What Is The Best Link Tracking Software In 2022?

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Every internet marketer’s dream is an all-in tool that can track all lead generating links scattered throughout various platforms.

We can find so many link tracking software, many of whom are promoted by authorities in the tech industry.

The only problem is that many tools promote their tools as the “best in the industry”.

I included what these tools can do, what makes them unique, and the pros and cons of each. This guide, based on the Velvetech expert opinion, will help you choose the best link tracking software in 2022 that has the right features perfect for you to use.

1. ClickMagick

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is one of the most favored click tracking software by many internet marketers. And after trying it out, I can’t say I disagree. This click tracker does have multiple features that allow you to make tracking simpler and more organized.

ClickMagick home

Who is it for?

ClickMagick is the ideal tool for internet marketers and medium to large businesses looking to promote their products and services across multiple platforms.

Since ClickMagick allows you to track links within a central platform, it’s also great for SEO specialists in tracking conversion rates.

Though it is great for professionals, on the downside, it is not a tool for beginners. Though the interface is simple enough to understand, using most of the features of ClickMagick needs technical know-how in tracking links.

Top features

In summary here are some notable features that ClickMagick is most known for. For an in-depth understanding of this click tracking tool, you can read more on ClickMagick Link Tracker Review.

Unique qualities

A/B split testing - You can test out different versions of your ads on different platforms and compare which ones are performing and which ones aren’t.

Click fraud monitoring and click bot filter - This filter lets you screen out clicks from click bots or traffic bots. Click bots drive up your PPC (pay per click) cost and have no leads or conversions making your ads (pretty much) worthless. The click bot and click fraud filter prevent these fraudulent clicks from driving up your ad expenses.

Traffic quality analysis - Analyzing the quality of your traffic is much easier when you have a tool that assigns a quality score to each link from each source. This makes it easier for you to compare the traffic quality that enters through each link from various sources. 

The analysis made by ClickMagick is not just monitoring the number of conversions and traffic from each source, it also takes into account the percentage of conversions against the total number of clicks from every ad location.

MagickBar and MagickPop - These two features are unique to ClickMagick. They are both quick tools that let you edit your ads in a matter of clicks as well as create pop ads at lower costs. These features are great in saving you time, effort, and money.

Link rotator and link cloaking - The link rotator automatically changes the links on each ad placement. You have multiple options on how the links rotate but rest assured that the content of your ads is diversified according to your preference. It is also one of the best link cloaking software I’ve tried.

Advanced retargeting


On the downside, no click tracker is perfect. As great as Clickmagick is, it has its pitfalls too.

Advanced ads tech knowledge - Click tracking, in itself, is a technical skill you need to acquire to master ClickMagick. As a beginner, ClickMagick is not ideal to start and practice.

No WordPress plugin - Unfortunately, ClickMagick is a separate tool of its own and does not have a plugin compatible with WordPress.

Not an ideal SEO tool - ClickMagick is mainly a click tracking software, if you’re using SEO strategies for organic traffic and ranking then ClickMagick is not the tool for you.


ClickMagick has three pricing plans.

  • Starter plan is best for smaller websites and starts at $27
  • Standard plan is ideal for SEO specialists and ads managers and costs $67
  • Pro plan is perfect for larger websites especially for eCommerce sites and sites with subdomains with its initial price starting at $97

Final verdict

ClickMagick really has its magickal hands when it comes to tracking links. What I love about this is that it takes complicated processes and simplifies them in a really organized fashion. This makes every marketing tracking technique easier to implement, monitor, and analyze.

2. Voluum

What is Voluum?

Voluum is known as a highly sophisticated software when it comes to link tracking. It offers a ton of features that are highly acclaimed by many authority affiliate marketers.

Voluum homepage

Voluum is a website click tracking tool that specializes in real-time tracking even for large amounts of traffic. It is also popular for its collaborative workspaces allowing you to perform various tasks using a single account.

Who is it for?

Voluum is a tool designed for high volume traffic and tracking needs. This is great for large businesses that create and track multiple ads at a time.

It is also perfect for those internet marketers and ad specialists. Voluum is great in tracking live links and with its 100% uptime, this ad tracking software is a must-have tool for many website owners.

Top features

You’ll hear a lot of good things about the features of Voluum but let’s dig deeper into this great affiliate tracker.

