Tree T Pee: What Happened After Shark Tank?

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Welcome to my blog, where I delve into the fascinating story of the Tree T Pee, a product that was featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank.

This eco-friendly irrigation system has been making waves in the agricultural industry, helping farmers save water and boost crop yields. But what happened after the Shark Tank episode aired? 

Did the Tree T Pee live up to its hype and continue to thrive in the market? Read on and learn more.

A sneak peek into Tree T Pee

Tree T Pee What Happened After Shark Tank
  • Business concept: Water and nutrient containment system for trees
  • Founders: Johnny and Ricky Georges
  • Launch: March 2005
  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Website: 
  • Net worth: ~$100 million
  • Competitors: Mitchell Plastics Store, Oga Faaji LLC, Plastic Wasteland, Print Lone Star, St Joseph Plastics, Zhejiang Ficox Chemical Co Ltd

A closer look into Tree T Pee 

Revolutionizing the agricultural sector is what the Tree T Pee product has accomplished. Catering exclusively for young trees between the ages of one and five, this eco-friendly irrigation system has been thoughtfully designed.

In the USA, it's produced with entirely recycled plastics in a cone shape which serves as a containment unit for both water and nutrients.

Due to its various features and services that cater to customers' needs effectively, the Tree T Pee has gained immense popularity as an irrigation system in the market.

Worldwide, farmers have lauded the micro-sprinklers and frost protection provided by its distinctive cone-shaped tree guard.

It stands out because the Tree T Pee conserves water and boosts crop yields. The utilization of this product among farmers reportedly results in significant savings on water usage - with some reporting reductions upwards of 90%. 

Additionally, the system is said to improve overall crop yield potential by up to around one-third (30%). The Tree T Pee safeguards the trees against extreme temperatures and guarantees they get adequate water and nutrients to flourish.

The concept behind Tree T Pee 

Tree T Pee is a unique and innovative product designed to revolutionize how farmers and growers irrigate their crops. 

Created by Johnny Georges, the Tree TeePee is a cone-shaped, water-filled device that protects and nourishes young trees while reducing water waste. 


Containing water and fertilizer within its diameter while directing it towards the roots is what makes Tree T Pee an important tool.

The tree usually only receives 10% of the water with conventional practices. However, with Tree T Pee, it gets 100%. This containment guarantees that the water and fertilizer reach their intended destination.

Increased growth

In addition to serving as a containment system, the Tree TeePee doubles up as a mini-greenhouse. The Tree T Pee maintains soil moisture and keeps the roots hydrated to promote growth as temperatures rise.

Wind diffusion

With its unique design that blocks wind effects on trees, the Tree T Pee helps conserve resources by preventing unnecessary watering.

Frost protection

One noteworthy function of the Tree T Pee is its effectiveness in shielding trees against frost.

Frost protection

Creating a steam bath effect is possible by maintaining water at exactly 72 degrees and using micro-sprinklers to engulf the tree's canopy with mist inside of The Tree Teepee.

When exposed to low temperatures during the winter season or otherwise, the tree teepee keeps the enclosed water from getting frozen by providing higher-than-normal temperatures

Increasing temperatures between ten and twelve degrees on cold evenings are made possible with The Tree TeePee's protective features. Growers have reported seeing differences in temperature reaching twenty degrees.

Tree T Pee Shark Tank: before 

Tree T Pee proves that anything is possible with innovation and persistence. The product's usage was restricted to just some neighboring farmers before its debut on Shark Tank.

Determined to make a difference in crop irrigation practices worldwide is what motivated Johnny Georges - the creator of this innovative product.

Working alongside his father in the citrus industry during childhood is what sparked Johnny's passion for farming and irrigation from an early age.

Practical experience taught him about the complexities involved in irrigating land, such as drilling wells or installing pumps or motors. 

It was through this encounter that he saw what was possible with his dad’s innovation: a micro sprinkler that would change how trees received water.

While preparing for a cold evening by banking trees, Johnny and his father conceived the idea for Tree T Pee.

They understood that there was a necessity for a better means of protecting trees from frost, which didn't require the tedious and workforce-demanding practice of manually setting up or taking down cones.

Despite facing initial rejection from traditional farmers for his product's benefits, Johnny continued to promote it tirelessly.

