Review 2021: Best Features and Alternatives

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Isn’t it tiring to run back home and retrieve that tiny little trinket we call a flash drive and make it in time for our presentation? Isn’t it frustrating when our hard disk fails right exactly when we needed it?

Storage is a key element in everything we do. From school to work, we just can’t live without it. 

And for that reason, companies started bringing out cloud services. With the ease and absolute convenience of accessing your files from any device, cloud services are really taking over and getting rid of the betrayal of the flash drives and hard disks. 

I tried multiple cloud services and today I’m giving you a full review 2021. I’m digging into the depth of the sync app.

Let’s get to it.

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What is Sync?

Sync cloud storage is exactly what its name is all about, sync all your files into a single space. Sync offers its users the capability to access, edit, and share files through the internet without using hardware storage.

sync homepage

Sync was designed to boost productivity in a world that highly relies on file sharing. Because it was intended to securely sync various files into a single app, Sync became more than just a Dropbox alternative.

Sync is popular to small business owners and web-based businesses sharing files with employees working from different parts of the world. Its most notable features are:

  • End-to-end encryption for complete file protection
  • Affiliate and referral program for users to earn money and expand storage space
  • No maximum size for uploads
  • User-friendly interface for easy use and setup
  • Sync mobile app provides multi-device storage through diverse operating systems
  • Office integration for real-time data sharing

Sync covers the best of both worlds: secured file sharing without sacrificing their users’ privacy.

This setup is ideal for small companies or businesses working in teams without having anyone to move their desk or sacrifice file quality just to transfer files remotely. review 2021: what are the best features?

Privacy protection

Sync was created by a team in Canada. Following the privacy laws in the country, Sync is amongst the very few cloud storage providers that offer multi-layered file protection.

sync privacy protection

Sync secure complies with 3 international security compliance:

  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a US law that protects patient medical records. Any records shared between a patient and a physician through Sync are secured by this law.
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a law that protects the private information of individuals in the European Union. It is known to be the toughest security and privacy law on digital assets.
  • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) is a Canadian law that protects the sharing and disclosure of any business’s digital assets.

Sync applies all these three laws on all its users even if they live outside the country that implements these laws.

Implementing these three laws protect medical files, business files, and personal files with end-to-end encryption during file transfer and when the file is stored in a Sync cloud storage.

I find this personally reassuring. Especially when dealing with sensitive data, Sync becomes a platform that protects all forms of files and users.

Why does have so many digital law implementations?

The laws make it ideal to securely transfer or share digitally notarized documents, business privacy files, patient medical records, personal information and more.

You probably don’t know that the biggest cloud service providers, Dropbox and Google Drive, can access user files. This means that anyone working in the company can access, edit, and even share your files to a third-party. review 2020

Zero-knowledge storage

It basically means that no one but you have access to your cloud storage. No one from Sync can view or access your files. This private encryption means that only you can have the key to all your data. And if you lose it, it’s gone forever.

Even if Sync is a newer lesser-known cloud service provider, I’m sure this quick security review will give you an idea just as to how much they value user file protection.

Data protection features

What I personally like about this app is its privacy features. We all know that all cloud services offer unlimited file sharing. And we also know that all cloud services offer data protection from the user’s side. What makes the Sync software are the following:

1. Granular permissions. This allows the user to manage every single user’s access and restrictions to a certain folder. Yes, folder and not file. Within granular permissions, you can set link expiration dates as well.

2. Remote management. Sync provides full control over your files even on mobile. If you’re not in front of your computer, you can move, delete, and edit files, and set restrictions on all your files right from your mobile device. Plus, you can also delete devices that you lost or were broken to maintain strict access to your file storage.

3. Access and download management. Unlike other cloud services where you set restrictions on the links you’re sending (like Google drive that lets you send links that can only view or comment on certain files), Sync has custom file management settings. You can restrict access per user per folder. This allows you to have full control over who sees who, and what other users can do with your files.

4. Account rewind, file history and recovery. Most paid subscriptions give a 365-day file history and recovery. But more than that, you can have an account rewind where you can reset your account or files to previous versions by date or even time. Data protection features

Team folder management

As I mentioned, I think that cloud storage Sync is ideal for businesses. That’s because of these following team management features:

team share folder

1. Team administration tools. Team management has a super-user account that manages all users in the team. Of course, this can also be waived where there will be two or more super-user accounts. Super-users can track activity and monitor team tasks using Sync.

2 .Team file sharing and individual privacy. Every member of the team is given privacy to their own work in progress. They can opt to share files they are working on or after they have completed a project. Each user is given full privacy over files on their own vaults.

3. File ownership. You can change file ownership with Sync. If (for example) an employee is laid off or has resigned from their post, the user or administrator account can transfer file ownership to retain valuable company files.

4. Multiple payment options. Users can pay for their own user account but you can also pay using a centralized billing where every new user account payment is prorated.

sync Team folder management

Cloud experience to individual users

Sync is popularly known for its easy integration and user-friendly interface. Let’s talk more about this.

