TikTok Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Money

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There is no denying that Tiktok is making a big buzz worldwide for being one of the most popular social networks.

When ByteDance launched it in 2016, nobody had thought that it would become such a great hit because it was only popular among adults and teenagers in the past. 

The stratospheric growth of this social network started after a year of its launch, almost at the end of 2017

after acquiring a famous music app, “Musical. ly”, more than 200 million accounts were ported to Tik Tok from Music.ly, and that’s exactly how its journey toward a never-ending success started off.

Next giant network

Tiktok has exploded in popularity all over the world, and in recent years it got so much more popular in the United States as well. 

TikTok Affiliate Marketing How To Make Money

Now we can definitely predict that it will be the “Next Giant Social Network” anytime in the future as more people are registering on it just to view the short-length video content to feel entertained.

Not for teenagers anymore

Although Tiktok was considered a video application only that would be used mainly by adults and teenagers in the past, it is not the case today. The trend of affiliate marketing has been growing steadily on this network.

Many savvy marketers are putting their minds into coming up with the best ways of promoting products on it.  

Potential marketplace

Since millions of users are active on this social network almost every second of a minute, it is definitely an ideal platform for generating affiliate sales, procuring healthy revenue, running service-related ads, creating brand awareness, and spreading the word about your presence over the world. 

To create ads for your products and services, you need to understand how this intimate video-sharing platform works and how you can utilize it to generate your targeted sales volume.

Breakdown of Tiktok statistics 

If you are still wondering whether Tiktok could be a potential marketplace for your products or not, you should review the following statistics.

2.6 Billion downloads:  Tiktok has been downloaded by more than 2.6 billion users.

2 billion users:  There are more than one billion users on Tiktok.

Audience age group: The audience of the network is usually between the age of 18 and 24 years old. Meaning that mostly adults and teenagers are active users of this social platform. 

Almost 33% of users fall between the age of 25 and 35. Less than 3.3% of the audience is older than 56years old or above. 

User time An average user spends almost 52 minutes creating, making, or watching videos on the platform.

How much does an average user spend on tiktok?

A new study has shown that youngsters between the age of four to fifteen spend more than an hour on the network for mostly making their videos or watching exciting videos on lipsyncing, songs, cartoons, and games.

Tiktok active audience

Mostly young people are active on Tiktok so considering this you need to find an excellent niche for affiliate marketing that could be interesting for youngsters. The suggested niches are games, consoles, videos, animation, movies, toys, etc. 

Tiktok active audience

Remember that there are too many fashionistas, models, and young girls on Tiktok as well who are trying to make their followers by sharing videos of pranks, makeup and hairstyle tutorials, and beauty products.

 There are too many Tiktok users who purchase items from Amazon or any affiliate websites and share their reviews with their followers. It results in a lot of sales on your affiliate account if you have millions of followers on your Tiktok account. 

Rachel Meaders Tiktok

Let’s take the example of Rachel-Meader's account. She usually posts her short-length videos after purchasing an item on Tiktok


Each post that revolves around one or multiple products contains a link back to the Amazon product page (from where she has purchased the item). 

When Rachel’s  followers click to purchase the same items, she automatically earns a massive affiliate commission. Her followers are increasing rapidly with time, currently, she has 2.4 million followers. 

Even if she gets only ten sales per day minimum, she generates roughly 300 sales per month just by talking about the products.

Her actual sales are much higher than our estimation because we are only speculating the results based on minimum sales that her account might be easily generating every day.

What is Tiktok affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting a third-party product or service just to earn a commission. You can become an Amazon affiliate and spread awareness to the public about those Amazon products that you believe could be highly beneficial. 

Becoming an advocate of products

If you own a dog or two, you might have purchased some dog leashes, collars, potty training pads, dog crates, and dog treats from Amazon.

You can educate other people about dog accessories and supplies by talking about the products that can help them.