Tree T Pee Shark Tank: during

Shark Tank viewers were impressed by inventor Johnny Georges' pitch for his revolutionary agricultural product called the Tree T-Pee.

Tree T Pee Shark Tank during

By using the Tree T-Pee plastic cover on their trees' roots, farmers can both conserve water and protect against frost.

By using the Tree T-Pee system instead of traditional methods, a mere 800 gallons is enough for a tree's yearly needs compared to the usual requirement, which is around 25k gallons. 

These impressive savings present a game-changing opportunity for farmers globally.

The production cost of each Tree T-Pee amounts to $3.59 while being safeguarded by Johnny's utility patent. With a net profit of $1 per item, he sells them for $4.50 each.

He recognizes the lack of margin for distributors at that particular price point. Investing $150k for a 20% stake in the company is what John Paul De Joria proposes while believing that farmers will pay more than $5 per unit.

By using the Tree T-Pee product, farmers can save water and safeguard their harvests which could have a global impact. Taking Tree T-Pee to the next level with his partner John Paul DeJoria could potentially change farmers' lives worldwide for Johnny Georges.

Through their investment in this product, which showed great potential due to innovation and passion behind it, the sharks demonstrated how success could be achieved.

Tree T Pee Shark Tank: after 

Tree T Pee, a cone-shaped device designed to save water and protect young trees, is a Shark Tank success story that has been in business since 2005. 

Appearing on a popular TV show in 2013 resulted in Johnny Georges receiving over 56k emails and selling thousands of units

The sale of this product through Home Depot locations located throughout Florida brings in a yearly revenue of $5 million for its manufacturer.

To purchase a Tree T Pee, one can order through the company's website or contact Johnny Georges directly with a minimum order of 10. Shipping and handling fees apply to the device, now priced at $9.95.

The aim of this company includes bringing their product into global markets as a means of helping farmers who are facing severe droughts.

With more than 61k followers on their official Facebook page Tree TeePee occasionally provides product updates via posts made by Johnny Georges. 

The company's Instagram and Twitter accounts, however, seem to be abandoned since their last posts were in 2017 and 2013, respectively.

Even though it did not become the successful enterprise that Kevin O'Leary foresaw on Shark Tank over 15 years ago, Tree T Pee is still running today.

Expanding the business and aiding farmers to conserve water globally are Johnny Georges' ongoing efforts.

Final thoughts on Tree T Pee

Johnny Georges' emotional pitch on Shark Tank not only touched the hearts of viewers but also left the Sharks impressed with the efficiency of his product, Tree T Pee.

Despite initial skepticism, Georges' passion for conserving water and protecting young trees ultimately won over the investors

Since then, Tree T Pee has grown into a thriving small business, with its products available for purchase at Home Depot locations and through the company's website.

The success of Tree T Pee can be attributed to its innovative design, which not only conserves water but also protects young trees from harsh weather conditions and pests.

Moreover, the product's versatility has made it popular among a wide range of farmers and growers.

By continuously expanding and succeeding in the market Tree T Pee proves that they are catering to an essential demand.

Tree T Pee's innovative approach offers an eco-friendly solution that addresses the increasing need for sustainable farming practices while benefiting the agriculture industry simultaneously. 

Having demonstrated its value proposition on the market already, Tee T Pee is positioned for continued success with lasting effects.

Tree Teepee frequently asked questions

How much water is conserved when I use a tree teepee?

How much water is conserved when I use a tree teepee

Retaining water within the 24-inch base and spraying every five gallons of it on young trees using a T-Pee system can save almost 90% more water than traditional practices.

Can Tree Teepee also help optimize fertilizers?

With T-Pee's ability to optimize fertilization processes by reducing usage up to 75%, more nutrients are delivered directly into trees while minimizing waste on undesirable plants such as weeds and grass.

How long should I keep the tree teepee on my newly planted tree?

For proper root system establishment of your newly planted tree, it is recommended to use a T-Pee for up to five years from the first day.

Can I reuse the tree teepee?

You can reuse the tree T-Pee on your next reset or new setting by removing it from mature trees beforehand. For a period exceeding two decades, Tree T-Pees have proven their longevity, being produced exclusively with 100% recycled plastics.

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