Traffic Secrets Review: Russell Brunson’s New Book

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Russel Brunson’s Traffic Secrets book is a highly anticipated 2020 release.

Today’s Traffic Secrets review focuses on key points found in the book, and whether it can help you and your business flourish. 

Do you want to know if Traffic Secrets is a book you need to invest in? 

Keep reading to find out.

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What is the Traffic Secrets book about?

Traffic Secrets is a book two years in the making according to its author: Russel Brunson. Dubbed the Sales Funnel King, Brunson has amassed a cult following for his tips, strategies, and ideologies that bring together many entrepreneurs in search of one thing: membership to the Two Comma Club.

Traffic secrets review

Unlike other clubs out there, you don’t simply get into the Two Comma Club by submitting a membership application and paying your dues. It’s a group of successful entrepreneurs who have earned their spot by earning over a million dollars on the ClickFunnels platform. 

Brunson is known for adding value to his follower’s lives. And it also helps that he’s passively cashing into his fame by helping his fans achieve success themselves.

Traffic Secrets is one such offering. Expect to find nuggets of wisdom from the king himself to help you elevate your business and bring you one step closer to a million sales.

What will I find inside the book?

Brunson’s new book focuses on unearthing 20 of his best-kept secrets for generating traffic to funnels. This is ideal for you and your business if you’re looking for ways to increase your conversions and get more leads for your business. 

Russell Brunson’s New Book_traffic secrets

The book is divided into three sections; each of which tackles different aspects of creating and generating traffic to your sales funnels.

Let’s break down each section below so you have a better understanding of what the book has to offer. 

The first section: identifying your dream customer

The first section contains seven of the 20 secrets Brunson promises. It’s dedicated to helping you understand your dream customer, how to catch their attention, and how you can cultivate them into a loyal following of your own. 

Secret one: identifying your dream customer

  • The first secret reveals how you can identify your “dream customer” so you can better target and cultivate your funnels for them. 
  • Identifying your dream customer will allow you to better tailor your funnels and content to a specific audience. This also helps you employ more organic strategies that align with your dream customer’s needs and interests.
dream customers

Secret two: learning where your audience is

  • One thing that frustrates the efforts of most entrepreneurs is not knowing where their target audience hangs out. Is it on Facebook? Reddit? Instagram? Or Youtube? With so many social media outlets out there, it’s impossible to identify which would work best for you.
  • It isn’t smart to put your effort into all channels. You’d end up losing more money and wasting effort than gaining any actual benefits from it. 
  • The second secret lets you in on how you can find your dream customer so your marketing efforts are not wasted.

Secret three: getting your dream customer’s attention

  • If there’s one thing all entrepreneurs can agree on it’s this: It’s incredibly difficult to get your dream customer to notice you. The digital age has made it both easier and harder to get your audience’s attention.
  • Brunson walks you through his top tricks to grab attention, no matter how busy or distracted they are.

Secret four: two ways to gain free traffic

  • Russel shares two ways to get your message across to your audience effectively.
  • These two ways will effectively turn your customers into organic recurring traffic that you can reach any time for no added cost.

Secret five: generating organic traffic

  • The fifth secret walks you through the ways you can overcome any algorithm changes that could affect your business and how you can generate organic traffic to your funnels and website.

Secret six: the invisible second funnel

  • Did you know that only 18% of conversions happen the first time your visitors experience your funnel? The key to higher conversion ratings is to get them through that invisible second funnel that converts the rest of your leads in a snap.

Secret seven: choosing the right partners

  • Choosing partners is essential for organic traffic generation. But are you choosing the right ones? Traffic Secrets walks you through choosing the right partners that will not only give you organic traffic and promote your products, but actively participate in connecting with you and growing your lead list for virtually no charge.

The second section: filling your funnel

Identifying your ideal customer base is one thing. But how exactly do you get leads to swarm into your funnels? 

It surely doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t need to take you years and thousands of dollars in ad investments either. Section two of Traffic Secrets takes you on a journey across eight secrets the Sales Funnel King utilizes to fill his sales funnels with new leads every day.

Traffic secrets consistent stream of traffic

Secret eight: gaining free traffic from other platforms

  • If you’re having trouble finding where your ideal audience hangs out, just take a look at your more successful competition. It’s no secret that like calls to like and when you find a platform that has your ideal lead pool, it’s a good idea to push forth and grab it. But how do you do it? 
  • The eighth secret guides you through getting free quality traffic from other platforms.

Secret nine: marketing consistency

  • Do you know why ClickFunnels has grown into what it is today in such a short period of time? It’s called marketing consistency. 
  • Secret nine lets you in on the marketing techniques utilized for ClickFunnels and how you can use it to the advantage of your business.

