Viddyoze Pricing Plans & Lifetime Deal: How Much Does It Cost?

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Most data about video marketing will blow your mind. According to Outbrain, over 85% of content marketers use videos in their strategies. In one of the industry surveys, an overwhelming 88% of their respondents said that videos are effective in delivering their desired ROI. 

Making videos from scratch can be tough, though. That’s why we have the likes of Viddyoze to thank for. Even better, this platform offers a variety of Viddyoze pricing plans and even a lifetime deal. We’ll talk more about these later. 

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A refresher on Viddyoze

Just recently, I published my detailed Viddyoze review. I suggest you hop in there if you want to know more about what it offers. Right now, however, let me give you a brief overview. This way, you can choose your plan better.

Viddyoze is a cloud based platform that provides customizable 3D videos and animations. Consider it like Canva for videos. These are often clips with different lengths and themes. 

Viddyoze is easy to use

With these, you can: 

  • Personalize the look and feel of the video by updating the logo, color scheme, and even the audio
  • Watermark the videos
  • Include other images

You can then use these videos in the following areas:

  • Introduction to your website
  • Additional materials for your articles, such as blogs
  • YouTube channels
  • Landing pages
  • Newsletters
  • Social media ads

Viddyoze pricing plans

How much does Viddyoze cost? It depends on the plan, and there are three to choose from:

  • Personal
  • Commercial
  • Business (e.g., Agency)
Viddyoze pricing plans

1. Personal ($77, single payment)

Under the Personal Plan, you can:

  • Already access all the features of Viddyoze
  • Take advantage of ALPHA technology
  • Render up to 30 per month
  • Unlimited usage rights to personal videos
  • Access to 170 templates 
  • Customer support 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

ALPHA Technology is proprietary to Viddyoze. It allows you to add multiple layers of texts, images, or animations to the video without cluttering the space. This is because they can appear transparent or blended perfectly into the background. You can also customize their position on the screen. 

For example, they can be in the lower thirds (which is almost below the video), border, or in the middle. You decide which fits best your video and message. As an illustration, look at the image below:

Renders refer to the number of the finished videos or animations you can make in a month. Since this is under a Personal Plan, you can create only 30 renders. 

Who is this for?

The Personal Pricing Plan is best for bloggers, YouTube creators not attached to any commercial entity, or personal website owners. It may also be great for freelancers including digital marketers and designers.

Keep in mind that the license for this one is personal, which means you cannot redistribute or resell the videos you make to others. In other words, you’re working alone. 

Pros and cons of the Personal Pricing Plan

  • The most affordable of all Viddyoze plans
  • A good introduction to what Viddyoze can do
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use, which makes it ideal even for beginners in video marketing 
  • Very limited number of renders and access to a number of templates
  • Videos created are for personal use only
  • Inability to edit the videos completely
  • Lack of support for different fonts

2. Commercial ($97, single payment)

Under the Commercial Pricing Plan, you’ll get:

  • All the benefits and features under the Personal Plan
  • Different multi-ratio templates
  • Image editing tools
  • Unlimited renders for personal and commercial use
  • Access to 260 templates
  • Bonus 1: Reverse Sales Method, costing $197
  • Bonus 2: YouTube Accelerator, costing $97

What are these bonuses? The Reverse Sales Method teaches you how to sell your customized videos and animations and make a business or profit out of your video creation.

Meanwhile, YouTube Accelerator or Profits Elevator reveals excellent strategies to maximize the power of your videos to win big in the mega platform. Use the videos to attract sponsors or advertisers, showcase your creativity, or enhance your production while spending a fraction of the cost.

Who is this for?

The Commercial Plan is highly recommended for a growing team of digital marketers or a fast-rising agency. With this option, they can already:

  • Customize the videos according to the preferences of their clients 
  • Resell or redistribute the videos for their profit or on behalf of their customers
  • Create a more specific branding strategy from the graphics to the call to action
  • Produce previews for potential clients or leads

A special promo

I believe that the Commercial Plan is already an amazing deal considering its list of features and benefits. However, the platform is actually running a promo that you don’t want to miss.

viddyoze lifetime deal

If you sign up for the Commercial Plan today, you can:

  • Get all the benefits and features of the plan at 50% off
  • Receive a Done for You Business in a Box Bundle worth $2,000
  • Still enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee

The bonus includes:

  • 6 professionally produced showreel videos
  • 3 video designs for business cards
  • 3 sales presentations
  • 9 infographics on video statistics
  • 60-minute master class on how to create showreel videos

As the name suggests, these are already done for you. Except for minor tweaks, you are already ready to publish or present the videos to your clients.

