Voluum Review 2021: Pros and Cons, Alternatives

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Can you earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing? The answer is a resounding yes. Even some of the best digital marketers still do it. 

However, your success depends on many factors, and that includes how smart you are in managing your money, especially your cash flow. Any big profit is useless when you are spending a lot on campaigns that don’t give you the best returns.

To make crucial decisions, though, you need to have the right metrics. Fortunately, you can already use many tools. One of the most popular right now is Voluum

To give you more ideas about it and whether it’s the right software to use, read my Voluum review 2021 post.

Make sure you get to the end where I provide two equally reliable alternatives.

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What is Voluum?

The Voluum tracker is a product from Codewise, which, based on its website, has a solid track record in the industry. It touts itself as the primary provider for optimization programs for ad measurement and exchange. 

Voluum homepage

The self-funded business has workers in the UK, USA, and Poland and serves over 5,000 customers in more than 150 countries. Meanwhile, the software already tracks total revenues of over $2.5 billion each year. It also runs over 230,000 campaigns every month.

The platform supports big brands like Unilever, while the business is a member of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the European Internet Forum, among others. 

By these credentials alone, you know that this program is not a fly-by-night software. 

Now, what about the tracker? Later, I will discuss some of its main features and, most of all, the pros and cons of the entire program. At this point, let me share the ideal users for Voluum:

  • Voluum is for every affiliate marketer, whether newbies or veterans. The data is an immense help in making sound financial decisions. 
  • It is also great for digital marketing agencies running ads in multiple sources, such as Facebook, Revcontent, and Zeropark. 
  • Voluum is an excellent tool for those who have a limited budget for marketing campaigns. 
  • It is also ideal for marketers who want to streamline their processes, from bidding for ads to tracking their performance. 

It is not for those who expect the Voluum tracking software to produce positive results all the time. This doesn’t decide for you - you do.

However, it can help you save time, maximize your available assets, and, most of all, make you a smarter online marketer. 

Voluum pricing

Voluum has four different pricing plans:

  • Discover ($69 per month or $49 per month, billed annually)
  • Profit ($149 per month or $119 per month, billed annually)
  • Grow ($349 per month)
  • Agency ($999 per month, individual contract)
voluum_pricing plans

When you want to sign up, you need to choose among these options. There’s no Voluum free trial, although you can scour the Internet for any possible Voluum discount. You can sign up for a free demo. As you can see too, the cost per month drops when you pay the annual plan.

I understand that Voluum pricing for each can significantly vary, so here’s my opinion:

  • Get the Discover plan if you’re still starting or trying to test the waters, so to speak. 
  • Upgrade to Grow once you’re confident this is the affiliate tracking software you want to use in the long-term, i.e., for at least a year.
  • When you want to access more advanced features but cannot commit to a year’s use or don’t have a big budget for the platform, pick the Profit plan. It’s also the most popular among the four.

Voluum software features

To learn how to use Voluum is to know its distinct software features. This one packs a punch, to be honest, so I will focus on the most essential ones:

1. Automizer

To maximize your resources, you need to run multiple affiliate marketing campaigns, and these can take back-breaking work. You will deal with various target audiences, create the right offers for them, design landing pages, and then set the budget for your ads. These are on top of keeping track of your performance. 


Thus, one of the key features of Voluum is the automizer, which, as its name suggests, automates your different campaigns. From the platform, you can run it, so you need not switch between different screens and apps. 

However, the best part is it also automates the way your campaigns react to changes in performance. As an example, if your performance is good, then the system increases your bid automatically.

2. AI optimization and A/B testing

If you want to drive the right people to your offers, then you need to make the right ads. That’s what A/B testing is necessary. Here, you can create different copies of the ads and determine which one provides the best conversion. 

Other tracking programs can do this for you, so what sets Voluum apart is it uses artificial intelligence to optimize your ad’s performance. It considers many factors such as the device your target audience is using to deliver the right best-performing ad.

3. Anti-fraud kit

Those robot clicks and bot traffic can distort the data you can collect, not to mention it can expose the vulnerability of your URLs. Voluum tries to avoid that with an anti-fraud kit.

Anti-fraud kit

It can:

  • Identify suspicious clicks and traffic
  • Let you know if you’re publishing in poorly designed, dangerous, unsecured websites
  • Track your domain with an SSL certificate to avoid search engines from tagging your pages or sites as suspicious

4. Extensive campaign tracking

The heart of Voluum is its extensive campaign tracking capability. It considers several data points and tracks the performance of various aspects of the campaigns, from offers to landers, across a lot of third-party sources, including Facebook and Google Ads. 

It also deems such a method as “granular,” which means it should leave all stones unturned. You will know where your money is going and whether it’s generating the income you want. 

You can monitor different types of traffic, such as organic or paid, and events, from click-throughs to offer uptake.

5. Mobile app

Many marketers are also digital nomads, which means they’re always on the go. But even those who are not many find themselves outside the home once in a while.

Voluum_mobile app

That can be challenging, especially when you’re tracking performance, since every negative change could mean significant income losses.  

