Thrive Themes Review 2022: Is This The Best WordPress Page Builder?

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Websites serve not only as a means to leverage brands. It is also a functional tool for entrepreneurs and marketers to maximize their conversion rates. The catch is building a high converting site without the right resources.

And this is when a digital site and page builder can help you. Wondering how? Continue reading and learn from my Thrive Themes review 2022.

In this article, I will show you its features, pros and cons, and why it has the best building blocks for web page creation.

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What is Thrive Themes?

Developed by Shane Melaugh, Thrive Themes is an all-in-one digital toolbox built to give solution to every entrepreneur’s dilemma: poor sales funnels.

It is comprised of 10 tools designed for convenience and optimization.


And each of them is highly accessible and straightforward to use; thanks to its intuitive and beginner-friendly user interface. 

Technically, it is a drag-and-drop site builder specifically for WordPress users. It offers numerous features as well like plugins and premade landing page templates. That said, below is a quick overview of how Thrive Themes can help you:

  • Design conversion-focused websites and landing pages
  • Improve brand awareness and audience engagement
  • Boost lead generation campaigns
  • Create and run evergreen scarcity promos
  • Launch online courses
  • Analyze and optimize landing pages

But what sets Thrive Themes apart from other WordPress builders is that it emphasize not only the site’s aesthetic, but also its functionality. Thrive Themes suite of building blocks, for instance, enables anyone to design conversion-focused sites and pages.

Thrive Suite includes advertising materials as well like popups and sticky bars which are also essential elements if you want to leverage your conversion rates.

Who are its target users?

Thrive Themes is for anyone who wants a high-converting website and pages. However, its tools, as well as its level of accessibility, may not fit for everyone.

As such, I listed down below a few individuals I think would benefit greatly from Thrive Themes.

1. WordPress-user entrepreneurs

Since it is a WordPress-only builder, there is no excuse why WordPress-user biz owners, marketers and bloggers should not take advantage of it.

It has a library of themes and plugins suitable for WordPress. It comes with additional resources too that seamlessly integrate with the said CMS.


2. Aspiring business owners and marketers

Whether you are a startup company, an online store owner, or an affiliate marketer, how your sales funnel performs can dramatically affect your revenue.

It is why - aside from other aspects of online biz - lead generation and conversion play an essential role in your success. 

Thrive Suite toolbox of features, on a lighter note, are created specifically for that purpose. In fact, it bills itself as an intuitive and conversion-focused page builder. It is also packed with options that can help you maximize your website’s potential to convert leads into paying customers. 

Its price is affordable enough as well for starters. Hence, I find it fitting for individuals who wish to dip their toes into online marketing.

3. Industry leaders and experts

Aside from websites and pages, solopreneurs (particularly industry experts) need to have valuable materials as a means to attract their target market. Online course, for instance, is a strategic and proven approach many have tried.

It is why I recommend Thrive Themes for industry leaders like business coaches, consultants, and marketers. 

The toolbox has a feature called Thrive Apprentice where people can create and launch their own online course. It is a practical investment since you will not only have tools for building sites, but also educational materials. 

But what’s truly good about it is that online courses allow you to boost your brand and earn extra income at the same time. 

What are the benefits and disadvantages?



  • Builds high-functioning and conversion-focused websites and landing pages. Thrive Themes comes with Thrive Architect that allows you to create and design websites that are packed with conversion elements like lead generation forms and A/B split test.
  • It offers full website optimization. If you noticed, Thrive Themes consists of 10 standalone plugins. Each one is built to enhance all areas of your webpage including the comment section, testimonials, and widgets. Simply put, it is not just a WordPress page builder. 
  • They have the most advanced website and landing page builder.


  • The products are compatible with WordPress websites only. Unfortunately, pages created using it will work with WordPress websites only.
  • Learning curve is a bit steep. Since the software has many tools and options, it could be slightly overwhelming for some. It is especially true for starters without prior experience to any of the tools included in it.
  • As a WordPress based solution, you need to take care of hosting, backup, security, etc
  • Their tools can't be purchased separately any more. They are only available through buying Thrive Suite.

Thrive Themes pricing plans

Thrive Themes and its plugins are available for purchase in two ways: a monthly subscription or a quarterly subscription to get access to all tools.

