Best Online Marketing Tools For 2022

There are hundreds of different tools marketed every single day to business owners like us. Each of them promise nearly the same thing - they’re the best at what they do. But you know just as well as I do that that isn’t true for all of them.

While many are extremely helpful and useful, just as many - if not more, may not work for your business. Don’t feel too bad though! It’s all a matter of finding the right one for you. To help you on your search, here’s a list of my top recommended tools for business savvy individuals who want to take their ventures to the next level.

Quick disclaimer: before you continue - the links I’m sharing below are affiliate links. I may earn a small percentage when you make a transaction with the company using my link. It doesn’t cost extra on your part - but would greatly help me keep the website up and running for business owners who need help like you do!

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I personally use and recommend Kinsta for hosting! It’s by far the best deal you can find right now in my honest opinion. I applaud their 24/7 chat support, and reliability in terms of speed and overall service. Not to mention, the price point is incredibly reasonable.


Thrive Themes

I love how flexible and easy to use Thrive Themes is for building WordPress websites. This all-in-one toolbox doesn't only give inexperienced web designers the tools they need to build and run a successful online business, but also gives bloggers and existing website owners the ability to make their sites more appealing to visitors in a timely manner.



Nothing gets on my nerves more than a slow-loading website. That's why I consider myself lucky that I found WPRocket. And true to it's name, it's managed to make sure my website launches each page at the speed of light. I'm in awe of the support team who are always eager to jump on my concerns, the development team which regularly updates the system, and its ability to cache my website unlike any other plugin.



It's no secret that I love my fair share of email marketing campaigns. And it's also no secret that I'm a huge GetResponse fan. With this email marketing platform, you can create and send beautiful campaign emails to your list, track your ROI and business growth, profile subscribers, and much more.



Hiring a graphic designer can quickly become expensive especially for someone like me who needs graphics on a daily basis. Stencil helps me get on top of anything urgent while saving tons of money in the process. It's all in a simple, efficient and easy to use interface, and you can even get help from the Stencil team if you run into any issues.



I’d be lying if I said that I always have time to proofread everything myself. As a result, this online proofreading and grammar checking tool does wonders for my productivity as well as my health. Who wouldn’t want to be more efficient?!



If you're not too keen on Kinsta's pricing options, then BlueHost might be more your speed. While it may not be my top choice, it's a great cheaper alternative to Kinsta.



While Thrive Themes is incredibly easy to use, I understand that the learning curve might not make it as popular as it should be. Not to worry though, Elementor is a complete website builder that allows you to easily create amazing websites in seconds. It's also extremely easy to use, no coding necessary.



There's a reason why the word "Divi" has become infamous. It's probably because it is quite possibly the easiest and most intuitive WordPress plugin around. Now if you're willing to shell out a few extra bucks, then you can take advantage of Divi's powerful functionality and awesome support team.



If WPRocket didn't impress you as much as it did me, then Nitropack might be something you want to look into. It's a caching tool and content delivery network that gives you a huge boost in website speed by caching all your files on a server before sending them to your visitors.



I don't need a checkout button on my website - but you might. With this all in one marketing tool, you can build one in a matter of minutes. The pricing model is also great for any business owner as it offers unlimited site support and will never charge you again for a lost order.



If you live and breathe marketing - this one's for you. ClickFunnels is a complete sales funnel builder that helps you with landing pages, email marketing, membership sites and more. If you want to create profitable campaigns with ease, I highly recommend it.



One of my favorite GetResponse alternatives, AWeber is a great email marketing tool that can be good for just about any business owner. It includes all the standard features you expect from an email marketing software, such as subscriber management, lead capture forms and a variety of pre-built templates.



I like ActiveCampaign because it's a little more affordable than AWeber - but still a good GetREsponse alternative, and it includes some pretty cool features. It has less templates, but the support is excellent - which is why I recommend it to most beginners.



Unbounce is a complete solution that's great for anyone who wants to build conversion focused landing pages and collect contact information. Its pixel perfect builder and AI-powered platform is the best in the market.



I love Leadpages because it's easy to use and has some great features, such as social sharing options, lead capture forms and more. If you want a simple yet effective web design and landing page creation software with all the bells and whistles, I highly recommend it.



Wix is easily one of the most affordable web hosting services out there. It's easy to use, and allows you to create an on-brand site in literally just a few minutes. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have an online store for less, but doesn't have any coding knowledge.



An awesome Stencil alternative, Canva is one of the biggest and most reliable online photo editing tools. It allows you to easily create beautiful and custom-made images for your social media pages, blog posts, email marketing campaigns and more.



Last but not the least, this Stencil alternative is also a great alternative to Canva. It makes it so easy to create engaging and visually stunning images, which is key for the unique look of any website and marketing campaign.



Another alternative for Stencil, Snappa is a photo editor that's all about simplicity. While I've made more advanced edits, this was perfect for our needs since it was simple to use, and the support is absolutely amazing!



This Grammarly alternative is for those who have to proofread their own work (or someone else's). It helps you catch mistakes that are typically easy to miss, by showing you a list of possible corrections as well as an explanation on why these words may not be correct.