Unique qualities

Real-time data processing - Since Voluum is cloud-based, it allows you to track link clicks in real-time. Voluum boasts a 100% uptime meaning, you’ll never lose track of your link and you don’t also have to worry about waiting for delayed updates on your collected data.

Efficient affiliate tracker - One other feature that Voluum is known for is it being one of the best link trackers for affiliate links. You can plant affiliate links in various platforms as well as optimize each platform without having the need for another tool.

Centralized management facility - What I do like about this link tracker is that it is easy for users to track links. It is very straightforward and integrations in applying tools and optimized content are fairly easy (as long as you know what you’re doing).

Fraud prevention - Click bots are the enemy when it comes to economizing your ads budget. Fortunately, Voluum is also great in screening out fraudulent clicks and control your expenses.

Multi-platform support - From social media to website ad placements, Voluum can track all your link from all sources. Plus, all tracking is carefully separated and easy to find making everything simple to follow and analyze.


Expensive - Voluum is pretty expensive, but I can say that the cost is justified because of its advanced tracking features.

Needs advanced knowledge in click tracking - Like any advanced click tracker, this tool is very technical requiring its users to have not just the basic but advanced knowledge in tracking links.

Not self-hosted - Though it has a reliable uptime, it is not a self-hosted tool which is one reason why this tool is costly.


Voluum’s price plan depends on its type of users. It has 4 price plans, namely:

  • The Discover plan is best for smaller enterprises like individual website owners and smaller ad campaigns. It costs $69 a month.
  • The Profit plan starts at $149 is the most popular plan that is perfect for site owners, internet marketers, and SEO specialists.
  • The Grow plan starting at $499 is best for eCommerce websites, and marketers who buy and sell traffic and links.
  • The Agency plan starts at $999 but can also be customized. This is the best plan for enterprises with massive ad campaigns.

Final verdict

Voluum is a powerful ad tracking tool with high-end features that work best for monitoring multiple ad campaigns on a centralized platform.

What’s great about this is that though it is pricey, it works really well as long as you get the right plan. As one of the best affiliate tracking software, you do usually get what you pay for.

For further information, visit my detailed Voluum review post. 

3. Improvely

What is Improvely?

Improve your marketing efficiency by saving time and cost with this marketing solution click tracking software. Improvely is a greatly recommended tool in preventing click frauds and monitoring incoming traffics via clicks. 

Improvely homepage

Designed for small and large businesses, Improvely is a tool that specializes in user profiling giving you a better understanding of who your actual visitors and coverts are.

Who are its target audience?

Like ClickMagick and Voluum, Improvely is also a pretty sophisticated tracking tool that works well with marketing specialists, affiliate marketers, SEO specialists, and advertising agencies. It isn’t a good fit for beginners though since it does require quite a bit of investment.

Top features

Unique qualities

Quick notification and real-time data tracking - Improvely is also cloud-based providing you with updated real-time tracking pixel data. On top of that, you also get an email or audio notifications for every convert or fraudulent clicks identified by Improvely.

Specific visitor profiling - It also creates a profile for each of your users getting individual IP addresses, location, and more (whichever is relevant to you). But you also get the information on fraudulent clicks made on your links like date, time, and IP addresses of the user.

Custom target tracking - You can create marketing campaigns that only target certain groups with Improvely.

Affiliate network integration and link cloaking - Improvely does improve the quality of your traffic by easy link cloaking and a simplified affiliate network integration.


Unfortunately, with all good things, Improvely is not a tool that beginners should subscribe to immediately. It’s quite costly and it doesn’t have a lot of guides to help you understand the technicalities of the software.


Improvely has 4 subscription plans: 

  • Freelancer Plan starts at $29 per month
  • Startup Plan costs $79 per month
  • Small Agency is priced at $149 per month
  • Large Agency is $299+ per month

Improvely always offers its first 14 days for free. But if users aren’t sure, you can always get a free interactive demo account and get a live trial of the tool.

Final verdict

Improvely is another high-end click tracking tool. It is a bit pricey but the features definitely outweigh the cost. Offering great target tracking, this is a tool that is perfect for large numbers of tracking and a great number of campaign creation and monitoring for internet marketers.

4. ClickMeter

What is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is completely web-based which means that you do not need to install or download any other software to use the tool. 

Clickmeter homepage

It is designed to allow users to get the most out of their links and get the best results in return. ClickMeter is more popularly known for its multiple targeting metrics and speedy redirect.

Who are its target audience?