Desktop Integration and Events tab. Sync download for your computer automatically integrates with your file manager. It shows up as a file storage on your file explorer as if it were a folder.

sync for windows_desktop

You can simply drag and drop your files into the cloud with ease without opening the Synch app itself.

Sync storage pricing

No review 2021 is complete without going into the price packages offered by the cloud storage service.

Sync has multiple pricing options to choose from. And surely, there is a subscription plan that fits everyone’s budget, including yours.

Let’s compare which plan works best for your needs.

Free subscription

Everyone can avail of a free subscription and have a go. With a quick sign up, you are entitled to a free 5GB storage. Personally, I find this to be quite small in comparison to other cloud storage services that offer 10GB or 15GB of free data. free plan

But, once you’ve set up your account, you’re given a checklist or to-do list, once completed (or completed at least 5 of the tasks on the checklist) you get an extra 1GB of free space.

However, you can get unlimited free data. Sync has a referral program that gives you an extra gigabyte of storage for every successful referral you make. You are not limited to the number of referrals you can make thus giving you potentially unlimited storage.

It’s best to make the most of this program now before they start limiting the number of referrals per user.

Sync software pro solo

Upgrading to a pro solo account immediately boosts your storage to 2TB. This is great for large file media users like photographers and artists. Pro solo gives you full control over your files directly on your computer.

Sync pro solo

Unlike the free subscription, your files have advanced security protection with Sync’s Global Data Privacy Compliance. You also have full control over which files to share, set expiration dates on links, and also provide limited access to your files.

  • Basic. The Basic Plan with 2TB costs $98 annually. Amongst all the paid plans, this is the only one that has a 180-recovery history.
  • Standard. With 3TB for an annual fee of $120, you get a full year of Sync backup history and recovery. Since this is the most popular plan, they often offer slashed prices from the original $144 annual payment.
  • Plus. Priced at $180 per year, you get 4TB of storage.

Sync cloud storage business pro

This is perfect for a small business, a group working together, or even a couple wanting to have linked storage accounts. 

Compared to the pro solo account, you get to enjoy the team features we’ve discussed above. On top of that, all business pro users have a 365-day file history and recovery meaning, every change you make to your files and your folders can be recovered up to a year.

Sync cloud storage business pro

For businesses and small companies, billing includes centralized payments. This means that the company or the employer will pay the annual fees from a single account to reduce the hassle of creating and paying multiple user accounts.

Like the pro solo plan, you get billed annually for your subscription.

There are three different subscriptions for business pro.

  • Standard. Priced at $60 per user annually, it offers 1TB per user. The standard plan allows 2 to 100 users.
  • Plus. Business plus is the most popular since it offers 4TB of storage for each user priced only at $96 every year. With the same price for a pro solo account, you can talk to a friend and subscribe to a plus plan. You can enroll as little as 2 users up to a hundred.
  • Advanced. Ideal for large corporations and big businesses that have over a hundred employees sharing large files and valuable information, you get 10TB per-user storage.


Most cloud services offer a business cloud storage for their employees or teams within a company.

However, Sync offers a special for large corporations with about 1000 employees in need of a well-managed data storage system.

The enterprise package offers a tailored subscription plan to accommodate thousands of users under a single umbrella.

However, all the features included are similar to the business pro pack with just the difference of a reduced payment and customized storage system.

Who is Sync app for?

Although Sync aims to target all types of users, Sync is best for group storage. This gives you the full benefit of having your personal storage space and a shared space for you and your peers or employees to enjoy.

Though many cloud services offer a shared space, Sync has mastered the art of privacy amidst group sharing. Your files have full security unless you share the file yourself. 

Sync app privacy

Most large cloud services have access to your files and can view them but for Sync, you have everything under your full control even highly sensitive data.

If you’re someone who shares files with other people regularly but also wants to keep your personal files and data protected, you can use a single Sync account instead of signing up for other cloud services.

To Sync or sink: How easy is it to set up?

One of the primary issues we deal with when lining multiple devices to a cloud account is set up. Setup can be a major drag and can also cause frustrations especially for beginners to the cloud service and to technology.

Sync, on the other hand, simplifies everything. All you need to do is download the app and login. You get easy access minus all the troublesome account setup.

Even when you’re new to the app, everything is very straight forward - if you have a paid account. 

When using a free account, you’re given an account with multiple limitations like easy access to your vault. You will have to open the web version of the app to access them.

sync vault

But if you have a paid Sync software account, you have no trouble mastering the cloud service on any device.

Cloud storage with Sync pros and cons

You can’t really find the perfect cloud storage. As great as Sync is, it has its downfalls too. Let’s find out what they are


  • Easy syncing and user-friendly interface allow even the most technoob easy mastery of cloud storage.
  • You have no maximum file size limit in uploading so you can upload really large files straight to the cloud.
  • Team sharing and personal privacy are well-maintained assuring secured data and file management.
  • Ideal for multi-user storage and usage especially for businesses and even larger corporations
  • Zero-knowledge storage ensures that only users have access to their files.
  • It’s Global Data Privacy Compliance provides secure file storage especially to sensitive data.
  • File management over large teams is easy and streamlined.
  • Free storage space has unlimited upgrades for every successful referral a user makes.
  • Sync has a public affiliate program that allows its users to earn money while being subscribed to the cloud storage.