The app is available in Play Store and Apple Store

6. Extensive reporting

The only way you can make sense of the information available is when you can generate reports, and Voluum lets you do that. The reports are available in real-time, and since they're in the cloud, they are accessible anytime, anywhere. 

You can break the data down in different categories, including how you're performing across various cost models. You also have the option to share the files with your team (if you have one).

7. Data retention

Data retention refers to how long the platform keeps or stores the collected information. This one depends on the plan you're using. 

For example, the Discover option allows you to keep them up to three months. Agencies, meanwhile, can hold their information up to 24 months or 2 years. 

The company says it won't delete your data after these periods. However, you need to upgrade your plan, depending on how far back your preferred data goes.

8. Campaign migration

If you wish to move from a different platform, Voluum offers a campaign migration service. I consider this an important feature since you don't really want to start from scratch.


Moreover, the data you might have gathered in your previous platform could still be useful at any time.

Voluum review 2021: pros and cons

Based on its list of features, solutions, and other user reviews, I reckon the following pros and cons of the platform:


  • It is truly a comprehensive marketing tracking software. It's amazing how this app can get into the nitty-gritty of every marketing campaign. The fact that it runs alongside the most popular third-party traffic sources is phenomenal. 
  • It covers all the possible features you want for a tracking program, from performance to analytics, fraud detection, and reporting. 
  • It is in the cloud, so need not worry about updating any software or buy a new program. You can access your data anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a stable Internet connection. You also have the option to share the same information with your team. If you're always on the move, the mobile app version is a big help.
  • It's a scalable program, so you can upgrade and downgrade depending on business needs. The most basic plan isn't exactly basic either, although it comes with many limitations.


  • While the user interface looks good, it can still be overwhelming, especially to those who are starting new with affiliate marketing, more so with tracking. It offers an onboarding process and Voluum tutorial, which is good, but still, the learning curve remains.
  • It doesn't offer a Voluum free plan and even a free trial. The most that you can do is to sign up for a demo. 
  • Data retention has its limits, and it can be as short as three months. For you to access them for a longer period, you need to upgrade your plan, and the options aren't the cheapest in the market. Even if you do, the most that you can access is up to two years' worth of information.
  • I would have wanted more responsive customer support. You get personal onboarding only when you upgrade your plan to Agency, and that will cost you a lot of money. Otherwise, you are stuck with webinars and customer support that answers back only within 24 hours if you're signed up to the Discover plan.

Voluum alternatives

Because choosing the right link tracking program is about choices, let me share at least two, which can be great Voluum alternative apps. Here, I'll share salient points, especially their pros and cons.


ClickMagick home


While I believe that Voluum offers the most comprehensive reporting, analytics, and tracking, ClickMagick has its few bells and whistles:

  • It could track phone sales, which is quite hard to do.
  • It is supposed to offer "fanatical customer support," and at this point, ClickMagick wins. At its most basic plan, support is available within 8 to 10 hours. 
  • The packages are more affordable: $27, $67, $97

All these have a free trial version, and you can get your money back - no questions asked - within 30 days if you're not happy with the software.

  • Data retention is good. The Starter Plan allows you to keep up to six months' worth of data.


Now for the cons:

  • The features are way limited. For example, the number of clicks per month under the Starter Plan is only up to 10,000. Compare that to a maximum of 1 million events per month under Voluum's Discover Plan. 
  • It doesn't offer collaboration tools. 
  • You don't get onboarding support in its most basic plan. There's no indication campaign migration is possible.




  • Of the three, I find ClickMeter the easiest to use and understand. The dashboard provides you with all the essential details you need. 
  • It can already provide you with solutions depending on the user you are. Some options include agencies, affiliate marketers, and advertisers.
  • The plans are not as affordable as ClickMagick, but it is much lower than that of Voluum: $29, $99, $349

The costs can also change depending on the number of events you expect in a month. 

  • You get more events here than in ClickMagick. The Medium Plan alone can already give you up to 100,000 events monthly. 
  • Data storage is amazing. The X-Large plan allows you to keep your data for 3 years!


  • Unlike ClickMagick, there's no free trial or a money-back guarantee. You also don't get a free demo. You can watch a video on how it works or read the knowledge base, but that's about it. 
  • It doesn't offer its click-fraud detection in its most basic plan. 
  • It doesn't have a mobile app version.


The primary question in this Voluum review is whether it's an excellent marketing tracking tool out there. The answer is YES. 

In fact, of the three, this will be my preference. Even if the learning curve can be steep, especially for newbies, the amount of data you can gather is worth the penny you spend. 

The automation process and artificial intelligence embedded in its design will allow you to run multiple campaigns, track URLs and commissions, and generate reports in real-time as efficiently as possible. 

Scalability is another reason. As the business grows, digital marketers need a program that can accommodate their increasing needs. 

However, if budget is an issue and you're looking for something simpler, the Voluum alternatives are worth the shot. ClickMagick is the cheapest of the three and offers phone sales tracking. 

If you want something in between (not too expensive but not too simple either), there's ClickMeter. 

In the end, though, these tools can only give you data. You need to learn to use them to make the right business decisions. Only then the software succeeds in helping you. 

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