ClickMeter has over a hundred features designed to measure traffic from clicks set in various places making it ideal for internet marketers. 

Due to its multiple targeting, this is perfect for websites with multiple subdomains and sites with over a hundred pages. This is naturally great for SEO specialists as well.

Top features

Unique qualities

Let’s delve deeper into the great features of ClickMeter.

Google Analytics integration - It’s not easy to find a click tracking software that easily integrates with Google Analytics. But ClickMeter offers easy integration not just with Analytics but other software as well.

Multiple targetting - It is an ad tracking software that measures clicks regardless of the format, platform, or type of the ads from different locations, user types per location, and more.

Link tagging and monitoring - Upgrade your link building with link tagging. You can create parameters to measure each backlink to your site with ease.

Link cloaking software - Though limited, ClickMeter does a pretty great job of cloaking your links.

Real-time data sharing - Since it is web-based, ClickMeter offers/ real-time measurements of your tracked links.

World map clicks - This unique feature allows you to visualize the sources of your click set by country.


Limited free trial - If you are using ClickMeter as a free link tracking software, then you are limited to only 1000 events monthly.

Insufficient customer support - As of the moment, ClickMeter only offers email support.

Low browser compatibility - ClickMeter is compatible only with Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.


ClickMeter has a three-tier price plan with a monthly subscription billed monthly:

  • The Medium plan starts at $29 monthly set for only 1 user.
  • The Large plan starts at $99 upgraded with 10 times more perks than the Medium plan
  • The X-Large starts at $349 is perfect for large enterprises tracking hundred thousands to millions of traffic.
  • The 30 day trial version only allows you to create 1000 events

Final verdict

ClickMeter is a simple and easy-to-use click tracking software. Like any app that simplifies measuring all traffic gained from various ads, ClickMeter is set apart as one of the best multiple target tracking devices. But due to its support limitations, troubleshooting can be a hassle.

5. Pretty Links

What is Pretty Links?

Pretty Links is a dynamic management plugin for WordPress that helps you track, cloak, and share your WordPress links. It is a simplified click tracker designed to fit the needs of a beginner.

Prettylinks homepage

Who are its target audience?

Since this is a plugin, it only works exclusively for WordPress websites, so only WordPress site owners no matter what its size can benefit from using this plugin.

Top features

Unique qualities

Easily add and organize affiliate links 

Automatically generate short links for posts and pagesThe link shortener allows you to create custom links using your own domain.

Conveniently cloak, shrink and track links

Features exporting, link importing and split testing - It conveniently tracks link clicks and generates a full report specifically indicating the traffic source by the browser, the host, the operating system, and more.

Real-time performance report - As a plugin it is cloud-based hence gives you a full report in real-time


Though this is a WordPress plugin, it doesn’t work well with free WordPress sites. Even if you do use this for free WP sites, you won’t be able to market your links well since it opposes the ads set by WordPress.

You would also need other tools to help you track your shortened links like Google Analytics.

Pretty Links is a straightforward click tracking software but it can be a bit expensive considering that it only has the basic features with no other add-ons that can actually make the software even more powerful.


Pretty links has three price plans on top of its free user account:

  • Beginner starts at $99 per year
  • Marketer starts at $149 per year
  • Super Affiliate starts at $199 per year

The main difference lies in the number of websites you are managing. If you only own a single website then there is no need to go for higher price plans because most of these plans cover the essentials of any click tracking tool.

It does offer one of the best free link tracking tool with most click tracking solutions provided to its free user accounts.

Final verdict

Pretty links is a great tool that easily integrates with other tracking software like Google Analytics. As a click tracker, it provides you with quick results set in a very simple interface for all types of users.

I love that it comes with a free account (though limited) that still offers most of the features we look for in any click tracker.

If you are looking for a user-friendly marketing tracking tool, then you will definitely get a good deal with Pretty Links. Its simplicity and efficiency will help you in so many ways so you can focus more on the content instead of the other technicalities.

Plus, Pretty Links offer great customer support so you won’t have to worry in case you come across technical problems.

6. Trck.me

What is Trck.me?

This affiliate tracker is not by all means simple in terms of functionality. The tool is designed to identify where the traffic originates which is really helpful in marketing metrics. Trck.me can also brand the URL links and even tag the traffic source.


Who are its target audience?

