Tapfiliate Review 2022: Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

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Why affiliate marketing, and how does it work?

Thousands of companies have already experienced the benefits of affiliate marketing. Affiliates play an essential role in optimizing your business strategy and minimizing ad costs. 

This type of marketing involves recruiting individuals or companies to promote your brand in exchange for a commission. An affiliate earns a commission each time someone, driven by the affiliate’s link, makes a purchase on your website or subscribes to your paid service. 

So what keeps driving affiliate marketing forward? First, it allows companies to effectively market their products and services at a well-contained risk level with a low budget, as you pay per conversion. Second, it ensures a clear ROI and increases brand awareness.

To get the most out of affiliate marketing, you have to monitor and analyze campaigns’ performance continually. Since there is a great variety of affiliate tracking tools out there, you need to look into all their pros and cons to pick your perfect fit. 

In this Tapfiliate review, I’ll shed light on one more popular platform for affiliate marketing to help you figure out whether it will work for your business.

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What is Tapfiliate?

Tapfiliate is a full-scale affiliate tracking platform developed to help businesses launch, manage and optimize affiliate and referral programs.

Tapfiliate Review

The software lets you track affiliate campaigns in real time, set flexible commissions, and provide performance-based bonuses to incentivize publishers. 

The platform also allows you to add and track marketing materials such as images, banners, and shareable social media posts. On top of that, it offers various affiliate campaign customization options. For example, it enables generating branded links and pages and placing your brand name on affiliate dashboards. 

Apart from that, Tapfiliate is created to benefit affiliates as well. They are provided with a handy feature-rich dashboard to view and analyze their progress using multiple predesigned tracking tools. 

Tapfiliate awards and industry recognition

Tapfiliate awards and industry recognition

Tapfiliate pricing

Tapfiliate provides three pricing options: 

  • Essential: $89/monthly
  • Pro: $149/monthly
  • Enterprise: Price on request

The company offers a 14-day free trial for all its paid plans. So you can check which one suits your business needs without paying upfront.

Tapfiliate pricing

Although you need to specify your credit card data to sign up, you won’t be charged until the trial period expires. And, of course, you can cancel the trial subscription at any time. 

What challenges does Tapfiliate help to overcome?

Challenge #1 Limited marketing budget

If you want to run affiliate programs on a budget, creating your own in-house affiliate program seems to be the best solution. Going alone gives you better control over your strategy and has proven cost-effective. 

Why? Unlike working with networks, when managing affiliate programs by yourself, you decide who to partner with, keep an eye on campaigns’ performance, and tweak them accordingly to achieve greater results. 

So, the Tapfiliate software lets you take control of your affiliate marketing without spending a fortune on third-party agencies. 

Challenge #2: You don’t know how to expand your business reach

Traditional high-cost advertising models usually limit businesses’ marketing strategies. And here, Tapfiliate comes into play. It provides brands and merchants with an additional ad channel and opens new targeted audiences.

Due to white-labeled affiliate pages, branded links, and emails with your unique touch and feel, Tapfiliate helps build your brand identity and market your products and services properly.  

Challenge  #3: You are unsure how to launch an affiliate marketing campaign

Tapfiliate is a self-service platform that allows setting up your own affiliate marketing programs literally in minutes. The informative “Getting Started” dashboard and Affiliate recruitment feature let you invite, hire, and onboard new affiliates.  

In addition, it also allows setting up automatic invitations for new customers to turn them into brand advocates. 

Challenge  #4: You have no time for affiliate program management

Tapfiliate helps you fully automate conversion tracking and commission routine for your affiliate and referral programs. 

How does it work? 

Let’s say a customer came to your website following a referral link and made a purchase. The software calculated the commission and displayed it on your dashboard. 

But later, the customer returned some of the purchased products and was issued a refund. In this case, the commission amount will be automatically updated. 

How to start with Tapfiliate

Let’s figure out how to launch your affiliate program with the Tapfiliate software:

1. Integrate Tapfiliate with your website to start tracking clicks and conversions.

2. Invite affiliates and referrals.

3. Invited users need to sign up with your affiliate program to become your affiliates. 

4. Affiliates access a dashboard where real-time statistics and ready-made marketing materials are available. They also get a unique referral link to promote your brand.

5. Next, when potential leads click the referral links, the data is immediately sent to Tapfiliate’s tracking system. 

6. Conversions trigger the affiliate rules you’ve set and generate commission accordingly.

7. As an advertiser, you can monitor and manage all your affiliate programs from the Tapfiliate dashboard.

And now, let’s take a closer look at the Tapfiliate’s features.

Tapfiliate features:

Quick integrations

Tapfiliate offers 30+ plug-and-play integrations, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Stripe, and many others. It means that you don’t need to possess any specific technical skills to set it up, as the service provides you with detailed guiding manuals and developer documentation. 

There is also the possibility to add Tapfiliate to any custom website with a few lines of code.

Tapfiliate Quick integrations

Apart from that, the platform works with Zapier to help you automate affiliate program management almost effortlessly.  

