Super Affiliate System Review 3.0: John Crestani Course

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Today’s Super Affiliate System review takes you on a crash-course to everything you need to know about the John Crestani program. Learn about its pros and cons, what makes it work, fail, and why you should consider it as a viable investment for your business. 

To be fair, I got it back when it first launched because I was blown away by the creator’s then-recent publication. So here’s what I think of it thus far.

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What is the Super Affiliate System Pro?

Before we get down into the nitty-gritty details, let’s define our subject for today. 

So, what exactly is this product? 

Super Affiliate System Review

SAS - as I like to call it, is a premium online course headed by John Crestani. Its main objective is to teach you how to effectively make money online. When it was first launched, the program cost around $5000. 

And I’m not gonna lie, the price was steep. Luckily for you though, it costs much less now than it used to. Which is also why I’m more technical with this review than I normally would. 

Basically, the system is designed to turn you into what John likes to call super affiliates. As you can imagine, these are top tier, marketing experts who have developed increasingly effective strategies in the networking industry. 

Generally, you’re considered a “super affiliate” once you’ve earned over a hundred thousand dollars - if not millions through various affiliate programs

But what makes the course so expensive and why is it different from other courses out there?

What is the Super Affiliate System Pro

It all depends on how you look at it really. When you look at it from the surface, there’s generally no difference from courses by Russel Brunson, and other experts. However, a deep dive into the program reveals unique strategies, tips, and a robust roadmap into fast-tracking your success online. 

The bottom line is, it helps you set up successful affiliate programs from the start. Or if you’re not new to the industry, it helps you reach your goals at a much faster pace using tried and true tactics. 

What do I get with the program?

The course itself takes around 6 weeks to accomplish depending on how dedicated you are. With upwards of 50 hours of content, it’s easy to say that it’s one of the most extensive summits you’ll come across. 

John Crestani course SAS Pro

You should expect to come across lectures, tutorials, and video demos that explain the course material thoroughly. Of course, you can’t expect to actually retain anything by just listening to hours of content droning on.

So it also comes with various quizzes, exercises, and homework to help you apply what you learn more effectively. 

What does it cover?

The Super Affiliate System will discuss a wide range of topics and effective strategies all designed to help you maximize every aspect of affiliate marketing. As I mentioned before, it’s one of the most extensive resources available to networkers. 

Here are the areas discussed in the SAS Pro course: 

  • Advertising
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Native
  • Youtube
  • Social

There are more areas discussed in the SAS program. But we’ll go into more detail on that later. 

What does SAS Pro cover

What makes the program itself effective and efficient is that John Crestani himself has developed a way to check and guide each individual into completing their work and finding success with the tactics within the course. 

Who is the Super Affiliate System for?

Like all good things, the SAS program may not be the right choice for you. After all, if you’re making an investment - and such a big investment at that, it’s only understandable that you’d want to gain an insight into whether it’s the right platform for you or not. 

The Crestani course is tailored to marketers who are new to the field. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t help you if you’re already in the game. Just think of it this way: it helps you and your business move at a much faster pace than it would have otherwise. 

That said, if you’re a newbie or if you’re just getting started and want to know the basics, it will teach you the basics. You’ll gain insight into how you can start your brand effectively without the hiccups most of us experienced before when there were no gurus like John or Russel Brunson to lead the way. 

Who is the Super Affiliate System for

Basically, you don’t have to spend most of your time trying out various strategies and figuring out which way you should be headed. Instead, you’ll be able to set a clear path that’s tailored to your business. 

The course is ideal for you if you want to have a direction to push you exactly where you need to be in the affiliate marketing world. Think of it as your launchpad where you’re headed with the right coordinates along a preset path. 

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you won’t get much use out of it if you’re not just starting out. Say you’ve already started your business, but you’re struggling to reach your monthly goals.

Or maybe you’ve been at a stagnant state for a long time and don’t know exactly where you need to start, or what to do to keep your brand rolling and earning money. 

