Titin: Shark Tank Update

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Titin is a fitness apparel company that specializes in weighted compression gear. The company was founded by Patrick Whaley, a former college football player, who wanted to create a product that would enhance athletic performance and recovery.

Titin's flagship product is the Titin Force Shirt System, which consists of a compression shirt with strategically placed pockets for weighted gel inserts. These inserts can be heated or cooled to provide additional benefits during workouts or recovery.

Titin gained national attention when it appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank. The show features aspiring entrepreneurs who pitch their business ideas to a panel of wealthy investors, known as the "sharks," in hopes of securing funding and mentorship. Titin's appearance on Shark Tank was a result of the company's success and innovative product offerings.

Key takeaways

  • Titin is a weighted compression gear company that appeared on Shark Tank in 2013.
  • The founders presented a vest with removable weights that could be heated or cooled for therapy purposes.
  • The Sharks were impressed with the product but ultimately passed on investing.
  • After the show aired, Titin received a surge in website traffic and sales.
  • Titin has since launched new products, partnered with professional athletes, and received positive customer feedback.

The Titin pitch on Shark Tank: What did the founders present to the sharks?

During their pitch on Shark Tank, the founders of Titin presented their flagship product, the Titin Force Shirt System, to the sharks. They explained how the weighted gel inserts in the shirt could be used to increase resistance during workouts, leading to improved strength and endurance. They also highlighted the benefits of using the inserts for post-workout recovery, as the added weight can help increase blood flow and reduce muscle soreness.

The Titin pitch on Shark Tank - What did the founders present to the sharks

In addition to the Titin Force Shirt System, the founders also showcased other products in their lineup, including weighted shorts and leggings. These products offered similar benefits to the shirt system, providing targeted resistance and support for different muscle groups.

The business model presented by Titin focused on selling their products directly to consumers through their website and select retail partners. They also mentioned plans to expand into other fitness-related accessories and equipment in the future.

The sharks' reactions: Did they bite or pass on the Titin pitch?

The sharks had mixed reactions to the Titin pitch. While they acknowledged the innovative nature of the product and the potential market demand, some of the sharks expressed concerns about the scalability and profitability of the business.

Mark Cuban, known for his investments in the sports and fitness industry, was particularly interested in Titin. He saw the potential for the product to be used by professional athletes and expressed his willingness to invest. Daymond John, another shark with experience in the apparel industry, also saw potential in Titin and made an offer to invest.

However, other sharks, such as Kevin O'Leary and Barbara Corcoran, were more skeptical. They questioned the market size and the ability of Titin to compete with established fitness apparel brands. Ultimately, O'Leary and Corcoran decided not to invest.

In the end, Patrick Whaley accepted Daymond John's offer of $500,000 for a 20% equity stake in Titin. This partnership provided Titin with not only the necessary funding but also valuable expertise and connections in the industry.

Titin Shark Tank update: What happened after the show aired?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Titin experienced a surge in sales and brand awareness. The exposure from the show helped them reach a wider audience and attract new customers. They also received media coverage and were featured in various fitness publications, further boosting their credibility and visibility.

The partnership with Daymond John proved to be beneficial for Titin. John's expertise in the apparel industry helped guide the company's growth and expansion. He provided valuable advice on marketing strategies and helped secure partnerships with major retailers.

In addition to their success in sales, Titin also continued to innovate and improve their products. They received positive feedback from customers who praised the quality and effectiveness of their weighted compression gear.

Sales and revenue growth: How has Titin performed since appearing on Shark Tank?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Titin has experienced significant sales and revenue growth. The exposure from the show helped them reach a larger customer base and expand their distribution channels. They saw a spike in online sales and were able to secure partnerships with major retailers, such as Dick's Sporting Goods.

The company's revenue grew steadily in the years following their appearance on Shark Tank. They were able to capitalize on the growing demand for fitness apparel and accessories, particularly those that offer unique benefits like Titin's weighted compression gear.

However, it is important to note that the fitness apparel industry is highly competitive, and Titin faced challenges in maintaining their market share. They had to continuously innovate and improve their products to stay ahead of the competition.

New product launches: What has Titin released since the Shark Tank episode?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Titin has released several new products to expand their product line. They introduced a line of weighted compression shorts and leggings, which complemented their existing shirt system. These products offered targeted resistance for the lower body, helping athletes improve their performance and recovery.