If you prefer the unlimited all-access subscription, below are the options.

Thrive Suite pricing plans

1. Thrive Suite yearly (Thrive Themes) membership

Get unlimited access to all Thrive Themes for $19 per month. You can use it up to 25 sites. 

2. Agency membership

For mid-size agencies, the $49 per month plan is an excellent pick. You get all tools and use it up to 50 websites.

Thrive Themes review 2022: what’s inside?

Thrive Themes is comprised of various applications - 10 tools, to be exact - built particularly for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. From site and landing page builder to scarcity campaign generator, everything digital your business needs are available in the package.

In this section, I will give you elaborate explanations on how each tool functions.

Let’s start?

Thrive architect

Thrive Architect (formerly known as Thrive content builder) is a WordPress visual page builder designed to produce conversion-focused websites and landing pages. It functions as a drag-and-drop and is known for its lightning speed and accessible editor.

As you can see this site is built with Thrive Themes:

Thrive architect-review

It also comes with a library of more than 300 premade landing page templates including sales pages, webinar pages, and opt-in pages. All designs are customizable as well and can be published immediately.

CSS and HTML code integration is available, as well.

Another perk you should check out is its prebuilt conversion elements. As I have mentioned, the platform guarantees its members high-converting materials.

As such, they provided plugins like lead forms and countdown timers to integrate into any web pages. 

Thrive Architect also has sales page templates that you can use. But what’s interesting about it is that it comes with fill-in-the-blanks-like copy guides.

Why should you use it?

1. Design features. Thrive Architect is rich in intuitive and advanced features built to help you make professional-looking pages. Its ‘text and image combination tool’, for example, lets you add image backgrounds with overlay text on them.

It has color and gradient overlay options too to make the texts more readable. 

Apart from that, it has magazine-style fonts that you can utilize for the headlines. And along with it are 700 customizable fonts with a wide range of typeface options.

If you are the type of person that uses background as an image, there is also an option that allows you to make full-width layouts automatically. 

You can also apply hovering effects anywhere on your website to all elements available in the builder. 

2. Mobile-responsive Thrive Themes templates. The software also allows you to make your pages more accessible by building mobile-responsive pages.


As you may already know, people these days are always on their smartphones and use it for almost any transactions they make online. That is why it is only a basic measure to make your website mobile-friendly. 

Thrive Architect has a tool that allows you to set the visibility of some elements on your website depending on the screen size. It can help you manipulate how your layout appears on every device then. There is also an option that lets you tweak elements and show various versions of them on different devices. 

3. Front-end editing option. Back-end editing is old and time-consuming for today’s fast-paced generation. As a solution, Thrive Themes introduced a speedy and precise web designing: front-end editing. 

Thrive Themes front-end builder is a tool wherein, instead of constantly saving your work and switching tabs to check the changes, you get to see the results while working on it. I find it a handy and impressive option as it helps you make accurate changes in real-time and is time-saving.

4. Conversion building blocks. As I have mentioned, Thrive Themes has a suite of elements that you can integrate into your pages.

These plugins, on the one hand, are not just building blocks but are billed as conversion elements. It includes different forms, content reveal, CTA buttons, countdown timers, and many more.

Get access to Thrive Architect as part of Thrive Suite

If you noticed earlier, I mentioned that Thrive Themes products are not available individually any more. You can only get access to it by buying Thrive Suite.

Thrive leads

As its name suggests, Thrive Leads is an application built for lead generation and conversion. It is used for driving leads and collecting contact information to build email lists as well as to push potential buyers to take action.

Thrive-Leads review

Essentially, it enables you to integrate ad displays like sticky ribbons, pop-ups, and opt-in widgets. It is also a drag-and-drop builder where you can design your own forms and pop-ups.

Aside from that, you can also connect third-party email autoresponder tools such as MailChimp and ActiveCampaign into it.

Regarding email marketing tools, you might want to check my guide: the best autoresponders.

Here are the other perks you can enjoy from using Thrive Leads:

  • Has an intuitive and advanced analytics tool
  • Its library of premade pop-ups, content modules, and opt-in forms
  • It has different kinds of forms that you can integrate into any pages
  • It lets you set triggers for pop-ups

Why should you use it?