Secret ten: the secret daily strategy

  • Tip number ten encourages you to set aside 3 to five minutes each day to grow your follower list organically. 
  • Discover ways to encourage potential leads to interact with and follow your brand. 
  • This strategy also helps you identify the most effective ways of getting the attention of your potential leads so you can more effectively apply it to your marketing strategy.

Secret eleven: social trends

  • Learn how you can utilize the biggest social party and trends to drive your leads into your funnels.

Secret twelve: using Google to your advantage

  • Discover tips and tricks on how you can gain passive traffic through Google without having to chase after your audience.
  • This secret shows you how you can utilize Google and reach potential leads even if they’re not actively looking for you.
Traffic-secrets-organic traffic

Secret thirteen: six steps to valuable content

  • Russel Brunson shares his six-step strategy to creating valuable content that not only drives traffic to his funnels, but helps his followers hit their goals.
  • Whatever nature of business you’re in, one thing that drives traffic to any website is valuable content. Learn how you can add valuable content to your business that convinces potential customers to give you their time.

Secret fourteen: beating traffic trends

  • The world of social media is highly dynamic. Every day, there are new opportunities to drive leads into your store. Discover ways on how you can beat new trends and use them to your advantage which will essentially help you utilize every opportunity to your advantage.

Secret fifteen: creating valuable, repurposable content

  • The digital age demands a constant stream of content. And it’s not always easy to put out new content every day. Learn how you can create your own library of content that can be repurposed for each platform you’re on to keep your content flowing, interesting, and lead-generating.

The third section: growth hacking

Growth hacking is essentially gaining a significant number of leads, interactions, and followers within a short period of time. It’s usually most common with startups. The last section of the book lets you in on five secrets you can use to hack growth for your business: startup or not. 

Secret sixteen: successful landing page template

  • Gain access to the exact landing page outline ClickFunnels uses to drive leads and organic traffic into various funnels. It contains all of the important information about your business as well as a helpful navigation tool that drives sales.
ClickFunnels templates

Secret seventeen: tap into your competition’s distribution channels

  • Brunson shares the secret behind each Shark Tank shark and how they tap into their competition’s distribution streams. This effortlessly allows you to advertise your products into an audience pool you would have otherwise never accessed.

Secret eighteen: five steps to your marketing army

  • Building your marketing team is an important affair. But it can also be a messy trial and error phase that can be avoided entirely. Find out the five steps to building the most effective affiliate marketing team.

Secret nineteen: converting cold leads into hot leads

  • There are seven phases of an effective funnel that draws an otherwise uninterested audience into a converted customer who is sold on your product before you even try to convince them.
Convert visitors into email subscribers

Secret twenty: three growth hacking tips

  • There are three small changes you can make to your growth hacking marketing strategy that famous tech companies are known for. Tap into their trusted and tested rapid-growth strategy and learn how you can use it for scaling your business.
  • Overused words
  • Word redundancy
  • Placement and usage of punctuations
  • Adverb use and placement

About the author: Russell Brunson

Who is Russell Brunson? And why do I even need to know about him? 

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re probably not seeing much traffic to your funnels.

Or maybe you’re new to digital marketing. Whatever the reason is, it’s no secret that Russel was dubbed the Sales Funnel King at such a young age for a reason: his funnels work, and he’s built his own empire on the back of his advocacies. 

Have you heard of ClickFunnels? Chances are, you have. Russel Brunson is the co-founder of the all-in-one digital marketing platform and funnel builder (company Etison LLC). And as you probably know by now, his strategies are the center of this software and its success. 


Forbes has recently valued the platform at $360 million with over 100,000 avid users with over 200 Two Comma Club members to date. He’s amassed a cult following of loyal fans who are eager to hear about his secrets, tips, and tricks that can be applied to nearly any business model

Because of his success and relative fame, he’s been asked to speak at many conferences and conventions like the 10 X Grown Conference which earned him $3 million dollars for a little over an hour of his time. 

Russel Brunson is also the author of two very popular books namely DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. He is closely followed by over a million entrepreneurs and sold thousands of copies of his books. The author’s net worth is currently valued at $37 million

His latest book - Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, was released last March 26, 2020. The hype around the book was substantial, which acquired nearly a million pre-orders before the book was even released. 

This says a lot about the author and his work when his work is virtually sold out before it’s even released.

Luckily, for anyone who hasn’t secured a copy yet, it’s available for purchase on various sites like Amazon and the book’s own official website. 

Who would benefit from Traffic Secrets?

It’s important to establish that most of the readers that pre-ordered Russel’s new book are the ones that have read and benefited from his other two books: DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. The new release is essentially an extension of the teachings in the previous two titles introduced by the author. 

Who would benefit from Traffic Secrets

But that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from Traffic Secrets if you haven’t read the first two books. You’ll certainly be able to pull more than just a small grain of knowledge from the book and apply it to your business regardless of where you start. 