Trck.me, in my opinion, is a great tool for small scale ad tracking. Although it offers large quantities of campaign creation and ad tracking, its features are quite limited, giving you only the essential data needed to pursue or takedown an ad you’ve created. This would be great for individual site owners who do not need to know specific target monitoring and such.

Top features

Unique qualities

Traffic source tagging - Auto tags the traffic sources so you won’t have to get stressed out in creating a unique link for each of the marketing platforms.

Custom branding through link cloaking

Custom campaign tracking - It comes with advanced filters that allow you to see your ad viewers and also make use of rule sets to indicate which links or ads can be shown

Long term data storage - One of the perks of Trck.me is its long term data storage that lets you save up to a lifetime of data that not a lot of tools can offer. 

Easy insights - This link tracker offers real-time data set in a clean interface fit for both beginners and experts. And you can easily track links such as affiliate links, conversion rates, open rates, sales, and social media with the use of different verticals.


Trck.me did have quite a number of trust issues regarding its tracked data. I did see this comes from, Track.me doesn’t offer a full report on your traffic showing you different data regarding demographics, location, and other specific qualities of each click.

It also doesn’t have click fraud protection which makes you vulnerable to click bots and poor quality clicks that will surely drive up your ad campaign costs.


Trck.me only has 2 price plans:

  • The Standard plan starts at $39/month if paid monthly or $348 annually ($29/month)
  • The Enterprise plan starts at $99/month if paid monthly or $948 annually ($79/monthly)

The main difference lies in the length of data storage and the number of domains the link tracker will monitor.

Final verdict

As a starting beginner who is looking for an affordable click tracker then, Trck.me is a good choice. Ideal for small or starting websites that do not need to delve deeper into complicated reports but direct to the point tracking data.

7. LinkTrackr

What is LinkTrackr?

Developed by Kash Media, LinkTrackr is one of the best link tracking tools on my list when it comes to simple click-tracking needs. Linktrackr is a quick solution for tracking your links with ease but without the complication of extended tracking features and tech measures.

linktrackr homepage

Who are its target audience?

As I’ve said, this is a simple click-tracking tool that helps you analyze whether or not your ad campaigns or affiliate links are generating leads or income to your cause. With its simple features of tracking, it isn’t the tool for marketing specialists and internet marketers. This is a great tool for non-tech site owners looking only to measure click volume and lead generation from each affiliate link across multiple sources.

Top features

Unique qualities

Sub ID conversion tracking - You can track just how much traffic comes in from each platform under different types of ads. You can track banner clicks and ad placement clicks separately and monitor your conversion rate for each.

Free link rotator - Comes free with every account is a link rotator. LinkTrackr equally divides the traffic across your list of specified URLs.

Affiliate theft protection - Cloak your links to prevent others from getting your commission.

Affordability - LinkTrackr has one of the most affordable click tracking subscriptions available starting at less than $10.


LinkTrackr has a great interface that’s easy to follow with little instructions. Since it is a simple click tracking tool, it doesn’t offer a lot of features that allows you to track various placements with targetted demographic analysis.


There are 4 price plans are billed annually or monthly.

  • Basic Plan is priced at $117 annually (at $7/month) and $17 for monthly subscriptions.
  • Pro Plan costs $127 annually (at $17/month) and $27 for monthly subscriptions.
  • Hyper Plan is at $237 annually (at $27/month) and $47 for monthly subscriptions.
  • Extreme Plan is at $357 annually (at $47/month) and $77 for monthly subscriptions.

LinkTrackr doesn’t have a free trial but it does offer a 30-day money guarantee.

Final verdict

LinkTrackr is yet another great click tracking tool but is quite limited. This is a tool that’s fit for starting online businesses and internet marketers whose main focus is generating traffic towards the site than identifying individuals who are converting.

8. Clixtrac

What is Clixtrac?

Clixtrac is a powerful ad tracking software that, can help any Internet marketer improve your promotional and marketing campaign strategy. 


Clixtrac aims to provide the best solution in improving promotional campaigns so that users will be able to determine which ads are effective or not. Clixtrac is also a free ad tracker which is really great since anyone can practically have access to the tool. 

Who are its target audience?

Any web tracking software is great for internet marketers and marketing specialists. However, not a lot of the caters to the needs of beginners. With a user-friendly interface and simplified processes, this tool is easier to learn and master compared to other click tracking tools.

Top features

Unique qualities

Quick Tools - These useful tools are for clients who want to put banners and links in platforms such as forums, social networking sites, sales funnel or landing pages.