  • It doesn’t come with a search bar or filter, so it’s a bit hard to find your files unless you organize them properly.
  • Vault access is only available on the app and not on file explorer, so even if you save your files right on the cloud, you need to organize which ones to share and which ones not to.
  • They only offer yearly contracts. No short-term subscriptions or lifetime subscriptions either.
  • Because of its privacy compliance, it doesn’t allow app integrations like syncing your cloud storage to different social media platforms.
  • The starting referral offers only 5GB of storage space. alternatives

Popular for its lifetime subscription and superb third party integration, pCloud is also a great cloud service to consider.

To learn more about this cloud storage, I made a full pCloud review.

pCloud home

But in gist, pCloud’s amazing features are:

  • Lifetime subscriptions at affordable prices providing all users with multiple options.
  • End-to-end encryption protecting your files from third-party access but includes social media and app integration.
  • Fast upload and stable cloud service providing optimal cloud storage services 24/7

pCloud, amongst other cloud services, is close to app. It has a very easy file explorer integration making it easy to store files straight to the cloud. pCloud is a great cloud storage that you might also want to consider and try.

pCloud offers a free 10GB free storage for its free subscribers and upgrades its storage for up to 2TB.

Known as the leading cloud storage for how many years, Dropbox sure has become a household name in terms of file storage.

dropbox home

Dropbox is popularly known as a cloud storage that offers dual-purpose, store your data and share it to others. Many users tend to share videos or tutorials via Dropbox.

Here are the popular features of Dropbox:

  • Dropbox offers copyright protection by adding a watermark to your media ideas
  • Social commenting is allowed on publicly available files
  • TSL/SSL encryption is offered to all free and paid subscriptions
  • File collaboration is available through link sharing of existing files
  • Superb customer support

Dropbox has always been one of the leading cloud storage providers. However, it is getting outdated since many of its features remain the same for the past years.

Known as the top collaborative cloud storage in the market, Google Drive is among the most used tools for file sharing for small businesses.

google drive

Google Drive is essential for remote team collaboration because of its office tools that allow different people to work together in a project in real-time.

On top of collaboration, here are other notable features of Google Drive:

  • Basic encryption providing secure file transfer
  • Storage organization allowing you to store your files in Google Photos for media files and Google Drive for document files.
  • Voice search provides ease in sifting through your document
  • Individual file sharing and folder sharing with restrictions by the user.
  • File commenting and communication in real-time in every document file

Google Drive has proven to be the cloud storage to beat.

However, the problem with it is its subpar security features where Google has access to your files.

It may be ideal for team sharing and collaboration but storing highly sensitive data and personal files is not recommended on GDrive.

Another known cloud storage, iDrive is relatively a new cloud storage in the market but has promising features for users to consider.

Compared to the Sync app, however, iDrive still needs a few upgrades to meet the standards of the cloud storage with Sync.

idrive home

However, here are some features that would surely make this a great cloud service contender:

  • Prime third party integration making it easy for users to sync multiple apps with iDrive.
  • File restoration is not limited to days but on the time you made changes to your files. You can retrieve versions of your files in different times you worked on them.
  • Quite affordable compared to different cloud services
  • 256-bit AES encryption provides safe file transfer and file storage

iDrive provides perks for loyal users. Once you have used their services for a year, and wish to renew you’re given an offer to upgrade your storage up to 5TB at a relatively low cost.


Choosing the right cloud service mostly boils down to cost. Although Sync only offers a yearly subscription, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. With a yearly subscription, you get premium security features that even top cloud service providers do not offer.

In this Sync review 2021, I’ve discussed everything there is to know about this cloud storage. But here’s the gist:

Sync prioritizes privacy over app integration thus sacrificing the latter to provide optimal file protection.

Sync is, so far, the only cloud provider that is compliant to global data protection laws and applies it to all its users making it ideal for professionals who deal with highly sensitive files like medical records, notarized documents, copyright protected data and personal information.

In summary, the features that most users (and myself) love about Sync are:

  • Though they only offer yearly subscriptions, their premiums are more affordable than other cloud services.
  • They don’t sync third-party apps because they prioritize data security and user protection.
  • Sync promotes team collaboration with topnotch team storage and management.
  • Its simple interface makes it easy to master the cloud storage.
  • Sync does not limit the size of the files you upload on the cloud.

When you download Sync, you’re guaranteed a streamlined team collaboration and file sharing. This is great for small businesses and even large corporations. Though not so perfect for individual use, as long as you’re looking for one of the most secure cloud storage, then Sync is it.

But always remember that you should use a password that you can easily remember because once you lose your password, you won’t have access to your files anymore.

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