The course is just as helpful to startups as it is for those of you who aren’t sure how to reach your goals. After all, there’s no reason you can’t apply tried and tested tactics to an already existing business if what you’re currently doing isn’t exactly working for you. 

Here are a few things you need to consider as well: 

  • It’s right for you if you don’t mind making a monetary investment into a goal-oriented course.
  • You’ll be able to make use of it if you’re willing to work on the strategies and maintain consistency.
  • It will benefit you if you maintain your focus and you’re not looking for an overnight solution.

What are the program’s benefits and drawbacks?

Like any online course or service out there, you have to weigh in on the good and bad aspects. After all, you can’t expect it to be perfect. What works for others might not work for you, and what others find to be an irrelevant value might be a dealbreaker for you. 

Super Affiliate System pros and cons

Here are some of the things I noticed John could have improved upon and some of the things he did well (in my honest opinion) regarding the online course. 

The pros

I’m not going to lie. The Super Affiliate System is far from perfect. There are a few tweaks I’d like to suggest, but we’ll talk about that later. For now, let’s discuss what I think Crestani did right with the course. 

  • It’s extensive and covers a wide variety of subjects. I mentioned before that you’ll gain insight into managing and creating ads, content creation, and more. All these aspects work together for an in-depth lesson into everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.
  • The course is kept up to date. Ten, twenty years in the future, you can’t expect the same strategies to work. I mean, imagine if Facebook were to be replaced by some other form of social media? Luckily the program is revised on a yearly basis to keep up with new trends, and so you’re getting updated tips and strategies you can apply to your business.
  • It’s well organized and easy to navigate. The course is separated into different sections which help you flip through quizzes, to revisions, and other areas you may want to specifically review. It’s also well laid out at a reasonable pace and follows a structure that isn’t confusing to allow for optimal retention.
  • The community and support group is welcoming and a great resource even after you’ve completed the course. There’s a Facebook group dedicated to users of the SAS system where you can connect with experts and others like yourself. You’ll also gain access to an email marketing forum where you'll be able to make use of the knowledge base anytime you need to.
  • Customer support is easy to reach and eager to please. I like how the customer service team can be reached through email and you get a response within 1-2 days. The replies are quick, straight to the point and often don’t need reiteration on your part. 

The cons

Like I said, the Super Affiliate System is far from perfect. Since we’ve already discussed its pros, it’s time to move onto what I would consider its drawbacks. Take note, none of these were dealbreakers for me considering I purchased it at full price when it first came out and found that I’m still using at least some of what I learned to this day.

  • It’s quite expensive. The course costs nearly $1000. You can either pay this upfront or opt for a three-month installment of nearly $400. Although this is significantly cheaper than when it first came out - *cough* $5000 *cough*, some would argue that it’s too expensive for startups. This is something I can totally get behind. But if you have the money to invest in such an extensive course, why wouldn’t you?
  • It’s filled with content you might not need. Don’t get me wrong, such an extensive course has its merits and you’ll always get great value out of learning more than just a handful of things. That said, it’s an expensive program and I don’t expect less of it. But I found myself not being able to use nearly half of what I learned from it personally.
  • Some parts aren’t covered in as much detail as I’d like. Despite spending time discussing things I found I wouldn’t have had much use for, I actually found that some of the topics needed to be discussed in more detail.

So, does it really work?

If you ask me, it depends entirely on how you apply what you learn. For me specifically, I was able to make use of some of the things I learned from the program which is the ultimate goal. Of course, I didn’t go into it thinking I’d get much use out of everything I learned. 

Unfortunately, for courses like these that have so much information condensed into a single summit, you will come across a few topics that aren’t really suitable for you and your business. And that’s okay.

how SAS Pro works

Basically, the program was in-depth enough that it allowed me to explore my options, it talked about things I needed to know, it touched on basic principles, and John even shared some helpful tips that I didn’t already know. 