Pros and cons of Commercial Plan

  • Lots of excellent goodies or features
  • Still affordable considering the benefits and bonuses
  • Helpful bonuses
  • Ability to resell or redistribute the videos for extra profit
  • More targeted branding 
  • Ability to produce videos for different media formats
  • Could be expensive for personal users
  • Lack of collaborative tools

3. Business (price varies)

What many Viddyoze users don’t know is that the platform actually offers a business package – and it’s interesting, to say the least. You can customize what goes into your bundle or pay a fixed price. 

Viddyoze templates

Customize the package (price varies)

You can view your options here. The bottom line is you can indicate the possible number of video animations you’ll do in a month. The price will depend on your answer:

  • 25 animations for $4.99/animation
  • 75 animations for $3.33/animation
  • 125 animations for $2.83/animation
  • 200 animations for $2.49/animation

Regardless of which you pick, you can have the following:

  • Access to the entire templates and categories
  • Processing of multiple renders
  • Access of multiple users
  • License to resell the videos commercially
  • Bespoke service
  • 500GB storage

The Bespoke Service means you pass the responsibility of customizing the videos to Viddyoze’s in-house team. You can simply provide them your desired images, texts, layout, and audio. They can also produce exclusive animation. 

You may also receive user training and access to Viddyoze Academy, although these are optional. Also, unless your animation requirement is 200 a month, these features cost $100 and $497, respectively. 

Fixed price ($997/month or $11,000/year)

If you’re a big online marketing agency or a business with an in-house marketing team, you can check a plan they designed for you. The idea is you can build an enterprise out of Viddyoze through white labeling and reselling option:

  • Create and customize videos and sell them to your clients with no restrictions (you can even include your watermark) by assigning up to 10 sub-accounts
  • Expand your list of services to improve your competitive edge
  • Further grow your business with more targeted branding

The Agency option also provides you with collaborative tools so you can start working with a team, group palettes and custom media according to projects or clients, request for a bespoke service, and add multiple audio.

Who is this for?

The Business Plan is best for companies or teams ready to scale up. This may also be for any traditional or online-driven business that wants to build a digital marketing team without spending a lot of money on labor, equipment, and software. Lastly, because of its white-label option, Viddyoze can appeal to anyone who likes to begin a digital marketing business specializing in video production and promotion.

Pros and cons of Business Plans

  • Flexible bundles, features and benefits
  • Most extensive customization options
  • Chance to grow the business or even start one with Viddyoze’s white labeling
  • Excellent customer support through its bespoke animation software and training
  • Access to collaborative tools
  • Can get very expensive, especially the agency plan

Viddyoze lifetime deal

Viddyoze social animations

With Viddyoze, you pay either monthly or one-time. The latter will already give you a lifetime access. So what’s the lifetime deal about? 

It is an offer of Viddyoze wherein you can get a commercial license for only $67 single payment. Under the Viddyoze $67 option, you can have:

  • Unlimited renders and usage rights for personal and commercial use
  • 170 professional templates
  • Access to their FB group
  • Free lifetime software update and customer support
  • 2 bonuses under the Commercial plan

What makes this special offer fantastic in my opinion?

One, it entices brand-new users to go for the Commercial Plan immediately. They have nothing to lose since this plan already offers everything under the Personal Plan.

Second, users can get support in multiple platforms. They also don’t miss out on the bonuses. Plus, they have access to more templates than when they choose a Personal Plan. 

Interested in more? Check out Viddyoze Template Club.


Is Viddyoze worth it based on the pricing plan? The answer is yes.

I suggest you go back to my review of the platform to understand why it’s one of the best tools for marketers and entrepreneurs alike. 

Of the many plans, though, your best bet right now is the Commercial Plan for the following reasons:

  • If you get it now, you pay way more cheaply.
  • The Personal Plan is very limited. Unless you don’t have plans for growth, at some point, you will have to upgrade to Commercial. Why don’t you begin with it now?
  • The Agency Plan is horrendously expensive. I believe you need to be serious about building a team and reselling videos to consider it. The Commercial Plan, though, is a good starting ground. You can enhance both your technical and entrepreneurial strategies without breaking the bank.

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