The Different Tools For Amazon FBA Sellers And How To Choose

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Selling on Amazon may be a profitable business, but you will only be successful if you are prepared to put in the time to learn the ropes and work hard to keep your stock and product listings up to date.

Thankfully, today's Amazon sellers are in a far better situation than those who began a decade ago. 

As a result of technological advancements and Amazon's continuous rise as a worldwide retail behemoth, a robust network of third-party suppliers providing business assistance has sprung up

There's an app for everything these days, from product research and managing inventory to advertising and accounting systems. Many software companies, on the other hand, offer their services in a deceptive manner.

Vendors have little option but to go through a trial-and-error procedure, trying out one app after the other until they find the one that works best for them.

Save yourself days, if not weeks, of searching for the finest FBA suites manually. We conducted a detailed review of the top tools available, focusing on the most crucial aspects for both new and experienced Amazon sellers.

You don't need all of them to start selling Amazon FBA, but we are sure you will find that running your business without them would be quite tough. As a result, the sooner the better!

Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit, which is basically a barcode reader for retail arbitrage, provides pricing information on any goods in less than five seconds.

The Different Tools For Amazon FBA Sellers And How To Choose

It takes advantage of Amazon's Application Programming Interface (API) to offer real-time data, such as the Buy Box price of a product. 

You may also see whether the same item is available on Amazon. When you scan a product's barcode, the program calculates your Amazon earnings after FBA fees and delivery charges. It also alerts you if the item falls into a prohibited category.


Since 2012, MerchantWords, one of the oldest Amazon keyword research tools, has provided merchants with keywords for listing improvement

Their enormous data is based solely on Amazon customers, not on search engine trends or pay-per-click advertising.

You may improve your listings using its API, which is geared toward listing advisers and volume sellers.

Furthermore, MerchantWords uses proprietary algorithms developed by its Data Science team to show you the exact shopping tendencies of Amazon visitors.

Helium 10

Probably the second most comprehensive toolkit for Amazon merchants. The strength of this program comes from its robust patented listing optimization algorithm.


You may use the Magnet tool to harvest high-volume keywords and develop both automatic and manual PPC campaigns to improve your listing. You may rank such keywords according to their relevance to your product using the Frankenstein tool.

Helium10 takes you through the product research process from the general level of BlackBox, where you can scan millions of products across various classifications and niches, to the detailed level of X-Ray, which displays pricing and revenue estimates. 

You can look up a detailed Helium 10 review, where the specifics of this tool are described. This program has your back on various tasks.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has created exclusive Amazon product analysis algorithms that provide you with a wealth of information about any product or niche on the site.

Jungle Scout

It is the most extensively used product search engine among professional Amazon sellers. Estimated profitability, customer demand, the competitive environment, and even seasonality are all factors to consider.

Jungle Scout can assist private label brand builders in locating worldwide manufacturers and suppliers of leading brands.

Other Amazon-specific tools include Jungle Scout's Keyword Scout, which assists sellers in creating listings and PPC campaigns using keywords that make them prominent in search results.

Its monthly membership is, however, not inexpensive, and several of its features are ineffective.

Profit Guru

ProfitGuru helps you to gauge the potential of your things to sell on Amazon by offering statistics on the performance of rival products on Amazon based on particular ASINs.

For rookie sellers, this Amazon product research instrument is quite useful. It may be used to locate brands in categories where there isn't much competition and whose items aren't sold by either the brand owners or Amazon.

The next step is to either contact the owners personally and offer to sell their products or look for vendors that already do so.

ProfitGuru is already famous among wholesalers since it gives information on suppliers for well-known brands. This eliminates the need for you to go through a lengthy screening procedure with numerous providers.

ProfitGuru's Listing Quality Score is also incredibly useful for private labeling opportunities. It assists you in identifying prospective items by evaluating the performance of several brands on a set of factors.

You might be amazed at how many of them sell well despite the fact that their listings appear to be ordinary.


Sellerapp offers keyword research, listing optimization, product research, and search rank tracking, all in one location, thanks to its Amazon advanced analytics and processing algorithms.

Their expertise is in increasing sales and identifying business possibilities using enormous volumes of data gathered from worldwide industry trends.

This program does a full analysis of your current Amazon product listing, allowing you to take measures to enhance its optimization, resulting in increased exposure and conversions. 

Sellerapp's keyword research tool assists you in identifying keywords that appear on top of the search results including those that are trending and used by top sellers. 

Both your listing and your ad campaigns may benefit from the usage of targeted and converting keywords.

Following optimization, Sellerapp's features will allow you to track the search engine rankings of the keywords you have chosen in real-time, as well as highlight negative search phrases.

In this manner, you can evaluate their personal performance over time and utilize the program to aid you in making required modifications.

When it comes to product launches, sellerapp provides automated marketing campaigns that boost conversions while lowering ad cost and ACoS.

Accounting and inventory management are also included, as well as notifications for hijacking, Buy Box price and unfavorable reviews.


Refersion is an affiliate marketing platform that helps online shops keep track of sales driven by promoters, influencers, and affiliates.

Refersion made it easier than ever to create, grow, and track your very own affiliate program. It is designed to help you swiftly produce and start your own promotion network.

With Amazon Affiliate Marketing by Refersion helps eCommerce brands on Amazon that want to connect with audiences outside of Amazon,
drive conversions, increase ROI, and other essential elements, as well as track and view performance statistics in real-time.

How to choose?

Consider which jobs and processes require tools in the first phase. Determine what you require and which processes can be automated. Make a list of them all and prioritize them based on your priorities.

How to choose

Prioritize based on what is critical to your business, what can relieve you of the tasks that consume the majority of your time, and what can make other tasks simpler.

Almost every instrument is beneficial and should be used sooner or later. However, you will not have enough money to purchase them all at first. This is why it is a good idea to start with the most crucial and work your way down.

The majority of tool vendors enable you to try their program before purchasing it. Typically, these tests last anywhere from 5 days to one month and are spread out across two weeks. It may even be longer in extraordinary circumstances.

When you have discovered a tool you like, give it a try before making a purchase. It is critical that you test the tool extensively. 

Make a list of everything you don't like about the tool and any questions you have about how to utilize it. You can then inquire with a software firm employee.

They can then inform you how to customize the tool to your specific needs and what upgrades are on the way.

Compare the price packages available now that you are confident you've discovered the best tool for your requirements. Typically, the longer you commit to using the tool, the smaller the fee. 

This indicates that the price will be significantly lower on an annual basis than on a monthly one.

Of course, you should think about whether you really want to commit for that long. If you're just getting started with your Amazon company and are not sure if you'll be successful, we do not recommend signing up for a yearly package.

The most important criteria for any tool is that it complies with Amazon's terms of service. Use software that is not based on black-hat techniques.

Never buy a feedback product that generates phony reviews or a service that generates artificial traffic to your listing, for example. 

Amazon's algorithms are so sophisticated, and its compliance team is so well-trained, that any effort at fraud is promptly detected. Your listing – or, much worse, your account – will be taken down immediately.

Conclusion: The different tools for Amazon FBA sellers and how to choose

These are the top solutions on the market today, and you will undoubtedly profit from their services, particularly those that enable you to automate activities, free up time, and avoid the need to recruit additional help.

Finding the Amazon FBA Seller solutions that best suit your company strategy in 2022 will be difficult. 

However, the time and work you put into building your own suite of applications will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

One of the most essential lessons you will learn as an Amazon seller is the benefit of using software that can perform several tasks. 

For example, if you can do product research, improve your listings, and build ad campaigns all in one spot, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your business operations.

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