New product launches - What has Titin released since the Shark Tank episode

Titin also launched a line of accessories, including weighted gloves and ankle weights. These products allowed customers to add resistance to specific areas of their body during workouts.

The introduction of these new products helped Titin attract new customers and expand their customer base. They received positive feedback from customers who appreciated the versatility and effectiveness of the new additions to their lineup.

Partnerships and collaborations: Who has Titin teamed up with since Shark Tank?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Titin has entered into several partnerships and collaborations to further grow their business. One notable partnership was with professional athletes and sports teams. Titin's products were used by athletes in various sports, including football, basketball, and MMA. This endorsement from professional athletes helped increase brand credibility and attract more customers.

Titin also collaborated with fitness influencers and trainers to promote their products. These collaborations helped Titin reach a wider audience and gain credibility within the fitness community.

Additionally, Titin partnered with major retailers, such as Dick's Sporting Goods, to expand their distribution channels. This allowed them to reach a larger customer base and increase their sales.

Customer reviews and feedback: What do people think of Titin's products?

Customer reviews for Titin's products have been largely positive. Customers have praised the quality and effectiveness of the weighted compression gear, noting that it provides a unique and effective way to enhance their workouts and recovery.

Customer reviews and feedback - What do people think of Titin's products

Many customers have reported improvements in strength, endurance, and muscle recovery after using Titin's products. They appreciate the versatility of the gear, as it can be used for various types of workouts and training.

Some customers have also mentioned that the weighted compression gear has helped them overcome plateaus in their fitness journey. The added resistance provided by the gear challenges their muscles in new ways, leading to continued progress and improvement.

Titin has been responsive to customer feedback and has made improvements to their products based on customer suggestions. They have also provided excellent customer service, addressing any concerns or issues promptly.

Challenges and obstacles: What difficulties has Titin faced since Shark Tank?

Despite their success, Titin has faced challenges and obstacles since appearing on Shark Tank. One of the main challenges they faced was competition from other fitness apparel brands. The market for fitness apparel is highly saturated, with many established brands offering similar products. Titin had to differentiate themselves and continuously innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

Another challenge was scaling their production to meet the growing demand for their products. As their sales increased, Titin had to invest in manufacturing capabilities and supply chain management to ensure they could fulfill orders in a timely manner.

Additionally, Titin faced challenges in expanding internationally. While they had success in the US market, breaking into international markets proved to be more difficult due to regulatory and logistical challenges.

Future plans and goals: What does the future hold for Titin?

Looking ahead, Titin has ambitious plans for growth and expansion. They plan to continue innovating and releasing new products that cater to the evolving needs of their customers. They also aim to expand their distribution channels and reach new markets, both domestically and internationally.

Future plans and goals - What does the future hold for Titin

Titin is also exploring opportunities in the digital space, such as launching an e-commerce platform and partnering with fitness apps and platforms. This would allow them to reach a wider audience and provide a more personalized experience for their customers.

While there are challenges and uncertainties in the fitness apparel industry, Titin remains optimistic about their future. They are confident in their ability to adapt and thrive in a competitive market, thanks to their innovative products and strong brand presence. With the support of their loyal customer base and strategic partnerships, Titin is well-positioned for continued success.


What is Titin?

Titin is a weighted compression shirt that is designed to provide a full-body workout by adding resistance to every movement.

What is the Shark Tank update on Titin?

Titin appeared on Shark Tank in 2014 and received an investment from Daymond John. Since then, the company has expanded its product line and has continued to grow.

How does Titin work?

Titin works by using weighted gel inserts that can be placed in pockets throughout the shirt. The weight of the inserts adds resistance to every movement, providing a full-body workout.

What are the benefits of using Titin?

The benefits of using Titin include increased muscle activation, improved endurance, and a more efficient workout. The weighted compression shirt can also help to improve posture and reduce the risk of injury.

What is the cost of Titin?

The cost of Titin varies depending on the product. The weighted compression shirt starts at $199, while the gel inserts start at $49.

Where can I buy Titin?

Titin can be purchased on the company's website, as well as on Amazon and other online retailers. The product is also available in select retail stores.

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