1. Advanced targeting. Offering the right products to your market is essential to convert them into paying customers. It is why to ensure that you are showing the right offers, Thrive Leads comes with an option that lets you display highly-targeted ads.

What it does is that it gives opt-in suggestions related to what your viewers’ needs. Such a system is possible by analyzing how your audience interacted with your website. Essentially, you can build your offers by page, post, and tags.

2. Multiple types of opt-in forms. Thrive leads offers a wide range of opt-in forms such as: sticky ribbon, thrivebox, two-step opt-in form, in-line forms, slide-in, screen filler overlay, opt-in widget, content lock, yes/no forms, and scroll mat.


3. Design and deploy. Ads must look visually striking and professional to attract potential customers to take actions. As such, Thrive Leads comes with a code-free form builder. It functions as a drag and drop which means you do not need any coding skills to create one. 

4. A/B split test tool. A/B testing tool is a program that you can use to compare two versions of the same thing. Using Thrive Leads, you can see which type of ads and content appeals better to your target market.  

You can perform A/B tests on the following:

  • Triggers
  • Offers
  • Form types
  • Design and content

5. Data report and insights. The tool also gives you insights on the most essential metrics you need to leverage your marketing efforts. Its smart analytics, for instance, can give you detailed reports concerning how each of your opt-in is performing.  

 Here are some of the reports you will receive:

  • Conversion rate
  • Cumulative conversions
  • Comparisons
  • List growth
  • Cumulative list growth
  • Content marketing
  • Lead tracking
  • Lead referral

By purchasing Thrive Suite membership, you can get Thrive Leads along with their other products. 

Thrive quiz builder

As its name suggests, Thrive Quiz Builder is designed to produce engaging online quizzes. These quizzes, however, are not only simple tests. The plugin renders tools that can leverage its usage as well, particularly in lead prospecting and gathering customer behavior data.


Aside from that, you can also build quizzes optimized for specific goals. In fact, the plugin provides three quiz templates with varying goals.

You can create one for building email lists, social sharing, and even quizzes with no predefined settings. 

To further maximize its potential, you can also perform A/B tests. All quizzes are mobile-friendly as well.

Why should you use it?

1. In-depth data analytics. The plugin comes with powerful tools including user stats, social sharing stats, individual question stats, track across time, and many more.

2. It has opt-in gates. It comes with options that enable you to gather leads. you can, for example, place an opt-in form asking for their contact information as a key to view the result of the quiz.

Thrive ultimatum

Scarcity and urgency are two of the best marketing practices people use these days to push potential buyers to take action. It is a great deal to strike loss and fear of missing out, which naturally drives people to take the next step.

Thrive ultimatum review

In this case, it is to purchase the product.

Having said that, Thrive Ultimatum is an application that can help you carry out effective scarcity promos. It's essentially a plugin that enables you to create and run limited-time promos and build professionally looking designs at a lightning speed. 

Using it, you can set up recurring campaigns and at the same time manage them. Its design tools are quite impressive too.

For instance, it has a visual editor that you can use to create banners for your promos. It also has prebuilt designs for countdown timers that you can either modify or use as-is using the drag-and-drop builder. 

But what sets it apart from its competition is that it has a lockdown feature. 

Essentially, its purpose is to avoid people from taking advantage of your offers which in return also makes your campaign appear authentic. The lockdown tool lets you have full control over who can access your promo page.

It tracks and keeps records on who has seen the offer already. And if, say, a customer has seen the offer already but did not make a move within the given time, Thrive Ultimatum will redirect the person to an expired link instead. 

Apart from that, you can also make targeted ad displays on your websites through it. You also have access to its collection of premade scarcity templates that you can use as-is or customize.

Why should you use it?

1. Boost your sales. As mentioned, scarcity and urgency create fear and feeling of loss which make people take the action every entrepreneur need: to purchase the item. Up your sales by offering free shipping deals and limited-time discounts. 

2. Collect and build a list of leads. Thrive Ultimatum gives you full control over your campaigns. For example, you integrate lead generation options such as offering bonus content in exchange for their contact info. That way, you can add more prospects into your list.

3. Earn more commission as an affiliate. Affiliate marketers can use scarcity campaigns as well to boost their sales. Use the fear of missing out by giving limited-time discounts. 

Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is a testimonial management tool that allows business owners and solopreneurs like you to display social proofs and mentions effectively on websites.


Essentially, it helps you complete the following tasks:

  • It shows relevant testimonials to your audience
  • It automatically gathers testimonials for you
  • Manage all website comments and social mentions via one dashboard
  • Display social proofs on your site efficiently

Why should you use it?

1. It collects testimonials for you. As mentioned earlier, Thrive Ovation gathers testimonials in auto-pilot for you. And that includes comments from your website, mentions from your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, and your customers’ feedback.

Social proofs, for instance, can be imported into your websites by simply pasting the URL using Thrive Ovation. WordPress comments can be used with just one click too. It will gather essential information included in the comment such as the name and picture of the person. 

2. Attention-grabbing social proofs. Thrive Ovation enables you to design visually striking testimonials. It offers numerous design options and has templates too that you can customize.

Thrive comments

More often than not, entrepreneurs tend to forget the comment section as it is typically used as a means to convey opinions. Thrive Themes, on the one hand, beg to differ. And found that maximizing the use of the comment section can yield positive results.

Hence, the creation of Thrive Comments.

Thrive comments review

Thrive Comment is a feature that allows you to optimize your site’s comment section. Think of Reddit and Quora. Instead of just leaving comments, it can help you make those opinions into real conversations between you and your prospects. 

The feature comes with a wide range of options as well, particularly for engagement and interactions.

Why should you use it?

1. It has engagement and interaction tools. Thrive Comments gives you tools that you can use to make your comment section lively and more engaging.

Its up-vote and down-vote option, for example, validates valuable insights as well as encourages readers to participate in the discussion. People don’t need to sign up and instead they can link one chosen social media account. 

And if, say, you want to follow a particular thread of comments, you have the option to subscribe to that post. You will then receive a notification every time someone leaves a comment.

2. Conversion-focused elements. It also offers optimization options such as audience insights. What it does is that it gives you a full report concerning how your comment section appears to your viewers.

It includes popular posts, comment rates, times people interacted with it, and many more.

3. Wide range of options for customization. Visuals are essential to grab people’s attention. As such, Thrive Themes added customization tools to help you make professional-looking designs.

Thrive Comments is included in the membership plan as part of the Thrive Suite family. 

Thrive optimize

Thrive Optimize is a developed A/B testing tool that, compared to other optimization tools, renders a wide array of options. It is a built-in plugin that allows users to leverage their marketing by testing and comparing two or more versions of an item.

Thrive optimize review

Using it will give you ideas on what approach works best with your target audience. 

Some of its options are pretty handy as well. Additional code snippets, for instance, are not needed. Integration of third-party platforms is seamless too. But what caught my attention is that it has a “set it and forget it” option. 

What the feature set-it-and-forget-it does is that it takes full control of the testing process. If you run it, it will monitor all results and automatically remove pages that are not performing well.

Simply put, Thrive Optimize will do most of the work for you.

Why you should use it?

Here are some of the options you can use in Thrive Optimize:

1. Quick A/B split testing. Build and run A/B split tests to all your pages at lightning speed.

2. Unlimited test variations. The plugin does not have a limit to how many variations you can test. 

3. 100% visual editing. The plugin is integrated with Thrive Architect. Hence, you can also utilize all building tools in it.

4. Three conversion goals. You can select up to three conversion goals you want for every test. It includes opt-in submission form, page visit, and revenue.

5. Traffic distribution. This option lets you divide evenly incoming traffic into your pages while running a split test. It lets you designate 80% of your traffic to the original page while the remaining 20% will be divided depending on the number of variations you have). 

6. Detailed reporting. You will receive complete data on how your pages are performing.

7. One-click cloning. It has an option wherein you can clone an existing landing page. It is handy if you want to make a variation of that page and run an A/B test on it.

Apart from this plugin, there is a quite similar one called Thrive headline optimizer. It allows you to compare more product titles, blog post headlines, etc.

Thrive clever widgets

Since Thrive Themes’ objective is to help biz owners and marketers build high converting websites, they made sure that all parts of the webpage are optimized. And that includes the area where widgets are being shown.

