The Benefits Of Using Instagram To Advertise Your Business

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If marketing is your profession, you know that marketing channels are constantly changing. The marketing landscape used to be dominated by TV and newspapers, but now it's all about social media. 

And while Facebook is still the biggest player in the game, Instagram marketing has become increasingly important because of its engaged audience and growing popularity. So if you're looking for a new marketing channel- or just want to see what all the fuss is about- here are some benefits of using Instagram to advertise your business.

The biggest social media platforms

The world today is brimming with marketing platforms. Local marketing platforms, national marketing platforms, international marketing platforms - it seems as if the marketing market has been saturated with so many different types of marketing mediums that marketers can have a hard time deciding which one to use for their business.

The Benefits Of Using Instagram To Advertise Your Business

It's an exciting time in marketing history because now businesses can reach a massive number of consumers through social media at a low cost! Social media provides an easy way to communicate directly with people who are interested in your product or brand, and the numbers of social media addiction statistics are really telling.

It also allows you to experiment with different marketing campaigns and find out what works best for your target market. You've probably already heard about them, but to reiterate - the biggest social media platforms today are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Not using them in this age is the equivalent of not posting your ad in the local newspaper back in the day - you don't exist. And here Instagram is especially interesting as it has a very sharp rise in the number of users, and as it is expected to continue this way a marketing strategy solely aimed towards this platform makes a lot of sense. 

How Instagram works

Instagram works like any other social media marketing platform - you post a picture or video and tell your users what's going on. But what makes Instagram different is the way it's structured; instead of having posts in reverse chronological order (like Facebook and Twitter), Instagram allows people to 'like' posts, making them more visible and showing up in people's feeds more often. 

Of course, this also means you'll be paying for marketing campaigns via ads, but even without ads marketing on Instagram can be very effective! For example, many businesses look into buying targeted advertising that only appears when certain keywords are used in hashtags by their target audience

How Instagram works

The goal of marketing on Instagram is to get as many likes and comments as possible -  both from people you're marketing to, but also from their friends. Any marketing campaign has a few goals - awareness, engagement, conversion - and marketing on Instagram is no different. 

One marketing technique that's been proven to work really well with Instagram marketing is called 'growth hacking' - it uses the viral marketing aspect of each post to attract more users effortlessly over time as more and more people start following your profile solely because of the engaging posts they've seen from friends or acquaintances they follow as well, almost like a snowball effect. 

Managing a marketing campaign on Instagram 

Instagram marketing is very easy to start and maintain, as you can post pictures or videos - both from your smartphone! If you're marketing something that would work well with a graphic, like clothes, for example, this marketing platform would be perfect as it gives you the opportunity to show off your product

It's also important not to spend all of your time marketing on Instagram; users don't want spam posts and will eventually stop following you if all they see are advertisements for your business at every turn. Be sure to mix regular posts about what's going on in your company (for example: Here's our new shipment!) with marketing posts (For a limited time only we're offering 20% off all shirts!).

This way your marketing will be more effective and you'll get new customers who follow you for your brand's personality, not just marketing. 

Although marketing on Instagram isn't that expensive, it is wise to try marketing your business before you start putting a lot of money into marketing campaigns. That way you can test marketing techniques and find out what works best for your target audience without spending too much.

You can always continue marketing with the techniques that are working well for you! For example looking for the keywords and hashtags are very common among Instagram users. So using a hashtag generator to get the most appropriate hashtags for your post can be a prudent technique.

Benefits of engaging posts

The marketing techniques mentioned above are important to follow, but it's equally important that you take the time to engage with other users; like their posts in return, comment on them or even share them if they're interesting enough.  

Benefits of engaging posts

This marketing technique is called 'return marketing' and it's used by most businesses that want to grow their following on social media platforms. And since Instagram marketing has this viral marketing aspect, sharing posts from other users usually does a pretty good job of getting your own followers to share them with the people in their network (who might also be interested in what you're offering). 

Content marketing is really all about providing value - while marketing on Instagram can bring you new customers or help boost sales, remember that the goal isn't just to market your products but to provide something useful for your target audience, such as creating a debate or giving them room to express themselves on a certain topic. 

Quick customer feedback

One marketing technique that isn't very well known, but can be very effective at marketing on Instagram is the gathering of feedback from customers. As social media platforms can function as a two-way street, that is to say, you advertise and someone can comment on it for everyone to see, this means that getting feedback is very straightforward and quick. A picture of a new product can almost instantaneously give you an idea of how well it would be received in a store on a shelf.

This works the other way too if someone has a question for your business they can ask you directly, even in a public way, and you can address it for everyone to see. Long gone are the days of polite and strict mail correspondence. 

How much does it cost?

Marketing on Instagram doesn't have to cost much if anything at all. You can post marketing content you find online or marketing material that your business has created in the past for free


If you decide to create marketing material yourself, there are plenty of free marketing tools out there for designing graphics and banners. If you're really strapped for cash and aren't sure how effective marketing on Instagram will be, try starting with a very small marketing budget and see what kind of results it brings before investing too much into the marketing efforts.  

For marketing on Instagram to work well, you need to have a clear marketing plan and marketing goals that will help guide your marketing efforts. If you're really not sure where to begin your marketing or if your marketing is effective enough, consult a marketing professional who can give you advice tailored to your business's unique needs. 

Using Instagram to connect with other businesses

If marketing on Instagram seems like a lot of work, there's another great marketing technique you can implement with the platform. 

Instagram marketing allows users to connect with other businesses and follow their accounts just as they would follow their friends'. This makes marketing on Instagram easy and free since it's just about creating relationships instead of selling products. Being part of the marketing community is beneficial for both parties: marketing content is constantly shared not only among followers but also between different brands, which then gets seen by even more people.

And because Instagram marketing provides such quick feedback from the target audience, this means that if one business posts something very interesting or useful another business will be able to share it to its own employees and customers - an endorsement from someone else in marketing is far more effective than marketing material posted by the brand itself. 

By marketing on Instagram, you gain the opportunity to be seen by millions of people with just a few key clicks. This creates an incredibly powerful marketing platform that allows for viral marketing and engages customers who are interested in your product or service right where they are already spending time on social media. 

Conclusion: the benefits of using Instagram to advertise your business

If you're marketing your business on Instagram, it's important to know which marketing platform will work best for you. This article has covered the benefits of using Instagram as a marketing tool and how successful marketing campaigns can be run with just a few clicks

If this sounds like something that might help your company grow, try it yourself with virtually no money invested - only the time it takes you to make a dedicated post for a product or service

The future of marketing is definitely going this way, and personalized touch is very important. Sure, billboards and ads in the mail will always have some potential, but nowhere as near as a site like this that can virtually be seen accessed by millions in a matter of seconds.

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