Instead of just marketing for free, you can become an affiliate or advocate of a brand, talk about its products, promote those on your social media network and earn a commission on every sale. 

How to get started 

Tiktok affiliate marketing is really simple to learn and understand. First off, you must create a short length video to discuss the product in detail. 

All the features and specifications of the product should be explained quickly without any unnecessary information.

If a product has too many features, you should only explain the salient ones to let your audience know how it can be beneficial for use. 

On Tiktok you can promote multiple products even through one video. In the end, you need to put your affiliate link under the video and some hashtags that describe your products better. 

Goldmine for business

All marketers believe that Tiktok is a goldmine for all sorts of small and large-scale businesses, including your affiliate marketing ventures. 

Your first approach should be aware of content monetization strategies before promoting products to earn affiliate commission. Also, you need to join an affiliate program to even begin with affiliate marketing.

Selling Amazon products

Most people love to promote and endorse Amazon products because of their reliability. Amazon is one of the best shopping platforms trusted by people easily. 

Selling Amazon products

You can pick the products that you want to promote from this platform and earn a handsome commission.

Promote profitable products only

Amazon is paying a different percentage of commission to its affiliate on each sale, depending on what category a product belongs to. 

There is less percentage of commission on products related to technology and gadgets and more on household accessories and kitchen tools.

It’s just that you need to do your thorough research on which types of items are the best to be promoted on Tiktok. . 

Suitable products for teens

When you choose products of a specific category to sell and promote on Tiktok make sure that the audience will fairly like it.

As mentioned above, the majority of Tiktok audience falls under the age of 25 years. You must make sure that the products you plan to promote are suitable for young adults and teenagers. 

Pros and Cons of Tiktok Marketing:

There are different pros and cons of doing affiliate marketing on Tiktok; let’s review what they are. 

Pros of marketing on Tiktok

Suitable for all business/niches:

Tiktok holds a massive number of international audiences from all around the world. 

Therefore, it is an international marketplace with a huge money making potential for those marketers who sell items to different countries. 

Anyone involved in import and export business may find this marketplace to be interesting as all sorts of items can be promoted and sold here without much effort. 

Video marketing:

Tiktok is focused on video clips and content only that has proved to be the best way of promotion so far. 

The length of the video does not matter as much as content does, so in order to go viral on this platform, you must create powerful video content for marketing. Hire a video maker for that endeavor. 

Hashtags in description:

The platform makes it easy for the sellers to reach their audience by using hashtags in the content. 

If you are promoting a specific beauty product you must use two or three hashtags relevant to it to get more organic traffic. Reaching your audience is fairly easy on Tiktok than on any other social network.

Low competition:

The competition is relatively low on Tiktok, you can easily generate thousands of views without paying anything at all. 

Free marketing is easy through videos on the network. So, in other words, it is a matter of how you can reach out to the maximum number of people through the content of your video.

Cons of marketing on TikTok

Young audience only:

The Tiktok audience is very young, aged between 10 to 25 only. You cannot promote products to mature or old audiences there as they are not an active part of this network. 

No clickable affiliate links:

The platform does not allow affiliate marketers to add clickable links right within the videos. The best you can do is put a link below your video and make it visibly prominent for the users to find out. 

Limited feature:

Some Tiktok accounts are limited in nature that a clickable link cannot be added in the bio section. In this case, some users cannot even link back their business website or affiliate ease in their profile section.

Expensive paid ad marketing:

Paid advertising is somewhat expensive on the network, a small ad can cost up to $20 to the marketers. 

The platform does not support the users with affordable ad campaigns like Facebook and it could be a big turn down for those who generate traffic through promotional ads.

How to create Tiktok content

Now the question is how can you create content for your Tiktok account to boost your business on it? The answer is creating interactive, engaging and entertaining videos. 

For driving traffic to your affiliate content on your social media you need to follow an unusual marketing strategy rather than the one that was used by old marketers ages ago. Some tips have been shared below:

Links in your profile

Your Tiktok profile must be properly optimized with the links that lead users to either your affiliate website or business website. You can put a link in the bio section so every follower can view it and click it.