There are many tasks you can do using the Tapfiliate’s Zapier app. Here are some of them:

  • Automated signups: Visitor ‘A’ comes to your website and joins as a member. Tapfiliate automatically creates an account for this visitor and issues a referral link to share. This visitor shares the link via social media, and someone (Visitor ‘B’) clicks on it and gets directed to your website. After joining as a member, they also get a shareable link. And now, an MLM structure has been created where visitor ‘A’ is the parent affiliate, and visitor ‘B’ is the child affiliate.
  • Accounting: Create invoices in your accounting system once a payout is approved.
  • Contacts: Add the details of newly approved affiliates to various apps (MailChimp list, for example)

In-depth reporting

Users can filter data using many parameters to get in-depth reports tailored to their specific needs. For instance, it’s possible to filter reports by: 

  • Country
  • Campaign 
  • Affiliate name
  • Conversions and clicks
  • Conversion page, and many other options

Plus, it’s also possible to export data to a CSV file for further processing.

Flexible commissions & performance-based bonuses

No successful affiliate or referral program can exist without incentives. Using Tapfiliate, you can create an affiliate structure suitable for your specific business needs or take advantage of native ones. Set up Recurring Commissions to reward high-performing affiliates.

With the Tapfiliate software, you can motivate your high-performing affiliates in the following way: 

  • Set different commission types 
  • Offer incentives based on the number of conversions or conversion amount
  • Provide team commissions
  • Set tiered, recurring, or lifetime commissions

What is important —   Tapfiliate users can also choose the payment method for their affiliates.

Branded affiliate dashboard & links

Tapfiliate provides customization options to help you build your brand identity. For example, you can white-label pages to match your brand and domain. With this feature, you’ll effectively maximize your brand’s exposure. Tapfiliate enables you to: 

  • Create branded sign-up pages
  • Generate affiliate links with your website domain name 
  • Add your brand name to the affiliates’ dashboard
  • Generate emails with a brand’s unique touch and voice
  • Take advantage of six supported languages

Possibility to match your branding

Provide affiliates and referrals with ready-made marketing materials to let them spread the word about your brand and bring more traffic to your site. In addition, premade materials help you control the content quality to ensure it corresponds to your brand’s standards. 

With the Tapfiliate software for affiliate marketing, you can add data feeds, new promo banners, and social media posts for different campaigns in one area so that affiliates will find them on their dashboards.

Affiliate recruitment

Finding affiliates and referral partners whose target audience matches your business niche isn’t an easy thing. And Tapfiliate is on a mission to change that —its affiliate recruitment feature lets you turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

How does the feature work? 

  • 1. Connect your e-commerce platform or payment tool to Tapfiliate.
  • 2. Tapfiliate will automatically send an email with a unique referral link to your existing clients. 
  • 3. The clients ready to promote your business can start sharing the link straight away and get rewarded for every new buyer they refer.

Customizable fields in the sign-up form

Want to learn more about your affiliates? Add custom fields to the registration form page to gather additional information and use it for marketing purposes. 

For example, you can use this feature to collect the following information: 

  • Social media channels you affiliates use
  • Their audience size
  • How they find out about your affiliate program
  • Promo strategies they intend to use
  • Their account email
Tapfiliate Customizable fields in the sign-up form

More benefits to pay attention to

  • Coupon code generation
  • All-access API
  • Top-notch support with a 93% customer satisfaction rate
  • A rich library of educational materials 
  • Weekly live onboarding webinars.
  • Personalized referral links

Tapfiliate pros & cons


  • Tapfiliate is a fully-fledged affiliate and referral tracking platform covering affiliate marketing needs for any business type, such as e-commerce, SaaS, dropshipping, and many others.
  • It has a fantastic list of 30+ quick integrations that let everyone start running affiliate programs on the go.
  • Being cloud-based, Tapfiliate ensures automatic software updates and lets you access the platform from any device at any time.
  • Tapfiliate’s Zapier app lets you easily customize any Zap to meet your everyday business challenges and completely automates your workflows. 
  • The platform provides advertisers and their publishers with intuitive and maximally informative dashboards bringing affiliate program management to a new level.


  • For newbies setting up an affiliate program for the first time, there's a possibility that a slight learning curve may be involved. But, after it has been achieved, Tapfiliate will be very straightforward to use.
  • Six supported languages may not be enough for businesses running internationally. However, the Tapfiliate team plans to enrich the list this year.
  • Some complex custom integrations may require an in-house developer or the support team’s assistance.

Tapfiliate review 2022: bottom line

Tapfiliate is definitely the affiliate marketing platform that will help your business grow. It completely automates your affiliate management routine, starting with affiliate signups and ending with the generation of personal links. So you can focus on other things that matter. 

Its detailed, in-depth reports, customization, and branding options will help you make data-driven decisions and effectively spread the word about your company. 

In addition, a rich feature-set and well-structured pricing model make Tapfiliate one of the best solutions for partner marketing out there.

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