However, if you really want to maximize the benefits and the effects presented in the book, it’s ideal to read the first two before you dive deep into Brunson’s new title. The trilogy is touted as an essential for all entrepreneurs who hope to get closer to their business goals as quickly as possible. 

Overall, you’d benefit from the book if you’re an entrepreneur who is struggling to find the most effective ways to gather, nurture, and grab the attention of potential leads for your business. 

How much does the book cost?

Brunson offers a free copy of the book on its official website. Yes, you heard that right - a free copy. All you need to pay for is shipping which costs $9.95 within the US and $19.95 for international shipments. 

How much does traffic secret cost

You could also opt to buy the book from Amazon to further support Russel in his mission to give valuable information to marketers and entrepreneurs all over the world. The book is available in Kindle and hardcover on Amazon and retails for $24.95 which is not a bad investment when you consider how much you’ll learn from the book. 

Brunson's work is highly acclaimed and backed by millions of happy readers and businesses who have significantly improved their conversions and lead generations by following the Sales Funnel King’s teachings. 

What do I get when I buy the book?

Aside from a FREE copy, you’re also given access to free bonuses, and a live training session exclusive to those who get a copy of Traffic Secrets.

As previously established, the new book is free so all you have to pay for is shipping unless you want to support the author by purchasing the book from Amazon or other reputable retailers.

Traffic secrets bonuses

But aside from that, you’ll also be given access to a bundle of other freebies that amount to over $400 in value. 

The freebie bundle includes: 

  • A Traffic Secrets copy in hardback
  • The Traffic Secrets Foundation
  • The Ultimate Unfair Advantage
  • How to Make a Video Go Viral
  • The Ultimate Traffic Hack

But what’s the catch?

Nothing! You just need to cover the shipping costs and you’re good to go. If you ask me, that’s a great deal in and of itself. You’re essentially saving hundreds of dollars for content that is tested and proven to be effective.

So what’s holding you back from getting a great deal for a few dollars in shipping? 

The upsells

Like any other product that Brunson puts out, the new book is accompanied by a host of upsell options that you should look into. Each upsell will add more value to your free copy and help your business flourish as much as Russel’s other ventures have. 

Traffic secrets upsells

The audiobook

Like the previous two books in the trilogy, Traffic Secrets is also available in audiobook format. It’s priced at $37 and is narrated by Russel Brunson himself. But more than that, you’ll also gain access to four other bonuses:

  • The Funnel Catcher Report
  • The 7-Day Launch Funnel written by Brendan Burchard
  • The Invisible Traffic Funnels
  • The Perfect Webinar Hack

These bonuses are not available if you purchase the hardcover edition, and propose a whole multitude of new content, tips, and tricks that you can utilize for a more effective marketing campaign.

Pro Tip: You can also get the trilogy in audiobooks for only $74. 

The Traffic Secrets live recordings

The live event is a private event held over the course of two days alongside Brunson’s $25k a year students. In the live event, he reveals more traffic secrets that haven’t been included in the book. The upsell costs $97 and is part of the book’s sales funnel.

The Secrets Trilogy box set

If you haven’t gotten the first two books in the trilogy, you might want to consider the box set. It comes with hardcover copies of all three books in the trilogy.

Plus an exclusive bonus copy of Unlock the Secrets which is only available with the box set. The box set costs $97 which is admittedly a bit expensive, but overall great in value when you consider how many glowing reviews the Secrets Trilogy has in the market. 


Funnelytics is available as an OTO to your Traffic Secrets purchase. It’s used as a mapping tool for your funnels that forecasts the results of your sales funnel before it goes live. Think of it as a predictive A/B testing tool for your funnels. 


Pro Tip: use it to fully optimize your sales funnels. 

Traffic Secrets review: should I get it?

So, the big question is this: what do I think about Traffic Secrets? 

After sitting down and listening to the audiobook this week, I found three things you should be aware of: 

  • This book is not something you should look into if you don’t plan to invest your time into putting it into effect. 
  • It’s filled with tips and tricks that will ultimately help you and your business flourish. But you need to put in the hard work.
  • It’s most effective when used in conjunction with what the author teaches you in the previous two books.

Don’t get me wrong - the book is substantial and valuable in and of itself. However, if you want to fully maximize the benefits and the impact the book and its teachings will have on your business, you should invest in the other installments.

After all, the Secrets Trilogy is meant to work together. 

That said, the latest book is ideal if you want to focus solely on improving traffic and interaction to your sales funnels. You still have to put in a good amount of work to make it work. 

Overall, Traffic Secrets is a god book that is high-value and available for FREE today on its official website. But only if you’re willing to put in a significant amount of time to put his tips, tricks, and ideologies into action.

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