The Cheese Chopper: What Happened After Appearing on Shark Tank?

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The Cheese Chopper is a cheese slicer, shredder, and chopper all in one

It comes with an adjustable wheel that allows users to create different thicknesses of cheese slices—anywhere from thin wedges for sandwiches to thick blocks perfect for slicing, chopping, and grating.

It also comes with a storage container that is sized perfectly to properly store the standard cheese block.  

The Cheese Chopper appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank on season 12, episode 20. 

But what happened to it after it appeared on Shark Tank? In this article, we’ll be tackling the origins, the pitch, and the aftermath of The Cheese Chopper.

What is the Cheese Chopper? 

Can’t find a proper container to store your block of cheese? Are you tired of the mess when slicing or grating cheese? Are you annoyed at the uneven slices? Or are you scared of nicking your fingers on the metal grates when using a cheese grater?

The Cheese Chopper What Happened After Appearing on Shark Tank

Lucky for you, the Cheese Chopper has the answer to your question.

The Cheese Chopper is a storage container that comes with a blade, wire, and grater handle. The slicer and grater make cheese slicing and grating smooth and clean. 

No more messy clean-ups of cheese scraps and clumps and no more uneven cheese slices. It also has an adjustable wheel that lets you adjust the thickness of cheese slices you want. 

An absolute must-have for cheese lovers to have in their kitchens.

A brief history

Tate Koenig is the founder of the Cheese Chopper. Calling himself “Mr. Cheese”, he’s an avid cheese lover, and often buys and eats a lot of cheese slices and pre-grated cheese. 

It’s very convenient but it starts getting expensive the more you buy pre-processed cheese. 

So the obvious solution is to buy a block of cheese instead and slice and grate it yourself.

Just like any cheese lover out there, he knows all too well about the struggles of cleaning up a mess after grating cheese, the annoyance of uneven slices, and the problem of finding a proper container to store the leftover block of cheese in. 

With these cheesy problems in mind, he wanted to create something that wasn’t messy and did clean uniformed slices at the same time, he wanted something that can properly store the block of cheese.

That’s why he came up with the concept of the Cheese Chopper. A 3-in-1 solution to the messy cheese problems.

He put his business up on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Raising around $100, 436 on Kickstarter and around $111,826 in IndieGoGo in mid-2020.

And like many businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, Tate ran into problems with manufacturing.

He started delivering Cheese Choppers around the middle of February of the following year but manufacturing was still slow and he had trouble keeping up with demand.

He knew he needed help and who better to help him than the sharks of Shark Tank.

The Cheese Chopper Shark Tank pitch

Tate entered the tank in season 12, episode 20 of Shark Tank. He asked the sharks for $75,000 for a 10% stake in his company before beginning his pitch and demonstration.

The Cheese Chopper Shark Tank pitch

He starts his pitch by introducing himself as the Guru of Gouda, the King of Colby Jack, Master of Mozzarella, and Sultan of Swiss, aka Mr. Cheese, along with the appropriate amount of cheese-related puns in the mix which amused the sharks.

He goes on to demonstrate his product to the sharks. Showing how The Cheese Chopper cleanly slices, chops, and grates any cheese, whether it's hard cheese or soft cheese. No mess and no clumps in sight. 

This seemed to impress the sharks when they saw how the Cheese Chopper worked its magic. After his pitch and demo, Tate gave out samples to the sharks to try out for themselves and examine the product closely.

He mentions to the sharks about his campaign on Kickstarter and this made the sharks concerned about the conflicting options and way-too-early development phase of his business.

This results in all of the sharks dropping out without making an offer to him.

Tate left Shark Tank without making a deal with any of the sharks.

 After Shark Tank

Although Tate walked away with no deal from any of the sharks, the Cheese Chopper is still in business and seemed to be doing quite well.

After Shark Tank

After the episode aired, Tate’s company dispatched their first batch of Cheese Choppers to those who ordered the product early on Kickstarter. 

The company is still a growing business and, recently, they developed and launched their own website.

They sell not only the Cheese Chopper but other related products as well like the Pizza Pack (a collapsible pizza container) and printed T-shirts with cheese-themed designs. 

They have more than a hundred thousand orders and made plans for a proper relaunch with Shark Tank to garner more opportunities and increase their manufacturing to catch up with demand.  

Cheese Chopper is now being sold on Amazon as well and at the time of writing, it’s currently being sold at a limited price of $34.99 before going back to its original price of $39.99.

Value of The Cheese Chopper

Despite having no deals from Shark Tank, the Cheese Chopper has accumulated around $100,000 in revenue after the episode aired, and Tate and his company had an estimated net worth of around $750,000 around the time the episode aired.

The Cheese Chopper Features

The Cheese Chopper is made up of food-safe, durable plastic with the wire, blade, and grater handles made up of stainless steel.

The Cheese Chopper Features

These are the materials that make up the Cheese Chopper but let’s focus on the features and what they can do.

Chopping Ability

With the Cheese Chopper’s guillotine style of slicing, chopping, and grating, you can cleanly slice, chop, and grate cheese at any thickness you want with ease and in uniform pieces. The wire and blade provide a safer alternative than a knife.


The built-in container of the Cheese Chopper is guaranteed airtight and can hold a fresh block of cheese two times longer than standard storage. No need to use small or oversized containers and plastic cling wraps to keep your cheese fresh.

Easy Cleaning

The Cheese Chopper makes slicing and grating cheese mess-free. All its components are also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. So You have no worries about cleaning up after using the Cheese Chopper.

Trouble with Manufacturing/Shipping

Of course, there are always troubles and problems that any businesses encounter.

For Tate and his company, he’s facing some problems with manufacturing enough Cheese Choppers to meet the demand

Some consumers who pre-ordered the Cheese Chopper through Kickstarter have reported that they are yet to receive their orders.

Some angry people who ordered and did not get their product even went as far as to say that Tate and his company are nothing but scammers.

On the other hand, Tate constantly updates their social media handles regarding orders and shipments in order to answer customer concerns regarding product numbers and late deliveries.


What really happened to the Cheese Chopper after it appeared on an episode of Shark Tank?

Tate did not get any deals from the sharks of Shark Tank but that did not discourage him from pursuing his goals.

His company is still a growing business and he’s doing his best to make sure customers are satisfied with their purchase of Cheese Chopper and keep them updated as much as he could.

He has a lot of competitors with similar concepts but the Cheese Chopper remains its unique 3-in-1 concept that solves the common struggles of cheese lovers when slicing and grating cheese.

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