Unbounce Pricing Plans – How Much Does Unbounce Cost?

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Landing page softwares make it not only easier for you to create landing pages on your own, but they also allow you to save money by eliminating the middleman. One of the more popular landing page builders in the market today is Unbounce. 

And while you may have read several reviews telling you about the features, benefits and drawbacks of the platform. So I won’t bore you with those details today. 

Instead, I’m going to discuss the Unbounce pricing plans and answering the most important question you should be asking yourself before you subscribe: Is Unbounce worth it?

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What is Unbounce?

Before we move on to the finer things, we should begin the discussion by taking a quick look at what Unbounce is. 

I’m sure you’re well aware by now that Unbounce is just one of many landing page builders in the market. So let’s skip the more technical points of it and let me tell you a little bit about Unbounce as a whole. 

What is Unbounce

The platform was founded by Rick Perreault alongside five professionals. Together, they worked to resolve a problem that had bothered them and other businesses besides: having access to quick and effective landing pages. 

Without the help of softwares like Unbounce, business owners would have to resort to pre-planning content months in advance in order to have ample time to find a professional to do the work for them and have it launch without any issues.

But that’s not always the best option. Is it? 

It almost never is. 

Unbounce is focused on catering to not only e-Commerce businesses, but every kind of business you can think of. 

This all-inclusive platform is dedicated to providing effective and cost-effective landing pages that are designed to “unbounce” your potential leads. 

What does this mean for your business exactly? 

It means you don’t have to worry about minimal conversion. Unbounce helps you create landing pages that convert with minimal design knowledge and no coding or technical skills needed. 

Why should I consider Unbounce?

By now, you might be asking yourself why you should consider Unbounce. Well, the answer is simple: if you’re looking for a no-nonsense platform that would help you maximize your lead generation and conversion, Unbounce is one of the best platforms out there. 

The tool focuses heavily on landing page creation which means there’s very little that could distract you from what you’ve set out to do. 

What’s more, it guarantees you’re only paying for exactly what you need. 

What are the Unbounce pricing plans?

Unbounce offers different plans for every type of business owner. That said, Unbounce can get quite expensive compared to other platforms out there. 

So it’s important to consider each plan carefully before making a decision. 

Unbounce Pricing Plans

Luckily, Unbounce offers various options for different types of businesses. While this doesn’t mean that all businesses can benefit and afford Unbounce, it still has enough options for small, medium, large and corporate businesses. 

Keep in mind that the Unbounce price depends on which plan you choose. Consequently, the Unbounce cost of operation will follow depending on the plan you choose as well. 

So, the big question: How much does Unbounce cost? 

The Unbounce plans vary from $72 a month up to over $270 a month. Let’s take a quick look at each of these plans and what they can offer you and your business. 

Launch at $72 monthly

This monthly plant will cost you $72 a month and will allow you to access a wide variety of features like:

  • A maximum of 500 conversions
  • A maximum of 20,000 unique visitors
  • Ability to connect one domain
  • Two users
  • Create unlimited number of landing pages
  • Create an unlimited number of popup and sticky bar announcements
  • Unlimited sub-accounts for your clients
  • Free web hosting services
  • A mobile-responsive builder
  • Access to over 100 customizable templates
  • Live conversion analytics
  • Website speed booster
  • Automatic image optimizer
  • Access to the Unsplash photo library
  • Over 60 integrations and webhooks
  • GDPR, 2FA and SSO compliance
unbounce security features

Optimize at $108 monthly

For only $108 a month, you get all the features that come with the Launch plan plus a variety of other features like:

  • A maximum of 1,000 conversions
  • A maximum of 30,000 unique visitors
  • Up to 3 domains
  • Unlimited user access
  • Smart Traffic feature
  • A/B split Testing
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Advanced popup targeting
  • Advanced sticky bar targeting
  • Automatic image optimizer
  • Customer support

Accelerate at $180 monthly

Much like the Optimize plan, Accelerate contains everything that comes with the Launch and Optimize plans as well as a few key upgrades like: 

  • A maximum of 2,000 conversions
  • A maximum of 40,000 unique visitors
  • Up to seven domains
  • Quick-loading accelerated mobile pages
  • Advanced targeting and scheduling features

Scale at $270 monthly

Like the previous plans, you’ll be getting everything that comes with Accelerate as well as a host of great upgrades like:

  • A maximum of 3,000 conversions
  • A maximum of 50,000 unique visitors
  • Up to 15 domains
  • Higher bandwidth

Concierge at over $270 monthly

Unlike the other pricing plans Unbounce offers, Concierge doesn't come with a concrete cost. The reason why is because it’s designed to expand to meet the needs of your business specifically. 

This means you’re able to access all the features from previous plans as well as a few other important qualities like:

  • As many conversions as you would like
  • As many unique visitors as you would like
  • As many domains as you need
  • 1 on 1 onboarding and training process
  • Page migration
  • Customer success manager

Now that you know what plans Unbounce offers, it’s clear why it remains to be one of the most popular landing page builders in the market today. 

It has the ability to grow alongside your business. This means you’re never paying for more than what your business needs and can generate.

What is the best plan for me?

It’s clear that Unbounce is quite a contender in the market. And with all the plans it offers, it can be easy to see why you could get confused about which plan to choose for your business. 

Unlike other platforms out there, Unbounce gives you the unique opportunity to choose your plan based on more than just the monetary aspect of business. 

unbounce features

Each plan is unique and is designed to cater to a wide variety of business models. But more than that, it’s also important to consider the fact that Unbounce provides safety guards that allow your business to grow with the platform. 