Your bio section is the details of your business; it must be comprehensive and eye-catching. 

In the website section, you must add a link, and in email, you can write your personal email address so that your users or customers can reach out to you whenever needed.

Include social links

Add links to your social profiles on your Tiktok profile. If you are promoting content through your Youtube channel as well, your users might love to subscribe to your channel and watch all the videos you have posted.

It will result in more views and more sales. Moreover, you can attach your Instagram profiles to allow your users to find you on other networks to connect with you.

Hashtags on videos

Use hashtags on your videos. Just like Instagram, you don’t have to post a lot of hashtags on Tiktok to optimize the content; instead only use two or maximum of three hashtags that present the essence of video content in the best way. 

Switch to a business account

In order to add a clickable link in your bio section, you must switch your Tiktok account from personal to business.

Non-clickable link

If Tiktok does not allow you to include a clickable link to your Tiktok post, you can add a non-clickable URL into the description box of content. 

If users find your video content compelling, they will definitely copy and paste that URL into the browser to view the product you have explained.

Getting sales on Tiktok

You get sales easily on Tiktok, provided that your videos are impressive and full of detailed content about the products you want to sell. 

You need to market products in the video without creating an impression of a marketer. In other words, you must sell products without sounding like a salesperson.

Adopt a neutral tone

Try to be neutral in your opinion and talk about all the pros and cons of the products. Be honest when you elaborate on the features and specifications. 

In the end, give a final word if that product is worth buying or not to help your audience decide whether they should purchase it.

Short length clips

Create short lengthy videos with very catchy content. Don’t over-explain everything, just be creative when presenting the specifications to your audience. 

Your voice tone, behavior, body language, and attitude matter as well. People tend to buy more items from those people who use a friendly approach to advertising. 

You don’t have to be serious in the video, and you can be a bit goofy and crack some soft jokes just to entertain your audience.

Friendly interaction

A friendly marketing tone helps the marketer build a nice bond with the audience. Allow your followers to ask questions regarding the product in the comment section. 

Try to put yourself at the audience's disposal by showing some leniency, courtesy, and friendliness. Ensure them that you will answer any questions they might have regarding the product your videos are about.

Avoid sales pitches

Not only videos should be solely about the products. You can also discuss some ongoing trends of Tiktok.

These days, reaction videos are well-liked by the users. if you have time, you can create such videos to get followers. Also, different content will keep your followers more engaged. 

You should not portray yourself as a salesperson by marketing products only; instead, you need to interact with your audience and discuss anything of interest with them, let it be about a hot trend or current affair.

TikTok paid advertising

If you have a handful of budget, you can utilize Tiktok paid marketing to reach out to more people. However, almost all savvy marketers believe that TikTok ad campaigns are a bit more expensive than Facebook ad campaigns. 

If you have some marketing goals to achieve, you must spend some money on Tiktok advertising as it is really fruitful and result-oriented.

One UK Brand started a campaign on Tiktok with a 60-second long video about the product. The video contained an auto-play and sound along with the presentation. 

Successful paid campaign

The marketing campaign used the hashtag #StrongerAsOne campaign, and to their surprise, they received more than 17 million impressions. 

As per raw calculations, even if you manage to have two million customers through 17 million impressions, you might have one million sales of a particular product promoted in an ad campaign

In this scenario, if you invest some money on advertising campaigns, you are also making money in return and profit.

Conclusion: TikTok affiliate marketing - how to make money

Tiktok affiliate marketing can be very lucrative for beginners as well as savvy internet marketers because of low competition. Thousands of views can be earned easily by posting engaging, well-optimized and entertaining videos on the network. 

Individual tiktokers are making a good deal of money by endorsing third-party products easily because they have millions of followers on your page.

You can do the same, all you’ll need to do is post good videos to grab the attention of your followers and the sales will start rolling in.

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