game during the livestream just so you can figure out a setting to change. All of the features are right there on your dashboard, so you can change them on the go or when you have breaks between films you're watching. Streamyard also has a chat feature where users are able to ask questions about any of the different features, live streams, and broadcasts as well as be able to chat with each other.

Ease of use

Streamyard is very easy to use similarly to other live streaming platforms so anyone can use it without being too discouraged by the number of settings and features that it has. You'll be able to get started with most of the functions within seconds. If you're still struggling to find out how certain settings work, there are helpful instructions on each section of the website so that you can figure it out quickly.

Streamyard broadcasts

The site also features tutorials so that you can learn more about it and create better live streams. It also has live help from a customer service representative every day, so if you're still having trouble with anything, then you can ask them for some advice or assistance.

Streamyard with Zoom

Another feature that is worth mentioning is Streamyard with Zoom. This allows you to stream using your smartphone or tablet while in the car, on a bus, or walking through public places without having to worry about webcams or other devices that may not work well for streaming. The video will look a little grainy, but you'll still be able to interact with your viewers as well as keep an eye on what's going on around you. 

Streamyard pros and cons

The platform has a ton of great things going for it such as: 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide variety of different features
  • Free plan
  • Quality videos
  • Great and easy to use chat room feature
  • Live stream statistics available on your dashboard

Despite the fact that there are a lot of good things about the software, there are still some things I think the developers could improve upon:


  • You need wifi to use it
  • Streams only autoplay on pro
  • Some features are not amazing
  • Video quality is not good unless you're on the premium plan

Streamyard pricing plans

The software has 3 pricing tiers to choose from. And one of them is a free plan that comes with a lot of functionality. I think this is a really good deal to be honest. However, if you opt to go for the paid plans, it is significantly more expensive. There are two billing cycles to choose from as well: monthly and annually.

Streamyard pricing plans

Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at everything the free plan has to offer: 

  • Screen sharing
  • Banners
  • On-screen comments
  • 6 on-screen participants
  • Brand colors
  • Green screen
  • Stream anywhere
  • StreamYard branding in your streams
  • Streaming limits


This option is arguably the most popular one. It’s a good choice for you if you feel like the unpaid version just isn’t doing it for you anymore. It costs $25 a month billed every 30 days or you could save over $60 on the annual plan for only $240 a year. It comes with everything from the previous plan as well as: 

  • No Streamyard branding on your content
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Up to 10 on-screen participants
  • Logo
  • Overlays
  • Backgrounds
  • Custom RTMP destinations
  • 4 hour recordings per stream
  • 3 multistream destinations


Lastly, the pro plan is a good choice for established streamers and personalities. It’s a good option if you already have a brand or a following since it costs a bit more. On this plan option, you get to save $120 a year if you choose to pay annually which is a really good deal to consider. It costs $49 a month or $468 a year. It comes with everything from the previous plans as well as: 

  • 8 hour recordings per stream
  • 8 multi-stream destinations
  • 1080p full hd
  • Individual audio recordings

Other than that, you could also get in touch with their team for a customized business plan. It's perfect for larger teams and enterprises who run a full-scale streaming service. 

Streamyard review: is it worth it?

Personally, I think the platform is a good choice if you're looking for something you can grow with. It has a lot of functionality, I really like how well the features work, and the fact that you're able to control everything from the get go.

It's a good choice for someone like me who enjoys being in full control of a service so I can make use of everything it has to offer. The user interface is smooth, easy to navigate and it won't take up space on your computer like a software that needs to be downloaded.

At this point, I think it's definitely fair to say that Streamyard is something you should take a look at. Because of all the great features they offer, they have a ton of potential if they were to do some upgrades to the software. I can imagine that with a little more development, this service could become a really big success for the Streamyard team.

It's definitely worth checking it out and consider using it for your next live stream.

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