That said, Unbounce does start off quite expensive. I mean, compared to alternatives like LeadPages, Unbounce costs significantly more for the cheapest plan. 

However, it’s clear that it’s also more advanced and effective compared to its cheaper alternatives. Which means, you’re getting your money’s worth and your business will be at risk of remaining stagnant. 

So, how do you choose which plan is the right one for you? 

First, you need to consider your budget and the kind of business you have. While investing in your business is a necessity, it doesn’t mean you have to splurge on the Concierge plan right away. 

After all, a business can’t stay afloat if you’re spending more than you’re making. If you’re working on a tight budget, I suggest you try the Launch plan first. 

The Launch plan is also ideal for you if you’re working with a small business. It’s also ideal if you’re unfamiliar with landing pages or have no previous experience creating them. Think of Launch as your startup plan. 

While there’s plenty of room to improve your business, there’s also plenty of room to make a profit and learn from the platform as well. 

Now, if you’ve decided that the Launch plan simply isn’t enough for your business anymore, or if you have a little bit more experience working with landing pages, you might want to give Optimize a try. 

Optimize is designed to help business owners who are running a slightly larger small business resources that will maximize each click your potential leads make. 

What does this mean for your business? This means you’re essentially making sure your landing pages are generating and capturing as many leads as possible. 

unbounce landing page preview

While this plan does give you a limit to the number of conversions and website visitors your website can accommodate, it also gives you the ability to connect 3 domains.

But more than that, it’s also ideal if you’re trying to sell your services. Why? It allows you to create an unlimited number of sub-accounts for your clients. 

While Optimize gives you the ability to allow your clients access to your work, it may not be ideal if you have a larger clientele. After all, it only allows you to capture up to 1,000 conversions and 30,000 unique visitors. 

This is where Accelerate comes in handy. Accelerate is basically similar to Optimize, but better.

Why? It not only increases your limits, but it also features quick-loading mobile responsive pages which makes it easier for you and your clients to access the platform. 

That said, even if you were to only use it for your own business, Accelerate still gives you plenty of room to make your business flourish

Not only does it maximize lead generation and website loading speeds, but it also gives you plenty of chances to gain new leads. 

Finally, Scale is a plan you should consider if your business is large enough that you anticipate up to 3,000 conversions a month. 

The added bandwidth allows you to reach more people and grow your business even further right on the platform. 

If that still isn’t enough for you, you should consider Concierge. The Concierge plan is unique in the fact that the pricing depends on your needs. 

If your business is large enough to need more room for over 3,000 conversions a month, Concierge gives you the power to set the limits to your subscription. 

This is best for large enterprises or marketing specialists that work for several clients. This means you can set over 3,000 conversions and over 50,000 unique visitors as well as an unlimited number of domains to connect to your account.

Should I give Unbounce a chance?

Now that you’ve considered the costs of keeping an Unbounce subscription, it’s time to think about whether or not you should give Unbounce a chance. 

I always say why not? If you have a bit of extra time to give the platform a whirl, you should definitely give it a try. 

After all, the worst that could come out of giving the platform a try is you end up not liking it. 

unbounce landing page templates

Now if you’re worried about making a commitment to the subscription, there’s no need to worry. After all, Unbounce doesn’t come cheap enough. Right? 

Well, luckily for you, Unbounce offers a 14-day trial for each of the plan options it offers. This allows you to not only create landing pages, but you can also publish them without watermarks. 

So if the monetary commitment is what was holding you back from giving Unbounce a chance, I’d highly suggest you take aside 14 days from your schedule to give the free trial a whirl. 

If you end up not liking it by the end of the trial, it would be easy to cancel your subscription and try out a different platform. 

Summary: You should definitely give Unbounce a chance. At the very least, you should check out the free trial. It gives you access to each plan’s unique features without any restrictions which allows you to decide whether or not it’s the right platform for you.

The bottom line. How much does an Unbounce subscription cost and is it worth it?

The one thing that makes Unbounce unique from other platforms is the fact that it’s focused on efficacy and conversion. That said, it doesn’t come cheap. Unlike other alternatives, you will have to spend a minimum of $72 a month for a subscription. 

Keeping that in mind, I can still confidently say that it’s quite worth the price it offers. For one thing, it’s a highly effective platform when used properly and efficiently. 

How much does Unbounce cost

Plus, it has plans in place to help you and your business grow alongside the platform.

What does that mean?

It means there are various plans that cater to different needs and business models. 

The Concierge plan even allows you to adjust it to fit exactly what your business needs. 

But that doesn’t mean the platform is cost-effective for every type of business. For example, if you can’t afford to shell out $72 a month for landing pages, it’s definitely not worth your attention. 

Before you make any lasting commitments, I highly suggest that you give the Unbounce free trial a chance first. 

No matter what kind of business you run or what your expectations are of the platform, the free trial will help you better determine whether or not Unbounce is the right fit for you and your business. 

The free trial runs for 14 days and is available for all the plans that Unbounce offers. 

Overall, I can confidently say that Unbounce is certainly worth your time and attention. At the very least, you should give the free trial a chance. 

There are many other platforms in the market. This gives you a nearly unlimited choice of resources when it comes to marketing necessities like landing pages.

However, not all of them are geared towards success and conversion like Unbounce. If anything else, the platform will help you grow your business if you decide to take matters into your own hands. 

If you’re not yet quite sure whether Unbounce is the right platform for you, perhaps you’d like to check out this Unbounce review for a more detailed breakdown of what Unbounce can do for you and your business.

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