Techniques For Secret Phone Location Tracking In 2024

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Secret phone location techniques should only be available to the members of a secret tracking society, and we are happy that you are one of our members.

Now we will share the mysterious knowledge about how to track someone without them knowing, but please, do not share it with anyone not thinking twice. Who knows, maybe that person will start secretly spying on you.

Different location tracking techniques

Generally, all location tracking techniques can be divided into 3 groups based on the interface they use and installation requirements. It is also important to understand that they all operate with the GPS protocol

There is no secret magical program that only the chosen ones know about and use to spy on others. It's all about GPS. Without further ado, let's break them down.

Web-based phone number trackers

These apps are also often called phone number trackers, as you only need to know your target's number to use such a tracker.

Different location tracking techniques

If you want to know how to track someone without their phone, only with their number, carefully follow the next procedure:

  1. Find out the person's phone number;
  2. Paste this number on the search field on the website;
  3. Get the tracking link;
  4. Depending on what app you use – or (these are the two most prominent titles in the industry) – you must either compose a message, and it will be sent automatically with the link, or you must upload a picture, and send it via WhatsApp Facebook, Instagram, whatever, also together with the link.
  5. Wait until the person opens the link;
  6. Enjoy the results by seeing their location pinned on Google Maps.

The main downside of such services is that if the person does not open the tracking link – they turn into a useless piece of code, as the location won't be shared with you. Moreover, upon tapping this link, the device owner will be asked if they agree to share access to their GPS coordinates; otherwise, it would be illegal.

However, many people do not read any pop-up messages and agree with everything by default. Such ignorance makes GEOfinder and LocationTracker worth your attention.

Installable phone trackers with GPS and other features on board

Applications like uMobix and SpyBubble are the most effective solutions to track someone without them knowing, but at the same time, they are more complicated in use, which is why they do not fit everyone's needs and skills.

Installable phone trackers with GPS and other features on board

First of all – installation. Such applications usually work on both Androids and iOS devices, but the setup procedure is different. As a rule, they can be installed via iCloud (remotely), but if the target device runs Android – you must get physical access to it, unlock it, and install the tracker manually. 

As already mentioned, they also use GPS protocol, and tracking results can be accessed after logging into your online dashboard.

It concerns not only tracking results but all the information you get from the spy app:

  • Call logs;
  • Browser log and bookmarks;
  • Photos and videos;
  • Media;
  • Screen time;
  • SMS and messages on social media, you name it.

It is always a good idea to contact the support agent when you plan to use such an app and ask about a free trial. uMobix, for instance, has one – 48 hours for $1, which is not mentioned anywhere on the website. If you are lucky – you might be able to try the service and decide if you like it.

Default tracking apps

By default trackers, we mean such services as Google Maps and Find My. Both are intended for different purposes but can easily be used as secret location trackers. For instance, in the case of Google Maps, you must take the phone you want to spy on and activate location sharing. Add your phone number to the contacts and add it to the sharing list. After this, launch Google Maps on your device and observe the location pin 24/7 if you wish.

Default tracking apps

Find My can also be used as an app to track someone without them knowing. However, this "someone" list will be quite limited in this case – people in the same family group or using the same Apple/Google credentials. Initially, Find My apps are aimed at tracking a lost or stolen device, but they can show you a person's location, following the same procedure.


Secret location tracking is not a problem nowadays due to many tracking offers. Basically, you can easily find a tracker that would satisfy your needs and correspond to your abilities. If installing something anywhere is hard for you – stick to web-based services.

Should you want a bigger toolkit and if you feel you know how to use it – turn to uMobix or SpyBubble. Finally, if you only need to occasionally check your family member's location – Google Maps or Find My could be more than enough for you.

It all comes down to your preferences and skills, so do not limit yourself to only one title you heard somewhere about. What fits one's needs might not be the right choice for you, so consider it carefully and decide wisely.

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