Best Tips For Video Marketing To Increase Your Traffic

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Video marketing is so popular today because it's very effective. People are much more likely to watch a video, share a video, engage with video, and act on a video than any other kind of marketing.

If you want to be successful in video marketing, then you need to learn about the strategies and best practices.

In this lecture, I am going to show you that exactly. - the best tips for video marketing to increase your traffic.

To get started, a good thing to do is look at what other companies have done with video marketing. What have they done right, what have they done wrong, and what can you learn from it?

1. Tell a story

Don't try to generate sales through your videos instantly. One of the most annoying types of video content is the old fashioned sales guy trying to outline the features and benefits of their products. Try to offer value to your viewers instead. Focus on creating videos that showcase your products or services through a story that talks to your customers on a personal level. A good idea is to explain how your product will play a part in their lifestyle!

2. Know your audience

Before creating your whole marketing strategy, you need to know your target audience. What are their pain points? What problems are you trying to solve? How do you deliever the solution? You need to know the answers to these questions in advance so that you understand how to approach them. To make this process more successful, you can collaborate with explainer video companies so that they can help you create educational videos and address your audience's pain points.

3. Know what goals you have

Before shooting videos, you need to know what point you want to make with it and why you are doing the video. You might want to sell something, give away for free, educate viewers, show your personality, invite to events, promote your brand. In all cases, you want to raise attention and give information to the viewers they want. 

4. Plan in advance

Always have a plan before recording your work. You might write a script or just bullet points. You need to exactly know what you'll cover in your video so that you don't miss anything important. The worst thing you can do is start without any plan because you might talk too much or forget some things.

5. Create a hook during the first seconds

Most viewers will leave your video if they are not hooked during the first ten seconds of watching it, so you have to create the most compelling first ten seconds of content for all your marketing videos in order to retain as many leads as possible. The best way to do that is to use attention-grabbing images, be enthusiastic, conveying value, and explain why they should watch the whole video.

6. Be energetic

It's vital that you project confidence and energy in your videos. It can be a good idea to warm up and move around a little bit before shooting your video and dress up. Remember, you also need to be engaging.

7. Attention-grabbing headlines

If you want to have a lot of viewers for your videos, you'll need to learn to write compelling headlines. There are a lot of headline generator tools out there you can use. To do it right, you need to know your audience so you can hook them in and get them to watch without tricking them and making them mad.

Apart from this, you'll need to do some keyword research for your headline to rank on youtube search. A good idea is to use the Google keyword planner or a Youtube keyword tool for that.

8. Keyword Rich Descriptions

Description is one of the most important parts after your headline and content. Within your description, you want to use keywords that are meaningful to your audience. Try to make your description long and informative.

9. Keep it short and simple

Make sure you only give valuable and relevant information in your videos so that people don't get bored. Most marketers say that the ideal length of a video is about 6 minutes but it depends on your content and target audience. If you can make it shorter and still list all your points, then do it.

When you have a lot of valuable content to give, try to break them up into smaller pieces. This way, they will be easy to digest. But if you search on Youtube, you can find out that some people are successful with even very long videos because they give a lot of value and step by step guides. You might find out more about YouTube automation to easily manage your account.

10. Appropriate lighting

The right lighting is one of the most important elements for your videos. Especially if you create 'talking head' videos or focus on live video productions. It's the key to the perfect video. There are plenty of lighting tools and it will depend on your needs which one you buy. But the good news is they are relatively cheap.

11. Great sound

This one is the other important part of your video. Make sure you use a microphone that has a clear sound. You might test out more and experience with it which one fits your needs better. Remember, bad sound can make your video unwatchable.

12. The more videos, the better

You can't grow your business with only a few videos. That's not video marketing. It should be a regular and continuous well-planned strategy. Upload videos regularly to your channel and target your niche with different keywords in your title and description.

13. Valuable content

Know your niche, what they want, what problems they have and create your content accordingly. Offer your solution in your videos. A good idea is to create 'how to' videos that are trying to teach something new and listing the steps necessary. Don't worry if they are not perfect, just do it. Remember, done is better than perfect.

14. Promote everywhere

Don't be shy otherwise your marketing efforts won't be successful. Let everyone know about your videos you create. Embed them into your website, blog. Promote and share them on all the social media platforms you use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and so on. Send them out to your email lists. Aside from Youtube, you can upload them to other video hosting sites, as well. A good idea might be to try out some paid ads.

15. Call to action

Do not make the mistake of missing out your call to actions. Consider your videos as an entry point to your sales funnels. You can do it easily on Youtube with built-in end screen and annotations and cards. Provide a link to your website and other videos that your audience may like. The best is if you ask people to share, like, and comment at the end of your videos.

16. SEO optimization

You must spend time researching the appropriate keywords, tags for your videos. Make sure you include your keywords in the title and description of your videos. You must also provide a detailed and informative description to rank your videos on Google and Youtube search. As previously mentioned, do not miss out end screen features and call to actions.

17. Create attention-grabbing thumbnails

This trick can make a difference in your video marketing. You can increase or decrease the click-through rates of your videos according to how you choose your thumbnails. Try to make them related to the topic of your content and make sure they are standing out from the rest but keep their style consistent across your channel.

For instance, a colorful standing out background and a photo of your face might be a good idea. Another good strategy is to use a text overlay and an image about an interesting part of your video as a thumbnail which can be done even with a free editing software.

18. Position yourself as the expert

This can have a huge impact on your conversion rate. People are much more likely to follow you if you can trigger the feeling in your audience that you're the expert to watch.

How can you do that?

Research the topic properly you want to talk about and practice in front of your camera. Practice makes you confident.

With these tips for video marketing, you can achieve great results.

It's time for you to start video marketing now. When you realize its power, you'll be amazed. Video marketing can generate more leads for you than any other types of marketing. Don't worry about the lack of experience, just get started and act now!

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