Increasing Success: The Top Strategies For Increasing Online Store Sales

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In e-commerce, being able to grow your business and increase online store sales is vital. No matter if you're new or experienced in the online shopping business, implementing effective strategies will help you drive growth and make more money in the digital marketplace.

This guide will cover a wide array of tactics that can elevate your online store sales and take your business to new heights.


Identify what distinguishes your brand from all the others, then plaster it across your website. You want people to know that yours is the only choice for them – otherwise, they're not gonna buy it. So, put a spotlight on it. 


Make sure that your homepage and product pages are plastered with visually pleasing infographics and persuasive copy that clearly communicate why you're so much better than the competition. 

Pop quiz

Create interactive quizzes about products or industry topics to engage with customers. Not only does this generate interest but it'll provide insight into customer preferences and behaviors as well. Use that data to create personalized product recommendations that meet their needs better than ever before.

Share reviews

Feature customer reviews and testimonials prominently on your website. Positive feedback builds trust and credibility, reassuring potential buyers of the quality and reliability of your products, which leads them to buy more often.

Answer questions through blog content

Answer frequently asked questions through informative blog posts optimized for relevant keywords. This positions you as an authority in your field, drives organic traffic and establishes rapport with potential customers all at once.

Offer free shipping

Give people one less reason not to purchase by providing free shipping options. It's been shown time and time again that offering this incentive can significantly increase conversion rates because who doesn't love free stuff? 

Offer free shipping

Run abandoned cart email campaigns

There's no harm in being a pest sometimes, especially when it comes to abandoned carts. Send emails with an incentive for customers to pick up where they left off. Be careful not to be too pushy or overbearing. 


It's easy to make more money. Just make a few suggestions for upgrades or partnerships while your customers are checking out. That way, you increase the average purchase and keep the customer happy.

If someone has already decided to buy something from you, they're clearly interested in what you've got to offer. So why not show them something else? It's all about how and where you suggest this next step.

Add trust signals to your online store

Trust signals like security badges, customer testimonials, and SSL certificates are one of the most effective ways to earn trust from visitors. They give people peace of mind when it comes to sharing their information through your website. 

It's important to display these trust signals in a visible place on your website (especially on the checkout pages). This will allow customers to identify that they have nothing to worry about when making a purchase from you. 

If you have any industry certifications or affiliations, show those off too; anything that demonstrates your credibility and expertise will help boost conversions.

Improve website navigation

When customers go to your website and can't find what they're looking for, they bounce off and go somewhere else. Streamline the navigation of your site by optimizing the menus so people can easily find things. 

Improve website navigation

Make sure all products are clear and easy to categorize, so people don't have trouble finding them when searching. Do some testing to see where users get stuck, then fix those pain points as soon as possible! 

Implement features such as product filters and sorting options so customers can quickly narrow their options down to exactly what they need.

Speed up the checkout process

The more convoluted it is for someone to complete a purchase, the more likely they are to leave their cart during the process. Make sure your checkout experience is as simple as possible by trimming down on these closing steps of the buyer's journey – offer guest checkout options, auto-fill forms, progress indicators... anything that will speed things up will also boost conversions.

A/B test all aspects of the checkout flow and monitor performance metrics like abandonment rate and average time to purchase so you know where there's room for improvement.

Accept alternative payment methods

If you make giving you money difficult for me, I'm going to go find someone else who makes it easy. There are so many different ways to send and receive payments these days that only providing one or two options is enough to send people running.

You need to be able to handle credit cards, digital wallets, and some of the alternative methods too like PayPal or "Buy Now, Pay Later" services. All of these things can help your customers pay you if they want to give you money, but it's up to you to have them ready when they do. 

Take a look at what your customers prefer using and then make sure they have access to those things. Nobody should have an easier time finding ways not to pay your business than by paying it, so set your sites on the best options out there. Keep an eye on emerging trends in this area as well so that when new technology comes out which makes this even easier for everyone involved you'll be ready for it.

Provide excellent customer service

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned cash on something that's just 'okay'. You need to provide top-tier service at every point of the customer's journey. Keep your eye on complaints and questions so you can get back as quickly as possible.

If someone ever needs a bit of help, then why not give it to them? And when possible, go above and beyond for the customer. Doing all these things will build loyalty with the customer, and encourage repeat business.

Provide excellent customer service

To give customers real-time support and personalized recommendations while they're browsing your site, you should implement live-chat support immediately. When making improvements over time, keep an eye on response time and satisfaction rating with customers.

Offer a customer loyalty program

One of the most effective ways to make customers return for more is to give them a good feeling about their purchase. A loyalty program is a great way to accomplish this. By offering points, discounts, or other cool offers for continuing support, your audience will feel like they're winning every time they spend money with you.

Take advantage of data analytics to see how many people are actually using your program and reward them for areas where they already spend money. Advertising your loyalty program all over the place and reminding people of the awesome things that await them when they stick around are great ways to increase participation.

Wrapping up

There isn't one right answer when it comes to increasing sales. But there are some strategies that have worked for others that you can try out here: making your site easier to navigate through and building trust with your audience.

As long as you keep trying new things and learning from each failure, success will be within reach! Use feedback and data as tools for optimization – discard what doesn't work and optimize what does work until you find yourself on top.

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