Using a MacBook for Digital Marketing: Tips and Tricks

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Many digital marketers prefer to use the MacBook. If you’re one of them, it’s important to know how to use it effectively.

MacBooks come with some great features you can use for digital marketing, and it’s easy to download a wide range of apps from the Apple Store. MacBook is also user-friendly and dependable. 

From social media management to creating marketing content, a MacBook can help you to be an effective digital marketer. Here are some tips and tricks for you.

Maintain your system

You are likely to experience fewer technical issues when using a MacBook, but you must make sure you keep the system up to date.

Using a MacBook for Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks

One of the issues you may experience is that your MacBook is not responding despite your best efforts. There could be several causes for this, such as low storage space, outdated software or corrupted apps.

There are tools you can use to clean up your device so it runs smoothly and files are organized efficiently. When it’s running optimally, your productivity will increase. 

Use design and editing apps 

With the right apps on your MacBook, you can get more done in less time. You can make sure your clients are happy and get the results they want.

There are so many apps designed with marketing professionals in mind that it can become difficult to choose.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the apps you are likely to find integral to your internet marketing strategies. It can help you to turn your visual ideas into unique content for online marketing. 

From social posts to adverts, Photoshop and other Creative Cloud apps are internet marketing tools you can’t do without when using MacBook. 

Research your competition

Using the right apps on your Mac enables you to research your competition.

You can search for apps in the app store that help you to track the marketing strategies of competitors and analyze their traffic. 

You can see what type of content resonates with their audiences and find out when they offer new products or services. 

Look for rank-tracking software that allows you to monitor all your competitors in Google search results

You can track keywords and discover ranking trends using historical data. There are apps that allow you to track competitors and optimize your prices.

Plan marketing campaigns

Marketing planning software helps marketing and sales teams to plan, schedule and execute their marketing strategies. 

Plan marketing campaigns is a platform with powerful features such as dashboards, customizable workflows, progress and time tracking, and automated notifications

Teams can create workflow apps in minutes to run projects. The platform saves teams from plenty of grunt work and allows them to collaborate with ease.

Develop a solid content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a way to attract and engage an audience by creating and sharing articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts and other media. This approach helps to build your brand and keep it top of mind. 

MarketMuse is an AI-powered content intelligence platform available for Mac. It can increase your organic presence and improve productivity

The AI collects and analyzes your content. It prioritizes opportunities based on ROI. It builds topic models you can use to write the best content on any topic. 

Create landing pages quickly

There are some simple tools that allow you to create landing pages and track conversions.

You don’t need coding knowledge to create them. If you just want a tool that works and doesn’t need hundreds of tutorials to understand, Unbounce could be perfect for you

The drag-and-drop interface allows you to create landing pages on your domain. You can even set up A/B tests to find out what converts best. 

You can analyze statistics and use AI copywriting tools to generate, remix, and expand the content

This tool will help you to increase your conversion rates and attract more customers. On average, you can get 30% more signups and sales when using this tool.

Manage social media engagement

You can integrate some social media accounts right into OS X. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences and select Mail, Contacts, & Calendars. Here you can add Twitter, Facebook, and some other accounts

Many different social media management applications are available for use on a Mac. Zoho Social is an emerging favorite that allows you to manage social networks, schedule posts, monitor keywords, track your conversions etc

Brandwatch is an industry-leading social media management solution that allows you to discover, attract and engage with customers on social media platforms.

You can manage your community with an inbox that’s easy to use and leverage official partnerships with Twitter, Meta, Tik Tok etc. 

Download SEO Software

SEO Powersuite is a good choice if you want desktop-based SEO software. The software is designed to work with your operating system, and you simply select Mac on the download page.

The bundle contains four SEO toolkits. If you want to work on keywords, you will use Rank tracker. Link-Assistant is for all link-related tasks. Website Audit and SEO Spyglass are the other two useful SEO tools. 

Pro Rank Tracker is an app that allows you to track your keyword positions from any device, location and search engine. You can see where your keywords rank in comparison with those of your competitors.

If keyword tracking is what your business could be missing to accelerate growth, this mobile app can be extremely useful. It does require Mac OS 11 or later. 

Use an email marketing app

Email marketing is a key channel to reach your customers. Email marketing software enables you to manage and automate every aspect of your email marketing campaigns. 

Direct Mail is an email marketing app for Mac that includes customizable signup forms, email templates and more. You can easily create professional-looking email newsletters. 

If you want to use a photo from your iPhone, all you need to do is control-click on an image block in Direct Mail, select Take Photo, and Direct Mail instantly connects to your device and transfers the image to your message.

You can build a data-driven email strategy by segmenting your email list and viewing your campaign statistics. You can monitor open rates, click-throughs, bounces and other metrics. 

This helps you to understand how well your campaigns are performing, and you can adjust them accordingly. Cloud sync features allow you to work with any colleague and from any device.

You can create automated email messages and drip campaigns with the use of autoresponders. 

Use the best CRM software

The best CRM software for Mac will run natively on Mac OS and manage customer contact information and customer life cycles. It enables you to maintain contact with your customers and take care of all their needs.

Use the best CRM software

Bitrix24 is a popular CRM that features over 25 cross-integrated tools. With all these real-time assistance tools, you can keep your customers satisfied and retain them

The software allows users to log in and manage client interactions. You can segment targeted audiences, capture and store lead data, and generate sales reports. You have an activity stream, calendars, work groups and group chat. 

There is a free version available, and you can use the self-hosted version to run on your server. This gives you full control over data and source code access. You also get additional tools such as customization and integration options.

Conveniently share files

As a digital marketer, you will often have to send and receive large files and folders. MacOs software allows for cross-product integration.

This means you can easily share information from your MacBook to your iPad or iPhone. Airdropping images from your MacBook to a co-worker's Mac is simple. 

Dropbox gives you convenient ways to share files with colleagues and clients who may not use Macs.

It’s cloud-based storage that makes it convenient when you need to send something that’s too large to share over email or through a messenger platform. It is multi-platform, and you can use it with macOS.

Archiver is another handy app that allows you to compress, send and unzip large files. It also provides encryption, password protection, and decryption for commercially sensitive files.

Download and integrate PDFpen

Digital marketers often have to deal with PDFs. You can make this easy by using PDFpen.

Download and integrate PDFpen

This app is a comprehensive PDF editing tool for macOS. It allows you to add text, images, signatures, comments, highlights, and callouts to documents

Using the Optical Character Recognition feature allows you to turn a scan into editable text. Exporting from PDF to Microsoft Word means you can make more in-depth text changes. 

You can also compress the file size of the PDF without compromising image quality. A magnifying window allows you to magnify sections up to 2000%. The pen also has powerful form-building tools. 


As a digital marketer, you need a device and apps that will enhance your creativity and analytical skills.

With a MacBook, and the right ideas, software and apps, you will be able to make an impact on your target customers and increase leads and sales

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