Top Personal Brand Examples – How to Brand Yourself

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When it comes to creating a brand for a blog or a website you will have a ton of different options regarding how you want to approach the process.

So, in this guide, I’ll show you the top personal brand examples and you’ll also learn how to brand yourself so that people recognize and trust you.

Creating a brand around your business is extremely important. What you have to understand is that people don't buy from companies, they buy from brands. A company is a faceless entity without a brand. As a brand, you can be a familiar presence and a trusted source.

Your brand includes everything that distinguishes you from others and what you do online: Logo, web design, color scheme, advertising, style, attitude, content, products, social media accounts, and so on...

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make though is whether you intend to include yourself as a key part of your branding.

Are you going to be the brand?

The first question to ask is what this might look like. What does a personal brand really look like as a blog?

A good example would be to look at Tim Ferriss blog. This is a hugely successful blog in the self-development and productivity niche.

While 'Four Hour Workweek' is a brand in itself, the site is also plastered with images of Tim and his name generally. In this way, he has become inseparable from his brand.

The same thing can be seen if you look at the Smart Passive Income website by Pat Flynn - whose name and picture are right up there.

Both these people also regularly appear on podcasts and in YouTube videos, allowing users to get to know them.

Then you have someone like Tony Robbins whose brand and name are inseparable.

Then my next favorite examples are Ramit Sethi and Amy Porterfield. Both are very successful and professional.

If you look at my website, you'll notice that I'm a personal brand, too, with a hero image as my photo. The purpose of this is to make a great first impression on the visitor, add a personal touch and at the same time build credibility.

Why This Works

If you're trying to build authority and trust in a particular niche or industry, then having a personal brand is an excellent strategy.

That's because personal brands are particularly memorable. The human brain evolved to remember names and faces far more than random words and titles.

Likewise, when you use your own name and face you give your brand instant personality as well as inspiring more trust.

This way, you are effectively 'staking your reputation' on what you say and people will feel like there's someone they could theoretically contact if ever they had any questions. All this helps to inspire trust.

Personal brands work even better if you are able to somehow embody your message, service or product. If your niche is fitness then you need to be in great shape. If your niche is dating, then you need to have an attractive partner, etc.

Let's say, you're offering business coaching services or writing a blog and you happen to be very successful in business, then you can use this to your advantage to promote your products and to show that it works. This way, you can become at once a role model and proof that your product or techniques work.

Finally, building a personal brand can ultimately become a springboard to celebrity. If that's something that interests you, then this strategy is a must.

As a result, when building a personal brand, don't think too much about the domain name of your website, just use your own name as your domain name. Although I did not use my own name, it could have also been a viable option.

I hope you learned a lot from these personal brand examples and now you know the key elements of how to brand yourself.

Have you already created your own personal brand? Let me know if you need help.

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