If you’re just starting out, and have no idea what you’re doing, it’s a great resource since it tackles everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. However, as I’d mentioned prior, some subjects are just skimmed upon. Which is entirely okay, but some more important aspects should have been discussed in more detail. 

Luckily, the support group and the extensive knowledge base were good enough resources after the course that you’ll still end up learning new things long after you’ve accomplished Crestani’s tasks. 

That said, you should know that I went into the program not as a newbie, but as an already established networker. I was already earning a good amount of money, and I just wanted to try it out for the heck of it. So no, I didn’t really get much use of everything I learned. But I did agree with a lot of the principles discussed. 

Admittedly, there are also a few things you need to consider before you go into the system. 

  • Make sure you’re ready to put in the effort. You won’t reap the rewards if you go into it half-heartedly.
  • The program will not make you rich overnight. It will take weeks at the very least to see results but at least you’re not haphazardly trying out new fads in the hopes of landing the right strategy.
  • You won’t see results unless you remain consistent. Make a commitment to stick to your strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all guide for a business. You have to tailor it to your needs exactly by using what you already know and doing thorough research.

Overall, I think the program has the potential to work in your favor. It certainly works similarly as a syllabus to affiliate marketing instead of a cheat sheet and is a great investment if you want to learn about the basics and a few tried and true tips from John Crestani. 

Super Affiliate System price: is it worth the cost?

I’m not gonna lie. When I first purchased the program, it cost around $5000. And I definitely felt like I was cheated by the end of it. There are several other courses out there that provide the same value - or more, for significantly less that amount. 

And given the fact that it’s marketed towards newbies and startups, I felt it was entirely unreasonable to value it at such a high price. That said, the cost has dropped significantly since then. Right now you can get the entire course for less than $1000 and they even offer a three month installment

Super Affiliate System price

Due to the price drop, I’d say you have a larger chance of getting the value for your money. But of course, that all depends on how you use the course. You also need to consider the fact that there are several factors that go into determining whether something is worth the cost. 

Are you willing to set several weeks aside to learn about the course in its entirety?

If you aren’t, you’re just wasting your time. As I said, it takes weeks to finish the program and don’t expect to get results before you do because the program is arranged in a way that you’re learning exactly what you need at exactly the right time. 

Are you notorious for never finishing your commitments? 

Yikes. That’s not a very good habit to have when you’re starting any business. But quite frankly, if you often find it hard to stick to a schedule and to follow up on things you should be finishing, then you’re likely just throwing money into the drain. 

So, how does the course give value to me? 

Like I said, think of it as a guide to everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. It gives you all the basics, takes you on a journey across tried and true tips that John Crestani himself uses, and you’re even learning about the platforms you need to prioritize to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Basically, it helps you skip the awkward flapping around the market looking for the best way to get your business started. It gives you a direction that saves you a significant amount of time and work if you were to do it yourself. 

How does the Super Affiliate System Pro progress throughout the weeks?

The SAS takes six weeks to complete. Yes, that’s over a month of your time and hard work dedicated to accomplishing quizzes, tasks, familiarizing yourself with over 50 hours of content all compiled to make your life easier afterwards. 

Super Affiliate System Pro modules

It’s certainly not something you’ll be able to finish in a week. You’re not going to be able to sit for 30 minutes and feel accomplished or confident enough that your business will thrive after just a single lesson because it doesn’t work that way. 

Let’s take a look at exactly how each week progresses and what you can expect to experience throughout the six week experience. 

Week #1 - setting up the system

Week #2 - understanding the system

Week #3 - developing and understanding marketing skills

Week #4 - running ads on Facebook and Google

Week #5 - running local and Youtube ads

Week #6 - scaling your business and figuring out how automation works

Basically, each week is dedicated to certain topics to make sure you’re able to fully absorb exactly what Crestani is trying to teach you. Aside from that, you also gain access to his Free Traffic Training Course, Internet Jetset which usually costs $47 each month. 