Thrive clever widgets review

As its name suggests, Thrive clever widgets is a feature that you can utilize to leverage your page widget section. Rather than showing generic, perhaps irrelevant links, the tool places links to content that are highly relevant to each of your visitors.

Thrive apprentice

It's an online course builder designed particularly for industry leaders who wish to monetize their expertise. It is a built-in tool that allows you to create educational content in different forms including videos and text.


The plugin also comes with a wide array of intuitive and easy-to-use design tools; thanks to Thrive Architect.

Entrepreneurs like you can utilize Thrive Apprentice in two ways: sell short and full courses or build lead magnets. Either or both are practical investments to make. It is especially true for startups that require long lists of leads. 

You can get and manage all courses too - including one-page guides - via its dashboard.

Why should you use it?

Here are a few handy features:

1. Visually striking designs. As mentioned, it is backed with Thrive Architect’s building tools. And that includes its design features. 

2. No course limits. The tool does not put a cap on how many courses you can build using it. 

3. Create lead magnets and build email lists. You can use it for producing freebies, which is great for email marketing to build and grow your email list. Either create a free short course or full course. 

4. You own all the materials. Thrive Themes guarantees all materials built via the course builder are all yours. The software will not hold and keep your content from you unlike some of its competitions. 

5. Limits people who can access your courses. It enables you to limit access for non-subscribers. 

6. It is compatible with all WordPress themes. Since Thrive Themes is a WordPress site builder, all courses made via the course builder are compatible with any WordPress theme. No need to modify or switch themes.

Thrive-apprentice-online course

Thrive Themes alternatives

If you think Thrive Themes virtual toolbox does not fit your biz requirements, below are a few WordPress website builder alternatives you should check out:

Also known as a WordPress website editor, Elementor is a virtual solution designed to aid small business owners, marketers, and webmasters with their digital needs. It is known for its rich built-in optimization and conversion tools that users can utilize particularly for prospecting.

best tools for digital marketing - elementor

Elementor is also a visual page editor. Same as Thrive Themes, it functions as a drag and drop which means coding or any additional scripts are unnecessary.

It comes with pre-designed building blocks too, sticky headers, and a mobile editor to guide you in creating mobile-friendly pages.

It can also help you with the following tasks: 

  • Drive traffic and convert them into paying customers
  • Create pop-ups
  • Has tools designed for developers 

As you can see, both platform almost shares the same building features. But what caught my attention is that Elementor has an option that allows you to build individual designs for all areas of a webpage. 

Another thing that makes it stand out is that it comes with a toolbox built specifically for developers. Elementor has a theme builder too which Thrive Themes doesn't offer.

If you want more details, head over to my Elementor review.

Divi is a flagship WordPress website builder developed by Elegant Themes. At the same time, it is also a Rolodex of web design templates specifically for WordPress. All templates are customizable as well or can be used as-is. 

best tools for digital marketing - divi

Just like Thrive Themes, its builder works via drag and drop, packed with advanced design options, and has numerous optimization tools.

Divi is cheaper than Thrive Themes but has less features. 

It is an online marketing software also known for its WordPress-friendly page editor and templates. It is a comprehensive page builder which enables you to make sites and landing pages without the hassle of coding.


OptimizePress, on the other hand, does not only help you provide pages. It also has options that you can use to launch sales funnels and create training pages.

In case you want to choose other great funnel builders, check out my guide - Best Sales Funnel Builders

But what's truly sets it apart is that it comes with membership portal templates. In other words, you can create online courses, tutorials and different training materials with its membership design. Only your favourite membership plugin is needed.

With OptimizeCheckouts plugin, you can also create different checkouts for your products and services.

That is why if you need a solution that offers more than conversion-focused web pages, I suggest you try OptimizePress. It is especially true if you have thousands of active subscribers and you want to monetize such an opportunity. 

Putting it all together

Thrive Themes is indeed comprised of features essential for startups and small biz owners to leverage their marketing efforts further. It has, in fact, all tools needed to optimize every area of a website.

Whether it is the comment section or the widget area, the software made it possible that all parts are valuable and can be maximized.

More importantly, you can access all of it at a very affordable monthly subscription. Hence, there is no excuse for you not to opt for Thrive Themes as your website and landing page builder.

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