Dynamic affiliate link replacements - Replace outdated links and still keep your campaign settings. 

Low tech campaign development - You can create and organize banners without worrying about making scripts. It can also create campaign groups by organizing banners and links.

Customized daily reports - You can customize your daily reports or the frequency of reports coming in via email or notifications.

Get real-time click counts and banner impression


On the downside, Clixtrac is not ideal for immense numbers of ad tracking. It can only provide about 100 clicks for 7 days and once the client has used up the clicks or has gone beyond 7 days, the link will then expire which can decrease the number of potential visitors.

Final verdict

Clixtrac is a great tool for beginners but has features that cater to the needs of a professional internet marketer. What I like about this is that it allows you to make real-time tracking and make dynamic URL replacements without making new campaigns. It’s easy-to-use and easy-to-master.

9. RedTrack

What is RedTrack?

RedTrack is a comprehensive web-based SaaS or software as a service that is designed for analytics and tracking. The tool is highly recommended for beginners since they do not have to have an extensive technical background to get things done. 


The tool was founded back in 2015 in Lithuania and is designed to help Internet marketers and advertisers get better ROI. 

Who are its target audience?

RedTrack is best used by beginners and ad managers. Since it specializes in tracking ads across multiple platforms, this is great for small and large website owners.

Top features

Unique qualities

Beginner-friendly interface - Instant and easy startup which is really great for beginners. The tool provides an excellent user experience with its no-fuss process. 

Campaign cloning to create multiple tracking URLs - You can build campaign templates to create campaigns set with the same parameters.

Comprehensive reporting and generated report templates

Unlimited redirect streams - Most ad tracking software have limited redirect streams depending on your plan but RedTrack doesn’t.

Landing page management and click fraud protection - Non-unique clicks will not be put to waste with the unique visitor cap 

SSL support and onboarding for new users

RedTrack.io offers free SSL support and users can even request unlimited custom domains when you subscribe to the Professional plan.

The free onboarding session is offered for all paid clients. This gives newbies a chance to gain a better understanding of how the tool works so they can use it to their advantage.


The most obvious downside of RedTrack.io is it does not have a social sharing feature and as well as MLM or multi-level marketing.


RedTrack.io only offers an annual subscription

  • The Basic Plan starts at $41/month or $490 annually
  • The Pro Plan costs $990 annually at $83 per month
  • The Business Plan costs $3990 yearly at $333 per month
  • The Custom Plan is ideal for those who need more than just a business plan, this depends on your needs.
  • The free trial version is only offered for 14 days with automated payment.

Final verdict

If you have been searching for an effective tool that can help you maximize your ROI, then you will never go wrong with RedTrack.io. This is the best link tracker especially for beginners since they can avail of the free demo designed to help you determine your needs. Also, RedTrack.io offers timely and excellent customer support which is very commendable.

Most recommended tool

I’ve tried more than a dozen click trackers and came up with this list of 9, but I do have my favorite:


ClickMagick 14 days free trial

Clickmagick is by far the best click tracker on our list. This sophisticated tool has all the best features you can get from a click tracker like:

  • Dynamic URL rotator
  • Clean interface
  • All-in-one toolbars for campaign building
  • Effective click fraud protection
  • Systemic real-time tracking
  • Efficient monitoring reports of clicks across multiple platforms.

Also, despite its revolutionary features, ClickMagick offers them at a decent monthly or annual prices. It’s ideal not just for large businesses but also for small internet marketing agencies and even smaller website owners.

Free click tracking solutions

Most - if not all - click trackers are paid. But there are free accounts that also provide beginners a way of learning how to track links and also create ad campaigns from a third-party software. The best free tracking solution on my list is Pretty Links.

best link tracking software

It is already designed for beginners so making use of this tool as a free WordPress plugin allows you to track your links with ease. You can easily track your links with a quick integration on your WordPress website.

Another free one you might already know is Bitly, although it's pretty basic. However, if you upgrade, it's possible to use your own links (branded link).

Conclusion: what is the best link tracking software in 2022

Click tracking tools are essential for all internet marketers who are serious in making efficient ads that generate leads and make converts. These tools provide support in making all marketing strategies as efficiently as possible.

The best link tracking software always depends on what features you want and need. I’ve listed down 9 of the best I’ve tried to give you a better understanding on whether this tool fits you, your business, and your goals.

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