What does the freebie offer me? 

The freebie focuses on getting free traffic from Google, Youtube, Facebook, and more.

The Super Affiliate System features

Aside from the training and online course, you’re also going to gain access to a set of additional material that will help you progress through your affiliate marketing career. Personally, these additional features are what made the program more worth the money for me. But that’s just my personal preference since I didn’t go into the course knowing nothing about the industry.

Designed for you ads

Aside from teaching you how to run effective ads on multiple platforms, you’re also getting various Ready2Launch campaigns. Essentially, they’re ad templates that target a variety of niches like muscle growth, diet, weight loss, skincare, and more. 

SAS Pro ad swipes

These will give you a good head start on how to run your ads. Additionally, I liked how you get tried and tested templates that are guaranteed to generate leads for you. They also help you save time and money from having to create your campaigns. 

Of course, you need to keep in mind that you can’t rely on these forever. But they do serve as a good starting point and inspiration to improve your ads in the future. 

The SAS community

Another thing I enjoyed with Crestani’s course is that you’re able to join a private Facebook community of fellow Super Affiliate System members. Here, you’re able to share your experiences, discuss amongst yourselves, and even gain insight into others’ experiences as an affiliate marketer. 

Additionally, updates and other activities are held in the group such as question and answer sessions and you’re even able to get in touch with John directly in the group since he’s very present in it. 

Moreover, it’s wholesome and inspiring to see the students sharing their success stories on the page. It serves as a good motivational reminder to strive hard and to do what you need to do for your business. 

A weekly group coaching session

Every week, Crestani hosts live webinars. This usually lasts for 2 to 3 hours every Friday at 3PM PST. During the weekly sessions, several participants are able to share personal ad campaigns which he then gives his input to help them improve them. 

SAS Pro weekly group coaching session

Additionally, he also answers questions and concerns during his webinars. I personally liked this feature since it’s a great way to maintain a connection with the host and you’re able to further make use of the things you learned during the training by learning the most effective ways to apply them. 

Super Affiliate System review: Is it worth it or is it too expensive?

To be honest, it could go one of two ways. I have to admit that when I initially signed up, it was too expensive for me. It still is right now, $5000 is not cheap and I’m not entirely sure it helped me that much. However, if I had waited until now or for later versions of the course to come out, I would be much happier with the payment. 

It now only costs around $900 for the complete course, which is significantly less than what I paid for it. So I’m able to see more of its value now that I did before. That said, the course is definitely more worth it if you’re new to the industry.

It’s also going to be more of use to you if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve your brand so you can start earning millions in the next year or so. But for someone like me, who’s already learned a lot from affiliate marketing and am already earning a stable enough income from it, I have to say it’s quite overpriced. 

And I say this with the best intentions. The course itself is great. It’s extensive, and it comes with a lot of great follow-up material that can help anyone who is struggling to make their mark in affiliate marketing. However, I personally didn’t need most of the content tackled in the training. 

Additionally, I also didn’t really have much use for the follow-up sessions and the community aside from getting motivated to keep doing what I’m doing. And if you ask me, it’s a bit expensive for startups. You’ll have to really put in your effort to make sure it works for you because investing nearly $1000 in an online course is not a sound investment otherwise. 

Overall, I appreciate where the course is headed. And I think newbies and those who need constant guidance and motivation will certainly be able to learn a thing or two from what Crestani has to say. The cost is quite high, but the value is also there for the right audience.

Besides, I think most of the cost goes toward the follow-up sessions and your access to John himself which is admittedly the most valuable aspect of this offer. Personally, it doesn’t work for me. 

But if you’re a newbie and want to have a clear direction to follow for your networking brand, then it’s certainly something you should look into at the very least.

Would you like to watch its free intro webinar? Click here to check it out.

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